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  1. I've decided to break my 2 year forum silence to say "hi, I'm a real member, please don't kick me. Thanks " Edit: Wow, I've just realised it's been so long since I've been on the forum, I've still got a Google+ url in my signature. Ouch.
  2. Tried foing a factory reset on the router? Firmware update? Connected via wifi or wired?
  3. Add me, add me! (GT = Anaardvark) Though I've just finished the 2nd champion so haven't quite unlockrd it yet (I will today!)
  4. I'll check it when I get home, ta!
  5. First time I logged in it took about 10 minutes. Thought it was going to crash but it didn't time out and didn't hang so I went and made a cup of tea. Came back and it had loaded. Since then, not a problem logging in at all. Enjoying it too, behind cam is a little too loose for my liking so I'm using the bonnet cam which is much tighter. Gutted the FPS is locked to 30, even on a PC. Graphics are good, not jaw dropping, but this is to be expected considering how big the game is. Quite enjoying it so far, only played about an hour, will give it a proper bash. Add me on Uplay as I literally have 2 friends on there, only 1 of which actually logs in - User: Anaardvark
  6. I was in the same boat as you guys. Got a key, put it in, didnt work. Woke up this morning and tried putting it in and it worked straight away so I left the client downloading whilst I went to work (15gb, however it's playable after 10%. The Youtube Beta details video stated you can start playing through the prologue whilst the client downloads in the background). I was getting 9mb/s when I left though so it's pretty quick. Is there going to be a RLLMUK Beta Crew? If so, count me in!
  7. Just put my up latest Trance podcast episode! Tracklist: Here's episode 1 if you missed it as well! Tracklist:
  8. Sent a request to be in the Crew (x360), not that I've had a lot of time to play recently but I thought I'd wait a bit until it was a bit more stable and I'm still only 35% through single player anyway. Being older and busier sucks
  9. Sorry if this has been answered already but... Is there a 3DS flash card that'll let me play DS games. It's just that I've been packing to go away for a wedding in Bulgaria for 5 days and have had to pack my 3DS, my DS and the Vita as there's going to be a lot of downtime and there are games on all of them I want to play. Idealy, I'd just like to take the 3DS and the Vita and run my DS games through a compatable 3DS flash card. I'm not bothered about a flash card for 3DS games as I've bought all the ones I want, but I've got a whole load of saved games on my DS flash cart for progress in various DS games that I'm not prepared to give up. I've seen that there are a few out there, but I have no idea whether they work or if they're reliable!
  10. Kamaya Painters was De Goeji and Tiesto? Bloody 'ell, I never knew that! Endless wave was a great tune. Some nice tracks in there too. I'm not a massive fan of classic trance but I've recently been tempted to do an alternative classics mix of my own, though it would mean digging out the TTX1's and all my vinyl out of the loft and that's some serious effort.
  11. Yeah he told me the story of how you met on Sunday. I did take a photo of him smiling and waving and tried to upload it, but my 3G was rubbish and I gave up in the end. Small world though. O Rly? Do tell!
  12. Ah good ol Ben Gold. A friend of mine (James Tysoe) runs a night called Ctrl down here and Ministry of Sound sometimes and they know Ben very well. James Dymond has been knocking out some proper stomers recently too! Haha and yes, i've known Dav for about 10 years, he's one of my best friends. I'm actually meeting him for lunch tomorrow!
  13. Thought I'd post my set that was recorded Live @ Slinky last weekend (15th Feb)! 01. Daniel Kandi - #Trancefamily 02. Andy Moor feat. Sue McLaren - Fight The Fire (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) 03. Darren Porter & Ferry Tayle - Neptune's Siren (Sean Tyas Remix) 04. Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive (Paul van Dyk Remix) 05. Activa - This World (Original Mix) 06. Bryan Kearney & Jamie Walker & Sebastian Brandt vs. Andain - Beautiful Things Will Never Die (Bryan Kearney's Argentina 2012 Mash Up) 07. Robbie van Döe - Haywire 08. Photographer - Airport Enjoy P.s. Is anyone going to ASOT600 in Den Bosch? I've got my hotel and flights booked already, just need my event ticket now
  14. Not played this in ages due to life getting in the way, however I saw the rally pack is now out so I immediately came here to find out from you lot if it's any good... So, is it any good? Edit: OH MY GOD I JUST WATCHED THE TRAILERS ON IGN AND IT LOOKS AMAZING. I've been looking forward to this since it was announced, then I stopped playing because I just haven't had time for games. I don't think I even finished the blue bands. Now it's out and in theory I've not really had to wait for it because I've been completely off the radar. I still don't have time to play it Do you have to finish the game to enter the rally stuff or is it just open when you log in?
  15. Have been meaning to upload this for a while but never got round to it, so here it is. This is my latest promo CD that I've been giving out at all my sets. IMO, one of my best mixes in ages so download, listen and enjoy! Vic Light Presents... A Lesson in Trance Volume II (Oct 2012) Tracklist 01. Julians - Plan A (Original Mix) 02. David Gravell - Fire Away (Original Mix) 03. Beat Service - Fortuna (Original Mix) 04. Protoculture - Perpetual Motion (Original Mix) 05. Andy Moor - K Ta (Original Mix) 06. Ben Gold - Where Life Takes Us (Original Mix) 07. Tritonal Feat. Cristina Soto - Still With Me (Suncatcher Remix) 08. Matt Davey - Believe In Me (Original Mix) 09. Andy Moor Feat. Sue McLaren - Fight The Fire (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) 10. Paul van Dyk Feat. Plumb - I Don't Deserve You (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) 11. Solarstone with Aly & Fila - Fireisland (Aly & Fila' Uplifting Mix) 12. Eddie Bitar - Home (V-i-C's Edited Cut) 13. Bryan Kearney & Indecent Noise - Uncommon World (Bowdidge & Taylor Remix) 14. Paul Webster - Nailed (James Dymond Remix) Also you can catch my 1 hour guest mix on this week's Slinky Sessions radio show on Digitally Imported (di.fm) this Saturday, 3PM US Eastern / 8PM UK / 9PM CET. The mix is now also on Mixcloud = http://www.mixcloud.com/viclight/vic-light-presents-a-lesson-in-trance-volume-ii-oct-2012/
  16. Agreed, I voted for Kearney, he's ace. I played last set at Passion earlier this year in the White Room and he was last in the main room, needless to say the White Room was empty, everyone I spoke to that night was seeing Kearney. Fucker . Incidentally, I came 1588th in this years DJ Mag poll which is awesome! I'll upload my new mix CD for you lot later too.
  17. Don't know about the PS3 version, but the 360 does, more so in multiplayer (well I find it does anyway). Also, Instant Takedowns as a revenge perk in Multiplayer is horrendous, total game breaker imo. If anyone even slightly scuffs you, they go down. I racked up 12 takedowns in 2 minutes and was barely even moving. Not good, especially as everyone is creeping up on L30 now. It's going to destroy all the fun of multiplayer unless nobody uses it, and that's not going to happen with a group of randoms.
  18. Well, I've just finished it and unlocked the final car and although I originally found the game a little disappointing when I started playing, I enjoyed it more, the more I played. I still don't like the whole format of having to gain all the upgrades for each car from scratch so ended up only using a handful of cars throughout the majority of the game and I found that by the time you unlock a few of the mods for one car, you would be on to the next Most Wanted race. Just playing Multiplayer for a couple of hours gave me enough points to unlock the final 2 races too. The cop chases also became fairly easy late in the game. You tend to work out their patterns and how to escape them fairly quickly. Once you have a car that outpaces them, they're not much bother. This is a shame. They only seem to bring out the SWAT vans when they block off the road and want you to go down a specific slip road during a race. There's a lot of rubber banding with them too. For example, I had a wanted level of 6 but I ended up cruising along at a steady 100 mph to see what happened. There were 3 Corvettes in front who were all staying at the same distance from me and pushing into each other. Whilst they were originally dropping spike strips, they had stopped once I slowed down. When I came to a standstill, they also stopped. No new cars came, the ones in front didn't move anywhere. I drove off slowly, they all dropped a spike strip at the same time, wiped each other out and I escaped the chase . So yeah, I originally thought it was massively disappointing but it grew on me and by the end I quite enjoyed it, however, apart from multiplayer being great fun, I can't see much more that will make me want to come back and play it again in a few months. I'll probably unlock all the Pro mods for the final car and find the last couple of speed cameras and such, but that's about it. PS. Single player completion time, 10h 43m, and that was taking it at a fairly leisurely pace and doing the Most Wanted battles as and when they came up.
  19. This happened to me a couple of times. I unlocked the Veyron but my speedpoints were at a point where i shouldn't have even been able to race it. I still had it unlocked though.Thanks for the games tonight guys. It was mucho fun!
  20. Haha yeah i have spent most of the day playing this. just unlocked thE Bugatti Veyron and by god that car is quick but doesnt turn at all, bit like real ones really! Good news is the visit to our frirnds house has been cancelled so ill be about for multiplayer most of thr night. I did say id cook for my lil lady as shes had a long day but other than that im game! Ps sorry the horrendous grammar, typing this on my Vita. It REALLY needs a spell checker!!
  21. Looks like we will be going after all I will be around most of the afternoon up till about 7.30pm(ish) though. Also, I'm being reminded of how fucking annoying Criterion games are. I must have done this average top speed event close to 30 times and its so bloody frustrating. To unlock the aero body you need 150mph and the closest I've got is 149.6mph. The only game that ever drove me anywhere close to insanity was Hot Pursuit. This event brings back awful memories...
  22. Yeah I'll be about in the afternoon. The girlfriend just told said we're going to our friends at about 7/8pm, but neither of us really want to go so fingers crossed we won't
  23. I'm down for some of that, what sort of time? I think I'm going out for a bit early in the evening.
  24. I'm also waiting for Retro City Rampage. In fact, I've been waiting so long that I don't think I can be bothered now. It would have been a fun, spur of the moment purchase but it's chance has been and gone and now there are far too many games about. I might pick it up in a few months if it's on sale but otherwise I'm not really bothered any more.
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