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  1. This might be the game that persuades me to unjustifiably spend too much money on a new console even though I have a series x.
  2. James Comley, on the bench tonight for Boreham Wood v Everton, is the football coach at my daughters' primary school. They are very excited. Really hope he plays tonight.
  3. I can pick up a physical copy of this pretty cheap, am I right in thinking there's just one disc edition that works across the XBox range from the XBox One up? Can't see a dedicated series S/X version. Edit: Digital version is on sale for 24.99 and there's a trial version too. Result!
  4. As has been said, with the BR at least, three shots hitting anywhere then one to the head does the trick. It's been like that since H2. I don't understand how this works with the auto-aim and bullet magnetism though. Are there specific points on the body that the reticle is drawn to, as well as the head?
  5. It wasn’t a glitch as such, but does anyone remember pillar battles in Halo CE? You could peg it through a level (a snowy one, I forget its name) and all of the covenant you pass would follow you. You’d end up with a huge battle against tens of them - not something the game had in mind. It was wicked fun.
  6. I think he means it as a positive, that there are lots of unplanned possibilities players can work with via the idiosyncrasies of the physics and mechanics of the game build.
  7. That Aliens Fireteam game. It's terrible. Downloaded it and stuck with it for a few rounds because I'm such a fan of the franchise, but it's really poor.
  8. Left this for a few days and can’t wait to get stuck back in to it tbh. I def miss it. The movement and combat is so good - it’s always a joy, apart from the bosses which are shit. Just bring back scarab-type ‘bosses’, moving levels with high level elites and brutes on. That would be so much more fitting. Invisible enemies are crap to fight too. I’m slightly confused about what happens after the campaign ends. I’m back out on the ring but am not sure what is influencing the enemy respawns. They’re back in some locations but not in others?
  9. The combat in this game is insane. Just round after round of tight, agile scraps with a new dose of absurdity added-in courtesy of the grapple hook. That thing adds another rhythm to the game. Ammo provisions are generous but that hasn’t changed the which-weapon element, I’ve had plenty of moments where I’ve needed to scavenge. Each enemy is well defined. Save for the bosses and a particular type of brute, everything is fun to fight and there’s really good hit feedback. Fight outcomes vary nicely in the harder bits. I always know what I’ve done wrong when I die. Those throwable cube things have thrown up some hilarious moments for me. Hooking one over, then properly belting someone in the face with it has not got old. This game is determined to mainline fun into your veins and in the moment-to-moment combat it does that all the time. It’s a blast.
  10. Sounds like you're a very good campaign player @Uncle Nasty! I haven't tried this on Legendary yet, but have completed all but Halo 5 of the previous games at that level. The worst implementation of legendary was in Halo 2, it's almost broken there. Really off putting and nothing like the fun of CE. I had some tricky moments on both Heroic and even Normal with Infinite. Looking forward to trying Legendary but I expect it to be very tough.
  11. I love the new handling of the vehicles, but hate the snagging on tiny plants problem. The ghost is as powerful as ever as a weapon, but jeez it's not much fun jumping in one and getting stuck on a small stone immediately.
  12. 750 people most of whom were freelancers on 18 month contracts too. I think most of them were probably shitting themselves making this - what if everyone says this feature is un-halo? I'd imagine we're not seeing 80% of the work done. Damned if they do... Compare that with Bungie's original handful team who were unaware of what they were making but absolutely loved it and felt like they were onto something very new. If you start out from a position of comparison to the original Halo game you're always going to be disappointed though. Fans of the original Halo don't want things to be messed with. Thank fuck the core of that game play is still here, it's been close to being lost on the way here. The underachievement of Infinite is perhaps its greatest achievement. Fuck knows. It's definitely not in the guise that was planned, but it plays really well and I'm still really enjoying it.
  13. Yeah I have taken them out simply a few times (a bit like the magnum trick in CE) but didn't have the right weapon for ages and it's still a messy scrap!
  14. I’ve somehow managed to do the two Hunter fight three times - some weird saving going on? - but that is a proper fight. No ammo crates to be seen. Legged it under heavy fire and took refuge behind a rock, beeping away, only to come out and receive my own warthog straight in the face. The hunter must have whacked it a good 100m in my direction. So good.
  15. I’ve had three crashes over the last hour. It just freezes, forcing a restart. Anyone else?
  16. It's shit. Think 4 had it too. edit: btw it might be quite far down the list of problems for you as the game progresses.
  17. The threat sensor boss is weird. Fact is, that piece of equipment is a multiplayer thing. It’s to reveal the enemy and make things a bit easier for your team when you need kills and/or you’re up against the clock. When would it be a go-to in campaign apart from that Elite? Maybe some Legendary situations? That boss is a tutorial that isn’t much fun.
  18. I’m nearing the conclusion I think. I could go on for hours about various elements and how successful they’ve been, and I’ve read with interest the more negative impressions that some have been left with, some of which I agree with. The bosses are awkward. I wish the Brute : Elite ratio was reversed. But to cut to the chase there’s one over-riding, glaringly brilliant thing about it and that’s that it simply plays absolutely beautifully. As someone said before, you can ‘rate’ each Halo game both within the context of the series itself, or within the FPS shooter genre more generally. If you’re talking about the latter situation then all Halo games have the ‘best’ combat in the genre. Nothing really comes close. If it’s the former situation then I’d say that Infinite is hard to place because it’s so different not just in its environmental scope, but more importantly in its promise. We wanted a fitting evolution, and this is it. Big Halo here we come. Very exciting. That combat is still there and it’s wonderful. I’ve had some electrifying gunplay moments. Perhaps not quite the type CE could muster, but you couldn’t sprint in that game - that’s a huge difference. You couldn’t not have sprint these days. Infinite is clearly unfinished. But that matters less nowadays because it can be fixed. This game is already a monumental achievement, I can’t wait to see what is to come.
  19. I mentioned this earlier in the thread, after some diligent scientific testing I can confirm that the difference between Normal and Heroic is very small. A lot of it has to do with precision weapons, range and headshots though, which is how it has always been. Haven’t tried Legendary yet but I will and I’ll see what happens. I had a saving glitch which meant I could do a two hour section over again so I changed the difficulty. In the Bungie games the differences were clear especially regarding the changes in the sheer amount of gunfire and grenades the enemy threw at you. It seems to be implemented differently here. Not sure. For anyone thinking they’d better go in on Heroic to get the best experience, you’ll have a good time on Normal. It’s a very similar challenge. Anyway I struggled with that second boss (which is basically a deep-end Threat Sensor tutorial) and moreover didn’t think it was a fun encounter really.
  20. Yeah. I enjoyed the one against the but not the others so far. Bosses and Halo is an awkward fit. Those floating guys in Halo 2 provided rubbish fights, it’s been a problem since the Bungie days. (As an aside I do remember thinking the Hunters in Halo CE were some kind of boss the first time I fought them). The Halo 3 Scarabs were a decent approach, if you’re going to have bosses at all. But I’d sooner run into top-level Elites with overshields and swords than anything ‘unique’.
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