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  1. Not sure if already posted. Electronic balls.
  2. This one will wake you up! For the right reasons hopefully.
  3. If that’s the case it’s a good job Italy didn’t make it. They’d take up the whole month!
  4. Shook


    Right I’m going to stick with this, given the more positive impressions above. I stopped at 45 mins in, it was just too clunky, but have found myself thinking about it since. There’s an immediate issue though, that shouldn’t be excused: the controls feel terrible. There are no ifs or buts about it. Then as a game it sits at least adjacent to Inside and limbo, both of which carry proper weight and played nicely. It might have been developed by a very different team but it’s been lumbered with playdead pedigree. Fuck it though I’m going back in.
  5. Brazil are favourites. Then Argentina or France depending on where you look.
  6. Shook


    Absolutely nothing like either of those utter gems apart from, perhaps, a nod to the atmosphere, tone and moody environments. It just plays badly. Edit: I’ve only played 40 mins. Can’t see how the controls and feel of the game will change though
  7. Shook


    I’ve played half an hour. It’s a slog. Like it doesn’t even want you to enjoy it. Very disappointing so far. It’s the controls and general feedback to the player. I’ve no idea what I need to do next and it’s not fun trying to work it out.
  8. Good to know about the (lack of) crafting not being too much of an issue Yeah the taunts. I’d go as far to say that often enemy/npc utterances can have a massive effect on a game’s first impression. It can really ruin a context. Just have them stay silent if they’re not going to be a bit more naturally dismayed, that’s what I’d prefer.
  9. This is the game I’ve been looking for for a long time. I’ve enjoyed Deus Ex, GTA and Mass Effect games in the past and this seems to draw on elements from all three and intertwine them very nicely. RPG games make me uneasy because I never grew up on them so I don’t really ‘get’ how to make a good build, and am always wondering whether I’ve approached something wrong. I find this game particularly complex and daunting in that regard but have stuck with it. I’m aware of the awkward birth it had, but didn’t play it early enough to experience the consequences of that. I’m lucky enough to be playing across both a Series X and S, so am enjoying it as a player in the way that CDPR would want. I love it. Futuristic cities are my thing. This one is huge! So sprawling and immersive. So many locked doors lining the streets waiting to be opened later. The stories are engaging, the overall pacing just right, the gunfights tense (I’ve been mostly using some kind of samurai blade though and it’s stupidly effective!). Everything feels nice and real without the game taking itself too seriously. It has taken me a good while to get my head around the mechanics of scanning, all the perks, augmentations etc and I probably won’t ever get as deep into that as I should. I don’t know yet whether I even have a ‘good’ weapon in my inventory. Crafting has always been a pain in the arse in my eyes, just too ‘bitty’. I haven’t done any but it’s not making me feel like I’m missing out on much. Not yet anyway. As an aside, I do wonder why, in infiltration contexts in any game of this genre, enemies come out with ‘I know you’re there!’ ‘Come out you pussy!’ ‘Time to die!’ When you’ve just taken out all of their mates and they’re next, but that’s just an annoyance. Anyway this is truly excellent, I’m really enjoying being a resident of Night City’s mad underbelly and I’ll be here for some time. Just what I wanted / 10.
  10. Yes maybe. But that would just require an admission of the fact. There’d be some unrest but you’d still be able to do it on S/X. I’m thinking it’s worse. Staff problems, general lack of high-up support for 343i because of the delays and problems etc. A lot of Infinite’s staff were short-term contracted. Perhaps it’s all been a bit tarred. But what do I know. I’m properly gutted about this.
  11. No split screen because of a lack / refocus of resources? How? It’s Microsoft. They can afford the time and money. There’s something more difficult going on behind the scenes surely. Regardless, for the end user and especially the long term halo fan it’s just reaaaaaally bad news. Why would they dump it entirely?
  12. Shook

    Women's EURO 2022

    I keep watching that Georgia Stanway goal, it's so fucking goosebumpy
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