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  1. Well yeah but there's 45 mins left so it may well happen. Anyone know what happens after that?
  2. What happens if the game gets stopped completely?
  3. Racist cunts in the crowd look. Fucking pricks.
  4. Guardiola was also shouting 'don't shoot' at him apparently.
  5. They should probably change their entire kit range tbh MY EYES
  6. I went to the 3-1 Valencia game. It was weird. Plenty of voice from the fans but there was very little quality. Flattering scoreline for sure. Arsenal are a couple of seconds away from doing something shambolic all the time.
  7. Not bad first season in management for Lampard.
  8. It's pretty fucking mad that Utd are currently 26 odd points worse than Liverpool and City. That's a massive gap. All of us under them are pretty shambolic.
  9. Well yeah, of course they'll be easier. I'm just going on gut feeling. It is indeed madness. I think that's what will happen though. Also Massive respect to Celtic today.
  10. Yeah. But fwiw I think Arsenal will win their remaining two games, as will Man Utd. Tottenham will struggle against Everton and draw, and Chelsea will beat Watford and draw with Leicester. Not sure what that will mean for placings.
  11. I wouldn't want to run into Everton for my last game.
  12. You sure about that?
  13. Fucking funny watching Spurs fuck everything up though.
  14. I just saw the trailer for this and they should just can it immediately.
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