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  1. Two things: 1) A friend, months ago, who is also a big Elder Scrolls fan, gave me a link to an overall huge map of the entire ES world, with big circles around each of the main areas of the game. Does anyone have such a link? I'd like to see where, in relation to everything else, this game is set. 2) Does anyone else hope they fix the problem with merchants? Mainly their dire lack of gold, or your inability to sell them expensive goods at low prices? I don't mean creating more Mudcrabs, or giving merchants more gold. I mean making it easier to lower the asking price of whatever you have. For example, I have some deadric weapon worth 10'000, and the merchant in a question only has 1000, I would have liked to lower the asking price down from 10'000 to 1000. Unfortunately, with the Xbox pad, you had to push a button and wait as it slowly counted down, through each digit, until it got there. Dropping about a 1000 took a good few minutes as you watched the numbers scroll down. In the end, I simply threw away the majority of crap I ended up collecting. I hated using the clever techniques to sell high level items, since it took hours to set up. With the PC version, could you simply type the asking amount you wanted?
  2. What kind of freelance work do you do, mr helvetica? If you don't mind me asking.
  3. For me it's a tough decision between Rowan's and lfj's too. But I think I'll vote for: lfj's piece
  4. OMG! A market researcher! A chance to maybe change the face of gaming. Ok, my favourite multi-format mag: Diehard Gamefan (USA) - It featured a lot of import games, and wasn't actually a magazine about local gaming, it was more like a global gaming mag that would cover good games wherever they were. Lots of import games, lots of obscure games, plus it also featured what they called "The Graveyard", which was an early attempt at retro games coverage. It also contained great info on games culture and big coverage of Japan, anime, developments around the world etc. It also featured massive amounts of hand drawn artwork, which always appeals. It was a mag written by gamers, FOR gamers. They knew who their target demographic were, and they catered to them unapologetically. Favourite single format mag: Superplay - Again, a magazine that featured content NOT from the local region, but they covered great games from around the world. I like the fact that they covered games as and when they were released, no matter where that was. Afterwards, months later, they would briefly mention if it was being released locally. This is how games mags should operate, mentioning great games as and when they come out. They also featured plenty of obscure trivia about games, and had regular Japan coverage. Coverage from the USA and Japan are paramount, since lets be honest here, they are the only gaming regions worth caring about. Superplay was a fun magazine. Also, like Gamefan, they featured a lot of hand drawn artwork, which is always good. What I would ideally like to see? * More import game coverage. If its good, and it gets released, I want to read about it right away. With the dawn of the internet, if I have to wait 6 months for a local review, I may as well go online and read an American or importing website. In fact, in a perfect magazine, a PAL game would only be covered if it was released first (like Fahrenheit?), or if it was exclusive. * More Japan coverage. As much as possible. Can't stress this enough, there should be massive amounts of coverage, and not just games. Gamefan, Superplay and N64 magazine all knew the impotance of Japan coverage. * Hand drawn art, always eye pleasing, and nicer than CG. * Retro, there should always be some degree of retro coverage. * Indie game coverage. A good mag would cover the indie scene for all systems, wether old or new. With Costikyan's new company being launched, dedicated strictly to indie games, now is the time for such coverage. * And perhaps above all else, a games mag should cater unapologetically to gamers. It should be serious, obsessive, dedicated, passionate, unwavering, and dare I say it? Elitist and hardcore. Movie mags preach to movie goers, games mags should preach to obsessive gamers. Why hold back, pull punches, and pretend to be anything else?
  5. Morrowind was also too dark, most of the time. As in terribly dark. It was ok in towns, but I had trouble walking at night, or entering any dungeon. Most dwemmer ruins had no internal lighting, resulting in a need to use torches a lot. As a result, I created a bunch of perma-enchants on my clothing, with nights eye or whatever it's called. Allowing you to see in the dark. Best perma-magic there was really, and it makde the game much better to play. You could actually make out small details on things.
  6. A cheap Vectrex at a local French market. Working, with games. Forgot the price, something incredibly cheap. Was very pleased, even though it was quite a walk carrying it back. Some of the best stuff I've seen was at Russian markets. All sorts of wierd smuggled-across-the-border type stuff. Bootleg carts/CDs, legit carts/CDs, strange machines from all over the world. And right alongside it, really cheap tins of proper baluga caviar and ex-military combat knives. All off the back of a truck methinks. Come to think of it, all my best gaming bargains (and really wierd stuff) were in mainland Europe, or in South Africa.
  7. My biggest hope is they get rid of glitches as best they can. I played the Xbox version, and it was riddled with glitches. I failed a Morag Tong assasin mission, because my target literally dissapeared from the game world before I killed him. Also, I accidently perma cast something on myself. I though I was being REALLY clever by combining water walking and an attack spell into one ring. Called it Neptunes Revenge or some such nonsense. The bloody thing cursed me to forever walk on water! It was terrible when I started discovering sunken ships, and couldn't enter them. Not to mention the DDEs, where the game would just randomly crash, stating the disc was dirty. Bloody annoying it was. Still finished it though. I'm looking forward to testing the new combat engine. I hope they allow fully customisable characters again. Last time I was a wood elf master bowman. With improved combat, it should be great fun using the crossbows again!
  8. It worked mere minutes before I posted my original message. Not working now though. Must be the net screwing around. Try again in a couple of hours.
  9. Too big for me to download on a 56k modem, plus my shitty laptop HDD is fairly full. Only have about a gig left, so Ill have to go on what people say. But Morrowind was easily one of the best games I played this generation. I could easily spend an entire day playing the game, and it's great for during the winter when its bloody cold and you just want to stay inside. You can practically make up your own missions. I used to see a castle and think to myself, right, Im going to rob that place, and steal everything. But just for kicks, I'm not allowed to kill anyone. I'd plan my strategies, gear up, cast some spells, and then set off. Managed to rob each of the three guild house treasuries. An amazing game, and if Oblivion manages to simply match Morrowind, I'll be happy. My only complain of Morrowind were that the Ashlands were boring, and far too grey. I hope Oblivion introduces some nice lush vegetation and forest.
  10. Email him and have a chat, he's an easy to talk to kind of guy. He also runs: http://www.tigsource.com/ He even helped me out with a project once, overall a good bloke and very helpful.
  11. Another great PSP game that I've seen screens of is "Exit" Does anyone know of a proper website? With such a common title, google is tricky to use.
  12. Has anyone mentioned this? http://www.eetsgame.com/ Absolutely wonderful indie game, which reminds me a bit of Lemmings, Blast Corps, and some other game whose name I forget right now. Fully controlled with the mouse, the aim is to feed these wierd dumbplings with faces, to some little dude to change his mood. Depending on his mood, he jumps differently. Thereby getting him to the goal. At some points you have to use choco pumps to suck chocolate chips out of clouds, and also click on ginseng gunmen and giant whales, to... do stuff. A bit of a big download (28mb), and it's only a really long preview, but I thought it was aces. Also has a really high set of production values.
  13. I'm not sure if this is what you wanted, had in mind, or even if anyone will like it. It's a bit disturbing, and clearly I have borrowed from several sources, notabley Hitchcock. I'd like to point out, this is my first attempt at the RLLMUK "Writer's Corner", though I have enjoyed writing short stories since my early school days. Erm... enjoy?
  14. lol, I'll have a go then. Not sure you'll like it though. I should really be working, but I could do with a break. Expect something soon-ish. Be sure to let me know if it doesn't follow the guidelines.
  15. So, let me get this straight, the object is to write a short 1000 word story, with the theme being the word "kiss"? I was tempted to write something, but as I was thinking and reading, I realised my idea was a bit similar to RM's.... Perhaps next time, unless you guys actually want stories about deranged people.
  16. Good man! All TGQ staff are on official pimping duty to encourage people to check it out. A run down of articles in the current issue can be found on our: Homepage Let us know what you think.
  17. Which link? The Hardcore Gamer Magazine link, or The Gamer's Quarter link?
  18. Nothing concrete from Microsoft, but it has popped up on a couple of random lists, and one of the animators on the game mentioned it in interview. Fairly speculative, but there's been enough loose info to convince me. A quick google should bring up the page with the interview. It was some official US website, who was speaking to some of the guys about various projects. All he would reveal is that it's a "first person shooter", which could mean anything. In my mind, I like to envisage it as a cross between Deus-Ex and Morrowind, except with Shadowrun sensibilities/plot/etc. EDIT: Linky found!!! http://news.teamxbox.com/xbox/8767/Shadowr...r-the-Xbox-360/
  19. That, good sir, is brilliant, and precisely how I feel sometimes. Well said! Also, KD does indeed rock. Why not hang out in the retro folder for a bit, and play some classics? Im sure your enthusiasm will come flooding right back. Always works for me. Also, as your attorney, I advise that you avoid reading anything by Greg Costikyan, since though he is genius who speaks the truth, it is the kind of depressing truth I don't think you can handle right now.
  20. Castaway 2: Wilson's Love. Apologies for using the Rev to play Tom Hanks, it was the best image I could find there. But basically, that's how I would make a sequel to Castaway. Make it a comedy set in the big city.
  21. So you're moaning because it has lots of wonderful colour, and it quite busy and detailed? A bit like Famitsu then? I think it's bloody brilliant. I say MORE colour! MORE screenshots! MORE Gamefan coverage! What you fail to realise is, this is aiming to be the next "Gamefan" magazine, which also started as a fanzine, and was so hugely popular it became commercial. And I know why, Gamefan was one of the best magazines I had ever read, followed only by Superplay. Gamefan had a lot of hand drawn artwork, covered a LOT of import games, and had plenty of Japan coverage. It was a truly hardcore magazine. I also believe that Terry Wolfinger, of Gamefan fame, now actually contributes to HGM, furthering the ties of the two mags. Of course, it's not quite as good as Gamefan was, but it's early days, and the spirit is there. If you people really want to bitch about an online magazine, moan about the one I write for: The Gamer's Quarterly Our latest issue is now out: http://www.gamersquarter.com/issues/TheGamersQuarter3.zip It is aces, and features a fascinating section on games design, plus some other rather nifty coverage. Dload, read it, love it. Then annonymously complain on various internet forums!
  22. Again I weep at the brilliance of such a statement. I got a summer job to buy one when it was at its height. Those were such happy days. But now they are over. Still, I'll always have my memories of skipping class in the afternoon to head back and play Marvel VS Capcom on it.
  23. 100615 on my second attempt. I would have gotten more, MORE I tell you! But when Tetris came on, I went into my slow player mode, thinking yes! I'm aces at this game, I'll set up a massive 4 line clear right from the start. The game ended before I'd managed to slam the final piece down. I also dislike Rad Racer (Road Fighter, now theres a NES racing game!). Will try better later. I honestly didn't realise they'd gotten the emulation of this fixed, my fault for still using nesticle of all things!.
  24. Oh yeah, and like others have said, Bangai-O, which last time I checked eBay (several years ago), it was still affordable. Seriously. Words cannot describe it. The gameplay. The graphics and sound. The script, which is so sublime, I doubt Shakespeare himself could have bettered it (there's actually a copy of the script on GameFAQs, read it!). I wept, that was beautifully said.
  25. Quick! Someone start a NWC score thread! Or just post here alternatively.
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