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  1. So what you're saying is, it's got both widows and orphans? Does it also do the thing of ending a paragraph with a single word? Because that also bugs me. Using a WYSIWYG page editor, these should be super easy to avoid these days.
  2. I loved the pocket versions! If you fail a mission you get sent to a prison escape mission. The NGPC games convince me that a Metroidvania spin-off would be perfection. Tactics is good too though. The series needed an injection of something fresh, other than the 3D forays.
  3. In 2005, I wondered what Metal Slug re-imagined in the style of Symphony of the Night would be like. Now we have a tactics game, which looks incredible. Hopefully it succeeds and someone considers a Metroidvania title.
  4. o/ This man understands. Going in to town today to buy the latest Retro Gamer. Tempted to visit the local indie retro store and buy the cheapest Mega Drive game I can find, and then make a video where it gets absorbed into a cake. It's going to go label deep. CovisGod asks How do you store your retro games? In cake, my son, in cake.
  5. Thanks for that video. Though you're right - blink and you miss it!
  6. I've been seeing loads of ads for this, got quite excited, thinking: ooh, has Saturn Bomberman's 10 player mode been usurped? Nope. From what I can tell in the videos, the max number on screen is 8, just like it's been in every preceding version. Am I correct in this? One video only showed 7 players, and some random place online said 6 per screen. I don't have the game so can't check. It's 8, right? It's not 64 at all is it? I miss Saturn Bomberman.
  7. You know you love it. I trawled the net for photos of games stored inside food, and this was all I could find (plus someone had filled a transparent Gamecube controller with beans). Very surprised how little there was of it. I feel this is a new genre of photography that's not been fully explored. Foodgameporn. SNES cartridges in a bucket of chicken. PS1 discs coated in lasagne. Master system controllers rubbed with butter. Put some fisherman's pie in a Jaguar cart slot. Chocolate eclairs mashed into an Amiga keyboard. Peanut butter on a Spectrum's rubber keyboard. Putting a ColecoVision in a Tupperware box, pouring gravy all over it, then sealing the lid and putting it in a warm airing cupboard. How to stores games, asks RLLMUK? IN YOUR BELLY SAYS I:
  8. I know. But non-profit download sites have also been hit. There was that big one a couple years back. That's why a lot of places removed all Nintendo stuff wholesale. People know Nintendo go after these things. So why bother? Why still sell them to draw more attention. I feel anyone with the skills to run a website of such complexity could make money in less dangerous ways. My point is, why take that risk, and why would people download from you, when the archive exists? Let me give an analogy: there's a magical farm in the UK which gives away free weed. You can go there and fill your boots and won't get arrested. So why would anyone still try selling it on street corners, risking imprisonment, and why would anyone buy from people who try to sell it? Just go to the magic farm. I'm not condoning the guy. I think what he did is counter-productive and stupid.
  9. I know. That's my point. Their legal dispensation, and carefully documented approach is one of the best things to happen to the internet. Not just games, but magazine scans. I've lost count the number of times I've relied on their scans archive for my book work. I even donated some money as thanks. They are more valuable than Wikipedia or anywhere else - they are a museum of digital data. I don't understand why people like this guy behind Romuniverse run the risk for small change; it's obvious he'd get caught if charging money, and getting caught would cost him big time. I don't understand why anyone uses these other sites for older ROMs. I used to use Emuparadise, but they removed everything. Now most stuff is on the Internet Archive, and I think it's beautiful. People even upload rare and obscure software they discover. I don't understand why people are saying archiving or preservation will get harder after this guy got fined into oblivion. As long as the Archive continues to exist with that dispensation, their work can continue. I basically left the link to see how people would react to it. Because, I'm sort of incredulous about the Romuniverse news. We have archive.org. Is that not the first, second, fourth, and last place people check for "teh stuff"? I also visit a certain "planet themed" site, but since they dropped Nintendo stuff it's basically all down to the Archive. Just grab the complete GOOD archives and call it a day.
  10. Dug out my phat PS2 and updated the games on the internal HDD. They've recently (January 2021) released a new stable version of OPL HD Loader (V1, as opposed to v0.93 from years ago). I have not trawled the topic - might have been mentioned. I've been playing Evergrace. How did I miss? Janky as hell action-RPG that's batshit crazy. Weird voice sampled soundtrack, shells growing out of the ground, rats made of melons, two characters, incomprehensible dialogue, super deep clothing system, no EXP for levelling, so much strangeness. Also: it's by From Software and is basically a prototype Demon's Souls with bright garish colours. I love it. Also, one type of armour is a bird's nest with chicks in hit. YOU LITERALLY WEAR A BIRD NEST ON YOUR HEAD
  11. Did you buy my copy? I sold mine around then for £15, even though it normally went for... I want to say around £40 at that time? Even back then it was a "high ticket" item. Not Radiant Silvergun, but pretty high compared. Most Saturn games were like £5 back then. The guy actually called me on my eBay telephone number and nervously said: "You are going to send it if I pay, right?" "Why would you ask me that?" "Because it went for so much lower than it normally does. I never imagined it would go for so little!" Naturally I honoured the agreement - a man has to have a code. I deliberately try to avoid looking at the price of retro games today. Some stuff which I sold for £20 in 2005 now sells for x10 that price (£200 and up!). I cleared out my whole collection in 2005 because I had emulation, and the retro prices had stagnated, and I thought: well, prices are only going to go down now that retro compilations are starting to surface, and things like the upcoming Nintendo Revolution console will have older games to download. I made about £3k on stuff that now is closer to £10k or £15k. Jesus, £300 for SNES titles which were £20 used back in the day. Why are people today paying so much when you have flashcarts and download services? They never paid this much back in 2005 when those things didn't exist. I honestly can't comprehend it. back in 2005 is when you'd spend big on retro, because it was either original games or piracy. Today there's so many legal alternatives, you'd think the originals would be at their least desirable.
  12. I'm just going to leave this here: https://archive.org/
  13. Was reminded of this topic when tempted to play Pathologic 2 recently. The first game had no difficulty options - it was a vertical climb of nauseating horrific difficulty. It simulated a quarantined plague town in Russia, circa 1920s or so, meaning this was apt. The recent sequel had people complaining about the difficulty so they introduced difficulty sliders. These are even worse than an Easy, Normal, Hard selection. What is is normal on the slider? I find myself never playing the game itself, only forever staring at the option screen, sliding the dial back and then forth again, as if silent hip-hop music were emanating from it, unable to know what is the true difficulty. Then again, I also used an Action Replay cartridge to bump the levels of all my troops in Shining Force III, because I didn't feel like grinding roughly 10 more hours just to beat the last battle. What is everyone's thoughts on grinding? It's meant to be a means of making games easier if they don't have a selectable difficulty, but it's tedious. It's also there for deliberate padding. Meaning they balance the game to be difficult on purpose, they make it imbalanced, so that even if you kill every enemy you encounter normally going from Point A to B, that won't be enough, so you need to wander for extra time, killing more than you'd usually find, just to be levelled correctly. Is this good design? I'm pretty sure if RPGs had selectable difficulties, or sliders, we'd all get to the last boss, find we were under levelled, then just drop the slider to super easy and call it a day. (I was so under levelled for the last boss in Terranigma I said "fuck this shit" and just watched the ending on YouTube). This topic haunts me. Between options, sliders, cheat codes, watching longplays instead of playing, and the need to discern the originator's true wishes, how can any of us even know what is real any more? As we've all said, often the original creators will make a game harder to pad it out (RPG grinding) or harder so as to bleed money (arcade games, mobile games where you pay for perks, etc.). Isn't grinding just keeping out people who lack time, in the same way high-dexterity difficulties keep out less abled people? I mean grinding adds nothing to a game. Go to a field and kill 1'000 easy and generic enemies just you have enough EXP to kill the final boss? That just sounds ridiculous. The best RPGs I've found are those where you can beat a boss even if under levelled, through clever use manipulation of equipment, potions, and other stat augmenting things (who else here drank a hundred bottles of sujamma then punched the god-deity Vivec in the face to kill him? ).
  14. You're not wrong in that limitations resulted in awkwardness we're unaccustomed to today. However, I played through Resident Evil 3 on PS1 for the first time in December 2018 - it was just before New Year and Covid. And I enjoyed it. I thought: "That was fun, obviously not as good as Code Veronica, but a fine game, and worth it for anyone who enjoys RE." My tastes couldn't have changed that much, so i don't think it's due to the clunky RE gameplay. I am fine with tank controls. i like limited ammo and saves. It's just the game is mean - RE3 never had these spiteful sections, nor do I recall RE2 or even RE1 having them. The damn music box puzzle. It's not a puzzle. It's a retelling of the fox, chicken, grain riddle. It's not even challenging, but it forces you to run back and forth across the entire map. It might be the worst puzzle in the series. And they put in Code Veronica twice. Not to chalenge your brain, but to make you run back and forth, twice. Hiroki Kato is credited as director. All I can say is this man is a sadist. The game feels like it deliberately wants to annoy you. And what is shocking to me is how different it feels to how I remember, and how different it is to Resident Evil 3, which I completed about three years ago. I am really surprised not just at my memory, but at how much nastier it is compared to others in the series. If I had limitless time I would go back and replay 1, 2, and 3, just to be sure. I refuse to believe this is because I dislike RE gameplay. I definitely enjoyed RE3 recently. But for 20 years I had this warped sense of believing CV was the best in the series. The come down is hard. I feel like a religious man who has just discovered God isn't real. o/ Similar! It's a distinct sensation the first time you use proper earned cash money to buy your own high-priced thing like that. I worked in a meat factory for a month over summer holidays to earn the cash to buy a Dreamcast brand new, along with RE:CV, House of the Dead 2, Sonic, Toy Commander, Bass Fishing, the rod, lightgun, extra pads, VMUs, and rumble packs. I went all in for a full bundle at the time when it was still a hot item and going strong (about 6 months after the UK release?). Spent the rest of the summer holidays alone in the house while everyone was at work, playing Dreamcast. Go outside? Sunshine? Hang out with friends? Screw that - it was Dreamcast time! Chu Chu Rocket was free. Man, remember when consoles came with free games? I played this around 2015 and I remember loving it. I only waited so long because reviews at the time panned it, but I later found it to be an insane fun time. After beating up enemies they drop gold coins and you can run around them like Mario grabbing the coins. It was absolutely batshit. Illbleed was by the same guy and even better.
  15. And that moth tunnel! However, I disagree with the quote on the past. Last week I finished Exhumed for the first time and loved it. Really good for one of those early FPS. I would say I more often discover old games which I've never played, but love to bits, than I find new games which I enjoy. My favourite game, Master of Orion, was released in 1994, but I only discovered it around 2014, 20 years after the fact. It was just horribly jarring to find in this case, my memories had lied to me. I do wonder, if I were to travel back in time with old games I enjoy, which I discovered only later in life, and show them to my younger self, would he be as enthralled as I am now? Or would he be like: These games you've brought from my current era suck, I want to play Code Veronica.
  16. This thread made me want to relive some Dreamcast memories so I just completed Code Veronica for the first time in 20 years must be. And I hated it. The thing is, I've spent the last 20 years praising it as the best traditional RE (Zero is hot trash), and as my preferred game over the newer styled games that came after RE4. How could I be so wrong? Someone on Reddit has similar thoughts. What's shocking to me is how tolerant I was back then of atrocious design ideas. The two characters are implemented like a piece of rusted barbedwire in the gums. By the end of the game I had no used the grenade launcher once, and had about 80+ shots for it (40 grenade, 20 fire, 20 acid, 3 BOW). This is all down to how you can't access weapons if the other person was carrying it. So when I had Claire, I had no ammo for the grenade launcher. But I carried it on her before the Chris switch over. Then Chris kept finding ammo, but didn't have the grenade launcher. FFS! Plus that whole boss battle where you can't fight, and the only way to succeed is keep running and healing. It's just bad design. I had to replay that four times. Twice because I didn't realise I had to keep healing after every single swipe, until I looked up an FAQ, and I got another game over because I was impatient having to keep redoing this section and fumbled the bit with the glass ball and the heavy weight. Don't even get me started on that fucking music box puzzle. So awful they put it in twice! It's not even a puzzle, just shlepping back and forth dozens of times to swap one jewel for the other, open box, close box, run to other end of map, swap jewels, repeat. I spent 20 minutes on that damn puzzle. Utter garbage. Do not even get me started on the fact you can leave the extinguisher behind and miss out on the magnum. So much back tracking. So many annoying sections designed to waste your time. So many arbitrary difficult spots, just to piss the player off. It's like the game was designed by a sadist who hated the audience and resented having to make a RE game. I played through without a guide, seeing if I could do it on my own. Maybe I just cheated my way through last time, but how can anyone be expected to anticipate the character swapping and not screw yourself out of having a vital weapon? It's absolutely dreadful - I very nearly was unable to finish it. Dear world: I am sorry I kept championing this crap for the last 20 years. If you read my posts on other forums and bought the game because of my praise, i was wrong, I retract my statements, and I feel ashamed for liking this travesty of bad design. It was wretched.
  17. Sounds like Tunnel Runner. 3D maze, vampires on the cover: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tunnel_Runner However, it's an Atari 2600 game. Maybe you were thinking of that?
  18. I saw this thread repeatedly in the main forum and thought: "Yes, I hate store-exclusive pre-order DLC!" Especially when two different stores have competing pre-order DLC, and you're forced to pick one over the other, or go without either, and then you ask yourself: am I experiencing the true pure authentic experience which the developers wanted me to have?! I first experienced something like this with Soul Calibur II. It wasn't store-exclusive DLC, but it was exclusive characters for each system. On PlayStation 3 you had Crash Bandicoot, on GameCube it was Shigeru Miyamoto as an Animal Crossing character, and on Xbox it was Yoda. And I kept thinking: which is the true proper way to play this? This ties in to the difficulty thread, in that I always try to find the single vision that the team was aiming for. I mean, did Capcom's design staff on SCII really want me to control Reggie Fils-Aime? But then I am in the thread and suddenly... PLOT TWIST! The thread is actually about games exclusive to certain hardware? I'll be honest: I fucking love it. I grew up through the 16-bit console wars, with system exclusive games, and the same game being entirely different on other systems. Remember Jurassic Park? Top-down game with no save on SNES, side-scrolling perfection on Mega Drive where you could actually BE the T-Rex! If you wanted to play Mario, you bought from Atari. If you wanted to play Sonic, you bought from SNK. So for me, the idea that certain games can only be on certain platforms is natural. As someone else said, it encourages competition among devs. They all want to be the number one exclusive dev. Outdo the other exclusive devs on rival hardware. I don't even have a console in this hardware race. I went PC. I like the fact Switch has exclusive titles, because I look at it and think: I might want to get this. Multiformat releases for everything result in a grey homogenised landscape. I started with PS3, and only got an X360 later for the many exclusives. And I have loved seeing how the different libraries evolved over time. It also means developers can focus on one platform and work to its strengths, rather than dumbing all the versions down to the level of the weakest platform. Remember Bayonetta? Sucked on PS3. Remember Watchdogs? The PC version had shit downscaled graphics so as not to detract from the console versions. Hackers later found the earlier better graphics hidden away in the game, allowing you to mod the PC version to look better! System exclusivity is a good thing. So is selling a game exclusively through one online store. I have yet to understand why the Steam fanboys bitch about the Epic Game Store. You realise it costs nothing to start an Epic account. I started one just for some free games, and it was literally a couple of minutes and confirming via an email. yet they bitch, and whine, and scream like toddlers. This thread is weird, man.
  19. The Action Replay cart can't actually be used as a traditional memory cartridge. It's not a memory cartridge, despite what the box says. Only a save transfer/storage device. This is the 4-in-1 cart? I've got one of the old models from 1998, with a serial port, and it's still going strong. Though sadly it can never be used as a memory cart, for things like the NiGHTS creature life data or anything. I just periodically copy the internal saves over and back them up. I don't think you can bypass it booting to its splash screen. Random info on Saturn cartridges: http://www.shinforce.com/saturn/information/Cartridges.htm and https://segaretro.org/Saturn_Backup_Memory
  20. In old KFC buckets with the lid on - the chicken fat acts a natural barrier against moisture and vapours getting inside and causing water damage. I've gone for ODE solutions in pretty much all my legacy hardware, so they now get stored on Micro SD cards.
  21. Brilliant find. The review only just compounds the hilarity of putting it on the cover! Indeed! Their love for the game is what made me import it. I also recall they'd print letters from people who loved it too. This is why I like that era of CVG. It championed great games others turned their noses up at. The more laddish mags of the time all gave SOTN a crap score because it was 2D.
  22. This thread reminds me of why I'm not allowed to play charades. Also, I'm very tempted to paste utterly random emojis just to see what - if anything - some people come up with.
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