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  1. I discovered Kina Lillet hasn't existed for decades, so want to try it's next best thing, Cocchi Americano. Amazon is sold out (£21 normally, free UK delivery). Liquor stores are confused when I call them. Anyone know a good UK source that isn't going to be insanely priced?
  2. So I'm about to pull the trigger on a modded Dreamcast console. No HDMI, since I figure if I want to play on my HDTV then I'll just emulate. So this is for a CRT. Can't decide between GDEmu and MODE. Is there any major reasons to go for a MODE, at over 180 euro plus import tax, rather than a cheap and cheerful GDEmu clone? Keeping in mind MODE also seems to be out of stock currently? Initially I wanted an official GDEmu, but that guy, and his dumb ordering system, it's not worth it just for Skies of Arcadia and Code Veronica. I can play those on GC and PS2. In addition to Dreamcast games, I very much intend to add the entire catalogue of converted Atomiswave games. It seems MODE allows overclocking to reduce slowdown, but how bad can it really be? Bad enough to warrant paying 3x as much? So persuade me either for or against getting a modded DC with cloned GDEmu. EDIT: What are people's experience with multi-disc games like D2?
  3. Bloody hell... Sorry for the bump. But have there been any firmware updates for the FX PAK PRO? The last unofficial one seems to be from 2020. Mainly I'm hoping someone introduces the option to delete games from the SD card, while in the menu. Like you can with the Mega Drive. Has anyone been using the save-state custom firmware?
  4. The last time I had them was sadly in 2016? Or maybe even 2015. Also the last time I walked into a Five Guys. Have the times a changed?
  5. I take it everyone now regards George Kamitani as the devil then, or something? Also, 2010 is retro, right? NSFW: (edited by mod to add spoiler tag)
  6. I agree with @Lorfarius I genuinely do not get the hatred this film receives, and I resent it. I never watched it back in the day and only saw it for the for time a couple months ago, because from the day it released it got nothing by hate from everyone, and I thought: well, it must be the worst film ever. Well, I love it. I don't mean I love it ironically. I don't mean I love it because I get drunk and riff on it. I don't mean I think it's tolerable, but want to be contrarian so claim I love it. I mean: I love it sincerely. It's a wonderfully coherent film, and I have always enjoyed seeing strange new reinterpretations of things I enjoy. So the Street Fighter Movie, the Judge Dredd movie with Stallone, a lot of weird film licenses like Jaws and Friday the 13th, or Alien 3 on Game Boy. It's a means of experiencing a known property it in an unusual way. I dislike the current trend of being canon at the cost of everything else. You watch or play something, and people are like: yeah, this is identical to what I have already experienced, win! That's boring. Do something different. Use the transition between media as a means of seeing something from a different angle. If you just want to eat the exact same slice of cake over and over again, then you're dull. Just watch the original film, or play the original game, why do you need an identical canonical replica? Here's a modified version of my Letterboxd review: I just want to say it again, the film had a very clear and coherent narrative structure: clearly defined villains, heroes, problems, solutions, and outcome. Compare that to say, the first Mission Impossible film, where despite watching it multiple times, and even watching YouTube videos that try to explain the plot, I have zero fucking clue what that trainwreck of a film is even about. It's like video salad. It looks nice, but it's a jumble of incoherent bullshit. Super Mario Bros? Clean, on-point, main story with sub-stories, pathos, romance, family, good versus evil, the triumphant rise of the prole over his despotic masters; frankly it's amazing they were able to edit it into such a well told story given the difficulties of the shoot. I look forward to someday enjoying the fuller, longer, super director's cut. The film is magnificent. EDIT: I am not the only one to think so! https://collider.com/super-mario-bros-movie-is-good/
  7. The poll should have been an open public one so I could see who was sick. Given the number of people on here who think Janeway was wrong, I'd just like to say that I would be horrified to serve alongside most of you self-righteous pearl-clutchers. Utterly horrified. I notice no one is answering the following question: If you woke up tomorrow, and were told that you'd been fused with the topic creator here, but everyone in this topic rallied to have you separated, even though it meant killing the new being, would you have survivor's guilt? I guarantee even the staunchest critic of Janeway would admit: "Thanks for saving me - even though I was not present to ask for it, I'm glad you did it." Also for those who have kids, what if your child was fused? You'd kill the new being to save them. Anyway, I did a meme!
  8. True. But I have an organ card because, while alive, I have made a decision and made it public that they can be used after death. The same way I've asked to be cremated upon my eventual death. I've made family acutely aware that should I die due to a transporter accident, one of them must go to any lengths possible to bring me back to life, even if it means killing another. They've agreed. Asking you alive, now, what would you prefer? EDIT: to put it another way, you wake up and find that Benlob had been killed to bring you back to life. Would you then suffer a life of guilt? Would you feel anguish knowing another had to die so that you may live? I think this question is easier to think about maybe. With your current sense of morals, how would you feel in the aftermath? Would it eat at the back of your mind, a sense of guilt that a sentient person had to be removed so that you could now exist again? Would you and Revlob need to seek counselling together? Would you have survivor's guilt? This is a known medical condition, and I think it's worth asking. Did Tuvok and Neelix after this episode ever feel any survivor's guilt? Tuvok, unlikely since he would suppress emotion. Neelix? I think he's too dopey to feel anything. Personally I would feel no guilt whatsoever.
  9. Having seen that one before, I thought the same thing. Couldn't they pull that Riker episode (where he got cloned) and just make a second Tuvix, and then split that Tuvix back into Tuvok and Neelix? I remember watching this episode with my family, and we all felt uncomfortable. In the end all four of us agreed: if any one of us were killed/fused with another human being, anyone, to make a 3rd, we would all want to be made normal and ourselves again. Think about it that way - your mother, or father, or spouse, or your children are removed from existence, and a new being is in their place, would you just accept that? I think most of us would be willing to kill to protect our children. So I take a truly selfish ego-centric stance in this. If Skeddle must die so that Sketch and Fuddle may live again, I don't care what anyone else thinks, but I want to live again! Kill Skeddle! I WANT TO LIVE!!! Put yourself in that position. What if you and the poster above were fused. Wouldn't you want to murder the new being to be made alive again? @Benny what if you and @revlob were fused to make Benlob? Would you want Benlob killed to live again? Even if not, what if revlob wanted to live and was happy for Benlob to be killed? Maybe all Star Trek personnel have to sign a form stating whether they're happy for such a thing to happen or not. In the event of transporter malfunction would you be happy for someone to die to save youreself? Like an organ card. You know what all these episodes with transporter accidents tell me? Fuck using the transporter. Lt Barclay was right for being afraid of them!!!
  10. I adored Glitterball. I loved how it ate the food! I've got 3 more. I'll give them fake names to make referring to easier. I have doubts anyone will have seen them, but worth a shot. These have been bugging me for years. 1) Thumbtacks on a typewriter A short internet film. British made. Maybe around 2007? This should have been easy to find, but I just can't find it searching YouTube etc. Set in the 1980s, about a crime fiction writer who is obsessed with some small British car. If I knew the make, would probably be easy to find this. Something like a Ford Fiesta. His publisher says he refuses to publish his books because all of them are obsessed with this stupid car. There's weird flashbacks where you get the impression his brother was murdered while in such a car, hence his obsession. Cut to a bleak wide-shot where the writer is in a caravan on an empty patch of industrial estate, very grey and bleak, and he's putting thumbtacks on each key of his typewriter, so that when he types his next crime book about this car his fingers will push into each thumbtack's pin. It was actually super depressing. Reminds me of that Sonic Hedgehog short film where the boy kills himself as an adult. Mainly I wanted to take a screengrab of the shot with the pins on the typing keys. 2) Bearded War Vet Breakdown From around late 1980s early 1990s, a cheap action-flick. It looks like two separate unfinished films stitched together. Starts with US solders, maybe in Vietnam. Mission goes wrong, and that segment just abruptly ends. Next segment is set decades later, a totally different actor is playing one of the vets - has a beard, does martial arts maybe, and appears to be suffering PTSD. He is visiting a shrink and then goes on the run. He drives a firebird car I think? The whole film was weird, like none of the scenes matched. Totally incoherent. The name was something like Firehawk, or Firebird, but looking online there were actual films with those names, and they're not this. In the end he drives off into the sunset in his iconic car. As I say: it looks like the quality of a student film, or someone took two unfinished projects and tried to save them by forcing them together. 3) Moving Walls Horror Saw the end on some cheap horror channel knock-off on satellite. Looks like it was shot on VHS tape, cheap like "Things". The colours all desaturated. Looks like the 1980s. I came in the middle: scientists are in some lab where the walls are trying to kill them. One scientist lying on the floor while a cheap looking wall is moving back and forth trying to eat him. They somehow manage to struggle to find a ladder which allows them to climb up to the surface, where they see a busy highway. The credits are yellow text over a highway shot at night, lots of traffic driving down it. This film is so cheap and bad it might be a student film. Mostly I remember the walls trying to eat or consume or somehow squash and kill scientists who need to escape from the lab.
  11. A valid point. I've edited my previous post for greater precision. I suppose I'd try it if a mate insisted we eat there and bought my order for me. It's like Waitrose. I only shop for the unique items found nowhere else. Everything else is the same quality as Tesco (same brands even) but with an added "Waitrose tax" which I balk at paying. EDIT: Byrons is also bloody great. Went there a lot when in London: https://www.byron.co.uk/menu
  12. Judgement based on cost and pre-existing knowledge of the general type of good. It's a burger. Does it come with a side order of ortolan? A basic generic cheeseburger at Five Guys is what, £8? If you add another quid at GBK you can instead get: BLUE CHEESE 8.95 Onion jam, Cajun relish, house mayo, salad. Choose from: blue cheese sauce or a slice of gorgonzola I don't need to taste it to make a judgement call. I've tasted objectively higher quality burgers elsewhere for similar or lower prices, or slightly higher but with a greater return. I agree fully with @dumpster - I felt the exact same thing he did, except I didn't make a topic out of it. EDIT: if you've not tried ortolan then you definitely should
  13. Five Guys is shit may have nice tasting burgers, but for the price I would prefer to go elsewhere - hence why I've never actually eaten there. I lived in London for a while. Kept hearing about it. Walked into one. Saw the prices for what was basically just very basic crap. Said: "Fuck this." Walked straight out. For a quick cheap burger I like Burger King. The specials tend to be a little fancy and good value. For really posh burgers, which i love, there's are plenty of high profile options. Gourmet Burger Kitchen was a favourite: https://www.gbk.co.uk/menu GBK has several posh options for less than a tenner. Tell me again why, when given the option between this or 5G, you'd go with 5G? I suppose if you live in the outer Hebrides and there's literally only 5G and nothing else, you might feel forced into going, but if you had the choice - why? Meat Liquor was also good. Hell, here's an entire article on good burger places: https://www.timeout.com/london/food-and-drink/londons-best-burger-restaurants-1 Mostly I just make my own these days, given lockdown. A couple days back I had a barbecue with home-made lamb mince burgers. Fresh mint. Ciabatta rolls, lightly toasted. Home made gherkins (pickled in kimchi for a touch of spice). Delish. I have never eaten at Five Guys and I doubt I ever will.
  14. I don't think it is Better Off Dead. I suggested that 23 hours ago, with a link above, and @Chewylegs didn't confirm. (I think me and Welrain are just on each other's ignore lists hence the double suggestion).
  15. Could it possibly have been Little Shop of Horrors, and a plant, rather than a burger, and it was saying FEED ME! and not eat me?
  16. The thread has its first victory. Let's see if we can keep this going! I keep thinking about this burger film. What else can you remember? Any actors? Was it part of a dream sequence, or the main storyline? Was the burger claymation or animatronics? For a moment I thought maybe Cussack's film, Better off Dead, with its dancing hamburger. But it doesn't beg to be eaten. I also keep thinking of Spaceballs, with Pizza the Hut, simply because it has talking food. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?
  17. I'm pretty sure it's not Mac and Me, since I think you'd remember the aliens. But... If your film preceded M&M, do you reckon it influenced it? I mean, how many films feature a blonde kid getting chased in a wheelchair?! I have a vague recollection of this myself, but there's a ton of things which have similar or overlapping themes (something about the burger wanting to fulfill its destiny?). Burger Dream? Or Maybe Hitchiker's Guide? I recall the animated Sam & Max had an episode where a TV dinner begs to get eaten.
  18. Nam Angels (1989) 5/5 Some Hell's Angels bikers ride through the Vietnam war blasting Vietcong in order to steal gold from a Nazi Frenchman. If it sounds insane, you are correct. Frankly I want to give it 11 out of 5. Trailer. Last time I watched this was in 1991 in Eastern Europe, on a Soviet era bootleg VHS tape with bad dubbing. Recently saw it in HD. Even better than I remember. Love it to bits.
  19. I offered you the full asking price you listed for Donkey Konga on GameCube, requesting you make a grilled cheese sandwich with the disc, then place that in the GC box and slam it shut so the cheese and bread squishes everywhere, and then put it in a dustbin, instead of posting it (thus saving you the trip), and to just email me the video of all this happening, and you never replied.
  20. Unlikely. I have a 60Hz Mega Drive with RGB SCART running on a Sony Trinitron CRT with Mega Ever Drive Pro. Does it get better than that? The lack of proper scaling options seems like such a schoolboy error. Seriously, 1:1 correct aspect ratio scaling is not weird, or strange, or difficult. It's honestly simpler than any other scaling; it's simpler than anti-aliasing or non-correct scaling that blends pixels.
  21. It was great. Did anyone else stumble across the alternate ending (siding with the enemy)? I found it by accident. Blew my mind that they went to all that trouble to script when most other games give you options that change nothing. A lot of neg on Returns, but honestly I thought it was absolutely great. Exactly what I'd hoped for.
  22. Playing Hong Kong and I hate it. Only a couple missions in. But I always play an Elf Decker, and they fucked the Matrix bits up royally here. Now it's a twitch reflex game, except there's massive lag with a mouse clicking indistinct squares so you keep getting caught? I tried save scumming, but it takes like 30+ seconds to reload. Had to reload some bits upwards of 20 times to get past. Is there a patch or mod to make the Matrix not shit? Should I restart as a fighter and just ignore it? I have heard multiple people mention this awful Matrix bit at the end which I am dreading. I loved the first two. Loved them to bits. But this is absolute shit so far.
  23. Fancy going into business? Bootleg carts are getting big now too. I got burned on a bootleg Super Metroid cart so I outright refuse to buy retro stuff any more. But with this printing you mention, yeah, how difficult would it be to get a loose original cart, make a perfect box replica, seal it, then sell for massive amounts? That'll probably drive business to WATA as people want "experts" to confirm authenticity and buyers want that WATA seal of approval. I never thought I would live in a world where this happens. Finally. Games are now the same as real art. Take that, naysayers! (this is sarcasm, by the way) This is the funniest post this thread. This, people, this is how you do comedy.
  24. Jim Halperin, one of the WATA team: https://www.watagames.com/team/3 Is also a co-founder of Heritage Auctions which sells WATA graded games for so much, such as this Mario 64. I'm sure it's just a harmless coincidence.
  25. Probably a cheeky tug job in the back office. Heaven knows what a 9.8 costs.
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