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  1. FML. I regret starting this. So my Dreamcast off eBay arrived today. And it doesn't work. It boots up, little blue swirl, asks me to set the timer, and nothing works. Neither controller which came with it offer any sort of input whatsoever. Nothing does anything, it just sits there. Despite the seller clearly stating: tested. I'm so angry now. What are my options? Does this sound like a blown fuse? Is there a way to test this without replacements? I do not want to unsolder and resolder stuff and it still doesn't work, because then I probably cannot return it. Should I just return it and demand my money back? Now I'm going to have to pay return postage this thing. This is the second console I've bought off eBay in the last 6 months and the second time it's turned into a fucking trainwreck.
  2. Thanks. Once I have everything I'll be reporting back with details. Seaman's mic was just a dongle you plug into the controller like a rumble pack or VMU.
  3. Genuinely surprised. I've always felt the Dreamcast was one of the strongest consoles for peripherals. Sega went all in from the launch. Rod, gun, modem, keyboard, mouse, mic, steering wheel, VMU handheld consoles/mem card etc. Then later on maracas! Sure, you need a CRT to use the gun today, but to hear you use only controllers... I dunno, the dreamvision of your all-singing all-dancing system has died somewhat. Personally, part of my reason to get a system, rather than emulate, is specifically for the peripherals. I was going to emulate TimeStalkers, then read it had a lot of VMU games, and then I was like: there's so many peripheral using games, maybe I should reinvest? Has any other console had quite as much? PS1 maybe? I never really paid attention to any console peripherals until the Dreamcast. I honestly don't know. I last owned one around 2011 or so? Sold everything. I genuinely cannot recall how I had stuff set-up. I think I just switched it off and switched controllers as needed. I recall my parents (back in 1999) really liked playing Sega Bass Fishing, so we kept the DC in the lounge, and I showed them how to set it up when I wasn't there. I think maybe, we only had each peripheral (rod, gun, keyboard) in port 1 as it was needed. Never had a steering wheel. Well, not before. I have one now - arrived yesterday! Will all of them work when left in port 2?
  4. Fuck sticks. I literally just bought a gun before seeing this. And I paid way over the odds. Your pimp hand is weak, Tonald, weak! (I'm gonna PM about that keyboard though) EDIT: OK, peripherals have started arriving through the post, and I discovered that apparently, you cannot navigate the menu of USB-GD using non-controllers (so the gun, fishing rod, steering wheel, etc.). Meaning you have to hot swap after loading a game. Which runs the risk of blowing the F1 fuse. Luckily it's a super easy mod, replacing it with a Resettable Fuse PolySwitch: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00X77Q7A0/ Next I bought this 256 micro SD card And this Micro SD to USB adapter I'm doing this right, aren't I? I nearly opted for the replacement ML battery too, but maybe the one in my system works. I just hope the SD card and adapter work. I opted for that since in a worst case scenario I'll just put it in my Lumix camera. @ianinthefuture - do you use many of the other peripherals in your super beefed up Dreamcast system?
  5. Mine and my new DC are both on the way! Plus a rod, gun, wheel, mic, etc. Undecided about the maracas though...
  6. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Seems there's been quite a few DC fan-translations by now! https://www.thedreamcastjunkyard.co.uk/2021/02/5-dreamcast-fan-translations-you-may.html
  7. So was chatting with @strider and apparently his USB-GD-ROM has bricked itself due to the firmware timing out? Then I went Googling, and found lots of threads: Dreamcast Talk Reddit Twitter Is this correct @ianinthefuture ? Apparently he was also supposed to have removed it in the last firmware update? But that email thread in Reddit makes it seem he's not very responsive at all. Terror levels at actually using this device are back up to 11.
  8. Speaking the truth, Gabesy. (Also, it's "well done" - no apostrophe there, bud.) Should we agree to a mutual blocking so as not to trouble each other any more? Or I dunno, just ask a mod to ban me if my moral viewpoint is so at odds with the forum. I only keep coming back to check out the Dreamcast thread and sales forum, and end up viewing these other threads. Based not just on this thread, but also the "boycott Metal Slug Tactics because Saudi Arabia" thread, I'm starting to wonder if everyone on RLLMUK isn't slowly descending into some sort of hysterical mass psychosis. I can't cure everyone, but maybe by voicing my emancipation from the groupthink I can free a few others.
  9. Not a joke. I honestly think the hand wringing, faux moral-panic nature of posters on this forum is ridiculous. I'm surprised someone hasn't screamed out: Won't someone think of the children!? We are regressing back to the moral panics of the early 1990s and the US senate hearings. I honestly thought we had moved beyond this shit and had accepted that content creators can create whatever the fuck they like without any sort of judgement or sanctimonious, self-righteous crusading against them. I had genuinely thought we'd entered an age of liberal freedoms. I am genuinely shocked that a games forum, given that we've all gone through the moral panics (plural) around games, would have so many conservatives as opposed to liberals. I guess you're all Tory/Trump voters, wanting to bring back traditional Christian values or some shit. I grew up in a Catholic household and Catholic school, so any time I hear "sexy is bad" it triggers a defiant call for freedom. FREEDOM! This thread is giving me PTSD flashbacks of the following insipid nonsense:
  10. Never thought I'd live to see the day when a bunch of middle-aged men on an internet forum would be speaking so strongly against the sight of T&A. Have you all perambulated here from the Victorian era in your steam-powered time machines? Honestly, if sexy games are created by consenting adults, and in-game display sexy adults, to be purchased and played by consenting adults, then what is the problem? Serious question. This all reminds me of that time the British government tried to ban face-sitting porn. I genuinely don't understand - at all - these arguments against freedom in creative mediums. By the exact same line of thought: I think anyone who criticises games for featuring positive portrayals of the LGBT community, other ethnicities, etc, is also mad. Why try to suppress the creativity of content creators? If it gets you all hot, and all bothered, and maybe a little hot and bothered, just do not engage with that content. Here, you dirty gents, enjoy some Victorian leg:
  11. Thanks for the advice. According to 8bitplus the USB mod does indeed cause extra heating: http://8bitplus.co.uk/projects/dreamcast-usb-gdrom-ode-board/ I'll go with the card route at first, add resistors if it seems a bit too hot still, and upgrade the PSU if all else fails. Please keep in mind if I die in a fire I will come back to haunt you. EDIT: Just to confirm, since I need the VA1 model, I've been eyeing systems with a number #1 inside a circle next to the PAL box on the underside. That's definitely a VA1 according to Google. But I wanted to be sure there isn't some weird fringe 0.1% of systems that have the 1 in the circle but are actually VA2 on the motherboard.
  12. Will do! How important is modding it for heat? I've seen the tutorial videos, and installing the USB device is easy. Someone put tape in to redirect the airflow, but that seems a bit flimsy. Others recommend a 3D printed tray (but didn't say where from). For the power you can either put a 300R (ohm) resistor between the 12v and ground rails on the power supply (but without saying what the wattage needs to be!). Or removing the 12v regulator altogether. But then that apparently stops RGB over SCART working. Unless you then get an RGB cable that's wired to use 5v for video blanking. Or apparently you can just replace the entire power block with something called DreamPSU. What if though, right... I just ignore all of that and just pop the USB thing and use it as is? Will I burn my house down? EDIT: I kinda wish i had not gone down the rabbit hole now. So I looked up replacement power supplies, and they apparently need... I don't know what they need. An ATX thing it's called? A power brick like my Xbox has? Whatever this is, I don't have it, even if I bought the replacement PSU board. I assumed I could just plug one of the usual 8-shaped plug cables in. But it's got an all new jack in the back. Which I'm not sure I want to do - what do I plug in it afterwards? Can I just buy an all in one kit package? Because everyone line seems to be selling these new PSU boardss separately but without the actual plug to jam in it. So... I need: * a working Dreamcast * a new PSU (Pico or DreamPSU - which one and who has stock?) * a 3D printed tray for this new PSU (where from?) * new power adapter to snuggle inside the PSU and feed it juice (which kind?) * some ohm resistors * a 3D printed tray for the USB device to correct airflow (where from?) * tape? * I need to remove the 12v rail * a special RGB SCART cable that uses 5v for v-blanking (from RretroCables?) * a new USB flash stick (2TB max - any brand?) * extra strong diazepam to make all this seem easy and dream-like. Dreamcast like? Am I forgetting anything?
  13. I've just ordered one. Seems to be the easiest/cheapest method that's also easily self doable. Now to get a Dreamcast. Hopefully it's as easy as you say. If not, there will be repercussions! (By which I mean a politely worded PM asking for advice.)
  14. No Shinrei Jusatsu Taromarou? For shame! I know you have this @strider I've seen it on your shelf, I've held the box, I cheekily slipped the disc out and ran off with it while you weren't looking. You know it's great. I generally hate these sorts of lists. Great games they may be, but there's never any of the cool weird shit in them, because you need to appeal to the mainstream crowd's sense of nostalgia. I've already owned and completed all of those games. Literally all of them back in the day (well, not Mass Destruction). In this late day and age I need novelty. Things I've never played before. I know why everyone does it like this. For the clicks! But don't the masses ever get tired of reading about stuff they know? Is nostalgia that potent a drug? Any chance of a follow up article on the top 25 overlooked gems for the Saturn? You can put Bulk Slash and Taromaru on it.
  15. Yeah, I got stuck on the SNES game, at the Kabuki boss. There were no food vendors in the preceding town, so no way of buying health boosters. Could never beat the boss either. In the end I did a fresh restart, making sure to stockpile everything at maximum from the first stage. Was much easier after that. I replayed it not long ago - still my favourite for the four games on the SNES. The others all have various frustrating problems which bug me (2 is too simplified; 3 is too buggy; 4 is too reliant on gimmicks and cheap deaths, and its boss battles broken minigames).
  16. Yes, I had this when i first bought a Duo-R while in Japan and brought it home. My old TV (circa mid-90s) showed b/w, and the system did not natively output RGB (this was in 2001, so the internet had very little info - nothing in fact - but it had a 5-pin DIN plug, and there was seemingly no way to get RGB out of it). But when I upgraded to a newer CRT it worked fine - great in fact. The newer flatscreen CRTs after the millennium accept an NTSC signal through composite fine. My NTSC NES shows up in colour in on that Quintrix and Sony. How old are these consumer CRTs that still show b/w? Or was I just very lucky getting a decent top range model? Welcome to the NEW FLESH COLONEL! We have ways of making the disturbing seem quite pleasant. (My Duo-R on the little Sony portable looked gorgeous - I couldn't believe how crisp it looked, even compared to my other consoles that output RGB on to it. I miss that little TV. )
  17. Thanks for the suggestions. I actually have 3x CRT TVs, including a Sony Trinitron and a Panasonic widescreen Quintrix. I had 4 at one time, but had to downscale (it was one of those portable Sonys, didn't even realise they go for £300 so I just dumped it ) Thanks to @ianinthefuture going to the trouble of comparing HDMI modded DC and emulated, I've decided to get an old-fashioned DC for use on the Trinitron or Quintrix, since the HDMI mod seems fairly similar to emulation on my 1080p TV. DC through RGB SCART is very nice, from my recollections of living in 1999. Later today I'm going to check out the local retro store, since I think I'm going to try that USB mod. Cheap, cheerful, easy. Testify! You're one of the few people I've seen online who notice this. Agree completely. You can tell a lot of NES games were designed specifically around the inherent artefacting of composite into CRT. In some instances it produces additional false colours, giving the impression of a larger palette, and some games feel somewhat enhanced. The easiest example I tell people is the original Zelda. Emulated or through RGB, his item box borders (at the top) are straight lines. But through composite into CRT they take on a twirly appearance, like Roman columns. I'm not sure if Nintendo wanted this specifically, but I prefer it, and a lot of games look better (the fog in Xanadu, the grittiness of Batman, etc.) Basically every game I've played is improved through composite. Sort of like how CGA is better through composite. It doesn't produce 4 colours, it can produce 16 colours through clever implementation. Skip to 7 minutes to see how. Which is why I deliberately avoided getting an RGB modded system to get an original NTSC-U toaster for the best look. EDIT: The original Sonic on Mega Drive, the team has stated they designed it to make use of how RF cables blur pixels, so you get transparency on the waterfalls. I actually set it up with an RF cable and they're right! There's a lot of interlacing in Mega Drive games, and this gets blurred through RF (another good example: the shadow in Comix Zone, it looks like a proper transparency through RF).
  18. I honestly could not care any less about menu aesthetics than I do already - so this is fine! When are you next selling one on Ian?
  19. I've heard this statement a lot. If you enjoy that, then I'm glad you were able to take pleasure from the design choices of Halo. For me, it was almost rage-quit inducing. I remember one specific section where I absolutely wanted three specific guns for a section, so picked up and dropped them over and over, centimetreing slowly along, using the fact that when you dropped them they would be flung forward ever so slightly. I got there in the end. Try to break me, hey Bungie? Well, I showed you! I'd much rather have an immersive simulation type set-up like Deus Ex or STALKER, where I can carry anything I like, albeit with penalties for the extra weight. The AI was piss poor too. Dunno why everyone says it's amazing. Grunts would bum rush me constantly. I remember one section on the beach, just over and over they would run right into my shotgun blast. I'd kill two or three simply by firing in a straight line as they ran into the blast. Then they'd kill me through sheer numbers and I'd have to reload. Eventually through sheer force of will I got past. Not fun. Stupid in fact. They were mindless fodder. Compare that to Deus Ex where after wounding a soldier a bit they'd actually run away! Now that's good AI. Then you could hunt them down. Toy with them a while.
  20. Oh my! Could you elaborate on these two points? I'm eyeing up a nice cloned GDEmu system now, but what sort of problems can they have, functionally? Also, I thought adding games was simply dropping ISOs on to the SD card? Or it like the RHEA board for Saturn, where you need to build a primary boot ISO, containing links to all the folders with games you want? (Because yes, that was a PITA, even on Windows). EDIT: I've just discovered how the sausages are made. Absolutely fuck that. I had that with RHEA on the Saturn - it's by the same guy, so he obviously enjoys having major pains in his ass. I just don't update RHEA any more, because every single time you want to add or remove something, you need to rebuild the entire file structure, and you need to rename everything. It's supposed to detect the name of games, but 75% of the Saturn ISOs I tried adding it did not detect the name, so I had to put it in manually. That's like 150 games. Manually. By hand. MANUALLY. Nope. I'd rather go without completely than use a GDEmu. Thank you @Major Britten for opening my eyes to this. I want drag and drop or I want nothing. Any recs on where to get a MODE? Or a USB mod pre-made? @strider - did you know about this? Keep it in mind when making your ODE purchase.
  21. I have always hated Halo with the intensity of a thousand burning suns. To this day I cannot comprehend how anyone could regard it as anything more than tepidly mediocre. I saw those rave reviews, bought into the hype, and despised it. There were so many better FPS which I had played before it: Heretic, Duke Nukem 3D, Outlaws, Blood, Shogo Mobile Armor Division, Goldeneye, System Shock 2, Half Life (+ mods), Deus Ex, Soldier of Fortune, No One Lives Forever, Quake III, etc. etc. etc. After all that, Halo seemed like dogshit. Two guns? TWO GUNS??! Frankly given the enormous volume of better FPS that came before, Halo should have been like a 3/10.
  22. Thanks Colonel! Glad to see some sort of update for this. Dumb question: does this work on the FX Pak Pro? There seems to be two divergent forks, one for sd2snes and another for FX Pak Pro,and they're seemingly distinct? Maybe. I keep reading the threads and FAQs and it's all quite murky. I might wait for this to be finalised. The save states are nice but not essential. The delete from the menu though is a must have! I have a master folder with every game, then a curated folder. And I like to delete stuff from it as I finish games or decide I never want to replay something again.
  23. This thread is ruining me (all I want to eat is burgers now). I was at B&Q looking to buy a BBQ to make my own burgers. None in stock. But there was a burger van in the parking lot. I broke down and bought. £5 for a cheap meat patty on white roll, soggy bacon, and a withered tomato. Yuck. The craving has not been satiated. It only grows stronger.
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