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  1. Greetings Treb, caught me at a good time since my PC has been broken and yesterday I finally got a decent net connection going. Never dealt much with the FC twins. The newer Famicom AV also outputs AV signal, as its name implies. With the twins though, it's more convenient with both systems combined. I have also heard, but not put this to the test, that the drive belts last longer on them. Personally I got too paranoid of my disks degrading, so sold them off, boxed my FDS up and put it into storage, and bought a Famicom clone in order to use without treating very well. As for games that are still geniunely good, and Japan exclusive? There are several, though if you're going the original hardware route you will miss out on some of the great RPGs that have been language patched (like Sweet Home). * Twinbee: I played this a lot as a kid, it was one of the games I got with my system. I actually prefer it to the arcade game it was based on, the visuals are very smooth. Great fun. Plays like TB on the SFC, except more basic. * Crisis Force: If you want a good Konami vertical shmup, this is it. Paralax scrolling(!), massive enemies, huge weapons that can be powered up, rockin' Konami soundtrack etc. If you squint really hard, it almost looks like a PCE game. They did a grand job on it. *Gun-Dec: Not a Japan exclusive, released in the west under the name "Vice Project Doom", but still a thrilling Ninja Gaiden clone with driving and Operation Wolf sections. * Wagan Land: Nice light hearted platformers. Not SMB3 quality, but great fun and smooth almost cell shaded visuals. * Kunio games: AKA River City Ransom in the West. Japan did recieve a really good simaltaneous 4 player beat-em-up that used the FCs multi-tap though. Forgot its full name (quick! somebody list it!), but if you want a brawler, there is no better game than this. Up to 4 players, stats, special moves, interactive scenery, hell, its almost like a 4P version of Power Stone on the FC! Almost.... Just please stay away from Technos' Renegade and Double Dragon games, they were SHITE on the system, and paled in comparison to the Kunio games. Why the West went gaga over renegade and DD I don't know. There are some cartridge titles to get you started. It depends, what genres do you like? I mentioned some Disk games on the previous page. Oh yeah, and for whatever it's worth, I hated both Zelda 2 and Kid Icarus. Then and now. Just a preference thing. Also, Metroid is a bit shaky these days too. Finally Mr Peak, you should find your name listed this month in Retro Gamer, on their cover disc, in conjunction with my importing article, since you assisted with NeoGeo info. EDIT: The Kunio game was called: Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu Screen:
  2. Excuse the delay in posting. My computer has been broken all week, keeping me away from the net. Regarding RG.... I thought there were supposed to be my modding guides on the disc this month? Kindly donated by both hellbelly from his mmmonkey site, and also Lawrence, aka NeoGeoMan. I also made sure to include an HTML file of thank-yous, which include Yod@, Saur, and a variety of other regulars from this very forum. Oh good lord, please tell me they remembered to pop the guides on there.... If they did, then I just want to thank all those modders out there who made the article possible. The real credit goes to those pioneers, I simply copied and pasted the fruits of their labour into a single article. In short, I stood on the shoulders of gaints. Happy modding chaps! (next month Im told is a really amazing article from me, that features some rather nifty games too. Yes, you can get them online, but most seem too lazy to do so, so I gathered them together into one small but sweet compilation. Apart from that, I am still awaiting confirmation from the guys at Live regarding the one off DVD cover disc I arranged. Fingers crossed they decide to go with it, yeah it may be risky/pricey, but come on, 7 gigs worth of that stuff can't be a bad thing. Can it? .)
  3. Cool sigs j.m.ratkos. Very nice indeed. Did you get those at the London signing, or elsewhere?
  4. Wrote an article on it for Retro Gamer, though it didn't cover much in the way of starting a collection. Firstly, as far as Im aware, the FDS will work with any Famiclone system. But personally I'd for a combined Twin System. Btw, be WARNED. Their drive belts break VERY easily. Chances are yours is bust and will need to be replaced. Mine broke quite soon, and I got very pissed off. So I tend to just emulate these days. Also, you realise your disks are degrading, right? I hate magnetic media, and so sold all my disks. If you don't mind going bootleg, you can buy LOADS of cheap games from Hong Kong and the like. As for games: * Otocky - made by the same guy who borught us Elektroplankton, its a nifty musical shooter, often compared to Rez. Good fun. My persdonal favourite FDS game. * DokiDoki Panic - Super Mario bros USA before they changed the characters. mainly a nostalgic purchase. * SMB2, only available on Disk System. Unles you buy Mario All Stars. This is basically the lost levels. It is available on pirate cart, but they are highly sought after today, and so disk is cheaper. * Patlabor - ignore the training stage at the start. This is one of the best Famicom anime lincenses Ive played. Great fun, nice control, it just feels right. Plus, its Patalabor! A damn sight better than that shite RPG they made. * Murasamejou (sp?) - Great Zelda style game, except with samurais, and ninjas, and magic and stuff. Basically Zelda, in feudal Japan. No text. Just great fun. Probably my second favourite FDS game. VERY exclusive, a geniune MUST HAVE. Its available on the GBA Famicom mini selection in Japan, but I still like the original. * Plus there was an indiana jones style game. I forgot the name. A bit like bionic comando. Ill check my stuff and get back to you. The above though should suffice. Oh, and 3D hot rally is AWFUL. EDIT: Wait, you're the dude who bought the Famicom book right, N.M.S? Another Famicom fan on the boards? Yay! So then, how did you get hooked by the FC and its charms? And have you played Huang Di yet? EDIT2: Found it! If you get some games, be sure to get: Arumana no Kiseki Its a bit like Indiana Jones meets Bionic Commando. Quite innovative, with some really great music to it. A brilliant title that for some baffling reason has never had much coverage. I stumbled across it by accident tbh. Wonderful title. Good platforming. Oh, and moonball magic (pinball game) monty on the run Are not too bad. Btw, Monty on the run is NOT what your thinking. I've only played the rom, since I ditched my FDS games years ago, but its like a jail break adventure. Have fun.
  5. Yeah, the NES can't do proper RGB, which is why emulation on the DC makes them look so nice. I still use V.03, which just doubles the resolution to fill the screen.
  6. I personally dislike scanlines a lot. As for the NES, I seldom break out my collection, preffering to emulate on my Dreamcast. I get the comfort of being infront of the TV, but the image is a proper sharp RGB one. From what I can tell, you therefor hate playing games with an RGB scart cable, and prefer an RF lead? Because the RGB makes things crisp. Erm... please don't be offended as a new user here. But I must say: WTF?! (please tell me you've at last tried RGB gaming. Because you know what they say, once you go RGB, you never go back)
  7. Stop worrying. Its Saturn Bomberman. I would have paid £10, put it next to my PAL copy, and been happy. Whats the cover art like?
  8. They made a PS1 version of Saturn Bomberman?
  9. Worth it at thrice the price. One of my personal favourite games. Supremely playable. Sublime in fact. Well done!
  10. Do they accept games programmed in QBasic? I may make a special version of "Trampoline Gunmen", featuring zombies, pirates, ninjas and robots as selectable characters. Seriously, what could be more fun than those 4 elements bouncing up and down on trampolines, shooting each other?!
  11. I know about SCUMM emulation. But wouldn't that require that I get hold of the PC originals? Tbh, I was planning on going down the slightly less savoury road of system emulation. Mainly since I know where to dload Amiga games..... Remember, Im on 56k here.
  12. These seem to be very much home computer problems with retro.... I don't know whether to feel left out, or pleased, having only been raised on consoles. Tbh, I've never actually seen a Speccy or C64 in real life..... When I was but a lad, it was the Famicom with nifty little cartridges.... That said, I am quite interested in delving into playing all the old Lucasarts games. Would an Amiga emulator be the way to go?
  13. Well done! Let us know what you think of it. I wish more people could get to see it, if only for 5 minutes. It would prove to everyone what a great idea a SNES (and other systems) book would be. Once you get it, can you imagine a SNES book thats at least half as good? It would be amazing.
  14. Those comments on Zelda depress me. Damn the Western markets, Im sick and tired of all this realistic, gritty crap people insist on making. >_< Sometimes its great, ala Steel batalion, and sometimes it just gets tired and cliched. I miss the old days of frivolously fun and light hearted entertainment. And as for FPS games, for the love of god, when are the yanks going to tire of them?! Oh, and I was one of the three people who thought cell shaded Zelda was the best thing ever, with the best style in the series. Why did people hate on that so much? EDIT: I just want to re-itterate how much I dislike the current games industry right now. Virtually nothing anyone is doing interests me in the slightest. All the games Ive liked this past generation, people seem to have hated, except Katamari Damashii. I need colour, life and vibrancy in my games. I need unique genres, I need zippity pow pizaz and an inane sense of surreal mischief. Western games don't do this for me. And if Western gaming is awscending, then I am descending, right into RETRO GAMES! For good probably. Somebody call me when these people sort their shit out.
  15. The thing is motivation. I must admit to sometimes not being very motivated to even do work I am being paid for. The real problem here is motivation. The best way to drag this off the ground is if a publisher said "YES!", we want to print a book like that. And then gave their full backing. And then they allocate "£X" amount of budget and salary to X amount of writers/editors/photographers, and give them say 6 months to get it written, finished and then handed in to be printed by the end of the year. Something like that. Perhaps if this thread had a 500 people all clamouring for such a book, you could start emailing and pitching this idea to proper publishers, such as Prima. Give Prima an email, who knows? If they think it profitable enough, they might steel our idea and we could have such a book on shelves sometime in the new year. Hell, if you have the energy, blanket bomb several magazine/book publishers who deal with games related work with emails, and pitch such an idea. Future sometimes do big almanac style mags/books.
  16. Magic l0rd: Of the two, was one my SB article? Give the "4 games" feature a try, its well written. Otherwise "Gamer's World" by me should peak the interest of all you international gamers. People complain about it being too faux-intellectual and stuff, the thing is, it doesn't try to ostrecise anyone out of reading it. It's just openly passionate. If you want to judge it, do so on issue 2, which Im sure most would agree improves on issue 1.
  17. Quick, someone quote Libbie Fudim, NOW!
  18. No, it was in issue 14. You can do segemnted downloading with getright, otherwise try and find someone to send you a burned copy. Its totally legal, since its absolutely free too. But yeah, easily the best space adventure Ive played. Emphasis on adventure. There is some trading, but it really is more about exploration, conversing and blasting enemies. Very intuitive controls as well.
  19. They are pretty big. Issue 2 is better than 1. I say just go for the articles that look really interesting. "It's a gamer's world out there" in issue is quite an enjoyable and relatively light read. (I wrote it )
  20. Worth it at the thrice the price if you ask me. Especially valuable, since it accurately lists the release date (plus other stuff), for every game officially released.
  21. My goodness, you guys don't charge for reserve prices?! Im using you for all my sales from now on. It doesn't hurt anything. Actually, I was surprised when it showed no fees popping up after listing.... where do the fees come in? Im too used to fees to feel comfrotable without them.... Anyway, I actually just spent a bomb on a CDI off fleabay, but once my cashflow is back to normal Ill be checking you guys out a lot more. I can only hope that by being dedicated to games, some interesting stuff pops up. For what it's worth, I put this on a US forum, TGQ. What you want is to try and get Insert Credit to give you front page news.... unless they've done so already....? Anyway, I don't have a photo of my actual item, meaning anything I use will simply be a generic stock photo from somewhere else.
  22. I got it off the bay of fleas, off some guy living in Japan. Surprisingly VERY cheap when I did so. They're your best bet right now. Goodluck. Seriously, if you like the Famicom, it is a must have. Plus its in English! It basically contains half my childhood memories in its haloed pages, seeing as I grew up with the Famicom. The interviews with everyone were great too. The did the guy behind Pokemon, Miyamoto, Kojima, the guy behind Dragon Quest, Shigesato Itoi (Earthbound), and several others. Amazingly well done. As mentioned, Id love to see something similar for other systems, but my guess is that only Japan has that kind of ambition. They've done several, while I can't think of even one from the West. At least not yet, some bigwigs might notice this topic and change things....
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