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  1. I'm dissapointed by the topic title. I though you were asking us to describe the worst gaming idea we've ever had. I was going to explain my "feeding a donkey cheese with chilli and bees mixed in" game. Like a cross between Tetris and Blinx Time Sweeper, with rotorscoping and Eastern European voice actors. I never liked PoP much anyway, so this doesn't bother me.
  2. No, imported NTSC USA version.
  3. Reached the fire ball throwing monks in the castle, after dying dozens of times trying to get past the multiple pathway section. The boss reminded me of "The Thing" on PS2/Xbox, except not quite as much fun. Anyway, I see I'm still stuck with Ashley following me, the enemies are getting more ridiculous (I wanted bloody zombies!), plus, after upgrading all my guns, it turns out there are more to buy. This merchant stuff just doesn't sit right with me. I basically just wanted a reworked version of Code Veronica, I hate these improvements. The very things they changed that everyone loves, are the things that I dislike. It's just not working out. I'm going to put it up for sale here, or on NTSC. It's all still mint, so hopefully I don't lose too much.
  4. http://www.mmmonkey.co.uk/console/nintendo/nes-lockout.htm With pictures!
  5. No, no! Total laziness. Get it right. I frankly can't be arsed to catch her just because she's too stupid to climb down a ladder or rope. EDIT: Actually, thanks to the overabundance of ammo, the game is very easy. It's nothing to do with skill.
  6. Are you kidding me here? I actually went and loaded up my DC to play Code Veronica again. Bloody amazing. Then went back to RE4. I managed to kill that giant ogre thing and reach the chick. Frankly, the whole "stand in a corner and shoot until everyone is dead" gets boring fast. This wouldn't even get put on my top 100. Secondly, I HATE escort missions. I dislike RE4 for the same reason I dislike Ico. When I play games, I play for myself. I am the god of my world. I jump into danger, and I jump right back out with a gutsy bravado that screams loose cannon gamer. It's all about ME when I play. If I am going to play with another main character on-screen, they need to be controlled by someone else, and my goal must be to get rid of them (see Bomberman through to Street Fighter). It was an ok shooter to begin with, samey, but kinda fun in short bursts. Now I have some whiney bitch to baby sit. There must never be people that need protecting when I play, since my urge is to kill them. (Steel Battalion tip: When you have to rescue the people on the building, you can speed things up by killing them yourself, since not everyone needs saving to finish the level) Sorry gentlemen, I took Magic L0rd's advice and kept with it, but now its gone too far with this babysitting crap. The Gamecube is getting relegated out of the living room and sent to the portable TV in my laundry room, thereby saving me the hassle of switching between console scart cables on the main TV. I may go back to it, after I've finished Code Veronica first. Also, I don't want to offend anyone anymore, so will humbly bow out from this topic. Sorry to have distrubed you gentlemen, feel free to go back to enjoying Capcom's great opus.
  7. Well, thanks for the encouragement magic l0rd, you're opinions are normally spot on, so Ill go back to it. Like you said, having read so many comments proclaiming it as the best thing ever, I was expecting instant gaming nirvana. Hype is a dangerous thing...
  8. Late to the party, and frankly I don't know why I bothered. I forced myself to get to the second chapter (chapters?! WTF were Capcom thinking?!), and I can honestly say that RE4 is one of the most boring and atrociously dire games I have ever played. Sure it may look nice, but the design is sloppy and all over place, plus the pacing is all wrong. It doesn't feel like a Resident Evil game, and isn't scary either. But mainly, it just doesn't excite me. I prefer Code Veronica. Took me ages to work out how to pass the first village section, in the end I had to just stand in a corner and keep shooting until everyone was dead. I also dislike the way there are so many enemies. My RE strategy has always been to clear each room as I came across it, and doing that here is a chore. I am incredibly dissapointed with this game, and I do not understand why people describe it as the best game of the year. This now joins my long list of games I hate but everyone loves: Metroid Prime, Halo, San Andreas, Radiant Silvergun, Chrono Trigger etc. etc. etc. I feel so detatched from mainstream opinion. Why do I find these games boring, yet have been thoroughally enjoying my new CDI system with Zelda games?
  9. Hi-def on an SFC? I thought I wasn't getting the best picture out of Super Mario World!
  10. Come on now, don't make me have to help you out on this. Even I can spot a mistake in my PD article. You're losing your touch Meh. Either that or you've been on the gin, haven't you?
  11. I haven't even played 4 yet. (though it is in the post Im told, should I be excited? Since for some reason... I'm not.... dunno why....)
  12. If you forget about the bloke with the funny name, and only slag off Strider's work, I will be quite jealous Meh.
  13. My good man, no publicity is bad publicity per say. Or so they say.
  14. Like I said when Halo 2 and GTA were leaked before release (and what I say regarding the majority of other leaked info): It was all planned by the corporations themselves, for free publicity. And having posted here, I am now part of this media machine, freely helping M$ earn more money like everyone else getting excited by this. I have no doubt it will translate directly into more sales. How anyone can NOT come to as paranoid a conclusion as me, is well, beyond me. Like Seteven said. Marketing. And good marketing too.
  15. Tokyo or Hong Kong would rock. But to be perfectly honest, I'd rather see a retrun to Vice City set in the 80s again for any next gen sequal. I hated San Andreas and its Ghetto styling and 90s soundtrack, the entire time yearning for the neon lights of Vice.... and that sublime soundtrack. Another big problem with SA was that it was TOO big. After 38 hours I had completed Vice 100% After 56 hours I was only about 30% through SA. In the end I just wanted the bloody thing to end, for me to get my credits and for it to be put on the shelf in exchange for another game. There is such a thing as too much ice cream. Which is not helped with a poor soundtrack or setting. So yeah. Either bring back vice city and the 80s theme, of give me Hong Kong or Tokyo. With the 80s theme again. Or 70s even. I dont think theyre milking this nostalgia thing enough.
  16. For gods sake people, the flashing light problem can be fixed by cutting a single pin. LOOK HERE: http://www.mmmonkey.co.uk/console/nintendo/nes-lockout.htm See? Problem solved. Now you too must go out and help a NES-gaming-brother out by linking them to such a guide.
  17. Sketch

    Gaming Losses

    How do you lose your gaming items? I've moved house 4 times and never lost anything. The trick I find, is to put stuff in boxes which are then taped up. You know, or alternatively like, put them on bookshelves. But hey, I could just be crazy here.
  18. Wouldn't aftershave leave a residue? It does leave a smell afterall.
  19. Isn't WD40 extremely bad? And salt water should in theory increase rust. I use purified/distilled water to clean it with cotton buds. Of course, be warned that moisture will increase oxidisation, so be sure to dry them afterwards with a fresh bud.
  20. Follow this diary of events: http://www.ntsc-uk.com/review.php?platform=sdc&game=Seaman
  21. The best Pinball game I've played was "Pinball" on the Famicom. Apparently HAL laboratory had a hand in it? Anyway, the physics are top notch, the layout clean and simple, the scoring possiblities vast. Plus, Im actually very good at it. Some day I may attempt the Twin Galaxies title for it.
  22. Wait. Why don't you guys go to the indies? Indies not only sell retro games, which is my main reason for going to them tbh, but they actually know what they talk about, stock imports, and can answer your questions or just have a chat. I have also noticed they sometimes have REALLY good deals on, especially 2nd hand games. I fail to the see the allure of non-indie stores.
  23. Skygunner - PS2 Without doubt my favourite PS2 game... of all time. From start to finish, each and every moment is gaming bliss. There is no single moment. The insane combo scoring system that allows endless experimentation and improvement, the beautiful aesthetics, the concept, the control, the freedom, the perfectly tuned AI for both enemies and allies, the bloody thing screams gaming perfection. The scoring system and AI in particular both need an extra mention. For once your allies actually behave how you would expect them to. While the scoring system works incredibly well. A simply stunningly beautiful game.
  24. 5 pages and most of it criticism? My, my. I can't personally comment, since Im still waiting for someone to post me my copy of issue 33. Quick! Someone start a GTM #34 Retro topic in the retro forum. I want to know peoples thoughts on the extended Panzer Dragoon coverage, which I wrote 4 pages on. And yeah, I only really visit these topics to bask in the reactions to my contributions. Love it, hate it, spare the indifference, yadda yadda yadda. On a side note, I actually really like the USA and Kongetsu columns. Both Cacky's old column and Tim's take-over have proved very interesting reads. Hell, I wish they'd bloody expand them. Give me 6 pages on the USA and 6 pages on Japan. Each and every month. It's a lot more interesting than the domestic market. And yeah, as you can tell, I prefer import gaming. Tbh, imo, and all that. Oh, and a new writer at GTM?! I never knew they were advertising a vacancy, that bloody Paragon website has been down for months. Pity, as I would have applied.
  25. RetroTM.... A dedicated retro mag by Paragon. So long as I get early dibs on a full time staff writing position, that sounds like a bloody fantastic idea.
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