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  1. You jammy cad. In that case, a bloody nice haul indeed! You realise that inside it's not CDs, but small credit-card sized "Hu-cards". No matter, since as you know, sealed games, of any description are of value to someone. You are most likely to get a good deal selling them to an American gamer, since the machine was fairly big over there. As far as I know the PC Engine only found it's way to Europe (France) in a small batch for market testing. Good lord, I wonder where the seller got them? Must have a good story behind them, Im sure. Well done!
  2. I'd say Ys can go for a fair bit to the right people. Big RPG, collectors love it. Either way, the price you bought it for, it's a great bargain if you keep them, and I'm fairly certain you can make a small tidy profit off them. A local importer near me was selling crappy hu-card games for £20 each!
  3. Damn, that is sad news. Lousy corporations! <raises fist to the sky> Always trying to stop the common man from enjoying life, keeping us under their control, our behaviour, way of life, thoughts, etc.... I dunno, insert some thoughtful 1984 references here. So let me get this straight. If I am understanding Mr Hazelby correctly: If I now want to get hold of the Superplay DVD, I need to either PM someone who got hold of their Superplay DVD, or sit around patiently waiting for someone to PM me about these Superplay DVDs. At which point conversations need to take place in private, regarding said DVD? Not that I'm hinting at anything of course. But that certainly sounds like a sensible idea, and a safe precaution.
  4. That is an amazing haul rat boy, especially those TG16 games. Very nice indeed. Whereabouts was that carboot?
  5. Sorry if my innitial comment made you think I was accusing you. I never thought you were racist. Sorry if that was the impression I gave. Good lord, I'm the last person who would attempt to be politically correct! He may well have felt differently about such things. Forums hey? It's always tricky to imply jest. I was only kidding about.
  6. I'm personally English btw, I just like haggling for kicks. Doing that to a small kid is a bit rough. He probably just wanted some extra cash to buy games to play on his brother's PS2. EDIT: And a boxed N64 with plenty of games is worth a lot more than a fiver. Hell, a good game alone would go for that much or more.
  7. In some cultures it's rude NOT to haggle. Otrherwise your best bet for bargains is old people selling their kid's stuff. They will often sell their son's or grandson's entire games collections, often while they are Uni, for mere pocket change.
  8. Castlevania with music CD but no artwork? Hmm, I'd guess in the £40 range. Though you'd be mad to sell it before completing it first. It's incredibly sought after, and deservedly so. With the artbook I'd say it could go as high as £70? I dunno, eBay prices are normally so high I just bought the Japanese version for the music and art, and the US version for the language. Cost me less than £40 for the two online.
  9. I went on Saturday to a local market, does that count? People selling old personal junk, quite often from car boots. The French equivalent probably. Picked up a working Vectrex machine (+games) for €10, and Strider 2 on the PS1 for €4.
  10. Sketch

    Psp Elitism

    All these PSP stories are quite creepy, they seem to attract rather unpleasant types on public transport. I'm due for a lengthy train journey myself soon, though reading this I may just bring a magazine to read, instead of my DS. I only use my GBA flashcart for NES games on it anyway.
  11. It's Snake, and Eva, in the bike, being chased by the Shagohod. If the image is too big, then feel free to leave it just as a text link, or somehow resize the image on the boards. Do these forums support auto-size-correct for images? http://www.shapermc.com/mgs3.jpg
  12. Yes! I second that. With the power of next gen consoles, can you imagine the sprite manipulation capabilities they would have? I'm talking about hundreds of easily implemented frames of animation, super smooth high-res sprites ala Guilty Gear, virtually unlimited colour usage, flawless transparency effects, almost infinite levels of paralax scrolling, not to mention vast amounts of sprites/objects on-screen at any one time, all interacting with each other in organic ways. Super Metroid was a joy to play because of it's organic world, with the cave turtles, jumping bird, wall monkeys, small slugs that would hatch out of transparent cocoons and host of other unique elements that made it feel as if Zebes were alive. Forget about single frames of pre-drawn animation, they could program it so that individual pixels react and behave in co-ordination with other pixels. Such as the vines from a plant, rather than draw each frame seperately, they could allocate 500 free thinking pixels to each vine, as one pixel moves, so the others all react. You end up with a freely moving, sprite based vine, that in affect thinks for itself. Imagine the possibilities. The GBA games were limited in this respect. Imagine a fully living, breathing world, all painstakingly rendered in glorious flat high-res sprites, running on Revolution hardware. Then again, maybe I'm just dreaming. Sorry to have interrupted. Carry on chaps.
  13. I'd pay £15. I think it's a bargain! Good lord, every page scanned? Do you have any idea how long that would have taken? Not to mention the scanners the guy goes through apparently (11 just doing Zzap I heard). It's also cheaper than buying an eBay lot. Once I get some spare cash I'm buying it, to fill the holes in my SP collection, and also for space saving. As for morality... Well, Im playing Super Famicom roms, which are about as old as Super Play, so I guess that answers that question. We have a few SP old timers on RLLMUK, it would be interesting to hear their views. EDIT: I think the guy should actually be comissioned by a museum tbh to do scans of every mag. In an ideal world, there would be a scan archive for every page, of every magazine, ever. All in a giant library like museum. I would love to read some of the early EGM issues again. And GameFAN. Damn, GameFAN was an amazing mag, reminded me of a multi-format SuperPlay almost. When someone scans all of them, give me a PM.
  14. So it's basically the Scratchware Manifesto in powerpoint then? I never checked out the PPT you linked to, since I don't have powerpoint, but the Scratchware Manifesto says basically the same thing (I think), and is an extremely good read. Basically the industry is dying, and it needs to radically change. EDIT: I'd just like to point out that my two personal favourite games from the last 12 months are both indies. Alien Hominid by Behemoth (their PDA minigame inclusion was genius and a nice touch), and Katamari Damashii by that student who had his game published by Namco. I'd like to see more examples like KD, where one guys inspired vision can make it to retail and be a success. Modern games tend to lack a unified vision, resulting in homogenous and fairly dull designs.
  15. hmm, they never posted my comment. Must have been too inflamatory.
  16. Perhaps that's because videogames are better? I'll be honest with you, I studied art at school and have seen documentaries on lost civilisations, and to be honest.... I frankly couldn't give a damn. I'd much rather load up my favourite game to kill an afternoon with. Beyond booze, tobacco and busty young woman, what the hell else is interesting in this otherwise dull world? Huh? I challenge you to answer that little connundrum!
  17. Heh. That's a LONG story. The game has had about a dozen different names. The Dreamcast game was/is called Trampalien Gunmen, due to my lazy assed programmer basing it off another DC game called aliens. He thought it was a humourous play on words, and so it stuck. Back in 1999 I innitially called it "Tramampolining Gunmen", in reference to an episode of the Simpsons.
  18. Has no one seen this yet? http://alienbill.com/2600/basic/ It allows you to program Atari 2600 in BASIC, which the program then converts into assembly so that it will run on Atari 2600 emulators, and theoretically real machines. Very easy to use. It's quite possible to knock together an Atari 2600 style in only a matter of hours or days. Depending on your ambitions. It is quite limited, as you would expect. But surprisingly, quite good fun. A guy I know managed to put together a rather nifty space game in only 3 days. I am currently trying to port Trampoline Gunmen using it. I probably won't finish, but I'm sure someone here would be interested by this. So then, what can YOU do with only 4k?
  19. I taught myself QBasic using the help files. (they were very detailed actually) My first game was rather simple text adventure, with crude graphics and randomisation (this was a dangerous thing to learn early, as it became a crutch for quite a while). It was ok, for a couple of minutes during computer class at school. My friend went nuts about it though, managing to get some kind of record by completing it in 26 seconds.... Ahh, good times. I went on to attempt several other retro themed games, which would have probably turned out quite good, except I got lazy. An to cut corners, instead of actually designing levels I simply used randomisation to create stuff. Including a rather awful maze game and Metal Gear clone. My most ambitious project was an Akira game, in the style of Spyhunter. It started rather well, but my ambitions eventually killed it off. Enemy biker AI was excellent, and their own fire could kill each other. Meaning you could line enemies up, wait for them to fire, and then pull back. Resulting in them killing their own guys. There was also road blocks to jump and other neat stuff. Before finishing off with a space invaders style battle with Tetsuo in stadium form. I even went as far as to use GIF and WAV loading routines. Meaning it had screenshots and audio tracks from the film in it. Unfortunately, these two were incompatible, resulting in the game crashing A LOT. Plus, it would only ever work on my PC. The graphics would glitch on other computers, and it would run too slowly. At this point, frustration mounted, and after a lot of shouting one afternoon I simply deleted all copies of the game I had. Sadly, it now no longer exists anywhere, except in my head. I did eventually go on to make something worthwhile, in the form of the Trampoline Gunmen series, the DOS version can be found here: http://gpf.dcemu.co.uk/files/PCoriginal.zip http://gpf.dcemu.co.uk/files/TrampMini.zip I recomend the Minigame$ version. Top fun! The DC page, run by the lazy-assed programmer who bailed on me and the whole project, is here: http://gpf.dcemu.co.uk/TrampalienGunmenDC.shtml I am currently in the process of porting it to the Atari 2600, utlising Batari BASIC. You can put together a fully functioning Atari 2600 game in a matter of hours, since it uses BASIC. Found here: http://alienbill.com/2600/basic/ Maybe RLLMUK should have some kind of mini-coding compo thing, just for laughs. How much can you do with only 4k of memory?
  20. I love the Famicom system. It was the first machine I owned as a kid, and with the thriving Hong Kong bootleg scene where I lived (South Africa), you could buy cheap bootleg games by the dozen. My first cartridge was a 32 in 1, which had all the old Nintendo classics in their original form. Ahh, sweet bliss. Say what you like, but to a small kid starting school, bootleg games were great. Most parents could afford to buy a new one every few months or so. So most of us were always well stocked. I highly recomend getting an adapter to play Famicom games, since while the West only had a few hundred releases, Japan had over a thousand, many of which were purely action based.
  21. Sadly I cannot. I only own a handful of NES games, of which only Zelda is NTSC. I just did the mod mainly to play French games on a UK system. I'm actually more of a Famicom game collector, none of which I have tried on a PAL NES with adapter. I do know that when emulating, some PAL games like Elite, Digger T Rock and Asterix won't work correctly unless you force PAL emulation.
  22. Ico goes for over £50? Great! Hated it bitterly, and now it looks like I may make a profit on it! Woohoo! I personally would say Skygunner is gonna be quite rare and expensive in the future. It never had a PAL release, and in truth, is a rather amazing title.
  23. O negative? They say that's quite an elitist blood group to have. You can only have O negative if both your parents are O carriers and are both negative as well. Though of course, they could simply both be A blood groups. O is recessive after all. Also, if your wife also has O negative (making you both O neg), then your kids are 100% guaranteed to be O negative. See? O neg is like special club almost. Though it must suck in a war situation. If you get injured you can only get a blood transfusion from another of O neg. I am always surprised that people don't know their blood groups, it could have serious implications later in life.
  24. Yeah, never bothered grounding it. (what does that even do?)
  25. Sketch

    Killer 7

    How tough is this game? I ended up hating Viewtiful Joe because of it's difficulty, and having just been VERY dissapointed by Resident Evil 4, I am worried that Capcom's games are just not for me anymore. I was REALLY looking forward to this, but hearing about the difficulty, I may have to give it a miss. Any comments on the difficulty?
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