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  1. Competition? Are you guys like store owners who are all in competition with each other to acquire stock... or do you just mean rival gamers? I prefer carboots with no competition. Gives it a more friendly atmosphere, and I can stop for a snack at the food stalls without worrying about losing a bargain.
  2. The trick to haggling is to keep LOADS of small change in your pocket. When you see an item you like, make a note of the price. Then go somewhere else, and put less than that price into a single pocket. Say £10 in small coins as opposed to the £15 asking price. Then go back, haggle a bit, and then pull out each individual coin. Appear REALLY interested. Then pull out your pocket and go "shit, outta money!". Most of the time they'll let you leave with the item. If not, pull out a few ten pences from your back pocket. Most people will do the sympathetic thing and just give it to you. If though, you find an unboxed working Vectrex with games for £10, do not haggle, and instead force the money into their hands as fast as possible, before running away so that they can't change their mind. What's the point in haggling, someone may chip in a higher price as your haggling with them, and then they'll realise the real value. EDIT: Who the hell would haggle UP when BUYING?! and WHY?!
  3. So, basically we just mention great MAME games here? Yeah, Guwange should be on that list, amazing Japan-themed shooter. I checked the lists, and have another one I think. Mushashi Ganryuki - Simply amazing platform slasher set in ancient Japan, kind of like a stylised Shinobi/Ninja Gaiden. (ganryu.zip)
  4. Tempest 2000, Defender, Alien VS Predator, and if you can afford it, Battelsphere (which once went for over a grand) are the only things worth playing. Actually... They're the only Jag games I own! Also, did "Black Ice White Noise" get released on the Jag cartridge or CD? Did it ever even get completed? It looked rather good, like a nifty Shadowrun-type cyberpunk thriller.
  5. Not trying to bump, but here's a rough front page. http://www.retrosurvival.co.uk/ Please excuse the roughness, we have literally only put it together in a day.
  6. I hope this is ok to post here. http://forum.retrosurvival.co.uk/ The RG freelancers, including myself, have banded together to create a final homage issue for RG. The above forum should replace the now dead RG one, and will also keep you posted as to what's going on regarding the final farewell issue which we are trying to put together. The full story, including inside details, can also be found there. Have fun, and hopefully the retro spirit will continue. Please be sure to pass this info on to other fans of RG and retro games. regards John
  7. The RG freelancers, as a group, are independantly working on something that you could describe as a bit special. A kind of farewell homage. We've not made a massive public announcement, but some of us are spreading the word. Keep your eyes peeled.
  8. I don't think I can get into trouble for this: http://www.mcvuk.com
  9. Good lord, can you imagine if they made us three write an entire mag by ourselves? There's comedy potential in such a scenerio. Comedy potential that could be televised. I'm picturing something akin to "Black Books" that was on TV, except set in a publishing office (and with more drinking).
  10. For the sake of clarity, you should mention who made such a post. It was Craig Vaughan, who won't mind being mentioned, since his real name is his username on their forum.
  11. I hope this book does EXTREMELY well. It's basically the dream A-Z of everything for the Spectrum I take it? I remeber myself and Disciple talking about such a coffee table almanac for other systems, like the SNES. Hell, he even started a topic ages ago. I've never owed or played a Spectrum, but I can see the genius in such a publication. Hopefully, if it does really well, others may be tempted to do such a thing with other systems. I know one guy in the USA has written one for the NES, though it remains unpublished, and imagine if it happened with other systems? Wow, what a dream... Imagine, if, instead of going on the internet for info, you pull out a glossy volume from your 40+ volume encyclopedia of games systems. Each volume dedicated to EVERYTHING regarding that system.... The work must have been tremendous, and I wish him plenty of success. (hell, I might even buy it, just to find out what the Spectrum was like. )
  12. Actually, I thought it was ironically humour. People get so worked up with modern mags, I found this to be slightly irreverent poking of fun. I wasn't really serious. For goodness sake, the mag is over a decade old and the games can be emulated for free before buying them. I have often said that Superplay is my personal favourite mag from back in the day, followed closely by Diehard GameFan. I meant no disrespect. I was, as they say, having a laugh. Surely we can all have fun nostalgically looking back? I actually find it's more a case of how our tastes change. I would have agreed with many scores back in the day, I was a huge SSF2 fan. But then I moved on to other beat-em-ups. Games age in different ways, etc. Jeez, dude, lighten up. Surely the fact that we are still discussing such old mags proves that we have a great fondness for them? Your post was way overboard.
  13. Aha! Wil speaks his thoughts on Superplay. Did you ever think that a decade later people would still be talking about things written in Superplay? Or indeed have access to every word printed? It must be quite unnerving. (I'm almost tempted to rifle through the back issues and quote something really old, but that would mean ejecting a music CD in order to pop the SP DVD in... so I won't )
  14. Yay! Another Superplay thread! What I want to know is, if mags like Superplay could cater to the import community, often with more import reviews than domestic ones, why can't modern mags do that? Remember how they used to then every so often have a brief few pages just recapping what was being released? Saying stuff like, "Well, these are now finally coming out in the UK, even though we've been playing them for months, etc." Imagine a modern multi-format mag in the style of Superplay (or the closest USA equivalent, "Diehard GameFan"). Ahh, what bliss. Even though I started playing import games as a youngin, on the Famicom, Superplay really opened my eyes to international import gaming. They were clearly profitable with such a stance, and I find it tragic that there is no modern day equivalent. I guess writing about imports just isn't profitable anymore? Anyway, SCORES! Shadowrun - 85% - The review text doesn't match the final score. There was little criticism raised, yet I think jurassic Park got 89%. Hmm, a little strange methinks. Carrier Aces - 39% - WTF? The guy complained that there wasn't enough strategy? The whole review is weird, like they only played it for a few minutes, or not at all! Also, surely Mario RPG (81%) and Super Metroid (92%) were scored a bit low? SSF2 score seems too high actually. Also, keen eyed readers may notice a slight mistake in one issue.... They said Metroid was originally released on Famicom cartridge in japan, when it was actually released on the Famicom Disk System... Ahh, sweet nostalgia.
  15. Removed due to the request of "very important people".
  16. I've never dabbled in torrents. I only have a 56k dial up connection. Anyway, I wish more people had this, we could then debate scores until the cows come home. I was eager to read their Shadowrun review, which I missed the first time, and I think they got it a bit wrong. The reviewer went on and on about how great it was, the only complaint being the sprites were a bit small. They gave it 85%, even though the review read like a good 93% or more! Or what about Carrier Aces in issue... 34 was it? Far too harsh for what is an enjoyable action game. So then, which Superplay scores did you disagree with?
  17. Ahhh!!!! What in the name of all that is holy have I done!? Please, stop PMing me everyone. The first few were ok, but please chaps, I'm just one guy! (in case anyone is curious, I was reffering to supplying French stamps, which is where I live. In France. Why I posted such a message in this topic, well, thats up to you to work out. )
  18. I rather cheekily managed to get hold of the Superplay DVD from someone here, if you're reading this, you know who are you are, and thanks again! My brief thoughts: * Well organised folder, and easy to navigate page scans. * Each and EVERY page has been scanned, including the ads pages. Literally everything. * The scans are of a high quality, quite large, and all the text is easy to read. Hell, even the screen shots turned out good. Normally when you scan magazine screenshots, you get a dotted effect. Clearly Mort knew what he was doing, and did an excellent job. I had a skim through, checking out my favourite issues, and also the issues I missed. It's beautiful, so beautiful that I nearly wept. I was suddenly looking at modding and import guides, and the SP team telling you to get an import machine, and recomending some great games from "across the pond". They had some amazing in-depth coverage, from both America and Japan, and dare I say it, it's even better than I remember it. It's like a wonderful A to Z of all the greatest things that happened in the life of the SNES, all rolled into one single DVD. I remember one of the guys from this forum speaking to me about why some publisher doesn't make the ultimate almanac. Well frankly, with such a DVD you wouldn't need one. It has everything I remember from that era, and more. great artwork, great non-game coverage. And passion, such amazing passion. I had forgotten about it tbh, having read so many modern publications. Full of fun and colour. Why aren't modern mags like this? Yeah, GamesTM is excellent, but they are the minority, and sometimes tend to have too much of a gritty style to them. Still, at least they do a good job of having plenty of screenshots as opposed to large areas of white space, unlike a certain other mag who will remain nameless. Easily a 10/10 job, good quality, nearly 3 gigs of material, simply brilliant. Nostalgic, but also informative, since I never did get a full collection. It anything, it saddens me that I didn't start reading Superplay earlier, I think I only managed to get just less than half their mags. And also, shame on you people for criticising Mort for charging money for this! I got it at the price of a DVD, but frankly would have been happy paying a good £25 or more. The work that went into scanning each and ever page must have been huge. Were it not for the fact that I am literally flat broke right now, (and saving for the PS2 Taito compilatioon), I would probably send him a donation. I can only hope that Future back off, or at least strike some kind of deal, and that these scans may be allowed to be circulated again. Tbh, a museum should contact him, and hire him full time to do these scans. Can you imagine walking into a games museum and being able to call up any games page from just about any magazine that had been printed?
  19. I loaded it up on emulator... I must say, can't see the reason for liking it. I had a grenade launching gun, and the physics are a bit screwy. You shoot a grenade, and if you push down it goes down, and if you push up, it goes up. You can make neato wave patterns like this, but it looks like screwy programming to me.... I thought it was quite weird. But yeah, found the OCP office and then died. Btw, I checked the bay of fleas, and Ranger X is only like £2 buy-it-now on some auctions. Are you going to give us impressions of the rest of the box? I want to see what else you got.
  20. No "Ranger X" for your MD? Get back to eBay you foo' and don't return without it! Unless it's still in the box of course. I must admit I've come back to the MD myself. I always used to be more of an SFC player back in the day, and so now I'm discovering some great MD titles I missed out on. A great little system. Is it 60Hz modded? It really should be you know. Go here: http://www.mmmonkey.co.uk/console/index.htm Otherwise have fun!
  21. Nicely done! I wish all games were cel shaded... <runs and hides>
  22. You should get it by tomorow. I'd guess Saturday at the latest. So, you don't even have a Saturn then? It's a great system, with many great games. Be sure to get one in the end!
  23. Oh, my mistake, I never looked very closely at the corner of the box in the image. It's just that the CD games normally have "Turbo Duo" written on their boxes, plus TG16 games also come in CD style cases, so I made an assumption. I'm no NEC expert! I only have a Japanese system with JPN Hu-Cards + Super CDs, which may have slightly different packaging to the US games. All my CD games have the "Super CD" logo on them too. heh, yeah, you are right. I did a quick check, Ys books 1+2 come on CD. Sorry for the mistake.
  24. Ahh, the Otogi games, two of my personal favourites on the Xbox after JSRF which holds the no. 1 spot for me. The variety between levels is amazing. I never noticed any major flashing or anything that hurts my eyes. Do you wear specs? Try perhaps getting eye drops. The eyes may be a little dry.
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