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  1. This thread is like a nightmare. One you can't wake up from. I must admit, I really liked MK-1601's post on page 2, and find myself agreeing whole heartedly with everything he posts in this topic. I must admit, apart from Cacky ignoring my PMs when I've tried to ask him a serious question, I also tend to quite like what he says/writes. Then again, I also like what Tim Rogers writes, and if memory serves me right, MK-1601 hates his work... Anyway, I'm digressing now. But when I was a little kid, there were a lot of kids (and adults) older than me who used to hang out in the arcades and import stores, whom I'd speak to. I loved being around these elitist people as a young kid. They'd wax endlessly about their NeoGeo's and Turbo Duo systems, and even let the younger ones play on them. I have great memories of being surrounded by some of South Africa's most hardcore gamer's of the early 90s, and also the Hong Kong import/bootleg community. Nothing quite like visiting a friend in China town to check out his dad's grey import store and all the latest items he'd smuggled through customs. To me, growing up, elitism among gamer's was a natural and dare I say it, a beautiful thing. I loved it, and it felt great slowly escelating through the ranks. I loved playing the latest weird import from Japan, and thanks to a rampant bootleg culture, myself and everyone else I knew at school had mountains of cheap games. In a year I must have played about 30+ Famicom games on average, plus newer stuff as it became available. Myeh. But that's just me. I had a different upbringing to you guys. "Hardcore otaku" means something entirely different to me, and passion for gaming is something I celebrate, not frown upon. Damn, I miss the glory days of my youth. EDIT: Also, why is everyone laying into Yoshimoto? Is there kind of hidden history among you guys that I'm not aware of? Such hate in this topic, it's scary.
  2. Well Laine, that's why I said I think they should use the power of current or next gen systems to create luscious, high resolution 2D imagery, with a wide colour pallette. I should have added the following to my sentence though "unlike a PS1 game".
  3. I predict the future. And set in Tokyo. Yes, Tokyo 2020 sounds like a sound wager. It would involve the Japanese Yakuza families, and of course ninjas and samurai. Can you imagine the scope of such a thing? Plus, imagine the market penetration. Shenmue fans, GTA fans, ninja fans, and Japanophiles would all love. Plus the Japanese themselves would also no doubt love it. It could also feature the voice talent Takeshi Kitano. And be like that film of his. Where the gangs spend thir time fooling around on a beach.
  4. That is such a narrow minded attitude. I wish more people had a deeper understanding of games. Perhaps if more people were more criticial and enlightened, market forces would not dictate publishers to demand that developers create vast amounts of identikit clone games to guarantee profitable sales. And some genres would not be dying out (like point and click adventures, or any genre that is 2D).
  5. I didn't take it all serioussly, certainly not that point, though I do think people should know who actually makes their games in the same people like a certain author or movie director. As I said in my first post, I thought he was trying to put across a serious message using humour. A message about educating gamers, and having people take it seriously. Though it could be I was simply reading WAY too much into it.
  6. You are right, Suikoden 4 was dreadfully awful. I couldn't bare to get beyond the first couple of hours, once I'd done the first sea based mission. For starters, the controls for navigating are simply broken. It was like an A to Z of bad design. But I would argue instead: Please, please, please be more like Genso Suikoden 2. And PLEASE use sprites again, with current/next gen hardware, you could create some truly amazing high-resolution sprites. The kind that make human eye balls melt. I wish Suikoden was still 2D.
  7. Can someone explain in layman's terms, why it was not a real post? Use bullet points if you need to. Since I thought his requesting that people inform their fellow man about good games was the decent thing to do. I often recomend good (but overlooked) games to my friends, and they appreciate it. I even introduced someone to JSR when they previously thought it looked rubbish. They are now a fan. Same with Ikaruga. Frankly, I would think that educating the gaming masses should be a priority, lest we are all drowned in an ocean of mediocre and crappy software. So, why is it that I don't get the joke here?
  8. Otogi took quite a while. Some people weren't even sure if it would come out at all. But you are right, Xbox had the lowest ratio of Japan exclusive compared to other systems. Still doesn't stop me wanting total freedom of choice though. (oh, and I may also use the 360 for better N64 and MAME emulation ) EDIT I'm not concerned about waiting either. The best emulators always take a while to be developed anyway. I wish the future 360 modders the best of luck though.
  9. Oh well, they won't be getting my money then. I refuse to buy one unless I can buy it pre-modded for imports. Unless they make it region free... What are the chances of that?
  10. I wonder if any of the UK gaming mags will be dedicating page to the TGS? Sadly, I don't think any will be. I wish they could give some massive coverage, like a big 20 page section, with screens, a diary of events, details, etc. And maybe even a bonus DVD with filmed footage. I remember when Superplay and N64 magazine used to have diaries of their trips to Japan. They were beautiful. ;_;
  11. I was going to post, and say that despite our major differences in the past Paradigm, everything is now forgiven and that I agree whole heartedly with your insightful post. I was about to offer an olive branch. I took it seriously basically. Now after reading a few pages, I take it from the general consensus, that you were joking? That it was a piss take? Hmm.... I didn't notice that tbh. I actually thought he was trying to put across a serious message via humour. The difference between many gamers, is that those who take it seriously, understand what goes on behind it. They dig deeper, they know the history of the games and those who make it. It anoys me greatly for example, when people think Metal Gear started with the PS1. Most gamers have no idea how the industry, or the creation of games actually works. They buy the product, but they simply don't care about what goes into it. Actually, to hell with all that. Even if he was messing about and fishing for people, I'd say that was one of the most insightful posts I've read in a while. It moved me. And I do yearn for the glory days of our gaming past. Brilliant post.
  12. YES! Someone who actually understands the history of the Famicom Wars series. Thank you SA! Anyway, what I want on the PSP may actually happen. Trampoline Gunmen The screen ratio is perfect for a fully fleshed out TG game, with different characters, each of whom have different traits and abilities. Not to mention minigames, there could be hundreds of TG related minigames included! Oh, and of course up to 4 simaltaneous player tournaments. I would kill for a PSP verion of Trampoline Gunmen, taking full use of the systems sprite handling capabilities. It could happen. A port (though sequel would be even better), of Popful Mail, the Sega CD version. A nifty little game, that would work well on the handheld. Plus Victor Ireland of Working Designs has officially said he would be interested in such a thing, and since they own the translation, they would only need to license the actual game for porting. It could be exciting. On the other hand, I'd rather Sega just went and made a bloody sequel. Bomberman 10 players. 2D. Sprites and not polygons please. Great in single player, unstopable in multiplayer. Metal Gear Compilation A compilation including: Metal Gear 1 for MSX and NES/C64/IBM, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake for MSX2, and of course Snake's Revenge for the NES. Plus galleries and other neato extras. Hell, maybe even chuck in Ghost Babel too. What are the chances of Konami doing this? or what about a Snatcher/Policenauts compilation, in English for the PSP? Aww hell, what I really want is some nice 2D games that push the system's sprite handling capabilities. Come on, give us some sprites Sony.
  13. There's a vast difference between TV which is disposable media, and videogames where a great deal more work and effort goes into it. Also, I don't need broadband to watch TV. Frankly, your rudeness is very surprising. I would never shell money out for a product when I don't get a hardcopy of it. A far cry from TV which is free, apart from the TV license (which I don't even pay since I'm not in the UK )
  14. True, it would actually make things easier, since they wouldn't need to region code anything. Universal region free games are possible. The 3DO did it. The CDI did it. And the Xbox does it, sort of. it would make my life much easier. And in theory, they can ship exces quantity from one region to another. So if the USA has too many games, and the UK not enough, they can just send the excess USA stock direct to the UK. Hopefully that will also force the mainland to adopt English, forsake their own crazy dialects and put an end to such nonsense as 37 different languages in each European release. I say it's win/win/win. Except of course the corporations wouldn't have monoply control anymore.
  15. People are talking about Steam. Wait, I've never used Steam, but basically it means I don't get a tangible hardcopy of my game, or a booklet? Bollocks to that, why would ANYONE want to use it?! Also, I only have a 56k dial up connection, and I don't intend to upgrade, so doesn't that leave me out of the loop?
  16. The benefit to chipping is imports. My PS2 was messiah chipped the moment it became available. For years now I have enjoyed multi-regional games without any problem. I can buy from Japan or the USA, or I can buy cheap local games in the bargain bin. It's the way it should be. Playing any game from any region. To hell with crap like buying the same machine three times over. Are you mad? That would cost something like £1500, whereas a chip adds what, maybe a £100 to the overall price? I will only buy next gen hardware when they found a chip for it, or a fool proof easy way to import and play any region of game. If that never happens, I won't be buying next gen hardware. I don't know why they don't just make everything multi-region.
  17. Never? As long as they make money, they won't get rid of it.
  18. DAMN!!! You are right, that is similar to what I was thinking. Ahh well, and there I was thinking I had come up with an ingenius idea that would make me millions in later life. I still think that 2D has not been pushed anywhere near the edge. No where near. I just hope the corps have the guts to experiment with more unusual sprite ideas.
  19. I always wonder why they don't do anything exciting, regarding sprites, that utilises the power of next gen hardware. Alien Hominid barely even had any bloody paralax scrolling! If a system can handle a 20 million independant polygons, then surely it could handle a few million individual pixels? They should build sprites in a similar way to polygon models. Have each one independant, and able to react to each. It would make things a helluva lot easier than drawing each frame of animation. Surely?
  20. Is it set in the 1980s like Shenmue was? Not enough games are set in the 80s. I like the look of this. Looks damned snazzy. Also, I think it's a good case of how we keep abandoning hardware generations too early. Good to know there's still life in the PS2. I only wish the DC was still alive. This reminds me of when Sega used to make hardware. Good times, good times.
  21. Correction: A MD2 in platinum, with 71 commercial games already pre-built in!
  22. Welcome back to the fold! 2D is the only way to go! And people wonder why I spend all my time with retro games. 2D never ages, and the gameplay is so much more precise, more refined. To quote Koji Igarashi, from Konami, talking about Castlevania: Isn't that inspiring? Anyway, I take it you've played Bangai-O on DC? Amazing 2D game from Treasure, with single handedly the greatest translated script of all time. Utterly sublime. Oh, and I don't need to mention SOTN. Spriteliscious bliss on a disc. And Saturn Bomberman? There is no better multiplayer experience. It is still so satisfying to play these days. Finally, dload (for FREE!!!) and play Star Control 2, the 2D combat engine is great, and the plot is neato too: http://sc2.sourceforge.net/
  23. If you want good multipacks, you want to go to Brazil or Hong Kong (who have some REALLY nice Famiclone all-in-one jobs). If TecToy in Brazil can legally sell a licensed MD with over 60 commercial games BUILT IN, why can't we have the same kind of thing in the UK? TecToy website: www.tectoy.com.br Cool MD with 71 built in games: http://www.tectoy.com.br/videogame/mega/index71jogos.asp List of games: http://www.tectoy.com.br/videogame/mega/jogos71jogos.asp (comes with Sonic/Golden Axe/Shinobi THREE, Kid Chameleon, Rainbow Islands, Shadow Dancer, Chase HQ 2, Turbo Outrun 2 and a WHOLE bunch of other games) These UK sold packs are rubbish, and overpriced. Why can't the UK receive the above packs? WHY?! Money is the reason. I must try and track down one of those systems, though I suspect they won't work on UK TVs.
  24. I only played the Japanese version of the DC game (as opposed to PAL or USA)... am I missing out on anything major? Borrowed a UK copy, but never got too far. They ramped up the difficulty. Also, didn't the USA game have crappy American thrash metal put on its soundtrack? I have completed the JPN DC and UK Xbox versions, and loved both. My single gripe with the Xbox game, is they removed the skitching!
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