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  1. Yeah, the ROM was dumped, but no emulator that I know of emulates it correctly. Why would anyone care, anyway? It only contains timed first levels of commercial games.
  2. Wow. Too big a question to answer in one go. Simply too much stuff. I assume you want it to resell? There's plenty of options. Look for a "junk softu" shop, they sell games they regard as "junk". This normally means theres a small scratch on the disc, or a light crack in the box. Or a watermark on the booklet. Basically what people on ebay call "mint". You can buy these games for like 50p or less (I found plenty of cheap NEC games like this), and I'm talking really good games here. Of course some items like Rondo of Blood, RSG, and other games, will sell for a high price even in Japan. RSG was £90+ last time I was in Tokyo a few years back. I once tried to go on a shopping spree to sell stuff and make money, after about 3 hours I got bored and just browsed for fun. Seriously, go just for kicks, and buy stuff you'd like. Wander around, have fun, and go to the junk stores. Might be worth asking someone for directions if needs be. Sorry, I didn't really answer your question... But I think you shouldn't view it to make a profit selling things, you'd lose out on a great awe-inducing experience. Oh wait, when I went for the first time 5 years ago, I found a big bunch of sealed copies of Grandia on the Saturn for like a fiver each, I bought a bunch and sold them for £40 on eBay (a second hand copy in a junk store cost me only 40p due to sun bleaching on the manual!). So keep an eye open for cheap sealed games, but make sure they are properly factory sealed, and not just re-sealed by the store.
  3. Erm... I should point out: http://www.retrosurvival.co.uk/ Retro Survival will have a large portion of RG's issue 19 content. Retro Bytes is an entirely seperate and new publication, which will not have RG's proposed content, and very few of RG's ex-writers. As Shaun has clearly stated on Retro Survival's forum, his new publication will focus mostly on 1980s home computers, and it won't be a "freelance free for all" as he put it. If you want the true RG flavour, you want to visit: http://www.retrosurvival.co.uk This is where most of RG's most prestigious freelancers have gone to, and this is where you will find a lot of RG's planned articles.
  4. I'm sure people will list loads of great MD games, so I'm going to list some of the best SCD games. As you can guess, most are imports. Popful Mail Sublime platformer which is similar to Wonderboy: The Dragon's Curse. GamesTM had a rather nifty feature on it a while back. There have been several PM games released on various systems, the US SCD is one of the best. In fact, I'd say this is the best game on the system. Ground Zero Texas If you like FMV games, and I LOVE FMV games, it doesn't get much better than this on the SCD. Lunar 1+2 Not a fan of these 2 RPGs, but many love them. Again, USA only. Snatcher Cyberpunk thriller from Kojima, like a digital comic. Really interesting. Rise of the Dragon Another cyberpunk thriller, and very much like Snatcher. Again, USA only. There are others, quite a few others, but sadly nearly all the best games were only released in the USA or Japan. Sure, the UK got one or two, like Sonic and GZT, but really importing is the ONLY way to go! (as always)
  5. http://www.retrodev.com/convscd.html If you rip an ISO, and then use this, it *should* patch it well. There are two types of patching program apprently. But they both work well. If it's an action game, like Popful Mail, then the patch works a treat and the game runs fine. Alternatively, you could buy those really expensive Datel carts.
  6. It was a competition in the USA, that cart is like the holy grail to American NES collectors. It has special timed versions of Super Mario lvl1, some crappy racing game, and tetris. The point is to complete the games as quick as possible, and see your final score. Here is a random google search I found: http://www.atarihq.com/tsr/nes/nwc/nwc.html Basically Nintendo held this tournament, and kids played against each other, and there were prizes. I'm not too sure, since I'm mainly interested in Famicom goodies.
  7. Yes, it's quite easy. The system runs copies, rather well. Make sure you use a decent CDR, with silver base, and burn it at a low speed. Otherwise, I've ripped most of my import SCD games (like the sublime Popful Mail), and patched them, then reburned them. ConvSCD works quite well. Check out Zophars Domain for a copy of the program. I'd give a link, but I haven't got it close to hand and am too lazy to goodle it up. But basically, it's fairly easy and works well in most cases. FMV though tends to skip due to the different Hz of the systems. Which games have you got on import though?
  8. I miss the days when RPGs were 20-40 hours long. I give up once I reach the 60 hour mark, I have no time for 100+ hour epics.
  9. Dang, haven't got Live or the Midway compilation. I assume MAME on a modded Xbox is out of the question?
  10. The beauty with polygons though, is that you should in theory be able to move the camera, like you could in Terra Incognita.
  11. Has this been posted already? Is this old news? Is this a delorean? (WTF is a delorean?! apart from the car of course) Blatantly stolen from the IC forum, courtesy of Tim Rogers, but Landstalker is being remade for the PSP, in full polygonal glorry aparently. http://www.climax.co.jp/landstalker/index.html This is Climax's official page, though it didn't work on my PC. Plus, some guy's scanning of the article: http://www.gamesarefun.com/games/psp/landstalker/scan01.jpg I am not sure how long that scan will remain... (jeez, I am always SO fucking paranoid that people will change what scan hosted there is, like that guy with his burger videogame and images of slaughterhouses on slashdot) Apparently, if I'm reading the Japanese correctly, there should be a new side story bolted on too. Perhaps. Were you a huge fan of the original Landstalker? I loved it, and Dark Stalkers. Frankly, this new project reminds me a great deal of Terra Incognita, which seemed almost like a 3D fan made homage to the original, for the PS1, via Net Yaroze. In a twist of irony, Terra Incognita has ALSO been ported to PSP, thanks to the homebrew community. So then. A new Landstalker. Discuss.
  12. That's MR Biffo to me and you. But he was right, by adding so much to the basic design, like the fashion, the status, the weight, luck, stamina and other traits, they dragged the game down. It ceased being fun, and became more like work playing it. Which is why I forsee the need for petrol in your being a dreadful addition.
  13. Virtual On and PSYCHIC FORCE?! I LOVED Psychic Force! And Virtual On! I think I need to lie down now actually, you should have put a warning on such an exciting description Mr Shend. Being similar to those two games, with the extra bits you described, this sounds like a game designed precisely to appeal to my kinds of gaming taste. Yay! I hope it gets a DC or PS2 release though, since I don't feel like shelling out for a 360. Damn, that makes for another great game I'm looking forward to, alongside Oblivion and Shadowrun on the 360. MS' console may be on to a winner if it continues like this. All I need to hear now is that Namco will be making KD games for it too. <faints>
  14. They refuse giving developers official dev kits if their game's aren't next gen enough?! Jesus! That is awful, and shocking. Since personally, I prefer old fashioned old-gen 2D games. Reading such info really saddens me, since I'm simply not interested by most next-gen titles, I like old style games. I do enjoy modern style games, but only KD interested me this year, really. <sigh> If Sony frown on 2D games for the PSP, looks like my dream of getting a fully fleshed out version of Trampoline Gunmen on the PSP is never going to happen then.
  15. Cheers for the video links... Sadly Im on a 56k dial up. Could anyone describe the gameplay briefly?
  16. OMG. The screens to this looks absolutely awesome. I have sadly never heard of it before. Could someone please describe the gameplay? A player VS player shmup? My mind thinks of spacewar. What range of movement do the ships have? Go on, gimme all the details.
  17. I wouldn't mind actually seeing a return to Vice City, except done better. For starters, it would be nice if you could enter every room in every building, ala Morrowind. With modern storage media and next gen systems, this should be possible. It also allows for many hidden secrets. I actually preferred Vice City to Andreas, which I loathed. The only thing VC is missing is the ability to climb objects, and the improved targeting. Otherwise, as a an actual game, it was better. SA dragged on, became too bloated, and some of the mission designs were stupid. It became ridiculous near the end, especially all the poorly implemented stealth. I want a GTA game to be finishable with a 100% within 40 hours (or less). No more. VC was completed at 100% at around 41 hours. SA, I hit about 50% or something at 70 hours and promptly quit. Whatever they do, I hope Rockstar realise it's a videogame they are making, and that people want to actually play videogames, not realistic life long expeditions that never end.
  18. I love Crazy Taxi, both 1 and 2. But! I spent most of my time on the mini-games, since there was something different to do each time, thereby keeping it diverse. Plus, I could explore the city at will if I wanted to, and there was less linearity when finding customers and trying to beat your old score. You raise a good point actually. Were Nights a free roaming game of flight I would probably enjoy it more. For example, I bought Sky Odyssey on the PS2, purely to fly around the soothing and surreal levels. Giant forests, abandoned ruins, etc. I love flying in games. Pilotwings 64 is another good example, and a game I still play, purely to make up my own crazy missions. It was also score attack. But in the end, I could play these games while ignoring the main task at hand, because they were mostly non-linear. Thinking about it, I would be very interested in a new, fully 3D, free-roaming Nights game. Since the setting is still quite unlike anything else. It would fix my disliking of the linear gameplay.
  19. Oh no, I read the manual and managed to get to the level 2 boss, I knew how to play. Collect balls, drop in machine, repeat. There just wasn't enough diverse gameplay there for me. The way people people went on, I was expecting it to totally blow my mind. I'm not all negative though... I would like to say, that I commend Sega for making Christmas Nights, which has to be one of the most altruistic things I've seen a corporation do. Yeah, people say companies only do things for money, but they were giving it away for free! Even as advertising for the official game, I can't see that it made them that much profit in the long run. It just seems like a really nice thing to do, and that the development team were really trying to do something a bit fun. I have it (came with the Saturn), and I liked the sentiment behind it. Yakumo mentioned it on Retro Core, and he was right, it probably is the best Christmas themed game out there, and was free as well.
  20. You like to see patterns in life, don't you? Sorry to break it to you, but life is just one big random jumble, and then you die. Alone. And that's it. You go nowhere. On a side note, well done on those eBay purchases. Both are rather nice games, especially with the lightgun. Great fun. Until you die of course. Alone, that is. EDIT: Sorry, such negativity was a bit unnecessary
  21. I heard from someone, that it's possible to do some kind of infinite loop around the levels if you're extremely good. Apparently, and I am purely going on what this crazy acquaintance of mine said, it is this feature that gives the game a zen like quality, when you finally pass that threshold and manage to go around the level without stopping, again and again, or some such nonsense. In truth, I wasn't paying attention. I think collecting blobs increases your time or something. Was this person they talking nonsense, or is this the trick to enjoying the game? I am actually very interested to read peoples thoughts on the game, since clearly I didn't see very much.
  22. Could be. I have family across the length and breadth of the world. I'm also a HUGE fan of Dune, and looking at your avatar, my guess is you are as well?
  23. Nights, with 3D pad, was one of the first games that came with my modded Saturn. I didn't "get it". It was just you, moving some kid left, and then right a bit. I had no idea what the hell was supposed to be going on, and 90% of the time I ran out of time, and then had to run up some poorly rendered mountains to finish the game. It was frustrating more than anything else. I fail to understand its cult following. Why is there a cult following. There simply isn't anything there. It's just, float about a bit. Head for the exit. To use some analogies: It's like buying a godamned big cream cake, the biggest cake you've ever seen, a cake that everyone says is the best cake they have ever tasted. You cut the cake open, and it's hollow! Everyone else seems to get the hidden brilliance of this hollow cake, but I don't. It's like obscure and confusing foreign films in black and white, where avante guarde people wax lyrical about their brilliance, but I just get bored and leave the movie theatre. I would really appreciate it, if someone could explain to my in precise words why it's good, what the joy is, and what the hell is actually going. Also, the 3D pad is nowhere NEARLY as comfotrable to us as a regular JPN Saturn pad. Please bear in mind, I am also the same guy who hated RSG, Halo, Ico, Rez, Resi 4 and a whole bunch of other highly rated games.
  24. Has anyone heard any further news regarding Shadowrun on the 360? Any news at all? Or is the only thing we know, the fact that an animator said the game was a "first person shooter"?
  25. Interesting. They actually encouraged you in an enthusiastic manner to take an interest. Then again, some of them were running a business, so it probably paid off in the long run. I remember going into their stores on my birthday and eyeing all the goodies while chatting about the latest developments. I hadn't even hit my teen years yet. I eventually did myself one of those Turbo Duos in adulthood, though I never did quite get around to picking up a Neo. Anyway, you define gaming elitists as people know a lot while trying to limit others from being interested as well? What shocking people. I'd rather convert entire groups and show them there are better footy games than FIFA. And indeed, show that there is more to games than just footy. I once managed to persuade someone who owned a PS2 only to play footy, to try Katamari, and they were very pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it. I felt great afterwards. After that they really started to get into games more.
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