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  1. Another comic generator, and with games characters? Brilliant. Will have to test later on. Here's another Digi one (which I admit, I nicked from someone else): DUCKLS!
  2. Has this been posted to before? If so, apologies. Courtesy of dng http://davidguy.brinkster.net/digi/default.html This is hilarious, and quite a nice piece of work, plus you can link people directly to your work. I made a few, but lost the links to some of the earlier ones. This could be a perfect example where we either create brilliant examples of humour, or utter rubbish like this: Yup. I wasn't really paying attention, but will try something better later on. What Digi themed gubbins can you come up with?
  3. Here are some good games: Elevator Action Returns Shinrei Jusaishi Taroumaru Also, this store, do they have any of the following for cheap? The Horde Dragon Force Keio Flying Squadron 2 Three Dirty Dwarves Shinobi X I've been trying to track down the above for ages (cheaply that is). I live in France, where in Europe do you live? Otherwise those 5 are also great (I actually liked what little I played of Shinobi X). EDIT: For the record, if you like Sonic, then Sonic Jam is, in my opinion, the best Sonic compilation Sega have ever released, and it pisses ALL OVER the shitty Gamecube compilation. Which required loads of work just to unlock stuff. WHY?!
  4. Be carefull, I once fried a MCD1 by using the wrong adapter. Lousy second hand model, the fool who sold it to me gave me the wrong one.
  5. I speak about my latest indie game, Trampoline Gunmen (with 4 player support), HERE.
  6. I have finally created a simultaneous 4 player version of TRAMPOLINE GUNMEN! It’s name is Trampoline Gunmen: Quadro. It’s not as fluid as the DC version, and it lacks the ability to move left and right due to using a keyboard. It may be a bit cramped to squeeze 4 people around one keyboard, but it’s quite good fun. I recommend you try and drag a couple of buddies to the PC, and give it a test. It can be found HERE. Please be sure t unzip the file, before trying to run it, since it needs to use the accompanying DAT file. There are some cool new additions, like temporary invincibility, no more rounds, so games should hopefully be more fluid and longer lasting. Plus, there is saving again, and this time it saves the optimum speed the game runs at, so after you configure it, the next time you load the game, it should run at a decent speed (the 4P mode runs a bit slower than the 2P mode). Let me know your thoughts, and also if you find any bugs, I only managed to get 2 other people to try it. Also, let me know if there are any additions you think it should have, since I plan to fix any problems with it. Probably. Now might be a good time to recap the history of this series, which started back in 1999, since TG Quadro is actually the 6th version to be released. All of the DOS version were programmed in pure QBasic, without any additional assistance. Trampoline Gunmen – The first game, and it was 2 player only. It was originally meant to be the mattress minigame which is included in TG: Minigame$, but it evolved into two people shooting each other on trampolines. There was also a second version released later that fixed a nasty bug I’d missed. Trampoline Goats – Technically the official sequel to the original TG. The only difference was that I replaced the main characters with the heads of goats, and the bullets with cheese. It was a homage to and was inspired by Jeff Minter, and his use of animals in games. It also incorporated, rather unsuccessfully, a power-up system. If two bullets collided, they formed a bubble. Shooting the bubble would cause your opponent to freeze. It unbalanced the gameplay, and so was scrapped for later versions. Trampoline Gunmen: Turbo Deux – A proper update to the original this time, it was the first version to feature AI, which I’m rather proud of. It included a tournament against 6 progressively more difficult opponents, each of whom had their own fully animated background, which was for me another great highlight. It was tremendous fun creating an animated ocean background using only pure QB. Plus, there was even a secret hidden Easter egg that allowed you to see the ending (it’s the # of rounds you select). Trampalien Gunmen DC – A Dreamcast remake of the very first original Trampoline Gunmen. I did the design, artwork, music, sound effects, playtesting, etc. Voices were done by my brother. It was meant to go SO much further, but I never got add any extra stuff Trampoline Gunmen: Minigame$ – With my programmer bailing, I decided to make the Minigame$ version alone, again using QB. It was originally inspired by Wario Ware, and I must admit, it turned out rather damned well. I also implemented high-score saving! 2 Failed Attempts – I then tried using game maker to make an updated PC version, but GM is a tricky program to us, and I found it stifling. Then I tried programming a simple version for the Atari 2600 using that Atari 2600 BASIC converter program (I think it was called Batari?). I got half way through, and then just got bored. Trampoline Gunmen: Quadro – The version I bring to you today. This too was meant to be included in the DC version, and frankly, it would have rocked with 4 pads being displayed on a TV. Play either 1v1, 1v2, 2v2 or 1v3. I someday hope to update TG with further additions that I’ve planned: Multiple selectable characters, each with their own different narratives, traits and stats (such as different speeds, ammo amounts, health, special signature moves etc). Plus, the addition of a charging power bar to pull off specials. Then of course, there are the 50 or so minigames that I’ve designed, and now just need to be implemented. If anyone wants to convert these to a more stable format, to run properly on a Windows system, or alternatively, if you want to port it homebrew style to something like the PSP, then send me a PM. Otherwise enjoy
  7. Precisely. But do they have the intelligence to make such a move? If they did, then all they would need to do is put a different power adapter in each box, thereby allowing them to move excessive stock from one country to another rather easily. Manufacturing and distribution would in theory be much easier. Surely it would also allow them to make it cheaper?
  8. Sketch

    It's A Sad Day

    Wasn't it possible to complete the first Myst within 15 minutes, if you knew about the two clues? (Edit: I mean this as a serious question, fascinated by the concept. I actually wrote an article on such an idea.)
  9. You raise an interesting point. The reason why I prefer to read the word "sandbox", instead of a magazine explain to me why game X has sandbox like gameplay, is because I know what it means already. I've played plenty of sandbox games, and so the word holds deeper meaning.
  10. I rather enjoy reading most of these so called cliches in magazines, and I actually find them usefull when reading, since they allow me to quickly picture things, rather than reading a tedious 20 page essay. Why should a writer spend an entire paragraph writing bumph, when the term "aesthetically pleasing" will do? And yeah, "aesthetically pleasing" is one I use a lot. It sounds sharper than saying "the graphics are really pretty, especially those textures on level 5". I think people are being overly harsh on a lot of these terms.
  11. Without doubt SC beats FD (oh the puns!), but most battles in SC follow the same "fight until they're dead" mechanic, with the exception of the some of the soul point missions (or whatever they're called). I'd love to see Namco create a fluid and smooth moving fighter, using the same unique design ideas as Fighter's Destiny. Also, I think it was the only N64 game that I owed, that actually used the d-pad!
  12. Wait, Liquid Myth.... Have you at least tried playing it drunk? If you still don't like it, it could just be a difference of opinion.
  13. Fighter's Destiny To this day, it still stands as one of my personal favourite beat-em-ups OF ALL TIME. And if you play it on a RGB modded 64 (or emulate it), visually it's quite nice too. The ability to adapt and create your own tournament rules means this fighter will stand the test of time. Years later, I can still change the rules, and invite a few buddies around for a big brawl. One knockdown wins? Done. Lengthy drawn scraps? Done. Throws only? Done. Ring outs only? Done. I love the way it is unlike any other beat-em-up in existance (except maybe the sequel?). Also, what other fighter allows you to play as a giant cow?!
  14. I liked the characterisation. I liked the old pirate with one arm, who chased the whale (hi Captain Ahab!). I loved the setting. I think that really did it for me. When you first see that first shrine, looming the distance, with the high res textures, and it's covered in vines, it just clicked for me. I was quite literally in another world, filled with pirates and lost shrines. In hindsight, having watched a lot of anime, it is deeply reminiscent of most of Miyazaki's work. Naussica, Laputa, Princess Monoke etc. So I guess if people hate SoA, they must hate Miyazaki too?....
  15. Wait, what's this 100 hours bs? I finished DC SoA in about 50, with close to 100% perfection. Just missed a few of those silver blob weapon yummies. EDIT: It may have been a bit longer than 50, just a bit, but it was NOWHERE near 100. I tend to give up on most games after 60. Plus, I managed to find all the extra crew etc.
  16. Skies of Arcadia is one of the best RPGs I've ever played. The best on the Dreamcast. And personally speaking, one of my favourite 3D RPGs. I preferred it to FF7, though maybe not quite as much as Suikoden 1+2, or Shadowrun, or even Panzer Dragoon Saga. I'd rate it alongside PDS actually. Both are very different, but I love the sense of flight in both. PDS is better though, in that its only like 20 hours long, and amazing from about the desert. I absolutely adore SoA, so much so, that I would be fearful of a sequel in case they ruined it... As for your reasons for not liking it? I don't get them. I liked the graphics, they were stylised in their chunkiness. I also liked the character designs, ship designs and overall flavour. It had decent pacing, the combat system was fun, I loved ship to ship battles. It just worked for me. The whole RPG package was meaty. It managed to refine what other RPGs were doing to a fine point, plus it introduced some innovation in the form of ship battles, the actual method of movement (air ships throughout), plus the ability to "discover" lost continents, and secrets on the world map, stands as one of the most ingenius things I've ever encountered.
  17. Thanks. Many people seem to be enjoying Ajutla's Starcraft piece, I'll be sure to pass on the comments. Also, feel free to pass on links of this to anyone who you think may be interested.
  18. Isn't it the order you have to play songs in order to access the level select? GameFAQs: Level Select First, go to the Options menu from the main screen. From here, head to the Sound Select menu and play the following sounds in the order they are placed below: 19 65 09 17 Once you have played each one (1 time only), press the C button and then press Start to be brought back to the title screen. Now, when you see Sonic and Tails (Miles) appear on screen, hold down the A button and press Start while holding A to finish off the code. You will be brought to a menu where you have access to play any level in the game, whether you've completed the level you wish to play or not. Edit: Which smily do people prefer btw? The big one: Or the little one:
  19. You seem to misunderstand me completely! I was commenting on people who want the ROM, I was not commenting on people who have or want the cart. I have the utmost respect for collectors who invest the time and energy tracking down rare items. I do it myself! But... the rarity comes from what it was used for. You can't emulate the cart due to it having switches etc inside it. And even if you could, what is the point of emulating it? It only contains three normal commercial games. I can understand wanting to own the original cart, I would love a NWC cart. It's a part of gaming history, and there is a great story behind it. There is value in the actual item. But it's not something you'd really want to play. Well, maybe to check out what kind of high score you'd get. But I mean, I dloaded the ROM of Kizuna Encounter to see what the fuss was about. That I can understand, but the NWC rom seems a bit pointless. Unlike the actual cartridge, which I can fully understand why people go crazy over it.
  20. How easy would it be to get developers to include your game concepts as short minigames in their main products? Say, something like what Behemoth did with Alien Hominid. They had that Jumping PDA game, plus the rockets over russia minigame in red. I would kill to get a minigame version of Trampoline Gunmen included inside some big console title. We'd have to sign contracts so that I maintain the rights to my concept, but hell, I'd let them use it for free! That would awesome.
  21. You're not in Tokyo? GREAT! You will most likely find some great bargains then. (in Topkyo most stores realise the value of something, and as with everywhere, prices are always higher in big cities) Keep an eye out for: "Shinrei Jusaishi Taroumaru" on the Sega Saturn. In fact, write that down, and see if you can find it. On eBay, in the West, it can go from around £150, to over £200, sometimes more. The great thing is, not everywhere in Japan sells it for a high price. I once found a small shop, out in the countryside, near Beppu Bay (the place with hot springs), and they had it quite literally for like 2000 Yen, which is like £10! I passed it up, since I didn't realise it's value (this was in 2001 I think), and instead bought Sin+Punishment, and to this day I regret not buying it. Don't be like me, if you see Taroumaru for 2000 Yen, BUY IT. If they have two copies, buy the second for me. I'll be waiting online here with a crisp £10 note.
  22. I interviewed the Gish team for an article in Retro Gamer about modern games with an old-skool feel to them (like Gish), though sadly with RG's demise, the feature may be dead now. But yeah, Gish is a wonderful game. I'd love to hear their opinions on Loco Roco. Are they pleased, or annoyed at their ideas being borrowed? Can you even copyright concepts?
  23. I once asked on a forum if anyone thought that track 3 on Interpol's album "Antics" had been inspired by Saturn Bomberman's guitar tracks. They blatantly were, but no one replied. In light of which, I think your theory is entirely feasible. Musicians play videogames too, and some games have geniunely excellent music tracks, worthy in and of themselves, and so it's entirely possible that musicians have borrowed or been inspired by certain music chords. Never listened to Blur (80s rock/metal fan you see), but Mickey Mouse (and other Disney licenses) on the MD were excellent.
  24. I was grinning madly throughout that video. That game looks absolutely wonderful. I'm adding this to my list alongside Ac!d and Lumines. It does remind me a GREAT deal of Gish though, since you seem to control a big jelly blob. I'm glad people are still trying to innovate with the PSP, and try something new. The video btw, for those on 56k modem like me, is less than 7mb, and well worth the lengthy time needed to download. I'm still grinning actually.
  25. Issue 3 is now out NOW! http://www.gamersquarter.com
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