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  1. I actually got my DVD style copy of Ico free with my second hand gamecube purchase, off some dodgy second hand store. Like an indie cash converters type place. The woman was selling the cube with RE:Remake, and Tony Hawks, and I asked if instead of THawks I could have Ico. She said yes. This was something like 4 years ago though. (the cube cost me £50 with the 2 games)
  2. Standard versions are ever MORE rare? I had at one point wanted to trade it in for the LE version. Glad I didn't now.
  3. Well done on getting a DC, you're now part of that special club. We're a bit like those people who wear tweed jackets with leather patches on the elbows, and drink horlics while reminiscing about our pasts. And grow beards too. Welcome! This game is free: http://gpf.dcemu.co.uk/TrampalienGunmenDC.shtml That's because I designed it (and Troy programmed it). Enjoy. Trampalien Gunmen provides hours of fun for 2 people. Also, check out: www.dcemulation.com
  4. Quick, quick! Vinegar! FOR MY EYES! (you never know, they might mean FPS in the same way Morrowind was an FPS......)
  5. Shadowrun. Is anyone else interested in Shadowrun, or is that just me? Links to info? Is it coming to Xbox? Did they scrap it? Etc.
  6. Costikyan is my hero. I said this quietly to myself after reading his GDC speech. The man is a genius. Also, kudos to him on this new move, gaming might not be doomed after all. In which case, I'm bloody pissed off that I didn't take that games design course like I had planned to. Just great! I jump ship, and now Costikyan is saving the day. Damn! >_<
  7. Where the hell is Shadowrun? I was told Shadowrun would launch with the system. It was my reason for wanting a 360.
  8. o/\o So then, the plain version without cards, what is its going value? In money terms, and in Killer 7 terms. (if I disliked Ico, am I likely to dislike Killer 7? Which is also said to be wierd and out there)
  9. Wait, you mean I can make over £40 selling that pile of crap? I have the regular edition, and I hate the game. And I need money! How much do you think I could get for it on RLLMUK? Better yet, do you think anyone would trade Killer 7 on the Gamecube for it?
  10. I do "get it", it's just, that for me, I didn't enjoy that experience as much as the first. Were I really Ryo, I would have probably just stayed in Dobuita, maybe retired, started up a sake brewery, and not really continued the story by getting on the boat. Anyway, I completed Shenmue 2, and technically from a game point of view, it is excellent, plus once it gets going it's quite balanced. Exploration, action, etc. I just personally didn't enjoy it. Oh wait, there was one bit I didn't get. That annoying slow walk at the end of the game. You know what I mean, I'm not spoiling it, but it was boring.
  11. Finished Viewtiful Joe on kids mode, just barely. Realised it was bloody difficult. Then came to the conclusion it was shite, and promptly sold it. Oh, and completed Blinx Time Sweeper. Which was both tough and shite. A bit like VJ really. I dunno, I used to clock a lot of Famicom games in my youth, like Ninja Gaiden, and other toughies that had no saves. Aye, back in my day we didn't have saves, you had to do it in one go. That was when games really seperated the boys, from the slightly bigger boys who also played games.
  12. I had read articles on that in The Escapist. Isn't broadband a requirement for most MMORPGs?
  13. Jeez, this whole thing seems creepy, and frankly is enough of a reason for me not to try out a MMOG. Pity, since I had always been tempted to try a Sci-Fi mmog, one that is reminiscent of elite perhaps. EDIT: Thanks for the definitons chaps!
  14. What is ganking? I am new to the world of MMOG, and so could someone explain what ganking is, and the etiquatte surrounding (or rather, what people think of it). EDIT: is it killing the other player, so they must start again from scratch? If you're killed, can you revive, or is it right back to the start?
  15. I never liked Shenmue 2 much. I disliked the huge city setting etc. Shen 1 felt more... intimate. You, in some small village, chatting with neighbours, etc. Shen 2, was too... big and disconnected. I didn't care about any of the characters. It felt forced. Go for the first. Much better imo. Shen 1 was excellent. Shen 2 was bearable.
  16. You are all pointing out why the spider tracks in prime exist, but what about other, crappier examples of design? Like San Andreas' poorly implemented stealth? I'm not sure, maybe we are all taking something different from this topic. But for me, it's about poorly implemented design for the sake of it. It doesn't neccesarily have to do with the narrative explaining it, rather that when you encounter it, it feels natural.
  17. Don't get cheeky with me, I never meant GamesTM were the first. But a top 100 is not a concept based around the latest games release (in which case most mags will have coverage, like Halo 2), but for a good, ooh, I'd say 3 or 4 seconds, I grinned at how two seperate publishers were using the same kind of idea. I guess it's a case of chuckling at uniformity in this otherwise chaotic universe. ( ) So, I guess to answer your original question, I was blatantly being unserious with my questions of wether they were borrowing ideas. I mean, I did put smily on it -> Here's another for good measure ->
  18. Oh, I thought you knew something that I didn't. Well, I just remember seeing Strider talk about a top 100 first, on forums, then read it in GamesTM, and now it seems that Edge is doing the same. I thought it a funny co-incidence. Though I guess it probably IS just a co-incidence. Since they're fairly close together. Timing wise. Unless anyone else has theories of their own?
  19. They've stolen Strider's idea!!! http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=99308 (wait, has someone already posted the above style sentence?)
  20. Good lord, you people can be mean sometimes. I personally agree whole heartedly with what he said. Then again, I hated Metroid Prime. The game simply isn't part of the Metroid canon in my mind. He actually raised many good points about game design. Jesus Christ people!? What he talks of, I would expect every serious gamer to be thinking of. He was talking about arbitrary games design. Pointless junk, added to a game, that just so happens to suit the character's abilities, because the designers were unable to create an organic design. Look at Zelda. In Zelda on the SNES, the use of the hook shot was perfectly implemented, it didn't feel forced. In Zelda 64, they had to put targets everywhere so you knew what to shoot. I still love the Zelda games, but after the perfection seen elsewhere in OoT, they really botched the hook shot design. A good game, with good design, should have everything meld together nicely, without you being able to see the seams behind it. Except sometimes, a designer will be like, hmmm.... We better quickly put this in here, to make it work for the character. I would classify San Andreas' lame-assed stealth sections under this, and the way it removes his weapons. Designer: "Oh I know, lets put some stealth here, to suit CJ's knife killing animation... but oh wait! Quick, remove all his other weapons!" You see? There are hundreds of games that do this. It's annoying, and is also simply a case of poor design. Not only does it destroy immersion, but it can totally ruin the gameplay experience when done poorly. Give the guy a break, and read his original statement. Perhaps if more people payed attention to this, and understood the finer points of game design, we wouldn't have to put up with so many shit games.
  21. Hi Thanks for the offer, but a quick check of my bank account (and a recent online purchase) shows I'm running a little low now, so I probably won't be able to buy anything off you. But thanks for the offer. Though: Dragon Force Keio Flying Squadron 2 Are regarded as exceedingly excellent by most, and well worth owning for yourself if you see them.
  22. Ok, here's another go, this time with the games character one: HERE
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