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  1. Well done on making it available elsewhere. Too many of these were lost to XBLIG. Sometimes without even decent credits on who made them.
  2. I can imagine! Though sadly none of my friends can program - and my programming is really bad.
  3. What did you make Fry? EDIT: Does anyone remember a racing game, I think with bicycles? Or motorbikes? With a weird cel shaded old French cartoon art style? For the life of me I can find nothing on this. EDIT2: Found it!!
  4. Suddenly this fantasy has gotten very complicated. Ultimately - if I ever did win - I just wanted to spend a few years (2, maybe 3, depending how bored I got), just dicking about at making a game, trying to capture the glory days feeling, when you read about how M.U.L.E. was made by a group of friends in a rented house. There'd be no marketing at the end. We'd just come into the office and thrash ideas out. It would probably never get finished unless I had a great production manager who knew how to keep the scope in check. At the end I'll say to the team: OK chaps, we're finished,
  5. OK, I take the Euromillions twice a week (well, my family does - we share the ticket if we win). What I need to know is this, to keep my fantasies fuelled and alive: If I get a £20 million cut, and I decide to put £2 million aside as crazy fun money to start up my own dev studio, would it be enough to fund development of a Windows PC game, with a small team (10 staff?), for say two years, making a rich, complex 2D game at the quality level of a PS1 or Saturn title? Say something Suikoden or SOTN or Dragon Force? I've never bothered to look at the real number
  6. Did you make QRTH-PHYL? Nice one! I actually bought that on XBLIG before it shut down - great, great game. Very unusual and original. Are you allowed to talk about how royalties worked on XBLIG, or did MS make everyone sign an indefinite NDA?
  7. The OP reminds me of this website a bit: https://www.tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations
  8. This thread is an incredible trainwreck of insanity. I love it!
  9. I'm enjoying these. I can't believe I never grabbed demos for a lot of the titles being mentioned. I recently completed Millennium Man. It reminded me a bit of Braid. You control time, able to warp back and forth several thousand years, and you need to do this to pass obstacles. So if there's a wooden wall, 500 years in the future it'll be rotted away. Those sort of puzzles. And you can go back and forth at will. I was really enjoying it, but then suddenly it ended after level 12. Sort of a proof of concept. Would make a fantastic fully fledged game. Nice story too! So
  10. I got a reply from Mr Baldo! Which I'm pasting below since he gave permission to share a download link: (I also pointed him in the direction of a cheap copy of the mag for sale, since the only copy I have is from my archive where I wrote articles.) --- Hi John, Yes it's me. I'm really glad you've reached out! I made that remake years ago, in FLASH. I'm a huge fan of Raiders in Atari and the movie, but also of Howard's Atari games as well. I'm astonished to read that he himself mentioned my remake. I never knew
  11. These? http://xblafans.com/xblig-developer-radiangames-to-hike-prices-17353.html I shall!
  12. Didn't Sega officially endorse it in the UK though? (Also, does anyone what the heck that weird TV is?!)
  13. Yes, YEEESSS. FEEEED MEEEEE! Correct. Hence why I am using you - yes, YOU! - to filter it for me. Each personal rec gets added to my list. We will all experience these games through a mutually consensual cognitive prism of our own making. Less typing and more filtering, Vimster. Don't make me use the hose again. It's called: ヤルハラのおもち Yaruhara no Omochi I actually used to have it once. But then deleted the demo and never got it again. It is a weird piece of horrid trash. A sort of puzzler? I deleted it
  14. Are you paying for freelance contributions?
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