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    You worked on the game? Awesome. What's the backstory to changing how ammo reloading worked? At some point the separate magazine system was simplified to your standard generic hopper reload system. Was this an internal decision, or did some higher up producer not understand how to manage ammo and insisted you change it? Realistic ammo management is agonisingly rare in games, so I would be fascinated to hear any background to the hows and whys of this being changed.
  2. The idea of "the language of games" has always made me wonder what games developed by total outsiders would be like. Games which have no basis on pre-existing gameplay ideas. Like, if you sent a programmer with a laptop to live with Kalahari tribesmen for 6 months, and could explain what a game could be without showing them games (thus not influencing them), what would you get? Like if you drew pictures on paper or in the sand to give a basic foundation, then coded up their instructions into a simple 2D game, what would the end result be in 6 months? What if the whole tribe contributed? You ca
  3. After seeing a GDEmu and HDMI modded DC for sale in this forum (missed out on it), I've been thinking about getting one again. Currently I just emulate on my PC connected to a 1080 TV. Is this any good? Does this even have the HDMI mod I keep hearing about? Because to me it just looks like he's using some kind pof HDMI upscaler? So confused. It's also got a clone GDEmu board, which cannot be upgraded beyond the 5.15 firmware. I've read that the official 5.20 firmware is kinda buggy and not worth upgrading anyway. It only fixes a crash bug in SOA and Code Ver
  4. Sketch


    The demo had you using distinct ammo magazines to reload with. So if you reloaded with 5 bullets left in the AK47 you lost therm. I bought the retail game purely for this feature. Turned out between the demo and the retail game they'd removed this aspect. It used the "magic hopper" style of ammo reloads. Really pissed me off. I sold it immediately. Was there any way, somehow, to bring back the more realistic ammo management?
  5. I loved this. Also managed to finish it on a real Mega Drive, no cheating (the trick, actually, is to attempt to finish the entire game in a single sitting - you should have ample power-ups for later levels, since you've been accumulating them throughout). As someone said, if you use the passwords you start the later levels so understocked it actually becomes impossible. I also interviewed the guy behind it: https://hg101.kontek.net/zamn/zamn1.htm ZAMN was directly inspired by the old arcade game, Kyros. It's great to see this being re-released, but I'm
  6. This is a bit random, isn't it? I liked the original on the Famicom a lot. I always mix this up with Genpei Toma Den, since they both feature red-haired warriors, and both start with G, and both end with Den. But they're totally not related. Ehhhh... It may look it, but I would say not really. TMNT had much floatier jumping, and more relentless waves of respawning enemies. I like both games, but until you said this, it never entered my mind they might be similar. In so much as one side-scrolling action platformer is like another. You could lump the Kon
  7. Did you guys cut the number of issues printed? For the last 6 months, every store I've been in (Lincolnshire) has had multiple copies. You guys were seemingly everywhere, every petrol station, every corner shop off-license, all over the place. I never bought any because they didn't appeal at that time. This specific issue does appeal though. But today, the one day I wanted a copy, and it was no longer at my local Smiths. Then on my way home, somewhat dejected, I stopped at every magazine selling store which I passed (4), and none of them had it. But they all - ALL! - had the new Pl
  8. Indeed. My desire for the baseline is an inherent lack of trust in developers. How do people feel about arcade games, where they were made difficult on purpose not to prevent players from reaching the end, but to suck more coins out of you to keep playing? It's a weird feeling now, when you play an arcade that's in a compilation and will have infinite credits. They were often never meant to be balanced. How do people also feel about rebalance patches, where hackers will rebalance old and less forgiving games? I finished Zelda II on the NES the old fashioned way, a long
  9. There's a little bit of evil in all of us. You mean the developer might want you to experience all the difficulty levels? Sure, I'll buy it. Goldeneye on N64 worked like this. But that's a special case: in that, the difficulty levels didn't simply change the difficulty, they radically altered the play structure of each level, along with mission objectives. If every difficulty level select was like Goldeneye, I would agree. What I find though, almost all of the time, is there is a default difficulty level, and then easy does a cheap and dirty hack (Your
  10. Could you apply that same belief to the new £70 price point of games - in that it denies swathes of poor people in society (a demographic which is increasing in the current global climate). I agree with accessibility options for games. Not just difficulty, but things like colour adaptation options for colour blind people (stories online of people being tricked in online games because they can't see colours on special items), audio/subtitle options for the deaf, and font size options. My eyes are not what they used to be, and I actually had to abandon a modern game becau
  11. Well done! Thank you for solving this mystery which has bugged me for years and years. You know, I don't think there is going to be a better example of the Mandela Effect / unreliability of human memory than this. I had watched GamesMaster, conflated it with Bad Influence and Violet Berlin, and then concluded that since BI never went to Japan, it must have been Cybernet. All three being shows which I watched avidly in my youth (plus several others). My brain basically swirled all the shows together to fabricate a non-existent memory.
  12. The physical copy is a bit pricey (£10 for PS3), but there's various digital downloads. Lots and lots of people hate the mechanics but love the story, as this thread shows. I liked the mechanics, a lot. It was fantastic getting to see, and touch, and buy, and sell, the various items people would use within the GoT world. You can really immerse yourself. Also, I like how it's a side story, allowing me to get a different slice of the show, and see other aspects not covered in the series. But you also have characters like Varis and the Lord Commander at Castle Black played
  13. Plot twist: Japan never had any game design schools.
  14. I bought this years ago on a PSN discount (£2 or something ridiculous), and with the previous talk of PSN shutting, decided I should get the DLC. But I'd not really played it, so decided I needed to, before spending money on DLC I might never use. Contrary to general forum opinion, and critics, I absolutely loved it. I finished it yesterday, then went and watched the other endings on YouTube. Yes, a lot of this is because I was a huge fan of the series, binge watching two seasons (and a bit) in a single weekend once. But also, I thought it was a decent game in its own r
  15. Did he? I don't recall. Maybe I watched that episode, and all these years I've been attributing it to another show? I thought the presenter of the Fireman / Human School segment was a woman? Which is why I had thought it might be Violet Berlin from Bad Influence (which it was not - I checked with a guy who runs the fansite and archive of the series). I dunno. All I know is that a UK made show about games had a segment. Maybe it was Gamesmaster...
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