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  1. I hope the Ditko estate win and take Spider-Man away forever.
  2. Yeah, I think you are spot on. Delving into the 60, 70s years of history for nuggets and details is a really neat way of making the best use of all that past material, allowing you to make something richer, and reward the fans, rather than something that weighs a story down. But it should be optional, not a straightjacket. History is fine, not so much endless continuity.
  3. Urgh. This plague of continuity is killing them. I guess there are a bunch of hardcore fans, core customers, who are into the labyrinthine endless continuity, and they'll lose them if they dump it all, which they can't afford to do. But they're desperate for new readers, so try to come up with ways to reset / invalidate the continuity so new readers can come on board without knowing all the previous ins and outs. It's a right mess. Just do something new.
  4. There's a stunning Mick McMahon cover on this week's 2000ad, and it's one of their annual 'jumping on' progs, where all new stories start this issue.
  5. Pretty exciting news for UK comics. An actual new kids comic launching in April, in newsagents too (and subscription). I'm quite excited by this. For the youngsters out there, Monster Fun was an IPC comic in the 70s and (maybe also the early 80s and even the 60s, not sure?), so the title has some nostalgia value for those of us of a certain age.
  6. Read Neonomicon last week (it contains issue 1 & 2 of The Courtyard and issues 1 -4 of Neonomicon). I thought it was really good. I was expecting something awful from a couple of the comments above, so was pleasantly surprised. I mean, it was horrible in the 'horror' sense, but I thought it worked really well as a story and a comic. Surprised how much I liked Jacen Burrows art. Flicking through, I didn't really like the look of it, but when actually reading the comic it worked perfectly. Settled down to start Providence last night. The blurb on the back seemed like a bit much, talking it up as something amazing, even describing it as 'The Watchmen of horror'. This wasn't a review quote, but the publisher's blurb. Put me off a bit, to be honest. Anyway, I only read the first chapter, but wow, that was a great comic. One of those where I had to go back and re-read pages about three times as later details shed light on earlier pages, and then the text section at the end turned a load of it on it's head. Maybe the blurb was justified?
  7. Well, Neonomicon and Providence both came today (along with a third book I didn't even know about before I saw it for sale), so I'll be able to have an opinion on this in when I manage to read it all.
  8. Cheers. I missed all this stuff as it came out during a period I wasn't buying comics. Then Providence was out of print and insanely priced whenever I looked to buy it. I actually have issue 2 of The Courtyard from when it first came out, from a random comic shop visit I guess, sat unread to this day as I don't have the rest. Was waiting for this Providence re-issue for ages and have ordered it, along with Neonomicon.
  9. Got my copy of Providence on the way, I think. What are 'the three works'? This, Neonomicon and ...?
  10. Yeah, thanks for the recommendation from me too. I missed this completely, but we're up to about episode 8 now and loving it.
  11. I enjoyed Thistlebone a lot, if that's any help?
  12. I think I'm buying more comics than I ever have before at the moment, but nothing from the big american publishers, just loads of kickstarters of original, creator-owned comics. There's more great stuff out there than I can afford to buy.
  13. Thanks for the recommendation. Watched this last night and loved it, despite having scrolled past it a few times in previous weeks. The whole film was great, but I have to say the production design was incredible. It was low budget, but all the sets and props and costumes were perfect. Completely believable and seemingly perfectly functional, with loads of character. The space suits were the real stars of the film.
  14. It starts to click on the 5th viewing.
  15. I think you'll find the original WAS a masterpiece, thankyouverymuch.
  16. None. New films only please. For a while, at least.
  17. All the good ones have already been done in this thread, so can I put in a late vote for anything with zombies? And that's not just films either. Anything.
  18. Pat Mills always talks about this drawing as the one that really nailed Dredd and his city when the comic strip and character were still in the concept stage, blowing him away and changing what they thought the character could / should be. So this drawing really does have a good claim to be the defining image of Judge Dredd and Mega City One. I think Colin Macneill draws the best Mega City One at the moment.
  19. Not sure I agree with this. Some of the best book -> film adaptations come from short stories or fairly slight novels. So I'd say a typical hollywood film is about short story or short novel length. A long, dense novel is never going to make a satisfying standard length hollywood movie without being radically altered.
  20. You're the perfect customer - buy everything twice!
  21. That's interesting. I only really read the prog, not the collections, so curious about how the stories work as books, as clearly everything in the prog is designed to also work as a 60 page paperback book as well. I imagine that the 6 page episode thing should work well as there's always going to be something happening, kinda like how Dickens' novels were originally published in serialised, episodic form in magazines. But interesting that you found Kingdom repetitive and samey when collected together. Brink is probably the only thing I've read in the prog where it felt like this might be better as a collection than a weekly story. Perhaps because the art isn't very detailed in comparison to the usual 2000ad style, so your eye doesn't linger on details as you read, therefore you can read an episode really quickly. 6 pages weren't quite satisfying enough chunks.
  22. Yeah. Anyone who only knows Judge Dredd from the two movies, but has never read the comics, would have a completely incorrect idea of what Dredd is all about.
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