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  1. aha! Thanks. I never noticed that clothing symbol next to the bells total before.
  2. Is there a way, via the regular controls or the inventory, to take off a snorkel?
  3. Admiral is great. He's the cranky one in my village.
  4. For sale in the cupboard in Nook's Cranny (where the tools and plants are).
  5. Is the 'Display Pictures' option in the Critterpedia a new option with this update (press X), or have I just not noticed it before? Oh, I would love a Pascal poster please. Just met him for the first time.
  6. I have a terrible memory for detail, so all I know about Jess Phillips is that I dislike her for some reason, but I can't remember why. Then I saw all those books on her shelf and wondered if I'd got it mixed up, and she was actually really cool because she's read a lot of books I like. Then ZOK's post confirmed that I was probably right the first time, and I expect I decided I disliked her for a good reason.
  7. Daft question maybe, but why? As you say, they have loads of overwhelming alternate timelines running in parallel, and big crossovers that demand you buy loads more comics to understand it all, and series abruptly starting and ending. Perhaps your initial reaction of 'sod that' is the correct one? There's quite a lot of non Marvel / DC comics outside of the US mainstream that don't suffer from this nonsense.
  8. Finally! Celeste has appeared on my island. I've trapped her on the beach just to the left of the airport, and opened my gates. Will be AFK, but you're welcome to come over for space a recipe.
  9. Do you still get Celeste when it's pouring down? Because I've not noticed her for weeks on my island, and it seems like it's been raining non-stop for weeks.
  10. Just sent you the white TV camera. Black one in return would be great, thanks.
  11. Throw in a few fakes as well, to keep it interesting. You could randomly come once every week or two, maybe on a boat?
  12. Oh, yes please, that would be great, thanks. Do you want a red one in return?
  13. Redd is in town for me. I've taken one real painting, but he has another real one, as well as two fakes. Opened my gates for a short while, while I'm working, in case anyone wants to buy.
  14. Oooh, just got the Golden Slingshot recipe. Is that just random, or has something triggered it?
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