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  1. Same! We almost had to look it up on IMDB before my missus put me out of my misery, and even when I knew it was him, I still couldn't get my brain to recognise him, with the beard.
  2. After finishing Silent Sea, I wouldn't recommend it. Decent production values, poor script. Stranger (both seasons) and Sky Castle are the two best I've watched.
  3. I watched the first episode last night and thought it was excellent. A cut above the generally 7/10 standard of most Netflix tv shows. I'm now worried it's going to let me down, as US tv shows with a mystery always tend to start off well (setting up the mystery, posing unanswered questions), but tend to disappoint when the mystery is revealed. Anyway, I'm totally in after 1 episode. I love the humming drone that seems to play in the background of every scene. Really unsettling.
  4. Only one episode to go and I think it's a bit meh. Getting annoyed by what feels like bad / lazy writing. Aspects of the world, the mission, the science, etc., all seem incredibly poorly thought through, and only exist, or change, for plot convenience. But the look and feel of the show is good, and Bae Doona is great in everything.
  5. I felt that something was off with the editing, or the pacing somehow. As you say, some scenes, or parts of scenes, just felt like they went on slightly too long. I don't know enough about TV production or editing to say for sure that's what the problem was, but something felt slightly off with the show. But, as you say, the material and performances (and character names) were all as great as usual, and I'm enjoying it very much.
  6. I think there is a fan-driven Tokimeki Memorial English translation project underway at the moment.
  7. Is that when they're stuck in plastic cases so they can never be read, so that they're not really comics any more, just 'asset tokens'? Nah.
  8. I've got a ton of comics digitally from Humble Bundles, and I end up just reading them via whatever the default PDF viewer is on the iPad. Sometimes I switch them into the Books app, but the differences are marginal. Not interested in anything that zooms in on panels or otherwise views the page differently to how it was originally drawn (at least, not for comics that weren't drawn with such a system in mind, and most of the digital comics I've got are dead old).
  9. I loved the theatricality of it. It felt really confident and bold in the way it was made. Made me think of what a young Orson Welles might have made if he was around in this era of premium television.
  10. Still don't understand the "it's too long" criticism for any movie that dares to go over 90 minutes. Different stories are different lengths. Thought Don't Look Up was great, and not too long at all. It's really interesting seeing viewers reactions are 95% positive, compared to the early reviews that slated it, seeing as media focusing on the wrong things was a main target of the movie. I've seen it said on twitter that some of the negative reviews to the film would have worked as segments within the film itself.
  11. All this talk of Absolute and Deluxe editions and what not... I got a £20 token to spend at christmas, and somehow I've used that to convince myself to buy Promethea Deluxe editions 1 - 3, at a cost of considerably more than £20. I blame you all.
  12. It's a Wonderful Life, always, for me. My only twist is, instead of crying at the end, I always start crying right near the start when the chemist whacks our hero round the ears, as I already know his story.
  13. But everyone knew that was just a laugh. Nobody bought one of those certificates and then started stockpiling resources for their moonbase.
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