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  1. Maybe that's the market they're going for?
  2. I don't know if this is really good, or just happens to match my sense of humour *exactly*, but I'm laughing at literally every single line in the script, and usually still laughing at the last line when the next one is delivered. Thoroughly enjoyable. I think I need to watch them all again (when it comes on Netflix, as Channel 4's on demand service is unusably bad).
  3. Hang on! Mr Kipling's integrity is above reproach. He endorses those cakes because he thinks they're the best, and doesn't receive a penny in compensation. Captain Birdseye on the other hand, he's anyone's for a packet of fish fingers.
  4. I suppose my point was that games really are way more expensive to make now, even the cheap ones, so we shouldn't expect similar prices to the much less labour intensive games of the 80s. But plenty of modern games are released for a couple of quid, so maybe my point is meaningless anyway.
  5. They took about two people 12 weeks to make*. A couple of ours (the ones that are fondly remembered) were really late as we spent 16 weeks on them, and got bollocked by the boss. I imagine even the smaller indie games listed were made by teams of around 3 to 5 people, for well over a year, so ~£3.50 is a bit low really for that amount of work. I imagine Links Awakening was much more expensive to make than that, although £50 seems a bit on the high side to me. * Three versions of the game (Spectrum, Amstrad, C64), one programmer per sku, one artist for all three, one musician for about 1/3 of the time, and one boss and secretary for the whole studio.
  6. Thing is, my location is never set to Buxton by anything that detects via IP address. Manchester, Chorley and Peterborough seem to be the most common guesses.
  7. Are you leeching my pitiful local internet?
  8. We were very far into Mario 3 before we found out you could fly in the Tanooki suit. We were playing a Japanese import on a Famicom, so all the text was in Japanese. We thought the Tanooki suit was just to give you that tail spin attack that let you hit blocks in front of you. One day (after playing it constantly for weeks) I was running along the first level, and by some accidental combination of button presses I found myself flying up in the air. At first I thought I'd found a bug, then the level started scrolling upwards and there was a whole extra section with clouds, so I thought I'd discovered an amazing secret! One of my best gaming moments ever. When I played the NES release, there's a sign literally on the first level telling you how to fly and get to the clouds above.
  9. Not part of amazon prime, one of those shows where you have to pay £2.50 an episode or something.
  10. The Terror isn't being shown anywhere at the moment, is it?
  11. An interesting nugget from the podcast (which I'm sure you've heard yourself) was that he originally pitched this as a 6 episode series, and that's what HBO signed up for. Then, during the writing he went back to HBO and said, "you know, I think this would work better as 5 episodes." And they agreed to let him change it. It's very admirable (and rare) for a creative person to want to shrink their work in this way, and for the business types to agree to him delivering less 'content'. And the end result was perfect.
  12. 'Pixel' graphics didn't have a palette of 16 million colours to choose from, or 256 levels of transparency, or additive glow effects, or near infinite frames of animation. In fact, pretty much all pixel graphics were restrained as much by the size of the colour palette, the number of colours on screen, and often very, very limited numbers of characters or sprites that would fit in memory, as they were by the size of the pixels themselves.
  13. Bah. Downloaded this again from Steam, and was all set to get stuck in tonight. The stupid thing won't even launch. A couple of times it popped up an error message to do with the launcher, but most of the time the launcher just stops running after 2 or 3 seconds. Can't get any useful help via googling, all either really obvious stuff or super PC master race fannying about nonsense. It used to work fine on this PC, and I played it a little bit a year or so back.
  14. What I find odd about cut scenes is that almost no games let you pause in a cut scene. You can sometimes skip, almost never pause, and certainly not save. At least part of the reason I generally dislike cut scenes is down to this. I've lost count of the times I'm playing a game and something else in the house is demanding my attention. A meal is ready, the doorbell rings, the kids need something, I've got to help my missus with something in another room. "Hang on, I'll just pause / save" I say, then a cut scene starts, and that's it, I'm trapped in front of the game for an indeterminate amount of time, unable to pause, save, or otherwise safely leave the game unattended to do something else, without potentially losing progress.
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