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  1. I would like to see more Tomb Raider before I sign up.
  2. I'm in pretty much the same boat.
  3. I completed the whole game without understanding the Battalion system at all. I knew they worked as an extra type of attack that could stun the opponent for a turn. The rest went way over my head. The battalion recruitment system made no sense to me. One character's battalion ran away mid battle. I 'refreshed' them each time I was in the monastery, and that was it.
  4. It's basically a perfect human replica of a Matt Groening drawing.
  5. Not China-related, but I always contrast attitudes to this subject to the attitudes society has to children and books. Middle class parents especially dream of having their kids become mad about reading. If a kid spends all hours with their head in a book it is seen as the sign of a job well done by the parent, and a kid who is going to grow up wise and healthy. Stories of kids staying up until the early hours to finish a book they were engrossed in are seen as something parents would want their kids to emulate. Exactly the same behaviour with a video game is seen as toxic and unhealthy, and something that needs to be fixed, or even stamped out. Maybe it's just until the next new media type comes along, and games become old hat, and no longer scary and new. Mumsnet 2050 will be full of admiring stories of how *their* kid spent all weekend playing the revivial of World of Warcraft, on an actual computer, rather than wasting his life on brain-stims or whatever.
  6. I'm about half way through, and I noticed that quite a high proportion of the bosses of towns / factions were female. That seemed pretty cool once I spotted it. Maybe it's that?
  7. It's just occurred to me that Obsidian wrote a game that's all about the evils of massive corporations owning and controlling everything, and how heroic and brave the small independent outfits are who resist corporate assimilation. And midway through writing this game, they sold the company to Microsoft.
  8. There's a character in the game called 'Graham' in the text, but every single NPC pronounces it as 'Gram', and it's driving me mad.
  9. Why are there loads of NPCs on the Groundbreaker called Steve Dore? Are they supposed to be clones?
  10. I find it incredible that publishers can demand that outlets not publish a review of a game unless they've completed it (or played it in a way that the publisher demands). Review embargoes are one thing, but specifying conditions which must be met in terms of how a game is played, before they're *allowed* to review it, seems a bit much. As an aside, I've had no interest in this during the build up, but a couple of the reviews of the walking and balancing aspect of the game have made it look really interesting to me.
  11. Aye, seconded (or thirded) appreciating you posting links to the interesting bargains on here. I too always pick up one or two.
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