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  1. Finished The Shield last night. The whole final season was crazy, everything spiralling out of control, but the ending was great. Totally satisfying. Dutch and Claudette were the stars of it though.
  2. Spent the afternoon watching the Cartoonist Kayfabe video of them talking through Monsters. I'm repeating myself, but I really love that channel. Love the positivity and enthusiasm they show for everything they talk about.
  3. Comics, people! Not plastic toys! Trigan Empire vol 3 comes out today, which I'm excited about. I've already moaned about them doing limited editions of the hardbacks. Now I'm going to moan about the lovely Chris Weston cover they commissioned for the (sold out) hardback. What are the chances that they print that inside the softback somewhere?
  4. I quite enjoyed it. I enjoyed the laid back mood throughout, particularly odd as zombie movies are typically tense. And liked the way all the regular people kinda behaved just like the zombies, slow and stumbling and uncomprehending. Not sure if there was any point to that aspect of it, but it felt nice to watch.
  5. I listen to Graeme Park's Long Live House Music podcast every Friday, and about once every six months he plays something that just sticks in my head, and I have to track down. This one is from last week. Played it to my missus and she just shrugged, so maybe it's just me, but I love this.
  6. Wow, that's certainly an opinion! I rewatched it last week on Netflix as well, and was reminded what an astonishing piece of work it is. Incredible film.
  7. I finished Barry Windsor Smith's Monsters yesterday. It's an incredible piece of work. I hate the marketing phrase 'graphic novel', but it's a good fit for this book.
  8. I watched Major Grom Plague Doctor last night. A Russian action film. It's absolutely bonkers but great fun. Veers into self-parody at times, but a very entertaining Saturday night film.
  9. I'm exactly the same as you, read them about 35 years ago when I was a teenager, and everything in your post above rings true, except that I've not re-read them.
  10. I watched this last night and really enjoyed it. I'd never seen it via browsing, had to search for it, and for some reason Netflix had it rated at 53% match for me, despite the fact that I've watched loads of sf films on there, loads of foreign sf films, and even quite a lot of Spanish films. Anyway, after it finished I watched the trailer, and dear god, who made that? So to echo what Dumpter said, watch the film but don't watch the trailer beforehand.
  11. I suppose there's a difference between shows that get cancelled after 1 series, and shows that are only meant to be one series, and work perfectly without needing any more. Chernobyl is probably the best example of the latter. Imagine some TV executive commissioning a second season of Chernobyl?
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