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  1. Same here. Loved it when I saw it at the cinema. It was raved about a little bit at the time, but never really gets talked about much compared to other scorsese films. Not seen it on tv or any streaming service since, so never watched it again. Would be well up for watching it now.
  2. Using the PS4 app, and it does autoplay the next episode in a series, with a generous delay.
  3. I admit I'm not very good at spotting things beyond the surface story elements when I first watch something, but yeah, I'd seen the trailer so went in waiting for the Matrix SF stuff to start happening from the beginning. I guess it would be quite a different experience if you hadn't seen the trailer, as it's quite a way into the film before anything really strange happens. So in this case, seeing the trailer really improved the experience of watching the film for me.
  4. Watched this last night. Enjoyed it a lot, more so after it had finished and I'd had time to think about it a bit more.
  5. I watched this over the last month and loved it. I expected to hate it because it would get gamedev 'wrong', but its heart was in the right place, and it got it right enough not to matter. Poppy was great. (The biggest 'wrongness' was the role of Poppy, who seemed to be lead programmer, lead designer, and sometimes animator, which is not how big teams work. It was all forgivable for the sake of keeping the character list down I guess, but I would have preferred a recognition that programmers generally aren't designing gameplay features, they're just implementing them, and when y
  6. I watched the Cecil Hotel documentary, partly out of morbid curiosity to see if it was really as bad as everyone was saying. I surprised myself by enjoying the first episode, with all the stuff about Skid Row and the surrounding area in downtown LA and the bits about the politics of why it was as it was. I actually learned something there. The rest was tripe.
  7. And on the subject of 2000ad, it's the 44th anniversary of Prog 1 this weekend, and here's a blog post listing all the other comics that were for sale in the newsagents on the same day. Pretty sure I got the Super Spider-Man and the Captain Britain. Maybe one of either Whoppee!, Whizzer and Chips or Krazy, and possibly the Hulk one. I never liked the 'serious' boys comics (until 2000ad came along, because SPACE!), so wouldn't have read any of the others.
  8. That whole 2000ad summer offensive thing was during the period I wasn't reading it (quite a long period actually - I sort of drifted away not long after prog 500, then randomly picked up a prog just after 1500, and have been a regular reader ever since). I guess I would have been one of those lapsed readers they were trying to win back around then? I've picked up most of the missing progs since, with the vague idea of sitting down and reading them all at some point, like Flub has done, but I've never got round to it, and so much of the art around the 700-1200 range really puts me off.
  9. Definitely in the camp of every length works, depending on the show. What I really dislike is arbitrary rules. I love really long films, and I love short films, and hate when people criticise a film for being too long (which just means it deviates from the standard 90-120 minutes.) I love short, tight 6 episode British TV series, and I love sprawling 8 season US epics. If they're good (in both cases). I don't think any particular length is better or worse, just that some shows maybe don't suit the format they've been forced to be made in. I'd hope that the r
  10. OK, finally finished Sky Castle yesterday. What a ride! I think it might be one of my favourite ever TV shows. We watched one episode a night, most week days, so the 20 episode run took us a good month to watch. By the time we were halfway through, the evening episode was becoming the highlight of our day. Thanks for the recommendation, as I wouldn't have tried it without you suggesting it. We're going to try LIFE next as the blurb says it's by the same writer as Stranger.
  11. You've passed the two pictures I had printed, in the <500 range.
  12. I dunno, old 8-bit machines like that were insanely hard to write for in many ways, and quite a different mind-set to modern programming. Unless you're into the old-style hardware then I suspect writing a game in Unity would be a lot more fulfilling and less annoying.
  13. I wanted more space sweeping in Space Sweepers, and less of the saving the world / standard action film.
  14. Yeah, that makes sense. Although that doesn't need Stadia at all, in the sense of the consumer brand / business model.
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