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  1. Pretty sure that's how things actually are on the PS5 - not an edit for the video.
  2. I missed Stories on the 3DS, but this one looks lovely. I'm probably going to give the other one a go, and try again to get into a proper Monster Hunter games, but it does look a bit dark and drab, especially compared to the RPG one.
  3. I'm against loading, in theory. I mean, it's indefensible, isn't it? Just waiting for data to arrive so you can keep playing. But, with old games... It's like that Frank Cifaldi talk / video that keeps getting shared in the Mario 3D thread... You're changing the game if you remove it. The pause for loading was there when the developers made Demon's Souls, so the team lived with it during development, and maybe it even influenced some design decisions about where fog doors were positioned, the layout of levels, enemy placement, etc. The pause as you pass through a door
  4. Seriously though, Mario 64 I've played tons. Replayed it on the DS, probably replayed it again on the Wii, I think. I'm super familiar with it. Galaxy is fresher in my memory, and I replayed it a lot with the digital remaster for the Wii U. Sunshine is the only one I've not replayed, and the Gamecube has been packed away for years.
  5. Those big Hulk omnibus books look absolutely impossible to read.
  6. Yeah, this should never, ever be an option in a game in 2020, and should be an OS level setting on all consoles and platforms.
  7. I can imagine there might be bits to do with the level design where they didn't want you to see certain things from certain positions, and widescreen makes that possible, which sort of spoils some bits of the game design / level design. But, that's pretty weak to be honest. I can't think of anything obvious that would be hampered by seeing more than originally anticipated by the designers, and I know that people have said it looks great in widescreen on emulators. Maybe there's just one puzzle somewhere that looks bad, so they kept it in 4:3 for that reason. But, k
  8. Well then, in that case we need to bring Total Recall into the equation.
  9. I'm loving the show, but really, really disliking the music.
  10. Not counting 2000ad, the last thing I read was Valerian vol 8 - Heroes of the Equinox. It was absolutely mindblowingly good, but it was from 1978, so not sure it's any use for people looking for new comic talk.
  11. It's been so long since I've watched the Lynch Dune that I'd completely forgotten about the shields. They look absolutely amazing in that comparison video.
  12. I really struggle to get my head around the shamelessness of this. I mean, there's loads of great work in there. Great models, environments, etc. Top work all round. And I know companies want to make money, so they're going to be influenced by other products that are commercially successful and take ideas and techniques that have worked in other products. But they had a pretty decent looking game originally, which was already pretty derivative, then BoTW was released and they must have had a big meeting at the company and said 'oh shit, BoTW is different to the last Zelda, we ne
  13. Another random gem we stumbled across recently (after Comrade Detective, which nobody watched) - Bridget and Eamon, an Irish sitcom set in the 1980s. 1 minute in we thought 'this is going to be awful'. 5 minutes in, 'this is my new favourite sitcom!'. 4 seasons of 6 episodes each, getting increasingly daft. It's probably well known in Ireland.
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