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  1. The patch notes say that you now get loads more 'renown' for starting a New Game + game. What's the point of that? As far as I can tell, renown is only used to upgrade the statues in the monastery, and I thought the upgrades to the statues carried on from a completed game to the next? I'm about 80% of the way through, and have all but the last two upgrades on each statue, so they'll be close to being complete by the time I get to New Game +. Is there another use for Renown?
  2. Nah, he's not having a dig at Dark Souls. He's explaining how the the story of Dark Souls is clearly very political, even though it's all fantasy and dragons, and only given through snippits of lore in item descriptions etc., in response to someone taking the piss out of him by saying he's daft enough to think even the story of Sekiro is political (ie, someone who thinks claiming game stories are political makes you an idiot). It's a pale shadow of the greatest dark souls video ever made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7Td0aesimw
  3. Not played this remake, but Bard's Tale on the Atari ST was the first proper D&D style RPG game I ever played, and I absolutely loved it. Straight on the Steam wishlist now.
  4. The only problem with this (and it's the same for even some Switch-exclusive games, like Fire Emblem), the text looks too small for me in handheld mode. I agree with Scott that these massive time-sink games are perfect for the Switch, and I'd love to replay this, and sit in bed finishing off quests and wandering around the cities, but I'm just worried that I'll be struggling to read the UI if I do.
  5. Got to what I guess is the 'middle' point in the story on Friday.
  6. My favourite twist on this genre are the steam reviews that complain about replayabilty. Not Recommended: No replay value. (played, 235 hours)
  7. Hmm, that's odd. Just wandering around the monastery the month after Ignatz' death, and there's Ignatz loitering in the hall. I can talk to him, but he's no longer in my roster, and not listed in my support levels (I was previously at support level C with him), but he seems to be alive and well!
  8. Alas poor Ignatz, we barely knew you So, I lost my first pupil yesterday. It was actually quite snide how it happened, but figured I should live with it, as losing units is a part of the game. Also, Ignatz' hair cut was stupid and annoying. It's not really a spoiler, but will hide the explanation in spoiler tags just in case. Not too bothered, as Ignatz was one of the units recruited from another house. I've recruited about 4 now (not counting the teachers), and it's a bit of a double edged sword. It's harder to keep a bigger class of units levelled up, as more and more have to miss out on each battle, making choosing the squad for each battle quite a balancing act. I'm going to keep trying to recruit as many as I can though as I presume (without any advance knowledge of the story) that at some point we're going to have to fight each other, and I guess every student I can recruit from another house will weaken that house, even if they don't do much for me (or if I accidentally kill them off). What was odd, and I think someone mentioned it earlier in the thread, was how little fanfare there was about a character dying in battle. The game didn't mention it at all, so it didn't feel like it mattered too much. With all the millions of cutscenes they've got for every support level between every character pair, you'd think they could do a cut scene for the death of each character, or even just a single, generic 'funeral' cutscene, after the battle, showing with all the remaining characters from the school looking sad. And maybe a new spot in the graveyard. That would give the deaths much more impact.
  9. 30 odd hours in and I've finally recruited one character from the other houses (Bernadetta, who seems bobbins so far). Recruited four of the other teachers though. Shamir is amazing!
  10. Hmm, all this weight stuff is new to me. I don't think any of that was explained in the game.
  11. I think all my party were about level 8 or 9, and that guy in the middle was level 16, with no aggro range. I took that as a big hint to stay away from him, especially as the battle win condition wasn't to kill everyone ('rout the enemy'), but to get to the guy at the other end in xx turns.
  12. Over 20 hours in to this, and still loving it. (Quite a lot of time, seeing as I only got it Friday afternoon!) Not managed to recruit anyone else to my house yet, but I suspect I'm getting close. Only used ZL / rewind once, in a very early battle (only like the third one or something), where I came across a magic user enemy for the first time and didn't notice, and let my tank blunder in range and get roasted.
  13. You should still be able to return lost items though, even if you can't recruit that person?
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