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    Nope, I think my new one is probably the same as the one you already have.
  2. Lovely weather here in York. Bought a bunch of CDs and a few kids books. Only retro stuff I spotted was someone selling old Amstrad tapes, not my scene.
  3. Alexlotl


    Except for his American Press review, where he didn't read the instructions or watch any of the official videos, tried to guess how to use it ("I guess I push this down?"), made two cups of weak coffee and declared the thing a dud. First video of his I saw, and as someone enjoying using an American Press correctly, it put me off his channel for life. On a good coffee groove at the moment. Getting York Coffee Emporium's The Ninth blend as beans, and using my old Kyocera CM-45 hand-grinder to take it to french-press levels of coarseness. Two bodum scoops of beans is just right for on
  4. I benched a mighty 36 points this week (including Dallas), but fortunately Johnstone came in for the absent Nick Pope, reclaiming 15 of them. 57 points all out - not great, but I'll never grumble if I get 50+, and I'm soundly winning my family and work leagues.
  5. York boot is my local. It’s a big site, two fields split by an access road. It has a “No New” rule, which stops it just being an outdoor market, but nonetheless about 50% of the sellers are the same people every week - a mixture of antique dealers, house clearance companies, hobbyists and Gumtree/Facebook/Freecycle shitehawks. That said, the ones that keep their stock turning over can be worth checking every week. The other 50% is families and one-off sellers, which is where the real treasure is at. Generally speaking the regular/pro-traders arrive first and go around the outside o
  6. He shows off a pair at the end of Episode 3, but that’s pretty ancient, so he probably has something better by now. Thankfully the running commentary is added later, not recorded live.
  7. Just discovered LGR Thrifts on YouTube. Basically an affable geek wearing camera glasses, driving around thrift stores, and sifting them for interesting tech and games. It’s both some fascinating vicarious browsing, and a glimpse into the word of US thrift stores which are *huge*. “Yeah, this is just a little hole in the wall place, but they sometimes have good stuff”, he says, as he walks into something the size of a mid-90s UK supermarket. They also seems to sell absolutely everything - electronics and all. Looks pretty incredible, TBH. I have to admire hi
  8. I’d like an FPGA NES, and I could afford a Noir, but I don’t need the fancy features, and I’d be pissed off if they put out a cheap plastic HDMI-only version next year. I’ll pass.
  9. I find moist breath and the bottom of my t-shirt fixes most discs, with a wet glasses cloth the next step up. I’ll sometimes fully immerse a disc in water if it’s particularly bad. Don’t ever get discs made by Nimbus wet, though. The silkscreen will slough off and take the metallic surface with it. They’re pretty easily identified though, with “Mastered by Nimbus” in the matrix.
  10. I think Secret of Mana is a pretty hard slog unless you've got heaps of nostalgia for it and/or a second player. It's fairly unfinished, badly translated, and requires huge amounts of dull grinding to level up your weapons and magic. I gave it a try last year, covered in patches to fix some translation issues, bugs and reduce the grind, and it was still hard yakka, so I just gave up after a while. Looks and sounds great, though. Love that colour palette. Side note - I love Seiken Densetsu 3. People who really love SoM seem to dislike SD3, so maybe the opposite is also t
  11. I was watching the Ducktales shorts with my lad. There’s about 1 minute of content followed by 2 minutes of credits in every language under the sun, with no next episode marker. The app crashes a lot on my otherwise rock-solid Roku 3, too.
  12. Finally got around to finishing Indy & The Last Crusade in EGA, as this impressively garish sunset will attest. I was stuck for ages at the biplane scene as I kept not having time to connect a numpad-enabled keyboard up to my tenkeyless laptop. It's a really interesting, if very flawed, game. The cleverest part has to be the use of the pack-in grail diary, reference to which is required to solve the final puzzle in the game - picking the correct grail. Based on two (entirely missable!) clues earlier in the game, you can pin down exactly what the cup will look like.
  13. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betteridge's_law_of_headlines Also: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanlon's_razor
  14. I noticed Black Dog Tech (the modders behind PS1Digital) tweeted in response to this. Little indie mod companies like this don’t exactly rush to Analogue’s defence in general, so I’m guessing it genuinely sucks for everyone right now.
  15. Not much here - I’ve mostly been buying guitar gear and cheap classical music CDs. I did pick up a Mega Everdrive Pro in the Krikzz Black Friday sale, basically to give me SMS save states so I could beat Wonder Boy in Monster Land (MW1). Also picked up a few PS1 controllers and a memory card, just to squirrel away for the future. Oh, and 8bitdo 2.4Ghz controllers for my Mega SG & Super NT. I came pretty close to blowing £500 on a PS1 pre-modded with XStation and PS1Digital, but I ultimately couldn’t stomach it. TBH the Switch and the Mega SG are provid
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