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  1. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Dataminers have dug out how the gacha probabilties work, and it's quite interesting. Full details here, but here's a quick summary: When you start the game you randomly get given one of 5 probability tables for blades. The rarity of a given blade can vary enormously depending on which table you have. The infamously rare KOS-MOS has the same low probability in all five tables - all other blades vary. Each table has three "pity blades" - blades the game will give you at set thresholds if you're having a run of crappy luck with the random draws. In terms of the actual probabilty formula, crystal quality is most important thing by quite a long chalk, followed by idea level, followed by luck. The way boosters work is interesting. If you don't use a booster, only your largest idea score is put forward to the draw (i.e. increases the chance of getting a rare blade that matches those elements). But if you use a booster, then only your boosted idea is put forward, even if your other scores are higher. Here's a table of percentage probabilities IF you are using a legendary core, and have 999 luck and 15 in the relevant idea column. Actual percentages for a non-endgame character or one using common/rare cores will be much lower. Spoilered, as this includes the names of DLC blades. Note that KOS-MOS is still <1% even with a legendary core, 999 luck and 15 Idea score. Christ. Apparently you can roughly figure out which column you're in based on which blades you've got on the basis that you'll probably get all three pity blades quite quickly. I'm not sure which one I'm in - I have all the pity blades from column 1, but haven't seen hide or hair of Floren, Perun or Adenine, all of whom have high odds. Other possibility is column 4, and I'm yet to get my third pity blade (I just got Nim from a common after a looong dry patch... hmm!). I can also see I was lucky to get Zenobia early regardless. So, stuff that is true: Some blades are generally more common than others, e.g. Godfrey - but they're not more common on all columns. KOS-MOS is rarer than rocking-horse poo regardless. Luck is a factor, but not a huge one. Boosters do increase the chances of getting the corresponding elements. Stuff that isn't true: Having a rounded set of Ideas helps - only the biggest or the boosted score is considered. That there's some weighting in the formula to make it less likely to get a rare blade based on the number you have. This is nothing but depletion of the blade pool, so releasing unwanted rares won't make it more likely that you get KOS-MOS.
  2. I reiterate: people are collecting boxes, not games. Worth noting that this is a game you can’t even play on flashcarts due to the SA-1 chip, so this isn’t just the Everdrive effect.
  3. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Just opened 20 commons and 5 rares on the 4th character, trying to find Finch. Nothing but trash commons, and only one of them had a Merc Mission field skill (which I already had). Ah well, she’s got Kassandra, and I think I might overdrive Electra to her too.
  4. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Finished Chapter 4 tonight.
  5. Great albums released long after an artist's heyday

    Ha, I nearly posted exactly this earlier, while listening to The Tilt.
  6. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Still no official OST release, but hackers have figured out how to mine the original highish-quality music from the game. The problem is the tracks have no endings, designed as they are to play forever, so these versions are all 30 minutes long.
  7. Holy shit, nice find. I bought Supermacy back in the day. It was very flawed (felt like it needed more time in the oven), but great fun if you were a hardcore Star Wars nerd. I liked the way characters would randomly get picked to be force sensitive, so you’d end up with Jedi versions of Motti or Wedge.
  8. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Chapter 4 spoilers
  9. Nintendo Switch

    Double tap to turn it off, I think.
  10. Nintendo Switch

    You'll not be buying Hyrule Warriors Switch, then? EDIT: Sorry, HYRULE WARRIORS
  11. Nintendo Switch

    You could just stuff your zelda cart somewhere down the back of the sofa, then pretend you've already bought and lost the microcase.
  12. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    I was enjoying it a lot before Xenoblade 2 overwrote my brain. It’ll be the first thing I pick up once XC2 is done.
  13. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Yeah, I’d clocked that, but I had no idea what happened when it filled up. Did I have to push + to trigger it again? What actually was a full burst? Probably could have done with an extra tutorial, really.
  14. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Just did my first full burst! Accidentally drew aggro from some liony-griffiny things in Mor Adain, and got into a scrap with a whole pack of them. After a few minutes, I realised another one had joined who was twice the size of the rest - unique monster time! He was L32, the same as me, but didn’t seem to be doing terrifying damage. Took out all the regular mooks then started the process of getting orbs on him. Managed to get 5 on there - light, dark, water, electricity, wind (not sure how I failed to get earth on there, given that it’s my only repeated element). That took him down to about half an inch of health bar, so I went for the chain attack. Overkilled him in round 1 but just kept on battering. Well chuffed to finally see a Full Burst, as the tutorial where they first mentioned it made no sense at all. Turns out it just happens automatically if you burst enough orbs. Annoyingly I wasn’t quick enough to screenshot the damage summary at the end- I only know it started with an 8 (80,000? 800,000?). Time to push on with the plot a bit now, keen to get more drivers in the team.
  15. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Quite enjoying Kora now - I’ve got the hang of timing Nia’s knuckle cancels, and she does a lot of damage for a healer. Her passive that makes HP potions hang around for ages is really useful - with both her and Pyra generating them, there are always plenty. Fire off a special, then send Nia running around like a hare (self-healing as she goes, thanks to Kora’s other passive) gathering potions to heal the team. Also, Agate is hilarious when you fight insects. “Get that thing away from me! Away! I’m serious!”

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