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  1. I have no skin in this game, just got drawn in by the wonderful car-crash that it is. I was a Next backer, but sold my pledge on as I wasn’t happy with the direction the project was going in (less slightly-enhanced-HDMI-Speccy and more FPGA Soup). It does still look gorgeous, though.
  2. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    It was second hand from a real human, rather than from a suspiciously cheap overseas seller - I’d always avoid them for exactly this reason. I think the seller had probably bought from The afforementioned dodgy overseas lot, realised it was a fake and was trying to flip it while feigning ignorance. Cheeky fucker tried to claim that the controller in the photos I sent wasn’t the one he sent me, and that I’d swapped it out. He backed down after I threatened to open a dispute and I sent it back for a full refund. He probably sold it to someone else after that, but what can you do. I was amazed anyone was bothering to fake them, given the Wii U was a bit of a commercial bomb.
  3. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    Is anyone knocking out fake Switch Pro Controllers yet? That might explain the crap battery life. I got sold a fake Pro Controller for the Wii U back in the day, and had to play hardball with the eBay seller to get a refund. Looked the part, but felt wrong - too light and the sticks were flimsy.
  4. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    I can only see two possible explanations: There's a licencing/certification cost they don't want to incur. Putting the functionality in a separate peripheral means the hardcore can still have the functionality, but Joe Average doesn't end up having to subsidise them through higher hardware prices. Interesting reference point here is the original X-Box, which could (without hacking) only play DVDs with the remote add-on - the DVD Video logo was on the remote receiver itself, and it was the remote that carried the license cost. They don't want to be responsible for crappy wireless headphones with out-of-spec Bluetooth functionality interferring with the controllers. Sony get around this by selling the headphones/receiver as a bundle, so they have full control. Interesting datapoint is that the PSP/Vita consoles, as far back as the PSP Go, have Bluetooth headset support. But if the situation is #1, then it's possible the licensing restrictions are less stringent for mobile devices (or it's a more likely use-case, and thus worth the cost), while for #2, it uses a wired controller. If it is #2, then I wish they'd at least enable bluetooth headphones when playing handheld with attached controllers. That's the only circumstances in which I want to use it.
  5. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    Thought about talking the Switch somewhere else (e.g. work, outside) and seeing if the same problems happen? Would rule out interference in your flat. As you’re in a flat, your neighbors are probably pissing out seven shades of 2.4Ghz noise - wifi, Bluetooth, baby monitors, sky senders, etc - to the point where it barely matters what you do. It was bad enough when I lived in a terraced house.
  6. Only bad review I've seen is the Kotaku guy who hated Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Sounds good to me! Still playing XC2 mind, so I'll wait until someone falls off the Octopath hype train and lists it in trading.
  7. Alexlotl

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Finally got around to post-processing a photo I took in 2016. This was on my old Olympus EM-5 with 75-300mm lens - I've since sold both, and don't have anything with this reach anymore (packing a Pen F with nothing longer than 45mm, these days). Billing by Alex Holland, on Flickr Never been 100% happy with this image tonally (that brighter patch on the right steals the viewer's focus), but love the composition - I didn't even spot the egg until I downloaded the pictures to my PC. Switching to High Image Gradation in Olympus Viewer helped a lot. Could probably do better with NR and sharpening (it's ISO800, and the 75-300mm was a bit blunt at the long end), but hey, at least it's finally processed.
  8. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

  9. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    Isn’t that basically the game, rather than a patch? The actual gamecard’s pretty much just a download ticket, as I understand it. I know Nintendo need third parties badly, but I’m amazed they allow that shit. Make them pay the extra £1 per title for a bigger gamecard, for flips sake.
  10. Ooh, tempted. My favourite platform for pixel art, I think. That front cover is weird - it's clearly supposed to be A-Z, but they haven't settled on whether the letter is for the game or the character. D is Doctor Robotnik, F is Fantasy Zone, despite showing a picture of Opa Opa. G is Golden Axe, but shows Ax Battler, J is Joe Mushashi from Shinobi.
  11. Has anyone checked to see if the uploaded photos still have the exif data in them, complete with time stamp (and if you’re really lucky, GPS coords?) Not sure if Facebook auto-strips that stuff.
  12. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    I thought it was poor. Slight bit of 3D perspective detracts, rather than adds to the play, the 1P mode seemed crap and the multiplayer still felt barebones after a million patches. No real excuse for being worse than a 16-bit game. Sold it.
  13. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    What 802.11 standard does your router support, and how close to it is your Switch?
  14. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    I used to think that too, but in a Retro Gamer interview Cuisset said the MD was their primary target platform, and everything else was ported off that, even though the Amiga version came out first. Repeated in this Nintendolife interview.
  15. Alexlotl

    Reverse rose tinted glasses!

    Trust me, it’s A Thing. “SNES SPC is GOAT, MD is buzzy, metallic and distorted”. I’ve seen this line being rigidly taken on this forum, while I defended the controversial opinion that they’re each good for different things. Like I say, I think it’s more of a US thing on the whole - they would have played more US developed games with crap sound engines. My MD memories are basically Japanese developed games, EA stuff and Code Masters stuff.

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