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  1. Desuction derby 1 and 2 on PC for £2.95. would be even better if they worked on xp
  2. or you release a machine, hundreds of thousands (millions even) of people will rush out and by one (which they will, no arguments from anyone please) and then when they realise the battery life is dire they will all go out and by a new imroved battery (probably having bought a second battery at launch anyway) making even more moeny for sony
  3. i don't know about better driving but i was awarded 15,000 kudos point for the drive from my house to a mates
  4. because it needs a special display output
  5. PS2 - Amplitude, GT3, Gitaroo Man, eyetoy, PES 3, Xbox - Halo, PGR 1&2, Rallisport Challenge 2, GTA, GTAVC, ATV2, Moto GP 2, KOTOR, soul caliber 2 DOA3, DOAXBV GC - Eternal Darkness, Mario Kart, Wave race, Mario Sunshine, Lunigi's mansion, Wario World, Zelda Wind waker, Freekstyle, Monkey ball 1 & 2, Animal crossing PC - Halo, Far cry, Halflife, Star Wars Galactic battlgrounds, track mania, call of duty, Star wars Galaxy, Hyper blade, Grand Prix legends GBA - Advanced wars 1 & 2, mario Kart, wario Ware, Kuru Kuru Kurin, Tony Hawks, Can't think of any more
  6. monsta

    Rhythm games

    hmm rythm action amplitude hmmm Where did i put my disc? and my PS2 for that matter?
  7. monsta

    Social Gaming

    I was sat iby my pool wondering a similar thing. Would the image from the projector be visible enough in daylight to watch the engalnd match from in my pool. The trials and tribulations
  8. monsta

    Social Gaming

    Anyone who's in Guernsey (yes that little dot somewhere between engalnd and france does have Electicity/TV/broadband is welcome to join me for the first of thins years bbq's/pissups This years special features include a live accoustic performance by the Mid Carson Coalition (i may even grab the mike for few numbers A projector and 12ft screen showning the opening match of E2004 along with the engalnd france match if the party is still giong on the sunday 4 xboxs and 16 player halo/motogp and anythin else we can find Yes party type gaming is great Back to topic. Its is great and its suprising who plays the games at thes eevents. most of my mates are real non gamers but normally end up enjoying a bti of multi player fun. trying to decide whether singstar should play a part in the evenings proceedings. Could be fun once the booze has bee flowing for a while.
  9. As the man above me says Sony had it sorted last time because everyone belived their hype (nearly everyone, i would like to say that i didn't fall for the hype. I was interested in what was coming but anyone who knew anything could tell that the pre launch photos were............. sorry back to topic) They managed to con thousands of people into pre ordering a console which they hadn't played on and in many cases hadn't seen. The problem is that a lot of these people still believe this hype. They believe that the PS2 is the best console out there (it has some good games, as do the other consoles, thsi isn;t a i hate playstation rant) and they will believe whatever sony say in the run up to launch. If they launch first they will have a jump on the market, hardcore gamers will rush out and buy it to join the next generation. Casuals will jump in when the see the next gen Fifa/tomb raider/ GTA. If they launch last they will repeat their plan from the PS2. Every time one of the others makes an announcement in the run up to their launch Sony will counter with a render of supposed in game graphics (anyone else remeber the shots of tekan 3). On launch day for the xbox2 there will be a big press conference announcing how great PS3 is and that it will have the greatest graphics any one will ever see. The same will happen on every major game release day then in the run up to launch they will claim that stock will be limited so everyone should really go out and pre order one now (just before christmas 2005 when everyone woudl be considering buying one of of the others .) even though there 3 months to wait not that i'm bitter about the death of the dreamcast. A console that can still hold its own sorry off topic again ok i think you all get my point
  10. monsta

    PSP Addons

    If it flipped down over the screen all the letters would be upside down
  11. Isnt the fact that they said that XIII was woth £19.99 count as trades description and false advertising. Since when has what is essentialy a demo disc been worth 20 quid
  12. wan't the main problem that sony purchased the license for F1 and so if it had been relesed it would have been unofficial and not be able touse the proper tracks/cars. As atari knows that people only buy games with a licence, they decided it wasn't worth their bother
  13. How about xbox releses for all the great dreamcast games and megadrive
  14. It had some colol ideas, some great weapons and cool vehicles but suffered from hideously long load times (i could set it running and go and make a cup of tea and be back intime to start, slight exageration). I can't really comment on the game as a whole because it arrived in the same post as Far cry and UT2004 which have swallowed all my pc gaming time (even UT04 has been ignored slightly because of far cry and learning unreal ed)
  15. Sounds good I'll be in for a fivers worth if i can persuade paypal to let me sign up they never let me load money in the past
  16. Genius I doff my cap to you all. I'm gutted i missed the boat as i would loved to have joined in on this. count me in for the next one. by the way, slightly off topic, has anybody done a goldeneye mod for any of the major FPS's. I've been learning unreal ed and i'm pretty sure throwing the levels together wouldn't be a major hassle. Just the rest of the stuff i don't know how to do.
  17. I used to love it when i worked in a local indie telling kids they were not allowed to buy whyich ever game. Maybe i'm just a mean person
  18. I think i will try to steal two the office video projectors, invite round 7 of my mates (none of whom are better at halo than me) and settle in for an all night halo pizza and beer night.
  19. Pilotwings oh and that mega CD game with the scantily clad women and dodgy FMV - nightsomething
  20. monsta

    psp import

    depend if sony add some form of region protect, which is likely I bought an import cube then nintendo started clamping down on imports and my local importer had to stop If not then it depends on price
  21. Sorry forgot to add my links for the games i was playing last night Page full of flash games Strange penguin game - brilliant Let the list begin
  22. I went into my local indie yesterday, as i seem to do way to frequently, is it bad that i know the guy's in there better than most of the people i work with and that i speak to them more often then some of my mates, something for me to think about later probably. Anyway back to the point they had no new decent games in and all the older stuffd they have i already have and dont feel like playing at the moment. So i got home and started looking for games on the internet. That weird nausea inducing dolphin game killed a few minutes, a strange penguin/yeti baseball game a few more and then i stumbled upon a page of flash games. Some of these are rubbish others mildly distracting. So to save my random searching can anybody recommend either any flash/shckwave games for play online or any games available for download. Please list your suggestions below. perhap we could compile a list of the best free games around Monsta
  23. Can i suggest ctrlfreek.co.uk and can i also offer the corresponding web address for sale Monsta (i am planning to do something with it but you all know what trying to find the time is like)
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