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  1. Oh no! i have just finished watching all the seasons on more 4 and did the last ep this morning I thought this thread was bumped because s8 was being announced f my optimism!
  2. I want to get it right, im in love with the trainer and i think she will lose interest if my age keeps going up! thanks for the tips tomorrow is another day
  3. I am unable to make it register a duck or weave at all. I literally score zero so i have been into the training and nope. I can make it work if i just drop my arms but this isn’t ideal. i can score all the punches in case i come across as too much of a cabbage just adding this as a chat: years ago when i was still fit as a fiddle from triathlon i went to a boxercise class. First circuit i was punching like superman. Second circuit, hmmm. Third circuit i was weak as a kitten. It was incredible how my strength disappeared so so quickly
  4. I love the concept of this but it doesn’t register defensive moves, even a duck its very frustrating
  5. I bought this in the eshop sale and bought the dlc assuming it was for online play. It isn’t, it is local only Regrets
  6. Cheers! finished, more games like this please universe
  7. I have been flicking through the twitch video, are you part of the bee side?
  8. I love this thread it is the modern version of all quiet on the western front
  9. Can i ask what is at stake if you die in this?
  10. That was great, as was the don't you know who i am and when you are on my station you follow my rules is that crystal clear i had no idea how great the game looks, large scale battles must be utter confusion
  11. Im hooked on this and i have never played Eve or even seen what it looks like Worried that these transmissions could be intercepted by the other side Also, are you the good guys?!
  12. Unsolved mysteries ep 1 has 2 mysteries for the price of one: the flip flop faller and also how the man in charge of building maintenance for the Belvedere didn’t spot a hole in the roof and a corpse for 6 days.
  13. Just got this for switch and it’s brilliant but omg you have to love pain! Makes me think of Frank being torn apart in Hellraiser and enjoying the rush im still trying to get past the tree run and gun i cant believe
  14. Am i too late to the party if i get this now? Seems perfect to play on a lite?
  15. The penultimate ep of season 2 has a hat in it of transcendent majesty but the final ep takes hats into the stratosphere
  16. Confession: I didn’t really understand season 2
  17. Many thanks! I have been trying to do this on and off for years and thus far I haven't been very successful, I'd say 5 or 6/10 levels It's as if there is one really important thing missing - for example, the Chinese cooking I have tried I have never been able to get that amazing smoky wok flavour. Let's give this a try! The only recipe I have that does genuinely taste exactly as per BIR is one for prawn puri, let me know if it is worth digging out and posting here?
  18. It's a shame how this ended up. When it started I was doubtful how it could go on open ended ad infinitum and I don't think it has been able to do so effectively. I also think the people making the programme are spending a lot of time reading social media commentary and feeding this back into it in a loop of self perpetuating drivel. At first the assumption was that the walking dead were the zombies but then came the revelation that this term referred to the survivors. Perhaps in a final twist we the viewers are the REAL walking dead?
  19. I’m 20 mins into ep1 and the background music is incredibly similar to the Simpson’s theme tune
  20. Definitely agree with diminishing returns on over analysing! For me if something “takes me out of it “ whilst I’m watching it’s worse than something I think of later. what does fascinate me is that in general there doesn’t seem to be a part of the process where someone’s job is to say hold on a minute... I did love how they captured the Terence fisher / hammer lighting in the dream sequences I really thought it looked amazing and reminded me very much of the masque of the red death
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