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  1. I have collected from tradeshows a few generic squishy humanoids which i turned into star trek next gen figures This gives me the vaguest incentive to go, so i can collect more and complete the crew
  2. I feel a bit better now then! next up is why
  3. Can i ask a question, something I don’t get
  4. Sometimes looking forward to things like this keeps me going!
  5. I have, for sourdough pizza base. It was a lot of faff and I didn't think it was justified in the end. I agree with Unle Mike above, the starter relies on "yeasts in the air" and is therefore a bit random
  6. Yes! I have had a go at this and made these earrings and keyrings by making them with air dry clay then replicated with silicone mold I found robert tolone great on YouTube, it helped me understand you need a spout to pour in and that a cylinder mold is good, i used a toilet roll i made some with resin (from a different stained glass project) and some from a liquid designed for mold making. Mistakenly bought the quick drying version first and this was so quick I didn’t have time to pour and tap etc before it had hardened i also made a vacuum creatubg device from a jam jar, oversized syringe and a fish tank valve. It was shit. big mistake i made was the first heads ears were pierced, so if course the mold sealed through the gap and the original was unremovable i want to make more things like this and really want ti make model kits but have no idea how
  7. @EighthoursJust to say thanks for the very kind reply, which I am absorbing but didnt want to leave it too long before saying thanks!
  8. I hesitate to ask this as it is so basic But... does anyone have any tips on how to take an idea and spin it out to proper length? I have read Stephen Kings on writing and whilst it has a tonne of great tips and insight his method of writing without much mapped out seems hard to replicate and not what the bulk of authors do?
  9. Apart from my opening guess we did exactly the same!
  10. Oh mighty stallion of the stars! Can we jump together the fences of Mars? How I yearn to be free of this place! Can I join your gallop in infinite space? Can we race comets through the milky way? The answer from the heavens is neigh,neigh ,neigh and so i am left to bear the disgrace one question remains:why the long face?
  11. A great find, thanks. Very moving.
  12. I thought this was going to be a mash up of home alone and sweet home, the recent korean horror on Netflix. Disappointed/10
  13. Loving Mr Benn and Bagpuss on amazon prime, the craftsmanship is top notch! Needs the clangers next as I was forced to watch it on youtube with some stupid distracting logo in the corner. The opening narration was really erudite, way more complex than you might expect for children.
  14. @Skeeez, @danbot PM me for where to send the prize, I promise not to turn up for Christmas but completely get it if you prefer not Next year I can see that this may need to be harder, I'm thinking Horror Door knobs? Horror letter boxes?!
  15. Wooooh! Time to announce the winners! Here is a complete list of the answers: 1. It 2. The Shining 3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4. The Exorcist 5. Nosferatu 6. Nightmare on Elm Street 7. Lake Mungo 8. Masque of the Red Death 9. The Omen 10. Jaws 11. Hellraiser 12. Reanimator 13. Rosemary’s Baby 14. The Beyond 15. Dawn of the Dead 78 16. House (1986) 17. Suspiria 18. The Relic 19. Pulse 20. Q The Winged Serpent There is one clear winner : @Nick R - Only joking! The Winner is @Skeeez , really amazing knowledge! Please PM me and I will send the prize you choose! Second place: @danbot, Nice one Please PM me and I will send the second prize Third place: @Commander Jameson, I will send the NFT via msg Honourable mention: @AstroBot, you gave it 100% and that's all anyone can ask
  16. I also had issues with prime so I went with shudder direct. One interesting gotcha for me is that Cronenburgs Rabid IS on Shudder Prime and not on shudder!
  17. Really Nice work! 3 more and the gates of hell will fully open and we will writhe in agony for eternity. However, the remaining three HORROR DOORS are 666 times harder (two are v v v hard, for door 20 the queue of people unable to answer it would snake right round the block!)
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