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  1. Monster club 1980 troll hunter creepshow (too much?) Attack the block Killer clowns (too much?) goosebumps tremors the gate frighteners
  2. I started watching this but became extremely bored and stopped about halfway through. It didn’t feel like it had anything to say and was created with the same energy you would apply to something you have to do rather than want to do. I think the original film worked because Frank(?) wanted to push the boundaries of experience “it’s never enough “ . When he is ripped apart he is at the nexus of extreme pleasure and pain and there is an intimate relationship between the torturer(s) and their victim. They are both getting something. then after this the films basically become stock serial killer with hooks. Film 3 is pinhead killing first a young woman who has nothing to do with the box etc and later a whole nightclub of random people. I think this misses the entire concept of the cenobites or at least my concept of why they work.
  3. this monthly updates is awesome thanks @Stopharage
  4. Thanks! I had no idea there was a new project zero and I love them It's not on sale though
  5. Anything good in the latest sale?
  6. Totally, it even has a scrapbook you can read to catch up if you fancy. Doesn’t need any prior knowledge.
  7. A prototype earring, not too sure its quite right yet (nose too big, not stretched enough, too big overall) . i thought was quite fun but my wife couldn’t see what it was meant to be
  8. does anyone know if this will have a physical switch release pls?
  9. Thats one thing they got right about him this should be the tagline they use for the show!
  10. Its vampires with…Jamie Foxx…
  11. Me too! i wonder what call of duty will be like
  12. This is in my pile now and when I get to it in August 2062 it had better be good!
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