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  1. I am on 23 attempts and have made it passed the first boss (her name begins with m?) once i can post this now as the tear icon has gone
  2. Just in a chew the fat way, here are some questions i am not sure of:
  3. I saw the sequel and wondered if it was a tiny bit of a cash in , fully agree a dlc option would be better
  4. Thanks for this advice @Oh Danny Boy, it has made all the difference - I only miss a few weaves here and there now instead of literally missing Every duck, weave and dodge. I think it would have been really fun to train properly in boxing if I had my time again. The first few times I had to weave I nearly fell over (!) ----------- After todays session I offered to wash Sakura's gym kit as I have just bought a new washing machine but she declined my offer of a full load. Then she quipped that my jabs were so good I could take a class of my own and we shared a good laugh
  5. The stream is great! I stopped watching as im new and didn’t want spoilers do you get
  6. Oh no! i have just finished watching all the seasons on more 4 and did the last ep this morning I thought this thread was bumped because s8 was being announced f my optimism!
  7. I want to get it right, im in love with the trainer and i think she will lose interest if my age keeps going up! thanks for the tips tomorrow is another day
  8. I am unable to make it register a duck or weave at all. I literally score zero so i have been into the training and nope. I can make it work if i just drop my arms but this isn’t ideal. i can score all the punches in case i come across as too much of a cabbage just adding this as a chat: years ago when i was still fit as a fiddle from triathlon i went to a boxercise class. First circuit i was punching like superman. Second circuit, hmmm. Third circuit i was weak as a kitten. It was incredible how my strength disappeared so so quickly
  9. I love the concept of this but it doesn’t register defensive moves, even a duck its very frustrating
  10. I bought this in the eshop sale and bought the dlc assuming it was for online play. It isn’t, it is local only Regrets
  11. Cheers! finished, more games like this please universe
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