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  1. Good enough for me, job done and thanks! Maybe hopefully be one of the reviews you cover! Cheers
  2. Is this going to be worth getting (switch) as the feedback for 1 and 2 on console was not great?
  3. A bit Super Hero'd out now , didn't like the following of ep1:
  4. Thanks i had not heard of gorgo , have now looked him up and there is a slight resemblance to Godzilla
  5. I need 4 , can think of king kong and empire state, q the winged serpent and chrysler , eiffel tower must have one?! and ...
  6. Looks crap and i hope they (the characters) all die and evil takes over
  7. The original is free on switch with capcom arcade (free) right now On replaying this i think that the knight is interrupted In flagrante delicto at the start m’lud
  8. I dont want to stink up the dedicated golf thread with this but golf games : hold A, release done
  9. And there is no way to sell on a game you don’t like
  10. Im going to get this in the full knowledge that I will make no progress and give up in a week-cant wait!
  11. I cant decide if this is clever and insightful , a series of random montages , a piss take or all three
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