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  1. My Nintendo ID is smilingkenshi. Add me!
  2. Is it just because I don't follow games stuff much, or has the industry's collective response to this been deafening silence? And by industry I don't a few games blogs that actually can be bothered to call B.S. on the hate campaign that is GamerGate. I haven't seen or heard any response from any big developer or publisher. Am I missing something? Or is there really no concerted industry response to this? If its the latter, then it's shameful and ridiculously short-sighted.
  3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/retailandconsumer/9001753/HMV-to-scale-back-video-games.html
  4. Because: i) they've played enough Zelda, Mario et al games already, and can always go back and play their old ones if they want a fix. ii) they'd like to see Nintendo apply their amazing games design skills on something new, and see what they come up with.
  5. No more sequels, please. I'd be much happier if Valve released something new instead of Half Life 3, although thats probably the only sequel I have any intention of buying. How about some new worlds. new characters and maybe even some new gameplay mechanics?
  6. Game of the Year Deus Ex Hall of Shame Sequels and lack of imagination demonstrated by the games industry as a whole. Notable mention to EA and their plans for Syndicate. Best Mobile Game Cut the Rope
  7. I dont think the layout and quality of HMV stores are doing them any favours either. HMV now seems to stock just about anything and everything. And it smacks of half-hearted desperation. A half-arsed (and mostly deserted) electronics section. Half-arsed book section and merchandise section . A (busy) games section that feels cramped because of a lot of store space is being made for those other sections. Big piles of DVD box sets. At a time when the retail experience is becoming more and more important, HMV shop's are getting more and more miserable by the day. (All the above observations gleaned from the HMV shops I actually visit: main Oxford Street branch and the one on Piccadilly Circus).
  8. Kenshi


    Awesome, thanks for posting that. Would be interested in checking out the animation forum too, if you could supply a link that would be great. Thanks.
  9. Amazing. Well the same creative team was responsible for the Supergirl strip in Wednesday Comics (the collected edition of which I am going to get.) They also apparently did a Terra graphic novel, so I'm going to have to check that out too. But that's all I've got on Connor. Will have to try and find more. Edit: A fan on the neogaf forum did this thread, demonstrating some of Connor's amazing work. Check it out: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=396273 Oh and I had a look at the Powergirl thread on the DC forum, looking to see what the haters were saying. I should have guessed: they hated the art (they wanted a pin-up artist like Benes to do the book) and they hated the writing (apparently the character wasn't bad ass enough and should have been killing everyone). I suspect it didnt feature enough staplers, and the only cat in the series was far too alive for their tastes too.
  10. Does he start beating her with a dead cat and a stapler on the next page?
  11. Power Girl issue #12: Gray, Palmiotti and Conner’s run on Power Girl ends on a fitting high. A great fun read, like every other issue they’ve delivered. I got into this series late - I mean, come on, a Power Girl comic?! It’s difficult to take seriously a character who’s design seems to be about her enormous and conveniently on display rack. But I kept hearing praise for the series, so I checked it out and then started buying it regularly and picked up the trade of the issues I missed. It’s probably the most fun read in superhero comics today. The art is fantastic - Amanda Conner breathes life into every character with her fantastic ability to draw expressions amazingly well. Unlike most superhero comics out these days, it’s a title that stands alone. It’s not part of any moronic money spinning cross over, you don’t need to know anything about the characters or their back stories. The writing is fun and witty. And yet, somehow, this creative team’s run is at an end on this book. The best superhero comic on the market today has just come to an end. Well done DC... well done.
  12. This week I picked up: Siege #3 Powers #2 and #3 I enjoyed the first two issues of Siege... a pretty straightforward tale of everything being smashed to bits with ultraviolence. Siege 2 ended on a great, dramatic note. More epic ultraviolence and super-heroics were bound to follow right? Siege 3 is super impressive because they took that dramatic high of Siege 2 and followed it up with the most boring comic I have read in a while. And that's really saying something, as I recently read JLA: The Lightning Saga. Even Coipel's art and layouts didn't seem that good this issue. Having also recently read Bendis's work on the New Avengers (utter crap), I was beginning to think maybe he had completely forgotten how to write. The recent issues of Powers aren't anything special, but they are still miles better than anything I have seen Bendis do at Marvel. So after Siege 4 I am going to ditch Marvel books again (with the possible exception of Thor), and start getting Powers regularly. Powers is no where near as good as it used to be though. Oeming's darker art style is just depressing as fuck.
  13. I had this: http://www.waitrose.com/recipe/French_Toas...ruit_Syrup.aspx earlier. It's utterly awesome.
  14. What a great episode - pure fun all the way through. Zatanna is amazing.
  15. I read the Wonder Woman: Rise of the Olympian trade this week. Verdict: Pretty goddamned epic. It kind of loses some momentum towards the end for a bit, and I suspect I would have enjoyed this story even more if I knew more about Wonder Woman as a character. But even having said that, this is a great read. It's one of those stories like Kingdom Come, that depicts Wonder Woman as a character with some real purpose: a soldier with a mission. From this and some of the stuff in Secret Six (not counting the current god-awful Blackest Night related issues), I'm beginning to think Gail Simone might be the best writer in comics these days.
  16. Just didnt like this issue of Batman and Robin at all. A lot of this is due to the art which I dont think suits the character at all. The best bit of the art is Cameron's renderings of Batwoman, which for some reason look pretty good. But some of the other panels - including some of the fight scenes - just seem very off. Story was weak sauce too. Worst issue of Batman and Robin yet. Even the issues with Tan's appalling artwork, the story had something. Disappointing considering the cover and promo-art images hold the promise of something so much more BAD ASS. I also picked up Secret Six 18. This issue is proof that even Gail Simone & John Ostrander can't save a relatively obscure DC title from being dragged down into the pits by association with BLACKEST NIGHT.
  17. So what is your preferred dev tool of choice? And what is your one amazing tip about said tool? I spent the last day or so trying to get emacs to be all ninja with Objective-C and Xcode, but I've thrown in the towel (for now) and am actually learning how to use Xcode properly. I only bothered to learn how to customise the code templates today. Some handy little things to know: - In scope editing mode. Select the thing you want to change in the whole scope. Hit CTRL + CMD + T and then edit the text to change all occurrences in that scope. - The Open Quickly command is indispensible: Shift + CMD + D
  18. Can anyone on Smallville act? And yes, Smallville is rubbish on a great number of levels. But it has something that keeps me watching it. It's guilty TV pleasure at its best/worst.
  19. This week I broke my rule on crossover storylines and bought issues of Blackest Night AND Siege. I enjoyed some of the early Blackest Night issues. The thing with the Black Rings resurrecting/zombifying dead heroes was quite nicely done. I think by about issue 4 it gets into the usual different coloured lanterns rubbish, so I think its squandered a lot of its potential, but I guess thats all part and parcel of a crossover story. Namely the need to somehow branch out and include as many different characters and titles as possible. I've been wanting to read a Marvel title for quite some time now, and have only been reading Thor because it was the only thing that wasn't stuck in some sort of crossover/continuity hell. Siege nicely put an end to that. So I bought the first two issues of Siege. Coipel's art is as amazing as always. I dont really know any of the characters other than the Asgardian ones, so I'm probably missing a load of backstory stuff. In fact I had to hunt around on Wikipedia to try and find out more (eg: I actually thought it was Wolverine taking part in the attack on Asgard - not his son who is pretending to be him. Or something). Sure I kind of enjoyed Siege (mostly because of the art and THAT incident in issue 2), but both series just reinforce why I am so opposed to crossover series in comics: - they compromise any chance of consistent, good story telling - they are designed to get you to buy as many different comics as possible to try and piece together the full story - they fuck up every single title you were already reading - they make comics even more impenetrable for people not already reading them It's so lame that pretty much every DC and Marvel book is now in some way tied up into some crossover or the other. This would be a great time for some other publisher to put out some high quality superhero titles that you can just enjoy on a title by title basis.
  20. Hated the special. It was dull as fuck. Basing a feature length special around a load of characters that no one cares about (sorry JSA fans!) was just a brain dead decision. I was surprised by just how little time was spent on the actual Smallville characters. I don't get the whole thing where people think Smallville should slavishly follow the comics and films that went before it. I think the whole show should just continue going in its own direction, and keep making the occasional nod and wink to the "classic Superman" themes and characters. I don't watch Smallville because I want a faithful retelling of the classic Superman - I watch it for what it is.
  21. Yes its awesome. Not as awesome as you think it is, but its definitely great.
  22. Apparently in the US the only place to get comics these days is in specialty stores. The exception being licensed stuff which is often sold at games shops too. So you have this thing where the comics industry is just eating itself alive: - selling the same old product to the same people... - ...via the same sales channels (ie specialist comics shops) - ...trying to maximise those sales by using crossover events (which only some subset of the existing fans are going to give a rats ass about) So its no surprise that the licensed stuff absolutely hammers the shit out of the regular stuff. It has wider distribution, piggy backs off more mainstream media, and features characters/environments that more people seem to give a fuck about (seriously - does anyone know who the fuck half the characters are in Marvel & DCs B and C-list teams? Also does anyone care?). Even the comic book films dont help comics out. Iron man, Batman et al might do great stuff at the box office, but it doesnt drive people into comics shops to buy regular, monthly titles. At best it might get people to pick up a graphic novel or trade paperback from a book shop. Todd McFarlane was way ahead of the curve with his toy line branching out ASAP into sports and movie licenses. The man recognised the ghetto industry that is comics and was quick to branch out. As for the talent working on those titles - I imagine they like getting a nice pay day, even if they don't like the work. I'm sure Bendis is loving the money he gets working on Marvel stuff, even if he would rather be writing Powers or other stuff. My only hope is that digital distribution of comics via ebooks and tablets is going to help rectify a lot of the issues in the market today. I know of at least a few comics creators who are just waiting for that to happen. Having said all of the above, I will say I bought some comics this week. They were almost all Batman titles, bar for one Grant Morrison Vertigo title. I'd take more chances with the stuff I read if it was cheaper. Honest.
  23. Nice idea. January £0 so far. Tempted by Darksiders or Uncharted 2 though, but am going to try and hold out until they drop in price.
  24. Toss up between the Gamecube pad or that of the 360. I think the 360 pad wins out because it just feels more solid - but its a close run thing.
  25. Started reading Absolute Edition Justice last night, and am about half way through. Goddamned this is the format to read a book with Alex Ross art. The story is damned good too. Enjoying this a lot. (Oh and you can pick up this book for around £40 instead of the ridiculous £75 RRP. I got my copy from the bookdepository) UPDATE: So I finished reading this last night. I enjoyed it a lot, and its a good story (with great art - Alex Ross haters wont appreciate it obviously), but.... ...by the third volume I really think crisis fatigue started to set in. This was compounded by the fact that there were loads of huge battles taking place. Even in the larger format, its hard to work out everything thats going on, follow the action or even particularly care about the action unfolding on the page. This is a real contrast to some of the conflicts in the earlier volumes where you just have a few characters being put through the ringer. So a disappointing, if predictably OTT and epic final act. I think most of the time its the smaller, more personal conflicts that are more exciting and epic, especially if they are taking place within the backdrop of larger action. I don't think they really pulled this off here. But the final couple of pages, the epilogue, was pretty great. This book is so close to being as much of an epic as Kingdom Come, but just misses out. It's one hell of a ride though, and some of the scenes are just awesome. I don't think I've read any book where the villains seem so... dangerous. So if you haven't read this, I suggest you get it and read it. In Absolute Edition format if you can. 4 Gs Daz.
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