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  1. Use French bread ends - scoop out the soft bread in the middle and then layer chili and some grated cheese and eat the thing like a monstrous delicious sandwich/ Chili Dog (without the pesky sausage)
  2. I wonder if Mojo could be involved? Classic Xmen villain and would sit in the whole tv show angle, and setting the scene for multiverse
  3. (Taps Stars and Stripes tie) Have a guess what mine was...... ”Shamelessly stolen from one of the greatest men who ever lived”
  4. It’s going to be Secret Wars, and we will get The Beyonder as the overarching big bad through several movies
  5. Im a new digital subscriber, does anyone know how long it takes to appear on the app? I would have thought it would have appeared there before the hard copies started landing
  6. bloodywolf

    SNES Mini

    There will obviously be a cheat code that you input to access the alternate versions of games such as Probotector, Star Wing and also the secret game: Super R-Type
  7. Anyone catch the Banshee reference in episode 7? Newspaper shows Sugar Bates winning the boxing cruiser weight title, yes THAT Sugar Bates This means that they are in the same world and different time periods, maybe we will see a younger Rabbit show up?
  8. Going on Saturday, very excited Anyone got an idea how much the attendance normally is?
  9. Vivino is a great app One thing to watch out for on Italian wines, is a little label that reads either DOC or DOCG DOC has certain stipulations about the wine that should mean theoretically a good wine however DOCG the extra G is for guarantee and means that the wine is guaranteed to be a certain quality and it can be a good indicator when browsing supermarket shelves Also, the best wine in the world is Brunello di Montalcino
  10. Think I've decided and I am going to go for this one (well I will get 2, one just for chips) http://www.delonghi.com/en-gb/products/kitchen/kitchen-appliances/deep-fryers/premiumfry-f34512cz-0125537707
  11. You are a man after my own heart, how is the rapeseed oil? I was considering using beef dripping I will definitely check out that Tefal Filtra
  12. How is the food from the actifry? I'm a bit sceptical about these healthy fryers
  13. I know it's wrong but I am giving in, so what is the best on the market at the moment? Looking for 2, one solely for chips, one for everything else Needs to be cleanable (dishwasher) Cool to touch would be nice Easy to drain would be great as well Any recommendations?
  14. bloodywolf


    It's good as part of the spice mix for goat or lamb curry, not too much as it can be overpowering
  15. Anyone got any recommendations for a good leave in probe?
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