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  1. Can you not play through any level that you've completed as any of the three?
  2. Little bit of paranoia about the lack of PS5 footage.
  3. @Zael Hey man. I looked at your channel and found the Sekiro series. I've started watching episode one which is great so far. You have a great voice and the kind of relaxed style that I like. Nice work man.
  4. Wipeout on PSVR absolutely blows me away. The sense of unbelievable scale and the ridiculous movement that has me physically reacting in my chair. I love it.
  5. I love that there are so many replies to Bethesda's shitty tweet calling it out for the utter bullshit that it is.
  6. A legendary Sandevistan with a roughly 2 second cool down, 16 in Athletics, Street Brawler and Cold Blood and 18 in Blades and a fully upgraded Byakko allows me to comfortably go toe to toe with a endless Max Tac on very hard. I have a Hacking V and a berzerk V but I love my Ghostrunner V the most. I attacked a big group earlier and one guy reassured his colleagues "She's wounded!" half a second (in their time) before they were all dead on the floor. Also a fantastic little Judy related story thing happened to me while I was cleaning up NC. I don't want to spoil anything but I'm so many hours (...runs) in now and I'm still regularly surprised by the game.
  7. I really hope that something comes of Mick Gordon's statement. Not seen any response from Stratton. Maybe he's not engaging in the hope of it going away as quickly and quietly as possible. With the considerable evidence of his wrongdoing and the damage to Gordon's reputation it'd be really shitty if it just went away.
  8. I'm not sure if this is a relatively new thing but Pacifica is now a great place to get a lot of xp. No police, so when you cause a decent bit of trouble you get constant people coming after you instead of Max Tac.
  9. I played Dark Souls unpatched on 360 for at least a couple of runs. I never found the Blight Town frame rate much of a problem. The point where you kick the ladder down in New Londo Ruins actually sees frames stop for a moment, but even that just became part of playing to me. Stop, wait, carry on.
  10. Just keep in mind you can't really be efficient in crafting until you get some of the later perks in the tree that make it cost less etc. But you've gotta start somewhere.
  11. Hey man. I just mean a place where I can get a supply of materials (using the advance time) so that I can craft and upgrade as much as I want.
  12. @K Yeah that's my regular crafting station. I actually bought one of each of those records on my current run. Every time I break down junk I need to avoid my treasured vinyl collection that I carry around in my big yellow coat while chopping up gangoons.
  13. ...yeeaah I won't be following in these footsteps any time soon.
  14. Like everyone that watched Edgerunners, (Even those of us with a hundred plus hours of play) I'm currently running my first dedicated Sandevistan build. As with my previous run I'm following the local kid slowly but surely going district by district. My god it's amazing and so easy that it's tantamount to cheating. Helps that I got legendary optical camo very early on which acts as a nice breather if I need it for Sandy cooldown or stealth sans hacks. Very satisfying when some Sandy using enemy comes for me, I turn mine on and ruin their day. Very close to getting the last elements of cyberware (second heart etc) I need now to make my V just about unkillable.
  15. @bradigor That's cool that you're enjoying it like that but maybe spend an evening or so in full control to play with stuff like baton pass etc.
  16. That advert is fucking terrible. Really so bad.
  17. I find the continued use of QTEs disappointing. They seem to be placed over some spectacular scene that you then can't watch and enjoy because you're having to remain vigilant for the prompts. If for whatever reason you can't just have it as a normal part of the game, make it intuitive. Playing lots of Yakuza at the moment. When you want me to QTE dodge a punch at the start of so many fights, forget the prompt and just let me press the existing dodge button within a reasonable window. Why am I pressing my heavy attack button to dodge?
  18. Glad you're enjoying it @TehStu. Definitely something truly great about the game.
  19. danbot

    Job simulators

    One of, if not the best bit of Shenmue was the forklift driving. I remember feeling a disproportionate amount of pride every time I smashed my box moving quota. If someone made a more fleshed out game of that I'd certainly consider paying good money for it.
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