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  1. He was found out on his Dead Cells review but it seems people are uncovering more: http://08/11/former-ign-reviewer-responds-to-plagiarism-allegations-not-at-all-intentional It's crazy that anyone would attempt this , in this day and age, but maybe it's actually quite easy to get away with and fairly common. Well, he's lost his job but seems unrepentant.
  2. You need a good wolf trap, a decent slicer/turret and some patience apparently. Occasionally I have 1 of the three.
  3. I remember a time, I used to have patience. These days you can find me flailing around, ignoring any useful info until I get lucky.
  4. How do I use any weapons that I unlock via blueprint?
  5. Have you adjusted the FOV?
  6. danbot

    The Last Of Us

    Or attract them with a thrown object and Molotov. Kill whole groups if 'em that way. So good.
  7. Thanks. I bought it, it's great. Off to die, no time to type more.
  8. danbot

    Gunpla: The Thread

    Nice , cheers.
  9. danbot

    Gunpla: The Thread

    Angular and spiky. Like it. Airbrush better than just using a can?
  10. danbot

    Gunpla: The Thread

    Did you start weathering that kit yet? Be good to see those pictures. Still unsure about what to get next. It's out of 3 RGs; Astray Red Frame, Strike or Freedom.
  11. I'm very tempted by this. On the other hand, I was very tempted by Salt and Sanctuary, which I didn't get on with at all. I did however love Metroid Fusion. Not having a demo sucks. Given the load of info I've given, anyone have any idea if I'd like this?
  12. danbot

    Gunpla: The Thread

    My friend bought me two HG Iron Blooded Orphans. Astaroth Rinascimento and Vual. I really enjoyed putting them together and learned a couple of things along the way. I'd never been in to Gundam before but I started looking for my next kit to build straight away. As it was my friend's birthday I used that as an obvious excuse to buy two HG RX78-2 kits, one each. Lovely kit with that classic 70s look. So what next? Well, wanting to run before I could crawl, I took a bit of a shine to a nice 1/100 MG Epyon. A real step up with a much more complicated build and a twin headed dragon transformation. My building skill and dilligence leave a lot to be desired and I still haven't got around to buying some sort of top coat which feels like a mistake. But yeah, I love it. Here's my latest. Not quite finished. RG Gundam MkII A.E.U.G. RX178 I love it.
  13. Transmetropolitan RPG. from CDPR. I'll have a bit of that.
  14. Unfair on all the poor unsuspecting monsters. It's actually fine. Just a little hyperbole.

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