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  1. I'll follow later today. At least I'll learn to play Subnautica.
  2. I just bought Resident Evil 8 for this. It said I'd receive an email about my free Premier. Any of you guys know how long this takes?
  3. God it really is. It got more than a little ridiculous many hours and countless life threatening missions in and the camp still doesn't trust me enough to SELL me a shotgun.
  4. They'll still be good and well worth playing.
  5. You're a cold hearted dude. It's about getting someone out of stone.
  6. danbot

    Dishonored 2

    No love for @Mr Do 71 that dude has been singing Dishonored's praises forever. By the way none of Dishonored or Prey is particularly hard. What ends up making Them a bit of a challenge for me is feeling like I want all of my play to be perfect. If you don't Set strange arbitrary rules for yourself, they're fairly easy. Just to make it clear though, I absolutely Love them.
  7. Well that's enough for me for now. I did everything except the max bond level because in NG+ it's barely raising. Had a great time with it.
  8. danbot

    Dishonored 2

    Loving your love for the game Stanley. I'll have another slice of this soon.
  9. danbot


    I bought a wheel and pedals for this. I love it so much. The growing feeling of mastery multiplied by the fun of just driving around...I love this game. I'll be getting back to it as soon as Persona releases it's grip a little.
  10. It plays quite differently to P5 so some people may prefer this. On the other hand a big part of the characters and story is made a lot more meaningful if you've played P5. A lot of the fundamentals aside from the hack and slash are straight out of the Persona games as well so if you would enjoy that, you would probably enjoy P5 anyway. I dunno, both are great.
  11. Seems like I'll have to grab Age of Calamity after I'm done terrorizing shadows. So not for a while then...
  12. I'm not sure how common it is for people to finish this in 30-40 hours but I'm at 70+ so far! I'm on what seems to be the final jail of my first run, I've done every request that's been available, my crew are nearly all in the low 70s, Joker is 77, I've got all of everyone's Master Arts and I absolutely love the game. Definitely Gonna get a nice stock of optimised Personas and get the fairly easy Plat. What a fantastic and different Persona game!
  13. Yeah he's pretty fun. I'm hoping his story goes a certain way. "Can you stop saying that with a smile on your face?"
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