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  1. That's brilliant. Really looks like he's been through it. I also like the weathering effect on that keyboard.
  2. Crappy photo of mostly finished RG Freedom. A few Decals left to add.
  3. What an amazing looking kit. Looks like something I'd love to get, but at the same time feeling I have no business attempting. At first glance your painting looks great. I absolutely love the colour scheme. With a closer look, I can see what you mean with the finish in some places. Unfortunately being the clueless noob that I am, I've got nothing constructive for you. All I can say is that at my level, such as it is, I find your contributions to this thread pretty inspiring. Good luck with it man.
  4. I've got the long weekend off, so I'll almost certainly finish the main build in the next day or so.
  5. Nice. Thanks for that.
  6. Dude! I'm so impatient, I don't know if I could ever work on something for that long. I really like the process, but I need everything to be done now. Looking forward to any pictures you may have to share. I'm finally maaking something myself. RG Freedom. It's going fine. Had a slightly hairy situation with a broken connection on a shoulder part but luckily it is supported well enough by surrounding peices. Just like the other ones I've done it's a lovely little thing and really fun and totally absorbing to build.
  7. Is the totally egregious amount of repetition across face to face conversations, IM etc still the same? I've already bought it but would be good to know. Thanks.
  8. I'd love a complete version of Persona 3 with direct control and all the content. Maybe remade in the P5 tech.
  9. I can't help but feel somewhat undermined here.
  10. Pyromancer with Master Key to start. Get Endurance up to 30 Then get Vitality and Dexterity up to 30. Get Int to 12. Steal Lautrec's ring, put it on and never take it off. Kill Havel for his ring. (Suicide?) Grab Elite Knight set from Dark Root Garden/Basin. Fight Hollow Knights until you get one of their shields OR kill Black Knights to grab one of theirs. (100% physical protection) Fight Balder Knights in the Parish or preferably on Sen's roof until you get a Balder Side Sword. Head down in to New Londo Ruins and get some chunks. Buy all the noob scorceries from the guy you rescued from Undead Burg...you did rescue him, right?! Bring DeX and Int to 40. Buy all the big boy scorceries. ...or listen to Moosegrinder.
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