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  1. Dukes Archives.
  2. Magic is generally super op in this. There's an area in the game that bucks this though.
  3. Got Gud scrub
  4. danbot

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Yeah but he still deserves a kicking.
  5. danbot

    Persona 5 | PS3, PS4

    No. Anyone that dismisses 4 doesn't deserve games. Any games. Even shit ones. ...Or... Yeah, it's good. Not as good as 4 though.
  6. danbot

    Forgotten bangers

    Great game. But hard as fuck.
  7. danbot

    Forgotten bangers

    Porsche Challenge Yep.
  8. This film was terrible. It wasn't even ok. It was really bad. I'm not being precious about the anime, (though I like it very much) I fully understand that this should be different. I haven't watched this in a long time so all the awful isn't readily available, but a decent example of this being poo is the scene with Light, his girlfriend and his dad sitting talking at the table. They're sitting in such a way that at least one of them has a direct view of the route to the front door and the other two have at least a decent peripheral view of it. So while they're having a nice ol' chat, a full size human man manages to come through the door and cover all that ground and even fully take his place at the table before anyone notices anything's happening. Ffs Another thing is that in the anime, L is slight, even kinda tiny...and cute... ...where was I? ...yeah, so when he does that "L crouch perch thing" it looks fine and is a quirky thing that adds to his otherness. In this shit, when the 5' 10"ish guy does it, it just looks so stupid. I mean, adapt it. Take what can work, lose what won't etc. Do your thing. Unless you're Adam Wingard. There's loads more. I don't think any single scene is left unscathed. Bad.
  9. My son utterly destroyed me at Tiny Epic Quest. Was fun to play and we're both looking forward to our next game. Amazing how much game they got in to that little box.
  10. danbot

    Shenmue 1&2

    I'm looking forward to getting a job at the docks. I'd love a mode where I'm just a 9-5 forklift driver.
  11. He was found out on his Dead Cells review but it seems people are uncovering more: http://08/11/former-ign-reviewer-responds-to-plagiarism-allegations-not-at-all-intentional It's crazy that anyone would attempt this , in this day and age, but maybe it's actually quite easy to get away with and fairly common. Well, he's lost his job but seems unrepentant.
  12. You need a good wolf trap, a decent slicer/turret and some patience apparently. Occasionally I have 1 of the three.
  13. I remember a time, I used to have patience. These days you can find me flailing around, ignoring any useful info until I get lucky.

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