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  1. Worth bearing in mind you don't have to be the one to snap, so long as you win a game where at least one player did so. I'm rubbish at snapping, so I keep inching up the 40s then sliding back down again. I suppose I need to read up on the game outside of just playing it, as whenever I do snap I end up blindsided by an opposing card I've never seen before that dismantles my setup.
  2. Campaigns appear to be targeted based on various criteria, for example there was one for an OG PS3 model if you registered the console near its launch. I guess you had a PS3 camera that was registered to your Japanese PSN account by some means? --- There's currently a 50-point reward for playing any of the following: My Time at Portia Ashen Ys VIII The Messenger Child of Light Hollow Knight It's aimed at those with access to the PlayStation Plus Extra library, which they're all a part of. Not sure if it'll show up in the app if you don't have Plus.
  3. Shouldn't be problem. If there is a stacking limit, I don't know what it is; before the new tiers launched I saw people buying Plus up to 2030. However, it looks like that Amazon link is actually just for £63 of Store credit, which you'd then use to purchase subscription time in the Black Friday sale that ends today. In other words it's just currency, not a dedicated subscription code. As such it's slightly cheaper to buy credit via ShopTo: you could purchase £65 of Store credit for £57.70.
  4. I don't think that's a factor. As with any digital purchase users would gain some reward points based on money spent, but as such 'games' are designed to dish out Trophies none of them would be classed as Rare, which is the criteria required to increase your Stars level; rarity is based on percentage of player attainment, not whether they're Silver, Gold, etc. I'd say these kinds of cash-grabs are the inevitable dark side of allowing self-publishing on console storefronts. Such things have been around for ages, albeit fairly unobtrusively. It feels like there's been a real deluge in the last year or so, though: the publishers pushed their luck and now the grift is done, or at least on thin ice.
  5. Does anyone else get renewal reminders for Game Pass, despite having plenty of time on their subscription? I get regular e-mails and dashboard reminders about it, yet I've over a year of GPU left. My actual service has never been disrupted. I'm guessing the hiccup is due to the way I extend my subscription by redeeming months of Gold via Rewards, just curious if anyone else gets similar messages.
  6. Heads up that there should be a quick 50-point campaign, 'Share the Fun', that asks you to play one of the following: Tetris Effect: Connected Overcooked 2 Victor Vran Overkill Edition Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince Moving Out Dead by Deadlight Activate the offer in the app and it should complete once you load up one of the games on the list; I believe they're all included in the PS Plus Extra tier. At the start of the month there was also a 75-point Remote Play campaign that I forgot to post about, which has since disappeared. It was scheduled to run the whole month so not sure why it was pulled; worked fine for me but perhaps it was buggy.
  7. You'll probably want the same pair you wear for TV. Although the screens in the headset are physically close to your eyes, the lenses will likely make their actual focal distance about 1.5–2 meters away.
  8. I've just ordered the headset on its own. Typically bundled games aren't actually any cheaper, so although I'm interested in Call of the Mountain I'll likely save money buying it separately. The charging station seems both useful and overpriced, so I'm going to hold off and see how I get on without it. I am a bit wary that they'll be hard to find if I change my mind, but if that's the case there will probably be a decent third-party alternative.
  9. According to the PlayStation Direct site: I feel like the hold can't be for the full amount if you're pre-ordering something months away, though. At the risk of exposing my ignorance regarding credit cards, surely they'd just do a £1 pre-authorisation charge?
  10. You could buy a bundle with a game from PlayStation Direct right now. If you don't mind putting a bit of time in it shouldn't be too hard to get a console on its own before Christmas.
  11. I just unlocked access to the actual season, Symbiote Invasion, and went from reaching for my wallet to wondering what I was missing. First off, £9 for a pass that expires in a month – or in my specific case, a week – seems a bit much. Even if you consider the rewards in the track worth it, that's a fair bit of pressure to 'earn' your money's worth before it disappears into the ether. Also, you can't purchase or even discount future passes with Gold, so the relatively high cost is going to be a recurrent hurdle. Maybe I'm just too much of a cheapskate, but I went from actively wanting to give the developers money to considering if I should just delete the game before things soured. I appreciate the 'seasonal' cards get mixed in with the general pool after a while, so you may get lucky with RNG in the future even if you don't buy the pass, but they basically had me in their palm before they drew too much attention to the monetary aspect.
  12. They're totally different propositions. Enthusiast controllers have been profit drivers for over a decade. Despite often having terrible build quality, there's a proven market that will pay a premium for such devices. A VR headset is essentially a platform. The profit is in the continued sales of software, so you're looking to grow the addressable market by selling the hardware at a reasonable cost.
  13. This worked for me yesterday, so presumably it's been fixed. I don't think the 50 extra points are much of an incentive – that's like 20p if you were converting to credit – but if you're interested in picking up Inscryption now it should track if you can activate the campaign. Integration into the PS5 OS is coming at some point. Obviously we won't know to what extent until its announced. I don't think there's any more 'point' to the collectibles than there are to Trophies, Achievements or whatever else. Some people will care about them, others won't. Either way you aren't forced to engage with them. As to why did Sony bother, it's the same as any other loyalty scheme: to drive consumer engagement and spending. For my part, I appreciate being able to earn some cash back on purchases I'm already making. The bigger question for me is how frequent and worthwhile campaigns that don't require a purchase will be, which isn't really something you can judge after a week or two.
  14. Sign up for this should now be available for everyone. You can do this via the web or if you open the PlayStation app on your phone there's a flashing icon along the top of the screen you can click on. I made a small purchase using Wallet funds and it tracked instantly; you get a notification on your phone. So, as anticipated, you can continue to use discounted credit top-ups alongside this scheme. You get 10 points back for each £1 spent on PSN if you're a Plus member. Redeeming £5 of store credit via Stars costs 1,250 points, effectively 250 points per £1, so you're getting 4% back on each purchase. For comparison Microsoft Rewards gives you 2% back on purchases – if you're Level 2 and have Gold – so I'd say this aspect of Stars is pretty good. However, at the time of writing there are no active 'Campaigns' that reward points, making purchases the only source. It remains to be seen how frequent and lucrative such things will be.
  15. As fact checking tends to run counter to the doomed business model of writing about games, I decided to take a quick look at the official terms: I imagine the Kotaku writer has misinterpreted a caveat that mentions you can't earn points by purchasing Wallet credit. In other words, you can't earn double the points by spending money to fill your wallet, then using said funds to purchase a game. When the scheme launches in the UK I'll be using Wallet funds for any purchases, so if that's an issue I'll let people know.
  16. If you shoot the cylindrical canisters with their matching element it will trigger an explosion. Some machines also have elemental storage sacks – like the large containers on the Bellowbacks – but those can be ruptured from regular impact damage. In other words, you don't need to fuss about matching elemental damage, just him them as hard as you can. A fairly common complaint of Forbidden West is that there are too many elemental types. If you want to simplify that side of things, I'd suggest prioriting: An accurate bow with Fire arrows, for triggering canister explosions. A bow with Shock arrows, for both targeting canisters and building up the stun status effect on machines by shooting them wherever. A decent source of Frost damage, like a Bomb Sling, so you can quickly build the status effect and make machines more vulnerable to other damage. As elemental status effects don't stack on enemies – if you apply another it'll get rid of the earlier one – it's easy to spread yourself too thin by trying to have a tool for every single element on hand. As such I think most players will have a better time by focussing on the above to start with, perhaps expanding their repertoire once they have access to a wider selection of weapons.
  17. The 'source' of that rumour seems like a whole lot of nothing. It's especially dubious given it's framed as Sony buying the publishing rights, which doesn't make any sense. That said, I do think Alyx will come to PSVR2 as it's a sensible move for all involved. The only reason I wouldn't consider it a sure thing is because it's Valve, who will leave money on the table if they feel like it.
  18. What is this? A loyalty programme. You earn points and redeem them for items in a catalogue, such as PSN credit or digital games. How do you earn points? Via 'campaigns' which are basically time-limited challenges, like earning Trophies, playing specific games, participating in tournaments, etc. If you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber you also get points for PSN purchases. So it's like Microsoft Rewards? More or less. (Check this thread for info on that.) Sony have had a few such schemes since the PS3 days, but they've typically been US-only whereas this one is launching in a lot more territories. When and where will it be available? The currently scheduled regional rollout is: Asia, including Japan September 29th North and South America October 5th Europe, Australia, and New Zealand October 13th How do I sign up? When Stars is available in your region you should be able to register for free here. How do I see active campaigns and redeem stuff? Via the PlayStation mobile app. There are plans to integrate Stars into the console interface, but for now you need a phone. What's this about 'collectibles'? Are they NFTs? No, they're 3D models you can collect. Think of them like the trophies in Smash Bros or the capsule rewards in Astro's Playroom. Currently you can only display them in the PlayStation app. Presumably they'll eventually be integrated into the console experience in some fashion; examining them in VR would seem an obvious choice. * * * Figured it was worth making a thread for this now the scheme is available in Asia, which is relevant to a few members. Supposedly some of the campaigns will have deductive or communal aspects, so possibly worth some coordination or discussion. I'm not expecting it to be as lucrative as Microsoft Rewards, which has improved a lot in recent years and currently sustains my Game Pass subscription. Still, earning any amount of PSN credit for stuff I'm already doing is better than none. I guess we'll see how things pan out. Anyone with a suitable PSN account able to give early impressions?
  19. Ferine


    I think the biggest change with the latest patch is that they've surfaced a bunch of additional options for tuning stick control, meaning it's the first Arkane game that doesn't feel rubbish on a pad. The aiming always feeling off was one of my biggest complaints at launch, so I'm glad there's at least a means to dial things in now even if it's a rather laborious process. Speaking of control, they've also added gyro aiming and flick stick input on PS5. I haven't really given the latter a go yet – it'll definitely require some adjustment – but I know people swear by it as an input method.
  20. The leaving date is listed before you download the game: There's also a 'Last chance to play' section in the Store. As far as I'm aware RDR2 is the only game scheduled to leave, though.
  21. I'd expect most notable PSVR games to get ported to the new hardware. The real question is how many of those will have a free upgrade; guessing it'll vary from publisher to publisher. As an example, Déraciné was part of the Nvidia leak which has proven to be a roadmap for PC releases since. That makes a lot more sense if From are also going back to the game to rework it for PSVR2.
  22. As you might expect, this is coming to everything but Switch: I don't have any particular reverence for the setting, but the lineage pretty much guarantees it'll be worthwhile regardless. Even Dead Souls was a good time.
  23. It isn't, it's just more confusing to say it's happening on the 13th and 14th.
  24. Note that I specified their contact cleaner, which is basically aerosolised isopropyl alcohol, not the regular WD-40 lubricant. The latter might dislodge whatever's affecting the potentiometer, but it would also likely leave oily residue behind which could cause other issues. I imagine a can of compressed air might be just as effective, if you happen to have one around for some reason.
  25. If anyone else's DualSense has developed analogue drift, I was surprised to discover that WD-40 Contact Cleaner completely sorted both of my controllers out. I didn't expect it to be that effective without taking the shell off, yet all I did was press down on the sticks, spray into the gap using the straw nozzle, rotate the sticks for a bit then leave the cleaner to evaporate. There's probably cheaper cleaner that would do the job just as well, but for £7.50 both my controllers now feel as good as new. Not sure I'll get though the can in my lifetime, either, though I'll definitely break it out for other types of controllers as well.
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