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  1. One was announced back in July for PSVR: It'll probably be exclusive to PlayStation at launch, like the first game, but I'm sure it'll come to all VR platforms. No release date yet, though; my guess is that we'll hear more once the new PSVR is properly revealed.
  2. The main differentiator of CE to me is that it had a real sense of mystery. You were thrown into things, given a bunch of evocative proper nouns – Pillar of Autumn, Forerunners, Truth and Reconciliation, etc – and largely left to figure things out. If you weren't bothered about scratching at the surface then objectives and major plot points were still easy to follow, but the amount of unknowns made it feel like the game's world had a certain depth. By contrast it's hard for a monologuing Brute to elicit much of anything. In recent games it's also felt less like being dropped into a world you aren't meant to understand and more akin to turning up to a lecture without having done the required reading. I'm looking forward to Infinite's campaign mechanically, but from a story perspective I doubt I will – or even can – care about it at all.
  3. I don't think you're doing anything wrong, but it seems like you might need to check the OpenXR installation.
  4. My BOBOVR M2 Pro replacement head strap arrived today. It's a padded halo strap with a hot-swappable magnetic battery pack. Comfort-wise it's a massive improvement on the default strap. Like PSVR it puts pressure on your forehead rather than your face, plus the battery pack helps to balance the weight. I found using the default strap for extended periods could leave me with a mild headache or exacerbate symptoms of motion sickness, whereas I played Saints & Sinners for about an hour earlier – a game with free movement on the stick – and felt no worse for wear afterwards. Initial impression is that construction feels pretty sturdy. Obviously time will tell, but the extendible side bands seem like they have a good amount of flex to them so aren't as likely to crack as the official Elite Strap. The ratchetted dial on the back feels decent, too, although again I'll have to see how it holds up over time. The mag-lock on the battery feels very secure, so I can't see it coming loose through even energetic use. The one thing I'm not sure about is if you can use the USB-C port on the battery as a passthrough for linking to a PC, and if it does work how secure that would be; the pull of a cord might dislodge the battery. I bought mine from AliExpress (~£80 with a twinned travel case) but it does seem to be coming in and out of stock at Amazon UK for about £60 for just the strap. The Pro version is new so you'll probably be waiting on shipping from China regardless, but I'm guessing they'll eventually have local stock once demand dies down. I'd definitely recommend considering one if you're looking to upgrade to something more comfortable, especially if extended battery life appeals.
  5. As a warning for future weeks, completing all your Weeklies doesn't give you the Capstone reward. Instead you unlock a final Challenge, which in my case is to play 15 PvP games, an unexpected final hurdle which I literally don't have time for before the reset. I've been playing a bit of Ranked in the solo/controller queue and I'm doing way better than normal. I suppose it's possible I'm more focussed or simply better with BR starts, but it makes me wonder how many KB&M players I'm coming up against in the other playlists. Anyone else noticed a difference when filtering by input?
  6. PCVR being added has me hopeful that they'll also support PSVR2 whenever that releases. In the video they seem to have integrated proper independent hand control, so a nice improvement over the controller-bound mode they launched with.
  7. I'm pretty sure stats were available via Halo Waypoint during the last test flight. I'm guessing they've disabled the functionality to ensure a smooth launch; they're likely tracking everything, just not needing to update everything in real time.
  8. The distinction is that gift cards redeemed via Rewards are considered promotional. Per the small print on the redemption page: I've personally had my credit expire in the past, as I assumed it was just banked forever, so the time limit isn't an empty threat.
  9. As already stated, this is a really great playing game with an awful progression system attached. I'm confident they'll address things over time but the issues are so glaring that you have to wonder what pressures forced them down this route; they've had years to study other games' missteps. Only progressing via challenges feels bad. Having them be the main source of XP is fine, but finishing three matches in a row where you haven't made inroads on any of your (limited) active challenges due to luck of the draw – wrong game type, weapon needed not on the map, etc – makes it feel like you're wasting your time. Which you aren't, as the game is fun, but the existence of a static XP bar actually detracts from the desire to continue. Giving you a trickle of XP based on medals earned – weighted towards playing the objective – would probably alleviate things a bit, and avoid the current absentee issue with the dailies. Challenges themselves can be disruptive. This is a hard one to tackle as you don't want tasks to be too generic, but things like, “Get three melee kills with the Oddball” encourage bad play. Sure you might get those three kills naturally, but given you only have so many active challenge slots the game actively pushes you to pursue such goals; people are very good at optimising the fun out of games when given an incentive. Most unlocks aren't enticing. This is another tough one as 343 are somewhat limited in what they can offer; this isn't Fortnite's jumble sale of character styles and IP. However, when one of the main rewards for levelling is a chance to roll a less annoying weekly challenge that's kind of a failure on two fronts. There seems to be a fair amount of stuff for sale in the store that could have been part of the pass, which doesn't feature any weapon skins for example. Also notable that you don't earn any paid currency back from the pass progression, unlike Fortnite, Warzone and Apex. XP boosts are time based. Never been one for boost items myself, but it should be obvious why having a 30-minute window makes no sense for the staccato, challenge-based XP system they have in place. I imagine they're going to overhaul things for the second season given that isn't starting until May. Still, it's hard to fathom how anyone thought the current approach would be received well, especially as they ostensibly had an extra year's delay to consider their approach.
  10. Don't know if it's been mentioned before, but there's a handy fan-made tool for filtering the Game Pass catalogue: gamepassport.net The official app offers most of the same filtering options if you dig down into it, but the website also pulls in HowLongToBeat's estimated completion times and Metacritic scores so you can easily just look at games that take <5 hours to finish and reviewed well, that kind of thing.
  11. Not to worry, millions of people suddenly trying to download the game and the matchmaking servers inevitably falling over will ensure melting occurs. I know the multiplayer will launch properly as free-to-play, but releasing it 'early' just to Game Pass subscribers would seem like a smart move. Essentially it would provide large scale real world testing, give them a few weeks to tackle whatever issues crop up, and potentially drive subscriptions. Maybe they could run a shorter Season 0 where the cosmetics are all anniversary themed.
  12. If you have Game Pass Ultimate or EA Play you can claim 6,000 points for 'purchasing' BF2042 thanks to the trial version: Activate the BF2042 purchase punch card in the Rewards app. Navigate to My Games and Apps > Full Library > EA Play > Game Trials Claim the BF2042 trial from the Store interface – you don't need to actually download it – and the punch card should be complete. I do intend to actually play the trial, but I'm going to leave it a few weeks as it sounds like this BF is coming in even hotter than usual.
  13. I think every publisher is going to at least say they're looking into NFTs, just because their shareholders will be asking about them even though no one involved has any real understanding of what they're talking about. In theory I suppose you could have a blockchain ledger that recorded cross-platform ownership of videogames, so you buy it once and you can then access it on any device in perpetuity. Obviously there's no way that will happen as there's no benefit to platform holders or publishers; no doubt they'd want to take a cut of every 'resale'.
  14. Mine doesn't make any perceptible noise in Rest, but are you perhaps catching it whilst it's downloading/uploading something? In those situations it probably needs to power up a bit more and enable some level of active cooling.
  15. Have there been any decent attempts by independent developers to emulate the mechanics and isolation of the original games? I feel like there must be given the series' cultural impact, but I'm not aware of any. Back to the music, there was a Kickstarter for faithful orchestrations of tracks from the first three games by the Royal Philharmonic. The below links to the playlist:
  16. I could tell the game was in the LiD universe pretty much immediately, so at the very least they've successfully captured the vibe. The apparent PvP focus doesn't do much for me. I'd have preferred an extrapolation of the asynchronous competitive play of the original, as having to fight other players brings with it so much potential baggage in terms of annoying net code, vindictive players sucking the fun out of things, etc. Maybe Deathverse will find an audience, but I doubt I'll be a part of it.
  17. I've been wanting to try The Forgotten City, so that's a nice addition. Around the time Twelve Minutes came to Game Pass I was wishing they'd bagged TFC instead.
  18. I'm pretty sure Achievements – and any kind of progression – are blocked in solo mode. I'd say just give it a try with matchmaking, though: there's no friendly-fire damage on Recruit difficulty, and you can probably net three Achievements during a single map in ~15 minutes. If you're somehow so bad that people quit, they'll be replaced by bots. Here's a few low hanging fruits: heal a teammate, drop ammo for someone from your inventory screen, revive a teammate. I think you get an Achievement for returning to the hub after making it through your first map, too; the description isn't very specific.
  19. Historically I don't think Achievements from 360 games have counted towards punch card promotions; I guess they're tracked differently on the backend. I know that Dead Space 3 is explicitly part of the promotion, but I suspect it won't work.
  20. I think this move to a subscription makes a lot of sense, as most of the criticisms of the site in this thread can be pretty directly attributed to Eurogamer relying on ads to continue existing. The transition period will be dicey, though, as for the foreseeable all of the bad stuff will need to stick around to keep the lights on whilst there's no extensive back catalogue of exclusive content people might want access to. Personally I won't be subscribing as I don't even visit the site much these days, much less have any kind of connection to the staff or their output. However, I happily pay for Waypoint+ as the benefits to both me and their wider audience were clear, so I don't see why the same couldn't also be true for Eurogamer. Granted Waypoint's audience is almost certainly a lot more engaged than Eurogamer's, but the latter's reach is also much broader so they'll only need a fraction of their readership to open their wallets for it to be a worthwhile venture.
  21. Well, at 30fps each frame is on screen for 33ms. At 60fps that halves to 16.6ms, whereas at 120fps it would be 8.3ms. In other words the response time improvement at higher framerates diminishes the higher you go so the difference is going to be more subtle, especially if you're using a controller; you'd feel it more using a mouse or looking around in VR. Personally I think 60fps is the sweet spot for console gaming. Just make sure your TV is using its Game Mode or equivalent so it isn't padding response times with a bunch of needless image processing.
  22. That's a shame. I used the UK code just before posting. Some people on HUKD are saying that deleting and retyping the final character of the code made it work, sometimes taking a few attempts. Not sure why that would be the case – some kind of concurrent usage limit? – but worth a try if anyone else gets an expiration message.
  23. You can currently get 50% off this digitally by using a promotional code. It's the first time I've seen something like this with the PlayStation Store, but apparently the deal is in partnership with the YouTube channel EZScape. Note that the discount codes are case sensitive. You'll see a field to enter them during the checkout process. UK/EU Store: F2GH2LJ4BM US/LATAM Store: BJHFN468DR That brings the UK price to £30; slightly less if you buy discounted credit. The cheapest it's been previously in digital sales is £42.60.
  24. Annapurna showed it off a month ago, so I'm not surprised it wasn't at this event. It's supposed to be out early next year.
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