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  1. Right, but it isn't real time. You can leave your character sat around forever – or spend ages making your way through an area – and the time of day won't change, it'll only tick over once your actions trigger it to progress. The basics of the structure are laid out in this video:
  2. My understanding is that Deathloop doesn't have an actual time limit, it's more of a 'turn' limit. So there isn't a real time clock, rather taking key actions – like killing a target or sabotaging something – cause the world state to tick forward.
  3. That's the thing, I am observing Sony's actions. Here are the last ten games published by SIE: MLB: The Show '20 Predator: Hunting Grounds The Last of Us Part II Marvel's Iron Man VR Ghost of Tsushima Demon's Souls Sackboy: A Big Adventure Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Destruction AllStars The Nioh Collection (I skipped Astro's Playroom as it's a pack-in, plus I can already hear someone saying "demo" or whatever.) People fixate on things like God of War or TLoU, but Sony fund and publish a bunch of gam
  4. I don't know that's fair, although I haven't read much of his Bloomberg work. Perhaps part of it is that I think one-sided reports from workers on labour conditions feels a lot more worthy, as whilst higher ups might have a different perspective it doesn't negate the experiences of their employees. At worst that raises the topic for discussion and interrogation, both within the affected studio and more broadly. In this case, however, there doesn't appear to be any allegations of abuse, some workers are just annoyed/disheartened that their projects got cancelled or haven
  5. Well, I'd say the article frames it as a pitch that came from the team within VASG, rather than a top-down one. It doesn't go into too much detail, though, so I'm not sure if they were targeting one of Sony's biggest IPs just to try and make a name for themselves or if they felt something 'smaller' would be shot down. I definitely don't think a remake is needed but I can kind of see the business case you could make for one, especially as work's already been done. We're unlikely to see a third game in the series for a very long time, they have a bunch of tech and assets that could b
  6. I think this is a poor article. The headline doesn't match the actual events detailed within and the entire thing feels like it was ghost written by Michael Mumbauer as an airing of grievances. We aren't talking about work place abuses here, just (dicey sounding) projects that didn't pan out. As for the supposed thrust of the article, I don't think it holds up to much scrutiny. If Sony were truly only interested in blockbusters I don't think they'd be continuing to invest in Media Molecule, and they definitely wouldn't be taking another shot at VR. It's fair to say they aren't putt
  7. I feel like the framing for that article doesn't really match the content. Like, the actual meat of it is: Part of a support studios wants to establish itself by remaking The Last of Us, apparently on a new engine. Not happy with the project's progress Sony brought in Naughty Dog staff to work on it, so due to feeling a loss of ownership of the project staff from the original team left. Bend's pitch for a sequel to the much maligned – if ultimately profitable, and a good game in my opinion – Days Gone was denied. They were assisting with a new Uncharted but were unhappy with that
  8. If you buy Hitman 2 digitally the relevant Access Pass should simply show up as free within Hitman 3. I don't believe you need to have the prior game installed, eligibility is based off your purchase history. If you own a physical copy of Hitman 2 then you'll instead need to claim the Access Pass for that via the in-game store in the second game, so you will need to install at least enough to get to the main menu. An official guide to all this stuff is available here, about halfway down the page.
  9. I do, but following your post I tried toggling VRR off the last time the stutter kicked in and it didn't make any difference. I suppose it's possible that having it turned off before the game's booted stops the issue from rearing its head, but as it's a system-wide setting that's not something I'm willing to do. Also, the stutter shows up in recorded footage. Luckily restarting the game doesn't take that long so it's not a massive inconvenience, just seemed like a very strange bug so I wondered if it was related to FPS Boost. As is I'll chalk it up to an engine issue, which isn't t
  10. Ah, good to know it isn't some kind of issue with FPS Boost. Skyrim itself being technically rough isn't exactly a revelation, so I'm guessing it's just some weird cumulative RAM issue that wasn't so obvious when the game was 30fps. As Elder Scrolls VI must be years away my vain hope is that they might consult with Arkane on... well, the feel of pretty much every mechanic. Maybe Microsoft could spring for a few more voice actors, too.
  11. I know some people have picked up Skyrim since FPS Boost was enabled, so I'm curious if anyone's encountered the same issue that I have. Generally the game runs very well but several times I've had camera movement become horrendously juddery, almost like the input is being captured at a different rate than the actual frame output. I believe the framerate itself remains fine, but the judder is extremely noticeable if you're circle-strafing by moving the left and right sticks in opposite directions. I think the issue might be related to starting a session from Quick Resume, but I hav
  12. With the most recent update Hitman 3 is just under 62GB on PS5; the entire trilogy's maps are installed by default. That Store listing must be an error, perhaps applying to the PS4 version. Speaking of which, the pass for all the new content is £25, not £30. Looks like they've amended the original announcement, too.
  13. Ferine

    Disco Elysium

    Well, the game's out tomorrow so if there aren't any reviews about in the morning I'd guess no one got early access to The Final Cut. Similarly the game hasn't been available to pre-order on PSN, but apparently it'll launch with a 20% discount for Plus members, so it should be £28.
  14. You should be able to do it via the Xbox app, not the Game Pass one, if you do a search for Outriders. Although I just tried it and it didn't work. Maybe because my default download location is a large external HDD rather than Series-ready storage, but it didn't give me any kind of error message so that's just a guess.
  15. The CMOS stuff seems blown out of all proportion. I don't begrudge people flagging it as a potential preservation issue, but if it's a ticking time bomb it's of an extraordinarily low yield: put a new battery in, plug in an ethernet cable once. As far as I can tell it isn't even necessarily using a Sony server for timekeeping, so even if PSN totally shut down and the company dissolved it might not matter. I mean, you can't even set up a Series console without an internet connection. Not that I think it's a big deal, but that's the current reality yet I don't think I've even seen an
  16. So, when the Season of Greed ends will they be charging less than £30? I'm sure they're charging what they think they have to in order cover costs, but it feels a bit much. Especially as I paid for the Deluxe Edition, which was terrible value, as I figured I'd support IO's self-publishing by forking out. I'm rather less enthusiastic about reaching in to my wallet again for more Escalations, but perhaps I'll change my tune if they can demonstrate more mechanical divergence.
  17. The first game runs on Unreal whereas the sequel uses Arkane's Void Engine – built on id Tech 5 – so it might just be a case of the same 'hack' not working. Or it works and currently runs terribly. I suspect they'll figure it out. Death of the Outsider isn't even on Game Pass currently, so maybe they'd schedule an FPS Boost enhancement with that reappearing.
  18. I definitely think it does. Mechanically it won't radically change – although you'll unlock more weapons and abilities, which freshens things up – but there's a diversity to the environments and enemies that the initial ruined city belies. If you're getting some enjoyment from it I'd recommend at least making it to the Labyrinth. You'll reach it just after defeating a certain boss: It's a shame it doesn't seem to be getting a 60fps patch on PS5/XSX.
  19. You're welcome. I lost the first bit of credit I redeemed – luckily only £5 – as I didn't realise it would expire, so don't want people falling into the same trap. As I mentioned, supposedly if you spend the credit on a pre-order and then cancel it the 90 day expiration resets when the refund gets put back in your wallet; your oldest credit is always used first. So, when May rolls around maybe you could put your money down on a couple of games and then cancel them before release. Perhaps this experience with money laundering will prove useful in the future.
  20. I mean gift cards, turning Rewards Points into money. The credit that gets added to your account expires after 90 days, as per the small print on the redemption page. If you go to the payments section of your account and click the View Details option in the top-right, next to your account balance, it'll detail when any of it is due to expire. Apparently certain events can 'refresh' that 90 days, such as preordering something and then getting a refund, but holding on to your Rewards Points until you actually need to cash them out is less risky.
  21. A reminder that credit redeemed via Rewards expires after 90 days. So if you're saving up for something, it's better to bank the points instead.
  22. Not really. PS Now is practically half the RRP for a year, £49.99 versus £95.88, and that's just regular Game Pass; Ultimate would be £131.99. Obviously you don't currently need to pay those amounts – hell, I only paid £25 for a year of Now – but that is what they're actually priced at.
  23. The official PlayStation channels have been regularly streaming fighting game tournaments on YouTube and Twitch for a while now, so presumably this is an escalation of that. As someone not in the scene I got the impression Evo was effectively dead, but it's still a name that a lot of people have heard of. I'm guessing buying in wasn't that big a monetary investment for Sony whereas the returns in brand terms could be good, and if things don't work out they aren't really 'ruining' anything. That said, SIE is now directly responsible if they fail to make any related event
  24. Yes, it's a separate version of the game. It should be closer to 70GB on PS5, though.
  25. Well, we know the headset connects to the console via a single USB-C cable, so it's pulling both AV and power through that. In theory adding a wireless bridge in between is relatively simple, as you'd just need an ergonomically designed battery pack that can connect wirelessly to the console, either via Wi-FI 6 or more likely a specialised RF dongle. As for processing on the console side, there's already dedicated encoding hardware for the Create functionality so I suspect that could be used. It can handle 4K60 ~50Mbps WebM recording, so I imagine it could be tweaked to deliver a r
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