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  1. The reason is that they need to test them. To do that you'd want a selection of 'finished' games to check everything works as expected in real world scenarios; on paper there are drives available that should be fine, but there might be hidden incompatibilities. At Cerny's talk early in the year he said the list of compatible drives likely wouldn't be available until after launch, but as far as I'm aware Sony haven't specified further. My guess would be by the end of Q1 2021, once the various OS teething issues are sorted and they've a decent catalogue of stable games to check.
  2. I'd guess that's tessellation detail shifting, which happens so close to the player I almost feel it would look better without it. You get the same 'boiling' effect on the XSX and PS5, too. Briefly tried the 'Quality' mode in my lunch break, which oddly requires you to restart the game on XSX. It looked a little cleaner, possibly with higher shadow detail, but nothing worth halving the framerate over; I'd say the game already feels somewhat spongy at 60fps.
  3. I hadn't e-mailed them yet. Not sure I can be bothered now. It's strange that digital purchases earn you 20 times as many points. Quite the disparity.
  4. Apparently if you make a Turkish PSN account you'll be able to download the upgrade whilst logged in to that, then it'll run fine using your main account.
  5. I believe any such points would be listed here. Nothing for me, although looking at my Microsoft order history it's still listing my XSX as "In Transit". I don't think Reward Points are processed until physical orders are delivered, so I'm guessing that's the issue. Presumably Rewards Support would be able to help, but the link at the bottom of my dashboard doesn't go anywhere at the moment.
  6. I've been using this Chromium extension for a while with no issues. It has randomisation settings that might help stop your searches being flagged, but I'm not sure why Microsoft would care either way: they're getting ad revenue regardless and the searches it generates are more 'legitimate' than the scripts people run.
  7. You could plug in a USB drive and play media off that. The PS5 supports FLAC, so surely that would be a good replacement?
  8. My external drive hasn't given me any issues so far. It's this 2TB SSD in a USB 3.1 enclosure. Likewise I've been using Rest Mode without issue. And my machine is effectively silent. Bidding starts at £1200.
  9. The important context to those screenshots is that they're from the 120fps mode and the Series X's lower graphical settings in that mode are almost certainly a bug. Whilst analysis of the other modes does put the PS5 at a very slight advantage – an unintuitive trend at this point – Dirt 5 on the higher end consoles is extremely similar.
  10. I don't think the upgrade is available for Legion yet. There should be a really obvious option on main game tile, but I spent a good 10 minutes looking for one in various menus to no avail. Apparently there was the exact same issue with this game at the Australian launch, with the upgrade going live the next day, so I guess they've making a habit of coming in late.
  11. Are you using the same HDMI port you used previously? Sometimes the different ports are of a different spec or require you to enable certain display features from the TV's menu.
  12. Whilst a disappointing Hitman game, Absolution's more linear approach could work pretty well with Bond. I'm not really sure what to expect, as Hitman somehow manages to be both absurd and austere. Presumably this'll be more Craig-era in tone, but who knows.
  13. Saves can't be stored on the same external storage you use for games, although you can transfer them from internal storage to a USB stick.
  14. I believe they've gotten rid of some exploits/bugs, but other than that it's mainly quality of life changes and adopting some features from latter titles. For example: Rolling is now 8-way, not 4-way. You can teleport between Archstones directly, rather than going to the Nexus every time. You can use multiple Souls consumables in your inventory at once. Items can be sent to storage from your menu. Grass weight has been rebalanced with PvP in mind. They've added new Grain consumables that provide temporary resistance to status effects. The underlying logi
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