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  1. If they're keeping ASOBI, External Development, plus their localisation and business teams, what does this actually amount to? Obviously there's Toyama's team – presumably a number will follow him to Bokeh – but I'm not sure who else would be affected. Are the people that made Knack a distinct team?
  2. Not much in the way of specifics, but I'm glad they've explicitly stated that a successor will be coming so we don't have to keep assuming. Wireless would be preferable but I can totally understand why they wouldn't go down that road: performance will vary drastically from household to household, plus you then need to factor in a decent battery's effect on weight, etc. Probably makes more sense as an optional extra to keep the initial cost down. I wonder if Sony's tentative steps into the PC space might lead to their new hardware working on the platform. Given how limit
  3. I assume you'd have to supply the specific order/transaction numbers, not just the date. Haven't been through the process myself.
  4. I believe you'd need at least one of: The credit card used to make purchases on the account The serial number of the first console used to create or log into your account Details of recent transactions made on the account PayPal details (If applicable) Transaction details seem like the weakest link, as those would be very easy to gather if someone has access to your current or former e-mail account; not sure how recent the purchases need to be. When Sony added the name change option I'm surprised they didn't switch to a system where handles didn't need t
  5. Has anyone else noticed strange right-stick behaviour on PS5? When first loading the game up camera movement seems to have a subtle mind of its own, like if you have stick drift. The thing is I haven't seen similar symptoms in any other game so I don't think it's my controller, and even in Control the issue seems to fix itself after a time. It's so minor as to not really be a problem, I just find it somewhat mysterious. Hopefully the Former isn't hiding out in my DualSense.
  6. Should be. Certainly haven't seen anything to the contrary. You can currently get a year of Gold for £34.79 from CDKeys if your friend wants to stock up beforehand.
  7. He sticks out because the developers clearly wanted him to be a 'badass' villain, with characters talking up how formidable he is, when he just comes across as a lame try-hard that gets to win in all the cutscenes. It's aggravating because nothing about the character is earned, kind of like Shepard's fixation on the kid in the vent. If you replaced every appearance of Kai Leng with one of the generic Cerberus techno-ninjas, I don't think anyone would have even remarked upon it.
  8. A comparison of everyone's favourite space racist: Probably going to be one of the most transformed shots as they've totally changed the lighting on Eden Prime – presumably to make it actually seem idyllic – but it does give an idea of how things should generally look less 'flat'. Can't say I'm a fan of them backporting ME3's default female Shepard into the previous games. Stylistically she doesn't gel, so this would have been a good opportunity to rectify that. Still, hopefully the improvements to character creation are meaningful.
  9. Yes, it's the future of real-time rendering. It clears multiple hurdles to creating realistic* virtual worlds and should be far less labour intensive then the ways developers currently 'fake' a similar look. That said, this generation of consoles is more of a testing ground. If PlayStation and Xbox didn't have any RT hardware you can be sure that would hamstring the technique's prevalence on PC as well, whereas now you're going to have a much wider pool of developers figuring out best practises, optimisations, etc. Right now developers can't really reap the full benefit
  10. Available on the Store now. 25GB.
  11. Not as slow as me before I've had my first cup of tea. Presumably it selects the correct answers by reading the markup, as it does so as soon as each page loads. Helpful for all the sports quizzes Bing loves to throw my way.
  12. There always seems to be a 24-hour deadzone when a new month starts. New quests should go live tomorrow at 17:00 (UTC). The ABS browser plugin correctly answers This or That questions, so I went and made a cup of tea whilst it did its thing.
  13. I'd guess that Microsoft will be able to whitelist free-to-play games on the backend so they don't require Gold, similar to their Free Play Days for All promotions, but presumably some games will need to be patched. The Chimeric CoD: Warzone will be a mix of game modes that do and do not require a subscription, for instance. I wouldn't have thought you'd need a payment method attached to make use of the change. If for some reason you do, you could set up your child's account to require a passkey to make purchases.
  14. Won't really help in a shootout, but half-pressing the trigger on a lot of guns will tighten the aim for those make-or-break pistol shots. Similarly it'll tend to slow down time when using a sniper rifle.
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