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  1. To save others the pain of watching Boozy's video, the guy presenting's got nothing. His 'confirmation' stems from an inside source – read: GameStop employee – telling him they've seen separate product listings for PS4 and PS5 versions of the same game. From this he decides there's no upgrade path to the PS5 version because... well, he doesn't say, just starts conflating Smart Delivery with backwards compatibility and waffling on about that for a bit. Not only does he have no inside information, he doesn't even have a firm grasp of what's publicly available.
  2. "Gamers" would be seven fewer characters. If it were a conference of old they'd probably be locked in to the terrible date, given a rescheduling's impact on hundreds of attendees' travel plans and all the other logistics. With pre-recorded video there's no reason not to be flexible; they can put it out whenever, people will watch it.
  3. I'm curious to see how far they go with Demon's Souls. Overhauling the graphics and getting rid of loading screens aren't going to be very controversial, but I'd like to see Bluepoint take things further: introduce an Estus Flask equivalent, as grinding for Moongrass isn't interesting; overhaul how World Tendency works, assuming they keep it; perhaps add some post-game, original content by restoring the broken Archstone.
  4. Also, the reflected 'trees' are Taken. I can't check as I already own it, but the Control Season Pass should be eligible for the EGS sale voucher making it £10 on PC. Can't imagine it'll go cheaper before the second DLC pack releases.
  5. It sounds like avoiding enemies is more viable in this. For example it's stated that you can lose enemies and regain stealth to some degree, whereas detection in the first game was more of a binary switch. I'm curious to see how much conflict is actually forced upon the player, as that re-contextualises the possibility for extreme violence. Also, Ellie learned to swim. I hope there's at least one pallet puzzle in their for old times sake.
  6. I had the day off and ended up watching all seven episodes over the course of it. Like the first season, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to pretty much anyone. As a continuation of the plot it might be considered somewhat superfluous, but unpicking the narrative threads is suitably compelling, the performances are all really good and it retains many of the original's stylistic flourishes. My brain keeps comparing it to a really good expansion pack rather than a sequel, which I don't mean as a slight. It's essentially more of the same good stuff that adds a bit of texture to – as opposed to tainting – the original.
  7. Why would you put the game's logo on everything like that? Instantly brings the designs down to 'promotional t-shirt' level.
  8. Received my GoQuest VR halo strap today. Removing the original strap made me feel a little anxious as it feels like you're going to break something, but it's actually surprisingly sturdy. Unfortunately the same can't be said for my halo strap. All seemed fine following installation, and it was certainly a big step up comfort-wise, but I just heard a noise, looked over at my Quest sitting on the side and one of the 3D-printed clasps has snapped. Good thing it didn't happen whilst I was wearing it, I suppose, but there's no way I'm going to trust supergluing it together so it's back to the original headband for me. Hopefully the other people on here that ordered one are luckier with the build quality, but I find it hard to recommend a purchase if it's going to be such a roll of the dice.
  9. I'm assuming you wouldn't have most game assets be of such quality, they just did that for demonstration purposes to show that it could be done; would seem more relevant to the film/TV stuff than games. In theory I suppose relative game size could shrink a bit, as you're only including the LOD0 model rather than also having two or three progressively lower fidelity versions. Not that I'm holding my breath.
  10. Effectively, yes. The PS5's SSD throughput is 5.5GB/s, which jumps to around 8-9GB/s with compression. In other words, everything in its 16GB of RAM can be switched out within 2-3 seconds. For comparison, the PS4's HDD throughput is 50-100MB/s. In a best case scenario you'd be looking at about a minute and a half to flush and refill its RAM, despite it having half as much capacity. Of course in reality you aren't going to be flushing and refilling RAM all the time, you'll just be streaming in the stuff that you need a second or two before you need it; the speed allows you fetch data way faster and make far more efficient use of RAM, as you aren't clogging it up with stuff you might need 20 seconds from now.
  11. Naturally I get the comparisons to Assassin's Creed, but to me it's more like what AC could have become if they had retained more of the original game in that series. Combat in that could be really quick and brutal, whereas in Odyssey you can stab someone 20 times and only take off half their health. Could do without the glowing trees, mind. I get not having a prolonged pruning animation if you're going to be collecting resources a lot, but if that is the case I'd rather said collecting was just sparser but more meaningful. Also, timed attacks and button prompts are not QTEs.
  12. There's a new Digital Foundry video that does into more (but not full) detail of how Nanite and Lumen work. I'd say it's an approachable video with clear examples of what's different about Epic's approach.
  13. Obviously characters won't be forbidden from squeezing through crevices in next-gen games, the point was always that such 'gates' don't have to be included due to technical constraints. Similar sections would instead be employed for tonal/pacing reasons or to obfuscate a hidden area, not because your HDD is dying in the background trying to load the next area. It's certainly nice of Epic to market the PS5 for Sony. I imagine the demo would run on XSX fine – unless they've really gone all out on optimising for the PS5's SSD – but it's pretty serendipitous for Sony to have this demo so associated with their platform given Microsoft's maligned third-party showcase.
  14. I've just reached the end of the second part of Legacy of the First Blade and it's a lot more egregious than I was expecting. Whilst not a blank slate, since the start of the game it's felt like I've had a guiding hand on Kassandra's actions but this DLC rips that hand away in a violent way. Hopefully Ubisoft are more considerate of player choice for Valhalla. Or take the choices away entirely. They need to pick one.
  15. If nothing else, the soundtrack should be good: Also, apparently one-shot hidden blade assassinations will be more reliable this time around, although the details are a bit vague. If only there had been some kind of gameplay trailer that could demonstrate it.
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