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    I think the biggest change with the latest patch is that they've surfaced a bunch of additional options for tuning stick control, meaning it's the first Arkane game that doesn't feel rubbish on a pad. The aiming always feeling off was one of my biggest complaints at launch, so I'm glad there's at least a means to dial things in now even if it's a rather laborious process. Speaking of control, they've also added gyro aiming and flick stick input on PS5. I haven't really given the latter a go yet – it'll definitely require some adjustment – but I know people swear by it as an input method.
  2. The leaving date is listed before you download the game: There's also a 'Last chance to play' section in the Store. As far as I'm aware RDR2 is the only game scheduled to leave, though.
  3. I'd expect most notable PSVR games to get ported to the new hardware. The real question is how many of those will have a free upgrade; guessing it'll vary from publisher to publisher. As an example, Déraciné was part of the Nvidia leak which has proven to be a roadmap for PC releases since. That makes a lot more sense if From are also going back to the game to rework it for PSVR2.
  4. As you might expect, this is coming to everything but Switch: I don't have any particular reverence for the setting, but the lineage pretty much guarantees it'll be worthwhile regardless. Even Dead Souls was a good time.
  5. It isn't, it's just more confusing to say it's happening on the 13th and 14th.
  6. Note that I specified their contact cleaner, which is basically aerosolised isopropyl alcohol, not the regular WD-40 lubricant. The latter might dislodge whatever's affecting the potentiometer, but it would also likely leave oily residue behind which could cause other issues. I imagine a can of compressed air might be just as effective, if you happen to have one around for some reason.
  7. If anyone else's DualSense has developed analogue drift, I was surprised to discover that WD-40 Contact Cleaner completely sorted both of my controllers out. I didn't expect it to be that effective without taking the shell off, yet all I did was press down on the sticks, spray into the gap using the straw nozzle, rotate the sticks for a bit then leave the cleaner to evaporate. There's probably cheaper cleaner that would do the job just as well, but for £7.50 both my controllers now feel as good as new. Not sure I'll get though the can in my lifetime, either, though I'll definitely break it out for other types of controllers as well.
  8. I'm not sure if there will be official PC support or not. The issue is the headset likely won't be priced to make a profit by itself, so someone buying one for PC use is basically a loss for Sony. However, if they're looking to release their VR output on PC then obviously it makes more sense to help grow that market. This seems fairly likely to me as the VR market is relatively small but willing to spend, so it seems logical extension of Sony's PC strategy. That said, my guess is that official PC support would come at a later date once any stock issues have been addressed and they have some decent projections for the console VR market. Whatever the case, I'm sure someone will figure out how to make the hardware work on PC. Some people got the original PSVR working and that wasn't an all-in-one with a single, standard connector.
  9. USB audio is supported, but not every device will be recognised; in general I believe UAC1 hardware works whilst UAC2 won't. I'd have thought whatever solution you used on PS4 would still work, though. So yes, there is a way. Unless you're an audiophile looking to research and spend a decent amount, though, you're probably better off just plugging your headphones into the DualSense; the quality is a lot better than the DualShock 4.
  10. There should be four extra uses for my code if anyone wants to get the Beta firmware: CT7G-D3NQ-8KNK Once you've redeemed the code you'll need to manually start the Beta update. Personally I've never had an issue with PlayStation Beta firmware being unstable but it's always a possibility, so make sure to backup anything you might want to beforehand.
  11. If anyone's looking to upgrade their internal storage, you can currently get a 2TB SN850, with heatsink, for £178 direct from Western Digital. I believe it's the same price on Amazon if you have Prime.
  12. I loaded up Fortnite via browser and quit once it got to the title screen. A few minutes later the quest completed, so you don't have to actually stick around. At least this way I don't need to feel guilty about clogging up the AoE lobby browser. I am waiting for Microsoft to make the PC rewards significantly less generous, though.
  13. It looks quite a bit faster than I remember, plus they seem to be making use of the extra controller inputs so you aren't linearly cycling through actions. I'd guess the basic combat mechanics are the same but they've rebalanced/retuned everything.
  14. Is the drive's heatsink built-in, or did you attach one? The latter's easy enough to do but I know some people have made the mistake of not checking for plastic wrapping that's supposed to be peeled off, meaning the heatsink isn't actually conducting any heat. If the heatsink came pre-attached I'd guess you just got unlucky with a faulty drive.
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