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  1. Thanks. I'll have something to do at work today
  2. I'm about to put those 5 Lynx games i found in the local Goodwill up for sale in 1 lot (http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/182392-car-boots-charity-shops-and-amazing-retro-finds-from-your-loft/?p=9873834). What would be a fair price for these boxed games with manuals? Cheers.
  3. Don't forget all the MSX games: Zanac, Zanac-Ex, Aleste, Aleste 2 and Aleste Gaiden.
  4. There's also a bunch of male and female tennisplayers who go to some Adidas Academy in the US to train and they almost always happen to have an amazingly great season right after. Coincidence, good training methods or something else?
  5. Rosedale is open for visitors. The weather sucks though.
  6. Does anyone's Nookling's have a spare watering can for sale?
  7. Nothing interesting to do yet in Rosedale, but anyone is welcome anyway. Friendcode 0001-4307-7659
  8. Yeah, i know the feeling. I'm trying to get rid of my Naomi sitdown (with netboot system) to make room for a kids playpen. I need a bigger house (or less kids).
  9. I should start playing again. Any place i can find you guys online?
  10. De Lift: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0087622/?ref_=fn_al_tt_4 Great classic dutch movie by Dick Maas.
  11. My favorite joystick from my MSX2 days: The thing was built like a tank.
  12. Totally forgot about that. I recently bought an old X-Box from Goodwill that i need to mod for this.
  13. Found a working SNES with a couple of games for 5 euros at the local goodwill store. Never had one of these when they were new, so glad to finally score one:
  14. Time to visit a Disney Park, me thinks:
  15. Great flick and she makes my happy place tingle:
  16. Got a Sega Naomi Universal cab (black) at home with: Naomi 1 mobo Naomi 2 mobo Triforce mobo All 3 can use netbooting. Some more stuff that doesn't work with the Uni cab, but works great with my simple JAMMA cab in my office: Neo Geo 2-slot (with a couple of carts) Pink Sweets Blue Elf multi-cart GNet (hacked to work with regular memory cards) The Naomi Universal cab also has quick connectors for my Dreamcast, PC and xBox360.
  17. Emulated on a repro cab, with an LCD monitor.
  18. Also got it working with a TriForce mobo. Too bad i don't have a driving cab, would be great to play a bit of Mariokart GP and F-Zero AX.
  19. Finally managed to get a netboot system up for the Naomi. Shmup heaven, here i come.
  20. Local highscores are kept on the device, it's just the worldwide leaderboards that go through Facebook.
  21. Sadly it's not universal. If it was i'd buy it in a second.
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