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  1. Anyone else getting bad connection on this? Have never had that appear on my screen with cod but the last week on my ps5 getting it a lot.
  2. Thanks for your kind words and enjoying family time. Played Astro boy with my 11 year old today on our ps5 so felt nice to have gaming as a joint passion.
  3. Have a fab Christmas everyone. A strange one for me as my brother who was on here as NSoul1972 passed away this year due to COVID. (I haven’t mentioned this until now as been too hard to mention tbh) He was a massive COD player even tho he was 62! I love reading Rllmuk and it is a great community. Enjoy time with family this Christmas plus getting a bit of gaming time in. Take care and all the best for 2021.
  4. Anyone else received an email from shop to re pre order for series x and saying payment must be made by Friday for shipment next week?
  5. Well after a few hours this evening I am quitting COD. It is just so annoying to play now. It’s just a campers paradise. I used to love the run and gin of this but the whole thing is ruined with really bad maps and campers everywhere.
  6. Given I am normally okay at this I just played a game where I died 10 times and didn’t even get a chance to have a shot. As soon as I respawned I was dead. What the?????
  7. How much utter rubbish if this in FFA. I have never such a bad cod and I thought last years was rubbish. it’s just camping galore
  8. Just finished this and it was an awesome showcase to kick off PS5! Great use of the new pad, fab graphics and just a lively historic walk through PlayStation. What a cracking idea. will defo find every hidden thing in it!
  9. Just had the same. When will smyths be open to collect?
  10. So have my Smyths collection order for tomorrow. I am sure I read somewhere they were opening early at 7am for collection but can’t see that anywhere now. anyone know?
  11. What do others think of the new CoD?
  12. Well after playing CoD every year since the very first version I think this could finally be it hates last years so carried on with BO4. But barely anyone on that so was hoping this new BO would be similar but the maps are dreadful. like playing FFA but it’s all camping and scoping. Needs new maps quick.
  13. Yeah and use DPD too! Got my email this afternoon aswell. Hoping for maybe an early delivery? Wednesday would be fab! Doubt it tho.
  14. So have reported this. have rebooted my Xbox and this game several times and no rumble at all. Anyone else having this issue.? think so I need to uninstall and re-install?
  15. Some of the maps on multiplayer are garbage. Just spawn camp feats.
  16. What are the chances of any retailers shipping early given they have PS5s in stock and the machine out in other regions today?? Can always be hopeful!!!
  17. Thanks for the reply and the link. Have flagged this issue.
  18. So been playing this on series x and there’s no rumble at all. Pad rumble is working on other games and words on my one x so what’s going on with series x? is this a known bug?
  19. Nice Dualsense! I have the Pulse headset and controller charger on the way from very. Not shipped console so thinking they are holding back for official date.
  20. My Very order STILL hasn’t arrived via Yodel. Never ever use Yodel.
  21. Really enjoying this more than I thought I would. One bit to fix is quick scopers. Why leave this in the game still?
  22. Got my Shopto confirmation too! paid straight away even though we have until end of October as just want to be sure!!
  23. Much prefer this to the MW camper fest that I just haven’t liked. This is back to black ops 4 feel and I love it. Feels like a proper COD, fast paced and fun. I suppose there are two different styles of CoD now and I prefer the BOPs model.
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