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  1. 20 minutes ago, JoeK said:

    The Xbox version of the Nova Pros - I can see they work with a PS5 and PC too, but does this mean they have to be wired when using them for those two?

    I have the Xbox ones as wanted to use on both ps5 aswell.  

    Works wireless across both.  

    You have 2 usb cables in the box to connect both consoles to the hub you have.  

    Everything on the hub can be controlled via the volume wheel on the headset.  Takes maybe 10-15 mins to get the hang of but dead easy now to swap between sources and custom sound modes.  

  2. 53 minutes ago, watusi said:

    how are they? I am tempted to pick up a pair for work and gaming. 

    So had a full evening with them last night.


    They are very comfortable, light and look more like proper headphones than just gaming ones.


    Initially I was slightly underwhelmed when on flat setting but then realised I had the microphone on which means it picks up all ambient sound.


    Once I figure the settings they have really good.  

    For gaming- 

    Cod was excellent compared to my old 7x and Audeze Penrose


    Returnal -  good but not as good as the penrose.  The sound seems slightly muffled for some reason.  Probably need to amend the custom sound. 

    Bluetooth music-  played Apple Music from my iPhone and really good sound.  Similar to xm4 but not as good as my AirPods max


    ANC - again really good, surprisingly so tbh.  Again not quite xm3 or AirPod beating.


    Overall -  definitely keeping these to replace my arctis 7x and they are better than these.  Love the fit and custom sound changes. 

    not as good as xm4 or AirPods max for ANC but music not far off.  

    If you just want one pair of headphones for both then these are excellent.  Great sound.  

    A definite upgrade from 7x and the best headphones for multi use.  

  3. So just ordered the new Arctic Nova Pro wireless headphones. 

    Got the Xbox ones as these also work with PS5.


    Will let you know what they are like when I get them tomorrow but they are reviewing well already. 

  4. So after really enjoying Cold War and. It liking MW Or the beta I thought I would give this pass.  

    but after all the positive comments I have been seeing I thought I would get it as not a lot of new stuff out on PS5 this Xmas.  

    Well single player looks amazing but by the numbers so far but enjoying it. 

    Played an hour of MP and it is just a run around mess.  It looks nice, sounds rubbish, and just feels floaty and wrong.

    Think I know now that black ops style is the version for me and just need to ignore these versions.  

  5. 50 now and still love games.  Playing Ratchet and Clank, Returnal and CoD at 120hz is awesome. 

    Like many others less time but wfh helps and kids getting older. 

    Still sometimes have a feeling that am I wasting my time (imagine some people saying ‘at your age, playing games!) but so much better than watching Netflix trash etc etc.



  6. Just done another couple of hours and the complexity is just building.  Just like Hades but far more so.  

    Decided to switch off for a bit and okay something easier as it started just throwing too many things at you.  

    but the concept is one day and 4 times of the day to kill all 8 characters and then build your skills, weapons.  Just getting a stage where you can access some stuff to help reduce the impact of death.  (You can die three times a day before kicking back to the beginning) 


    it doesn’t feel as action as the trailers suggest yet but in time it probably is.  

  7. Yeah played a couple of hours too.  

    but crazy bonkers but in a good way.  

    it’s striking me that it is a complex game so if you leave it for a couple of weeks it’s one of those where you won’t know what you’re doing.  

    But enjoying it so far if a bit confused.


    graphically nice in 60fps and only real issue is the see as said before.  


  8. 1 hour ago, Pug said:

    Mine was shipped today also, £45.55 with discount code from The Game Collection.

    Same here.  Do you think it will turn up tomorrow?  Not sure how good game collection are for delivery.  

  9. Manage to play this earlier today.  I only had 45 mins free but decided to cancel a meeting and do nearly 2 hours.  

    This is AWESOME.  

    I am totally stunned by the graphics and how fun and engaging the whole game is.


    yes, it is very similar formula to previous versions but with the Rifts, story and all the triple A quality with the visuals, sound and haptics, Wow! 

    A stellar experience so far.  Really impressed.  

  10. So I haven’t played this now for over 2 weeks despite getting to Biome 4 finally.  

    Trouble is this game needs to be played in the dark I think.  And with the better weather and light nights I just cant find the right amount of time to play.  Going to have to come back to this maybe late Sept I think.  

    Unless they bring some kind of save facility so I can play other games in the meantime. 

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