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  1. IainGamer


    This is utter rubbish. Can’t believe this got into ps5 event!
  2. So just tried this out again after a couple of weeks away. And it is still shite
  3. You can’t actually see the other players easily and everyone just camps. Rubbish
  4. So have given it a week off and tried playing tonight and still utter shite.
  5. Agree with many others and in the love it camp too!! @pinholestar write up is excellent band captures the game for me too. Not everyone’s cup of tea at all but for me a stunning well presented pace of change.
  6. Lol true!! Blops and Ww2 turned out good. Infinite warfare a broken mess. Enjoying Blops4 even more now. A slick solid online experience in the main. Jumping still annoying but that’s never going to change. MW I want to be good because I like the return to a more realistic gritty feel but too many failings right now. Feels like they are trying too many modes and not focusing on getting the core right.
  7. Bit difficult when the sod is digital
  8. Fed up of emptying clips into people and then bang one shot and you are dead. Wtf??
  9. This is still a crock of turd of a game.
  10. Well copy has turned up and just installing. Will try and get an hour in this afternoon if I can.
  11. Awful news. Appreciate you sharing. Rest in peace and condolences to all his friends and family.
  12. And why don’t groups stay together after a match so they can play again on another map. How many things have they got wrong?
  13. FFA totally broken still and event more now with shotgun campers planting claymores or m4 campers. And now playing against experts at level 100+ who don’t have lives and have perfected every camping corner. What a sodding shambles of a game
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