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  1. So the last Week I have played this, I kid you not, everytime I come against a player that is virtually impossible to kill they are German. They clearly have either really bad or very good connection as they always seem to have a connection advantage. Any chance this will be balanced out with Modern Warfare??? Of course not!!!
  2. Still dying loads and just see how people are getting 35+ kills. I need to sort my connection I reckon
  3. Thanks for the advice. Will have a go...
  4. I am finding this impossible virtually to actually get any kills. Given I have played cod since the very first ever game and everyone since what the hell??? Anyone any tips as I can’t seem to get use to this at all.
  5. Well have it a good go but a sodding lag fest when against Europeans as usual. Like the maps and audio. Controls just don’t seem right yet and fed up of emptying clips into people and they turn around and kill you with 1/2 shots. What the???
  6. Be glad to play hardcore mode as to much lag advantage going on too
  7. This game is just spawn camping hell
  8. Just can’t get away with this yet. It doesn’t feel right aiming. Just constantly getting my arse totally kicked.
  9. Desperately needs a sale so I can get some more games. I get this has a lower uptake than console games but come on it is owned by Facebook!
  10. Finally decided to get this on PS4. How hard is it tho! Any tips for the early parts. Just got into the castle and seem to die regularly.
  11. Thanks, they are 28th too. Scan give 24 months interest free via PayPal so thought would through that since the date seems to be the same.
  12. Was going to order this a couple of weeks ago and saws John Lewis had it in stock. Waited for a day and they were sold out and now everywhere is! Have ordered from Scan but delayed until 28th June Ebay vultures in full flow with 64gb up for £500-600. oh well will just have to read about in on here until end of June! Keep to the game recommendations coming!
  13. Been reading all the great comments on here so looking to get one of these when back from hols. What do list recommend 64gb or 128gb?
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