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  1. More games please! I’d like to see some good 16bit era ports.
  2. I’m going with...Yes.
  3. Downloading now!
  4. 12 is better than6 still hasnt appeared in the e shop yet! Just me or has anyone else managed to dl?
  5. AngryH

    WSBK 2019

    I don’t watch but I like motorsport. Never seem to find the time to watch it though. Is it a Sunday thing?
  6. AngryH


    I've been the the one in Ennis. It wasn't great.
  7. The gamegear. I had two. I’d already sold one and then went a re-bought it . Even mentioning it now and I’m thinking of checking eBay.
  8. PlayStation eyetoy and 360 fight stick are the two standouts.
  9. We spent our last night is t brugs beertje. It’s my favourite pub in Bruges. Found this little beauty there.
  10. It’s fantastic isn’t it! I was in Bruges the other weekend and brought a load back. McChoufe, Barbar, Zot Dubbel, Trippel. All so tasty.
  11. Straffe Hendrik Quadripel...stunning!
  12. Hey Neg stalker. Thanks for the salty tears. x

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