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  1. Define yourself by your deeds and not what shit you chat on a games forum.
  2. Rocket League is on sale now. It’s on my wish list but is it going to suck me in and spit me out as a hollow husk of a human?
  3. We have an ooni. It’s brilliant. We make our own dough and the pizzas are excellent. As good as wood fired pizzas you would buy from a restaurant/street trader type. They are expensive but very good fun and add a little bit of theatre, particularly with guests/kids.
  4. Just finished this today. Loved pretty much every minute of it. Actually enjoyed it more this time round.
  5. Picked up Homo Machina whilst on sale. £2.23. Funny little game but enjoying lounging around playing it.
  6. I'm gonna guess at Davros being drunk and Fierce Poodle...well...he's just got a thing for me. I'll still be waiting for it to be discounted. It looks really cool, I just hate buying games than I finish really quickly.
  7. You cannot definitively state that. It’s subjective. To me, a game you can finish in 3 hrs isn’t worth the money that they are asking. I’m sure it’s fun. I’ll find out when it hits £10.
  8. Arsed. I’m sure it’s fun but not the thick end of 20 notes fun.
  9. It’s looks good but a £17.99 I’ll hold off until it’s on sale.
  10. I’m loving the change of pace from usual gaming. I’m getting a perverse satisfaction from the hoovering aspect too
  11. Anyone else get a Polterup key ring with their copy?
  12. I’ve just had a text from Argos saying it should be with me tomorrow. Coincides nicely with me not being in work until Sunday...
  13. I’m also lazy. Argos is in our Sainsburys, which I go to most days. The nearest Smyths is significantly less convenient for me.
  14. Argos have this on pre-order for £44.99 if anyone hasn’t already pre-ordered.
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