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  1. Celebrated moving in to my new flat, and getting the PS4 hooked up, by throwing myself into All Clear mode, which I love to bits. Finally got my first ever SS rank in this game . Tried to do the same in Combo mode, and I've managed 112. I think (not sure) that SS rank is 120. Consistently getting 90-110. Ooh, it's a bastard. Can't wait to try out Connected mode when it comes to PS4 (although I've been struggling in Tetris 99 recently). I love Tetris, I do.
  2. Considering how disappointed I was by retrying Sunshine, I am immeasurably glad that 64 remains utterly brilliant. How on Earth Nintendo went from something so perfect to so janky, I find difficult to understand. Controls feel so much more solid and responsive, difficulty is perfectly judged instead of total bullshit, a few camera issues but nothing serious. 60 stars in and I'm going to absolutely rinse it this evening.
  3. This bump isn't a sequel announcement, but that's another issue. Picked this up on Switch this week and it's very fun. Today I had the exquisite pain of getting within 1 hit of killing a boss (the one in the forest), but getting too greedy. The exact thing you tell yourself you won't do. The grinding feels a little slow (how am I going to reach level 75 on a stat?) but I also think I might just be playing too slowly and not taking risks to find exciting valuable things. That's my way I suppose. But I really love being the glass cannon Hokage - fave class by a mile, so f
  4. Hoo boy, even nostalgia's not going to convince me to finish Sunshine. I'm sure it's partly being spoiled by later, better 3D Marios, but the controls and camera combine into a symphony of frustration, even only 15 Shines in. I really hope 64 isn't this much worse than I remember it being.
  5. Just want to say that I am very annoyed about certain aspects of this release (timed is bullshit, where is Galaxy 2). There, I've added my voice. Obviously I've still bought it, it's three of the best games ever made at a decent price on the best console. Time to finally 100% Sunshine. Bring it on, you weird, capricious bastard.
  6. Absolute heartbreak. I spilled water on my Switch and I'm having to send it off for repair (or replace it if it's that bad). At least I finished the storyline, but...
  7. Yep. Don't hesitate, just buy this and play it and enjoy it.
  8. Had a heroic failure since this update. Really enjoying reading people's updates from first playthroughs too! This game has such character.
  9. In preparation for Silksong, whenever that is, I've hopped back into this. Played a fresh file and just enjoyed the heck out of it, now trying to mop up some stuff I never did. Late-game spoilers:
  10. Query: I saw that the Switch version has changed the Part Unlock system, so you can unlock any bike by completing enough challenges, which was a big improvement. Can anyone tell me if that's also been applied to the other versions? The Switch version also tracks which bike you have completed each trail with - that would have been helpful for me a few months ago too, but I'm not bitter!
  11. "Double dipped" on this, as the kids say. I can't play the PS4 version anymore due to lockdown turning the living room into my landlord's partner's office (!!). Nice to return to it. I'm quite good at this game (detailed above), so I've tasked myself to complete every available challenge with the bog-standard bike before unlocking any others. Mountain 3 down, so I'm 75% through that. After that, all the bike-specific challenges, then using fave bikes to compete for serious speedruns. I'm tweaking my online usernames for boring reasons, so look out for JDMHEXAGON - I hope to be atop
  12. Totally agree about the slow unlocking of bikes - it's such a weird choice and my least favourite aspect. Same with unlocking new mountains and trails. When games like Celeste have shown how easy it is to make content accessible for everyone, yet still make challenge rewarding, why wouldn't you copy it?
  13. That's the Platinum trophy then. 0.3% of players, apparently. And as the storm raged this afternoon, I started trying for speed on the late-game challenges - managed #4 in the world on one track, out of the select 50 or so who've posted a time. Folks, I think I'm decent at this game! Been an absolute pleasure the whole way, and I can see myself buying the Switch port too, just for the portability. Boar is best bike. Best trail? Too hard to choose!
  14. Oh god, just completely mind-gamed myself on a challenge. Still loving this, although experiencing framerate drops which are absolutely heart-stopping. Pretty shoddy especially in a game like this!
  15. Picked this up about a week ago, and I'm now sad I missed it for the GOTY voting. It's bloody gorgeous. The big triumph is how it looks, sounds and feels - I haven't been on a mountain bike for 15 years, but the feeling of jumping, braking, bolting down a hill just feels right. @Garwoofoo the rest areas are kind of inconsistently difficult to find, and I only got a few before resorting to Youtube. Exploring sections to find shortcuts is fun: exploring an entire level to find your cleverly hidden rest area is not. My favourite is going for crashless runs - as soon as the
  16. Here we go then. Pretty clear that I haven't played many new games this year, but some of those I did play really struck me and I wanted to shout them out. I hope Celeste's DLC is OK to count as a major expansion - it's a sprawling extra chapter with new mechanics and story, plus a whole album's worth of soundtrack. Game of the Year A1. Outer Wilds A2. Sayonara Wild Hearts A3. Tetris 99 A4. Celeste - Farewell A5. Untitled Goose Game Honourable Mentions: Dicey Dungeons, Flappy Fighter, Grindstone, Super Mario Maker 2, Link’s Awakening Remast
  17. Fully intend to do this over next few days so that's much appreciated!
  18. I got this for Switch last weekend (because of this unarguable tweet) and since then it's occupied about 60% of my brain space at any given moment. What a thing it is. My review: Supremely sad sexy Scandinavian singer soundtracks [Perfect!] candyfloss crack cocaine Casio compositions [Perfect!] following Fool, foxy frightened firebrand, [Perfect!] tethered to terrifying Tarot tormentors, [Perfect!] letting lost love leave lacerations, [Perfect!] and absolutely acing ambitious, audacious adventures against Asmodeus, anti archetype. All aboard! [Gold Rank!]
  19. Obviously I have Google and I'll use it, but can you recommend any All Clear tutorials? Thanks!
  20. Been an utter pleasure catching up on this thread - I love how much everyone loves Tetris. Invictus is brutal and fantastic. I have managed precisely one win (it's effort to access the screenshot from my Switch so I hope you trust me). Last night was very frustrating - managed to finish 2nd, 3rd and 4th within the span of 5 games. When I browsed the list of missions, the one that stood out as "oh shit I'll never do that" was 3 all clears in a game, so @bradigor, please accept my hearty applause. The missions are fun, but a terrible slippery slope - I'm curious to know f
  21. joeplus


    Total Time: 6h 29m 27s Deaths: 1,832 That last part though. Oof!
  22. joeplus


    Slight warning on the DLC “entry requirements”: there are parts of it that require more than just the 8 main levels. As mentioned, if you’re not into the very late-game stuff it may not be your cup of tea anyway, but it tripped me up - I started a new file because it felt like a nice way to work up to it, and then had to either leave and redo some B-sides before carrying on, or redo the first part of the DLC on my main save. Still been a delight though, bloody fiendish stuff but some excellent twists on the familiar. I think I’m near the end now, but I’ve been wrong about that a fe
  23. I'm finding the Thief's second episode a real stumper, even though it's basically the same as the first. Still experimenting though - I think I just got terribly unlucky on a very good poison-based build, something I've not tried before. Poison Needle+ and things that give you more dice are a happy combination. Also, I hate the Loud Bird so much. An excellently designed annoying enemy.
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