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  1. Obviously I have Google and I'll use it, but can you recommend any All Clear tutorials? Thanks!
  2. Been an utter pleasure catching up on this thread - I love how much everyone loves Tetris. Invictus is brutal and fantastic. I have managed precisely one win (it's effort to access the screenshot from my Switch so I hope you trust me). Last night was very frustrating - managed to finish 2nd, 3rd and 4th within the span of 5 games. When I browsed the list of missions, the one that stood out as "oh shit I'll never do that" was 3 all clears in a game, so @bradigor, please accept my hearty applause. The missions are fun, but a terrible slippery slope - I'm curious to know from this thread's hardiest experts, what's the hardest mission in that list?
  3. joeplus


    Total Time: 6h 29m 27s Deaths: 1,832 That last part though. Oof!
  4. joeplus


    Slight warning on the DLC “entry requirements”: there are parts of it that require more than just the 8 main levels. As mentioned, if you’re not into the very late-game stuff it may not be your cup of tea anyway, but it tripped me up - I started a new file because it felt like a nice way to work up to it, and then had to either leave and redo some B-sides before carrying on, or redo the first part of the DLC on my main save. Still been a delight though, bloody fiendish stuff but some excellent twists on the familiar. I think I’m near the end now, but I’ve been wrong about that a few times so far - it’s a beast of a chapter!
  5. I'm finding the Thief's second episode a real stumper, even though it's basically the same as the first. Still experimenting though - I think I just got terribly unlucky on a very good poison-based build, something I've not tried before. Poison Needle+ and things that give you more dice are a happy combination. Also, I hate the Loud Bird so much. An excellently designed annoying enemy.
  6. I can see a lot of that, but truth be told I'm still rather enraptured with it. It tickles some really particular likes, I enjoy the aesthetic, and the lightweight-ness is a big benefit for me. I just don't get on with most in-depth strategy games. I've gone through almost all the bonus content with the Warrior, and it's pretty entertaining how things are mixed up. I think I'm seeing some improvement in my own skill and judgement at creating good builds too, although it still doesn't come that naturally. There definitely could be some quality of life improvements, hopefully we'll see some in updates.
  7. Finished a run with the 5th character! It was weirdly anticlimactic - I'd never seen the boss, but it turns out my build almost totally negated her. Stroke of luck. For those interested in the details,
  8. Ooh boy, the 5th character is a whole other thing, aren’t they? First 3 runs weren’t too hot. Fell asleep yesterday thinking about builds...
  9. Another lovely moment:
  10. Every games fan has that one idea, right? The game they would make if they were a developer. Mine, knocking about in my head for a decade while I refused to learn to make games, was about anthropomorphic dice. Ones that would fight, and transform, and they'd all do cool different things depending on the roll! Fire and ice and poison and stuff! Bloody hell, someone's only made it. I'd be annoyed, if it wasn't Terry Cavanagh, creator of two of my favourite ever games. He's done it again, the rogue. Austin Walker's article does a good job explaining why it's a nice example of a new genre, but it's not a genre I've really played at all: I'm just immediately enraptured with this. I love dice: they're exciting, tactile, culturally storied. And in the best dice games, they present a little puzzle to be solved - what can a six do for me here? Should I re-roll the three? This game is a rapid succession of those delightful small puzzles, asking you to plan well and react to unpredictable opposition. And the choices are tricky but quick and breezy, rather than half-hour crunchy thinkers, which really appeals to me. It looks and sounds gorgeous. Yet another reason this is targeted straight into my dome is that the design (intentionally or not I wonder?) echoes The Suffering Game, my favourite arc in podcast phenomenon The Adventure Zone. I'm very early on, but here are some spoilers about what is probably my favourite moment in games since Breath of the Wild. And genuine spoilers: I have no idea how likely you are to find the same thing, even though it's low-level!
  11. Dicey Dungeons Roguelike dice-based dungeon crawler made by Terry Cavanagh (VVVVVV, Super Hexagon) with music by Chipzel (Super Hexagon) PC, Mac & Linux £11.39 £10.25 on Steam Austin Walker: 'Dicey Dungeons' Will Help You Understand the Best New Genre in Games I'm only 2 hours in but I love it to bits Trailer
  12. In this thread, where everyone can see? No way mate. You'll find out when I'm top of the league after the first month.* *Not guaranteed and in fact very unlikely and will probably be last instead
  13. Seems a bit harsh, I feel like they both have their place! But it's lovely, isn't it. I'm insanely excited for the long-promised DLC chapter.
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