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  1. In this thread, where everyone can see? No way mate. You'll find out when I'm top of the league after the first month.* *Not guaranteed and in fact very unlikely and will probably be last instead
  2. Seems a bit harsh, I feel like they both have their place! But it's lovely, isn't it. I'm insanely excited for the long-promised DLC chapter.
  3. I'm in as Donut County FC. Last season was a poor performance, but also realising that my main rival in my other league reads all the same things that I do. Trying to go big different tactics this year. Might crash and burn. It'll be fun though!
  4. @GokouD, another absolutely brilliant level. My only pointer is that I got so carried away getting all the big coins and having a grand old time, that I didn't even notice the timer... died just after I beat Boom Boom! Might have been good to have 500 seconds there.
  5. This is fab, really heart-pounding stuff. Cleared it, then had to go back and have a crack at the world record. 00'58"200, boom! I'm supposed to be cleaning the bathroom...
  6. Cheers for the kind words folks! Got another couple of ideas brewing, I'm keen to try out some of the new things like clear conditions and low gravity. Slowly making my way through the tutorial vids as well - they're very charming and it's nice to be reminded of some of the basics.
  7. Ah, cheers man! It took a lot of tweaking so glad it's a fun play. That secret route on Bussey really is quite spicy but once I started it I knew I had to finish! It's great that finding the fast route early on rewards you with more breathing room for later. Can highly recommend if anyone wants a challenge.
  8. Me this morning: "Nearly done. Just a few final tweaks and it'll be ready!" Me literally four hours later: *uploads* Try To Save Your Prize - 23B-FT6-NLG Keep hold of your powerups and it's plain sailing! Lose them, and you'll have a rougher time. Can you reach the secret at the end?
  9. It's taking a long time to put my first level together, but I've got all enamoured with an idea. It's not even a particularly new idea, or a great level, but I have to see it through. I've remembered how useful it is to just shitcan a section if it doesn't work. I should really make a short and sweet one separately, to get me off the mark. Oh, and when I get frustrated and take a break - there's a stock of Rllmuk levels to explore. @David Heath you are a wonder and deserve special mention. Working my way through the list, following everyone. Keep 'em coming, folks!
  10. Just had a little sesh playing some of your levels - delightful, talented bunch you are. More tomorrow! Those level design tips upthread are superb too. I'll be mulling them over.
  11. Just my luck that I've been super busy over launch weekend! I've got one half-made stage and played a bunch of Story Mode (which is pretty great!) on the train. Looking forward to playing everyone's levels in this thread and hopefully have a few of my own soon.
  12. Three things: 1. I got my "Straight As" achievement this week! Combo mode was the hardest, but a bit of Youtube for strategy and then just an hour of practising got me there. Next up is As on every area of journey mode - achievable, I think. 2. I also got my first ever 3-win streak on Tetris 99 this week. I have a handful of games I could sink time into, both on the PS4 (Red Dead 2, SFV, No Man's Sky now it's good) and Switch (Katamari, Hollow Knight late-game stuff...). But I'm reaching for Tetris. It's really good! It's a very good game! I've done a bit of Youtube/fan wiki research on techniques, specific weird spins and that, but the biggest help to my skills has just been playing. 3. Story time! We had a little Game of Thrones viewing party - a friend of my flatmate (let's call him... T-Piece) gave us his NowTW login, so we could get it on the PS4 in our nice living room, drink beer and enjoy dragons and all that. T-Piece is a good chap, but I find his confidence a little overbearing, and he sees me as uncool because I'm not taking drugs and DJing in people's kitchens every weekend. I also got into an argument with his wife because she said nobody had died due to Tory austerity. Anyway, as we were setting up the GoT, T-Piece was browsing my game library. He noted I was into Street Fighter and asked about the best games, and then saw Tetris Effect - he was into it too! Here we were, building bridges in a fragile male friendship. After the episode though, we were back to that PS4 menu screen. T-piece took the chance: "Here, I'll show you some Tetris skills!". I was entirely up for that, maybe pass-the-controller stuff. He launched Tetris Effect and went to the effect modes... then turned to me with a quizzical expression. "Holy shit... these scores are way better than mine." I did my usual self-deprecating thing, and suggested we play some Journey mode. He poked around. "You finished it on Expert????" Yes mate, and with no deaths. I'm still not cool. But you take your self-confidence where you can get it. And that was a boost.
  13. Check out GW15. Yes, it's a Tuesday and a Wednesday. But everyone scored.
  14. I think I did badly. I think The Fox did well, despite breaching the deadline. Any news?
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