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  1. She essentially is Bones though, isn't she? Just without the charm. She was also written to dislike using transporters. Gates McFadden had a bit of a falling out with one of the senior writers, and just so happened to return to the show at the same time that he left. I've read a few differenttakes on what the reasons for their conflict were, but
  2. Beta


    Next scene: Mark Gatiss walks into Creek's windmill, the rustic sensibility of which make him scowl a bit. His first line is some sort of cutting remark born out of his disdain. He then says something posh, you know, and sneery. Then he does that smile that he does in everything, the scary one. Creek squints his eyes at him and walks over to a table or something, mumbling away while the weight of his hair forces his gaze towards the floor. Then the American magician guy comes in and says something insensitive about Gatiss, and pulls a silly face. Creek shakes his head.
  3. Beta


    Irene Adler would be powerless against Creek, since his only response to meeting her in the buff would be to mug first at her, and then the camera. Then the American magician guy would come in and have a bit of a perv, pull a silly face, and the scene would end.
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    Say what you will about the Ritchie films (the second one is far weaker than the first, for my money), they at least have the good grace to come up with new stories that can accomodate action set-pieces and high-powered bombast. I'd love to see what Moffat and Gatiss would adapt 'The Yellow Face,' or the story where Holmes has to use his mastermind intellect to discover which student cheated on a university exam. Hundreds of pounds of bursary money were at stake!
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    I am, and you did. Looking for a feminist message in a Holmes story might be a little too much, but it's hardly a case of pining. She's simply having a bit of revenge on a man who snubbed her for not being an aristocrat - by the story's end she is, by her own admission, quite happily married to another man of rather more modest means.
  6. Beta


    It's certainly clear that she was engaged in an affair, but the idea of her doing so for the sake of money isn't hinted at anywhere (as far as I can recall). Her anger at being dumped in favour of a foreign princess, which results in the attempt at blackmail, seems to suggest that she had invested her own emotions in the relationship far more than one would expect any 'call girl' to.
  7. Beta


    I didn't have any real problem with Adler being a dominatrix in this episode, since it's as good a way as any to get across the idea of titilation and scandal to a modern audience. But I think what you've said above is - to use a thoroughly unmodern term - bunk.
  8. Beta


    This latest episode was just bewilderingly over the top. CIA hitmen, terrorist plots, Adler as a dominatrix who just happens to dabble in international espionage (with Moriarty of course - got to make sure we keep that arc going!). The original short story is probably one of the most low key in the entire series, I'm mystified as to why the writers felt the need to pick it out and bolt on fifty minutes worth of shlock to it.
  9. I can't believe some of the guff in here about DS9. Following Pob's suggestion I checked out 'Whispers' today, and it's instantly become one of my favourite episodes of the entire series. The first few season have their fare share of gems, and a lot of the other episodes are interesting if only to see how different character relationships evolve.
  10. This was really, really good. But part of me was sad that Brooker isn't doing this sort of thing in series form anymore (another part was sad to see his hair becoming ever trendier/floppier).
  11. In mine nearly every Redguard's face can be described less as black and more as a void which only the strongest amount of HDR gimmickry can illuminate (my own character included). It must be some sort of colour palette/lighting issue because I get the same thing with the entire body of my dark brown horse.
  12. Beta

    L.A Noire

    To be fair, I came to the game with the same expectation. It's not a hard one to come if you've read a couple of reviews, or even a small amount of the stuff otherwise being written about the game online.
  13. Unexpected consequences? In a Fallout game?
  14. Oh God, after having been fairly amused when I saw that on air, I haven't been able to stop myself watching that all day. Along with , it makes me think that they must put a fair bit of effort into coming up with (or looking in the archives for) little bits of music that, though simple, make these short gags absolutely fantastic.
  15. More than a few game endings have made me teary. I think the first might have been the final cut-scene of Little Big Adventure 2, which is completely soppy from beginning to end. The most recent, and definitely the worst example is Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. After I started blubbing away and carried on until the credits rolled out.
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