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  1. Holburn

    Dead Island

    Can this be played split-screen online?
  2. Holburn

    Portal 2

    Just tore through this in one sitting with the better half today, then started on the co-op mode at her suggestion. Anything that can tear her away from Halo has to be something pretty special! Loved the voice acting and the credits music, which managed not to be an anti-climax after the music in Portal was such an amazing surprise.
  3. Yeah I have the same issue, and as much as I want to play this again it aint gonna happen til they patch it. Shame.
  4. Holburn

    Dead Space 2

    So I've just downloaded Severed - jump straight into Zealot or work my way up?
  5. This has been an instant hit with me and my good lady. Like a modern day Baldur's Gate in a way, but more varied and puzzle filled. Good level of difficulty so far - nice frantic sections mixed with puzzles which seem to be pitched at the right level. Controls just feel right. And there is always the opportunity to drop your co player into a spike filled pit if you're feeling mischievous! Best Live Arcade game since Shadow Complex.
  6. Holburn

    Edge 217

    Yes. I thought it was because of the migraine I had earlier!
  7. The "no lone wolf bullshit" comment means proper 4 player squad based co-op game play, not one of you playing as the Arbiter and two of you playing as nameless Elites. Definitely a deliberate statement from Bungie and after the lack of 4 player co-op in ODST, very welcome in this particular household thank you very much.
  8. Holburn

    Halo 3: ODST

    And Jayne! And Wash! And Six too!
  9. Some good advice in here - I was considering getting a DSi to replace my old silver brick, but I think I'll save some cash and get a Lite instead - cheers guys!
  10. Finished this solo and started again on co-op with my gf, using the second save slot. I noticed that my stats had gone back to zero, ie I seemed to have lost the 1200+ kills towards the Seriously 2.0 achievement, no unlockables in the journal, and my collectibles were all gone. OK I thought, its because I used the other save slot. So we restarted co-op using the first save slot. Same problem. Anyone else found this? I'm resigned now to starting again on the collectibles and gradual progression achievements, but I was wondering if this was a bug or something I did wrong. Fantastic game though. See Bungie? This is how you make a game where you make the player feel as though they are part of a huge conflict. Now I just need to get the internet sorted so I can get playing horde with some like-minded peeps!
  11. Sadly I can't make Thursday as I'm moving and don't know when broadband will be on. The xbox is going to be a non-live affair for me for a while.
  12. I don't like it either, I find it patronising and annoying. Mind you, Zelda games have been doing it for years
  13. Not had this long and was a bit sad there was no crash mode, then I discovered the Showtime thingummy. Now I'm a happy bunny I'm also impressed at how much there is to do. I'm not keen on night time though - I've got mine set to constant mid-day now, which is a bit sad cos in theory I love the day/night cycle, I just have difficulty seeing where the hell I'm going!
  14. Holburn

    Fable 2

    So basically, you can play the game yourself, Edited after previous post was spoilered.
  15. Thoroughly enjoyed that guys - ta very much. I just need to not be quite so shit next time!
  16. Holburn


    Tsk. Not an Inspector Morse fan then?
  17. I was just talking to a mate the other day about old Amiga games. We both have very fond memories of this. I agree it would lend itself best to Live Arcade - I just hope they use the same sexy female voice saying "Welcome to Intek Systems" or whatever it was. Fantastic stuff. 4 player co-op please. Hell, even a straight port would appease me.
  18. Well, I just got this today, and have managed to crack 1 million for each game type, but some of the high scores you lot seem to be getting is just crazy talk! Add me if you want somebody on your high score table with a lower score than you! I have been having a laugh with the achievements though. Some inventive ones, some hard bastard ones but a lot of fun to be had.
  19. Any room for a complete TF2 noob? Never fancied playing this with randoms - I guess I'd much rather get laughed at and abused by you lot!
  20. I once had a psychology lecturer who, apart from being screamingly good looking, used to illustrate points in her lectures with Star Trek and Borg references. Don't ask me what those points were though. I was too busy imagining her bent over the desk begging me to beam her up while I made it so. Ummm, Star Trek online? Could be awesome. I wanna be the transporter guy, but having to master the controls like the bloke in "Galaxy Quest", making a balls up and transporting people up inside out.
  21. Holburn

    EDF 2017

    By the way, found a way of letting your player 2 (who gets bugger all in the way of achievements) in effect "copy" your game save onto his profile and get all the achievements too. It's post number 7. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/s...ead.php?t=56173 I tried it a few minutes ago and it worked for me.
  22. Holburn

    EDF 2017

    I'm staying with a mate in southern Spain. Gorgeous weather, fantastic food, pool and beach. "So, shall we just have one more go on that level on EDF?" Several hours later... "Ahh fuck it, the beach will be there tomorrow. Let's see what these new turrets are like!" Now only the last level on Inferno eludes us. Tonight should see that fall under the might of our combined dual lysanders, and then 1000 points will be mine. Then we might just play the whole damn thing again so my mate can get the points too!
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