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  1. It seriously hilarious
  2. They didn’t need it. But they got it regardless. Playing your kids when you are still in the chase for the title - embarrassing. When it was all for nothing - hilarious.
  3. Utd threw the game against Leicester, gift wrapping and handing the title to their bitter rivals, so they could deny Liverpool top 4 and hope to win a cup. Villarreal maybe the smaller club, but they don’t have the small club mentality like Utd have now got. Embarrassing end to the season.
  4. UTD? Copper left with broken eye socket and slashed face in recent protest. Nah, you were right, it’s the bus smashing scousers.
  5. Keano was great fun tonight.
  6. Yay.......but UEFA, Chelsea and Boris are going to be lauded as our saviours..... And nothings changed, apart from a shit new champions league next season and fucking VAR will still be around. We have jumped back into the frying pan. Close shave.
  7. If a player is under contract to play for Man Utd, as an example, and they join the new league how can you blacklist them? What choice does the player have? No pay from Utd / can’t leave if they refuse to play, blacklisted if they do. Massive can of worms legally if they are black listed.
  8. Can that even happen? Under what rule?
  9. Hated him for so many years. Love him now. That was class.
  10. It was a blueshite fan with a big stick. Seen a video. banning - ha ha. A rat with a bottle that’s all. Chill.
  11. Ha ha ha. You don’t like football. Simple. Get out.
  12. Maguire now saying the ref didn’t say what Shaw said he did. Oh dear. How many penalties have united been given since Klopps penalty ‘meltdown’? And I can see many a club website pumping out images of controversial Utd decisions prior to their games following Oles rant. Football isn’t just sport, the soap opera around it is always great value.
  13. New thread title. Nice. I’d be well chuffed if we did a parade in Summer with the Curlett.
  14. Jesus, that is awful news for Alisson and his family. Really dreadful.
  15. Then wait. We are Champions of England.
  16. Is that 88% for Ravenous or 4/5 for the forth instalment of the Ravenous films. Same question for The Post. Did you watch the sequel?
  17. Watching these with my 13 year old lad. Really loving reliving my film youth with him. First Blood Not seen this fully for a long time. Top top film, great performances by all, super tight, perfect length and no filler at all. Stallone is excellent as well (although subtitles for his breakdown speech would have been useful). The feeling when the truck crashes through the road block and music kicks in. Awesome. The comic book nonsense that follows this is not a patch. (I remember buying a knock off Rambo knife with compass etc from Spain off the back of this in the 80s).
  18. This. Lots of reasons we are way off the pace this season. But no need to wet the bed yet. We are still the same team that were immense for the last 3 seasons. We will be back. Focus on top 4, run in Champs league and then next season.
  19. 100 percent yes. It’s excellent, surpassing BB at times.
  20. Hell yeah. Great film, beautifully shot. Got a bit of panning when it came out, but I loved it. Book is excellent as well. Just wish someone could do justice to The Naked and the Dead.
  21. Very beautifully shot and absorbed me throughout. Didn't feel/care that much for the slightly one dimensional characters. The main jeopardy moment also felt like I was watching Indiana Jones - with the leap. Overall though my main issue was the single take. Whilst really technically amazing it also made it feel really small to me. They seemed to move for one frontline to the next across really wet mud, then in mines to dusty landscapes, then grass lands, to forests and rivers. Felt like I was watching a someone play through Breath of the the Wild at times. Overall I was slightly
  22. That’s exactly right. One console 3 accounts. I just created them by clicking “new user”. it gives you the option of creating a new PlayStation Network account or using an existing one. if I choose existing (mine) it fails as there is already a user on this console with that account. If I create a new PSN account I need an email address and password for each of them which is what I don’t want to do. So I just skipped that part. Is that what I am missing? Do I still need a PSNetwork account for each of them for online, but I don’t need to have the PS
  23. Thanks. This is on my primary console. If we start Steep using my account then it all works fine. If we start Steep using one of the kids it asks us to login to PSN account or set one up. And you can’t play the game. Does the same on Destiny 2.
  24. Hi. I’m new to PlayStation. Just got a PS4 Pro. i have a main account - mine - which has a PS Plus account. This is set as the primary account. My 2 kids both have normal loca accounts. Ie non PS Plus. They can from their accounts see the games I have downloaded and paid for. But when they try games like Steep/Destiny 2, it asks them to login into PSN. Everything I have read says it should work by using my PS Plus account bit using their local accounts. Any help, advice appreciated. ta
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