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  1. I have installed onion os twice now, but am getting the same results… Ok. Onion 4.0.3. I have Amiga, lynx, gb, gbc, gba, genesis, ngp, psx, snes, master system, pcengine and zx spect. The only emus that’ll launch a games are Amiga, ms, psx and lynx. The rest just say loading, then pop back to the selection screen. My bios folder is filled to the brim. Any thoughts?
  2. I've got all the issues of Mean Machines before it split into the nintendo and sega variants... weirdly I left all the free gifts on them too, apart from stickers. I REALLY liked stickers back in the day. I can't bring myself to get rid of them, though the thought does cross my mind from time to time.
  3. Any hints and tips for RP2+ setup? Best emus, hints n tips… I’m interested to see if they get android 11 on it. The performance boost in the 3 is down to OS only apparently.
  4. Friday niiiiiiight...
  5. Couple of phone apps and either iMovie or finalcut depending on which computer is close to me at the time. The apps are Retrospecs https://8bitartwork.co.uk and VHS https://rarevision.com/vhs-camcorder-app/
  6. Another night, another sketch. Usual culprits. Model:cycles, norns shield, Tascam 006
  7. The creepy unsettling thing I’m after mostly is that thing where you start to see things without seeing them appear. The deep mind dreaming of dogs footage for example. I’m looking for something swirling and eddying like that. And also at a high frame rate to really make the room queezy.
  8. That's why you should post it tonight! No regrets!
  9. I think all the ones I've seen reference existing artists. So it's not bleeding edge, it's like illustration commissions where you're given mood boards and artists they'd like you the reference. It's not like going to a really fucking good art show where it's all surprising and unfamiliar. But also I have a question. I need an in for generating cutaways in my next film. I need that creepy style of dog dream google deep mind stuff, but with a slow dolly over the surface of a road in the british countryside. I think I need a machine learning approach so I can breif it on what images to reference. So I want hang-on and outrun, and live action footage of british lanes at the right camera position. Where do I start for that?
  10. Aaaaaaaand again... Is anyone still here btw?
  11. A long sleepy one…
  12. It’s definitely a rabbit hole. A very rich one. There’s a lot of novelty things there, but also some real nice sounding synths, and useful midi tools.
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