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  1. How are you managing your mana? I tried firestaff as primary but was running out of mana before the fight ended
  2. I'm keen on the life staff but I'm not sure if the game works if you focus on dex,int,focus and con at the same time. I suppose with the life staff you could sacrifice some con. In pvp I'd rather have a healer role.
  3. What weapons are people using? I wanted a ranged option that didn't use ammo so I eventually settled on rapier for melee range and currently the ice gauntlet for ranged but given it's dex and int I have the option of the fire staff too. The rapier isn't my fave weapon but there's not much choice in melee if you want to avoid a strength build. There are some nice skills on the ice gauntlet though.
  4. It's possible to encourage grouping without it needing to be formal. GW2 despite any other problems it has achieved that incredibly well. I found saltpeter during a closed beta but I've never seen a scrap on live. I suspect long respawn times and extremely limited supply. There always seems to be silver in those caves though. I guess a lot of people must be buying their bullets from the faction store.
  5. Top tip. weak hp potions are a life saver and super easy to craft. Go to a river. See all those million bullrushes? Grab them all. As many as you like. It's super quick. Next grab a load of water from the same river. You don't even need your own bucket. Make a camp. A weak hp potion takes one bullrush pod (Or whatever they're called) and 1 water. I generally carry around about 50 at a time.
  6. On the subject of faction missions. They're generally very simple. Go here. Kill this, collect that. Quick to do and straightforward. However there are a few issues. First there doesn't seem to be much variety and you'll end up doing exactly the same ones over and over again. Secondly looting causes issues. If you kill an Elk and need to skin it note that anyone can skin that elk. You can kill something and then be unable to do anything about another player running up and stealing the carcass. This brings me to one particular faction mission I endured last night. Go to this place. Kill three Elk and skin them. Simple right? Well no. First there's a tiny amount of elk (And they're not called Elk. They're labeled Doe. Hope you know what one of those is ). Secondly if you lay a hit on them they instantly sprint off into the distance faster than Sonic on cocaine and multiple times faster than your topspeed. Then if you actually manage to nail one of these demons from the Speed force chances are someone else enduring the same hell as you will run up and steal the item you need. So small spawns, incredibly difficult to kill, long respawn times, wrong name on the mob and after all that you're not even certain to get what you need. The reward? Some faction currency and about 8 gold. Another mission was go to this area and kill wolves. I needed to kill 5. Went to the area and there were two wolves and about 8 players. Those two wolves were killed very quickly and then took about 10 minutes to respawn. I roamed that entire area multiple times and even ranged far beyond where the game said to kill wolves. No wolves. Also respawn times in some areas are actually far too fast. You can barely be finished one mob than the last one you killed has respawned and it punching you in the arse. Still enjoying myself immensely though. I made half a level 15-16 just spending 40 minutes levelling my gathering skills this morning before work.
  7. I'm level 15 now. Some thoughts on gathering and crafting Gathering. The basic systems are nice. Every gather upgrades your skill and they don't seem stingy with how many resources you get. Stuff gets unlocked at various skill levels including things appearing on the compass when you get close to them. Super close in fact making it useless for iron and hemp but great for the smaller nuts and berries. The main problem I have with gathering is resource availability. Some stuff like wood and stone is everywhere. Rarer stuff like iron and hemp is imo too rare. Iron isn't too bad but there are definitely less spawns than I would have expected and you can expect to run around for quite some time without finding any. Hemp seems stupid. To date after running over almost every inch of the zone I'm in the only hemp spawns I've ever seen are super close to the town. That's three nodes. If you want to make bullets for your musket you need to make gunpowder. To get gunpowder you need saltpeter. The tooltip and guides I've read say this is found in wolf caves. Of which there are a tiny handful and I've literally never seen a spawn. So sadly I've been unable to try out the musket Crafting I like this. Simple and straightforward. There are some QOL changes I'd like but overall it just works. However some crafts are going to be tedious to level and a lot of MMOs make this same mistake. Dealing with hides and animal skins for example is easy. Put a load of raw materials in, get some back at a higher tier that you use to craft other stuff. It's the other stuff like gear that's the problem. To level metal weapon crafting you have to craft many many many weapons. Weapons you'll never need and can't sell and you can't bulk salvage them either. Trades like this need an intermediate thing you generally craft in large amounts that's useful elsewhere with occasional big gear crafts to equip yourself and give extra xp. Top tip. As soon as you can focus on making a bag for your bag slot. It adds 100 encumberance and really extends the amount of time you can be out gathering. The only material you'll have trouble with is a rune of holding (Or whatever it's called). You buy them from your faction but you'd only need to to 9-10 faction missions to be able to afford it.
  8. It looks like Amazon have started to increase server capacity. Some servers in Aus have been increased by 500 players. Won't touch the sides for some servers of course but they don't seem to be sleeping on the job at least. Tonight I'm going to carry on trying out the weapons while hunting for resources. I need hemp to craft bullets and some more light armour. And also do more faction missions so I can buy the thing I need to craft a new bag. Does anyone know if there's an option to hide your helmet?
  9. Looks like Amazon are currently spinning up a load of extra EU servers again. I just checked in advance of lunchtime and my server currently is low pop and no queue. Just what I need for a gathering session on my lunchbreak
  10. It's that time again people. New MMO smell. Currently lots of servers with massive queues but Amazon seem to be working on the principle of "Spin up as many new servers as we need so people can actually play and worry about where they're going to go later. The game's development is interesting. Originally intended to be a 1000 player rustlike it was morphed into a mostly open world MMO after players told them the rustlike was awful. The game has structured PvP, three factions and a very heavy emphasis on crafting with a very, very well done crafting system. The economy seems almost entirely player driven. Things to note 1. Server queues are monstrous. Don't worry about it just yet. Hop on a low pop server when they spin up. Amazon promise free server transfers in a few weeks when things settle down 2. PvP is completely optional (But looks fun anyway) This is a good way to check server queues https://newworldstatus.com/
  11. I had a really good time last night and this morning before work. My mind is full of things I want to do. Crafting and gathering etc.
  12. 20 new EU servers opened last night so I was able to get a few hours in. Despite bouncing off this in closed beta I really, really enjoyed myself this time. I still have some unanswered questions like "Can't you buy the basics or do you have to craft everything" since I could not find any saltpeter for the life of me and "Why does a quest that says it's level 9 send me to an area with level 12 mobs"
  13. There appear to be like 8 million new US servers with no queue. The shoterst eu server queue is like 2 hours. The longest queue is an EU server with 39 hour queue times. Fuck you Amazon. You've got something like 20 EU servers offline.
  14. I have it but I haven't touched it yet because of the ultra large queues. Apparently Amazon have been adding loads of new servers (With the promise of free server moves later) so I'll see if I can roll on a new quiet one. This is a helpful site https://newworldstatus.com/
  15. When I finally get back to playing it I'm just going to choose whatever I feel like and see what ending I get. I can always watch the others on Youtube.
  16. Rather than being presented with explicit, binary choices like in other visual novels, your interaction with Steins;Gate is entirely diegetic and performed through using Okabe's phone. The route you take through the game and the ending you get is determined by your responses to emails you receive, whether you make phone calls when given the opportunity and even whether or not you read incoming messages.
  17. I loved the last page twist at the end of that. Cheesy and obvious but seems like it's promising fun
  18. Some crazy good art in those books.
  19. Horatio goes Snowboarding Like Horace Goes Skiing but with a better scoring system. Out now on Steam. Later for consoles
  20. This seems to be a well done (And surprisingly pretty) old school 3d adventure game. It's got a lot of charm (The rots are adorable) and so far simple but servicable combat. I can't find a lock on button. Is there one? I agree that initially it seemed to be getting promoted as more grand that it turns out to be but so far I'm enjoying myself. Some of the platforming is a little janky but I gather it's basically a small indie team so I'm willing to forgive it. Especially since restarts from death falls seem super quick.
  21. Endless mode probably not great for you at the moment Hope you're feeling better soon.
  22. This is now out of early access but still pretty cheap. It's had one last big update and is a very fun game. You should all buy it so my mate can afford the odd KFC.
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