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  1. I loved it. Best comic is now best cartoon.
  2. I shall be watching it later tonight. I hope it's good
  3. I had a couple of games on my Series X. Some very significant and random graphics issues but I had fun. Conquest with lots of players is how I like to roll. I'm normally a medic despite being rubbish. I got 6 damn kills on my second game because I'm a 48 year old murder machine. It has the feel of a very old build and I really hope that's true
  4. Servers down for XBox? "Unable to connect to EA servers"
  5. I have that waiting on my To Read pile. Might give it a go soon. I bought loads during a Comixology sale
  6. Yeah. It's not game breaking or anything. Didn't effect my enjoyment in the slightest
  7. Plenty of slowdown on the Series X when I played it.
  8. Happy patch day everyone. https://www.thegamecrater.com/all-the-details-on-the-new-world-1-0-1-patch-notes/ General Fixes Sets up groundwork for the character server transfer. You may see elements of that work in the in-game store. The developers are continuing to work on this feature, and will have more information on how the system works later this week when they release server transfers. War Changed turret projectiles in War from physical projectiles to use hitscan detection. This should help performance in War, with fewer objects spawning in the world. AFK Prevention Added additional AFK prevention to ensure players cannot fool the existing system with simulated mouse movement. Shortened the AFK warning message from 20mins to 15mins. Shortened the AFK disconnect from 25mins to 20mins. World Queue Added a confirmation screen when a player attempts to leave the queue for a world, asking the player to confirm if they’re intending to leave the queue. This should help ensure nobody accidentally leaves the queue and misses out on their spot in line. Bug Fixes: General Fixes Fixed a rare issue causing the interact key to not properly function on various objects in the world. Fixed an issue causing the barrel to not appear in “Pirate Stance” emote. Fixed an issue where players did not receive coin as a reward from some activities. Fixed a bug where interrupting the fast travel animation may cause the player’s character to become stuck inside of a house. Fixed an issue in Territory Standing rewards where some localized text was missing. Fixed an issue where players are asked to claim achievement titles multiple times after logging back into the game, despite already having claimed the rewards. Fixed an issue causing leg animations to freeze. Fixed game crashes related to the New World Twitch integrations. Integrations have been re-enabled in this update. Fixed a rare issue where players could enter state where they could not be hit by most attacks. Fixed an issue where certain item containers could be looted infinitely. Fixed an issue where the abandoning event notification could sometimes persist after the player abandoned the event. AI Fixes Fixed an issue causing Pastor Walsh to spawn aggressively at the Walsham point of interest (POI). Fixed an issue causing enemies to spawn slower than intended in the Bullrush Wash POI. Fixed an issue causing Overseer Zane to respawn slower than intended in the “Something to Prove” quest. Fixed an issue where Master Zindt could have duplicated respawns at the Kannan Tomb POI. Quest Fixes Added missing journal information about the recommended quest level for players attempting to unlock the second faction rank. Fixed an issue where resetting the “Blessings of Earth” quest when gaining any of the blessings blocks progression in the Main Story Quest (MSQ). Fixed an issue where the “Azoth Fulminate” quest will be unavailable to players if they first complete other Windsward quests. Fixed an issue where completing the “Goodwill Squashing” quest prevents the player from obtaining the “Arruda Jam” quest. Fixed an issue where the barkeep conversation state in First Light can enter a state where quests cannot be obtained from the barkeep. Fixed an issue where completing the “Taste for Revenge” quest prevents the player from obtaining the “Predator, Prey” and “Great Expectations” quests. Fixed an issue where completing the “Curse of Ebony Hawk” quest prevents the player from obtaining the “Bond’s Gambit” quest. Fixed an issue where completing “The Expedition into Saircor” quest prevents the player from obtaining the “One Threat at a Time” quest. Fixed an issue where completing the “Strength of the Earth” quest prevents the player from obtaining the “Fading Lights” and “Azure Tears” quests. Fixed an issue where completing the “Twisted Metamorphosis” quest prevents the player from obtaining the “Blessings of the Fallen” quest. Fixed an issue where completing the “Facets of Light and Darkness” quest prevents the player from obtaining the “Descent to Frosted Slumber” and “Transmuting Iron to Dust” quests.
  9. Level 100 mining and I've got a stack of starmetal ore now. Of course it turns out you can't equip starmetal tools until much later so no rush there. Nearly level 30 and then I'll be able to craft another sweet delicious junk sack.
  10. My plan for tonight is to work on my chopping and mining skills. If I'm going to move into a higher level zone I need to be able to mine star metal and chop wyrd trees. Thankfully I can just do that mindlessly in a low level zone while watching Twitch. Also Twitch midroll ads during a stream fucking suck. Actually hateful. So many of them as well.
  11. Give it a chance. People are still queuing.
  12. Sexy bag made. Tier 3 camp got. Level 28. Moving to a different zone and I wish the guilds running these towns would upgrade the bloody kitchens to level 3. You can't win a war without good grub
  13. It's really weird spawn rates at times. There's a mine to the north of the zone I'm in. The place is bedlam. Corruption tentacles hitting you from miles away while 4-5 mobs pounce on you if you put the slightest foot wrong and the respawn rate is insane. Head into a cave there to kill the boss? 20 minute respawn timer and god help you if you don't do enough damage because there's 20 people in there waiting. Go kill 5 sheep in this place. BTW there's only three and they're on a 10 minute respawn timer
  14. You know what I hate about MMOs? I get told "Go here and activate this whatyahmacallit". Fine. I carefully work my way there, killing the mobs in my path. I get there (In this case a shattered temple where I need to use a magic anvil and I'm just about to click the thing when impaitent Johnny Shitcock charges in dragging half the zone into the room with him. No fighting along the way for old Johnny. He's got no time for that nonsense. It's bedlam and so damn rude. I should have just stepped to one side and let them kill him but they'd only have turned on me when they were done. Good job my hammer is fucking massive.
  15. It's funny because I'm innuendoing that my penis is fairly large.
  16. Plan for tonight. Farm for hemp, rawhide and iron so I can level my outfiting skill 7 more points. Then do a few faction missions until I can afford a bigger rune of holding. Then craft a huge sack for my junk.
  17. I don't know if any of you have noticed but there's no swimming in the game. You just kinda walk underwater
  18. Do a google search. There's a low level quest that will give you a basic rod.
  19. My server has a queue now. Sad times
  20. I'm almost at the point of the main story where you have to do a group dungeon. I keep seeing people looking for group in the chat. Did Amazon really make progressing the story depend on manually pulling a group together to do a dungeon? While this is a very polished MMO I'm noticing in various places things going on that have been solved problems in MMOs for years. Like sending me to a place to plant poison in barrels but only letting one player use the barrels before they need a 5-10 minute respawn. Also the economy is going to be interesting to watch. Currently the main ways of getting gold are main and side quests. You get a tiny amount for salvaging gear and a very modest amount for doing facton quests. Once the main and side quests run out the average player is going to have a very modest gold income which means prices on the trading post are going to have to scale down considerably.
  21. Level 24 so far. I settled on hammer and life staff and it's been a blast. Hammer just feels so satisfying. Also the game is stupidly pretty One thing I will say is don't sleep on keeping your gear up to date. Especially your armour. Don't rely on quests to give you upgrades. Spend some cash at the trading post and keep it updated. You'll find the game becomes much more pleasant.
  22. Tonight's plan is to do some more faction missions and a few bits more of the main quest. I apparently have the chance to do the tier 2 campsite quest. In the background I shall be watching Giant Bomb playing New World on Twitch (Streamed last night). I'm guessing it's Jan.
  23. I kinda wish Life staff wasn't sat on its own attribute. Bunging it in with Intelligence (And maybe constitution to ease off the glass cannon healers) would probably provide a lot more healers in the game
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