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  1. Reports vary. I think we just need to wait for a DF vid. I'm playing in performance and it looks great.
  2. GB going in almost cold to a game for a quick look was one thing that always annoyed me about some quick looks. I prefer it when the person playing has at least put a good few hours in and has gone back to an early save with that knowledge and can explain things. I mean what's the point of watching people fumble around not having a clue how to play the game (And talking over the game literally telling you what to do) At least don't rely on Rorie to tell you to turn the subtitles on.
  3. Your wee fellas are intact. Now save the Galaxy
  4. Don't forget. If you preordered an XBox digital edition just set your console to new zealand. Reboot and play. Switch it back to the UK tomorrow
  5. Oh and there's a definite element of choice in the conversation system. By doing a certain sequence of choices I was able to get an item that looks to be useful in the future. I stoped Drax doing something to Rocket and got a Telltale style "Rocket appreciates you standing up for him" that hints at further things. I don't think any of this will directly impact the direction of the story but I suspect it'll make certain things easier/harder/bit different later in the game. Combat is serviceable but decent enough. I suspect with more dev time and less pandemic we'd be able to driectly control the Guardian of our choice instead of just Peter. Also the ultimate being a huddle followed by 80s music is just amazing. Also don't forget you can change the background music on the ship.
  6. If you like the banter in the GOTG movie you'll probably like this. Movement and combat feels a little bit on the janky side but it does the job. The environments are space and lovely. It's incredibly linear but go down every dead end anyway for free stuff. I think if you don't already like and know the Guardians you probably won't get a lot out of this though.
  7. My xbox is now in New Zealand. I'm going in
  8. I'm gonna take one for the team and get this on my SeXBox
  9. Out tomorrow and as far as I know the review embargo is also up tomorrow. I like what I've seen so far in the trailers but no way in hell am I preordering until I see what people think. *Edit* Looks like reviews are dropping later today.
  10. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and Nextwave
  11. From what I've played of RR the actual snowboarding is quite fun. It's just the events so far have all been a) very short and b) all about tricks. It also probably doesn't help that I only want to play the snowboarding part.
  12. One of the things I loved about Steep was teleporting to the top of a mountain and just carving down until I couldn't go any further. The snow areas here seem tiny and all the events are super short. It's just not fun.
  13. Warning chaps. There's a very servere gold dupe bug at present. There's also reports that you can be given gold without having to accept a trade window (Unconfirmed at present afaik). To be safe it might be worthwhile staying offline for now. You might get caught up in a banwave and this might be serious enough for a rollback (Stranger things have happened). Stay safe peeps.
  14. Stephen Baxter has a new one out tomorrow. Galaxias. I wonder if it's an Asimov reference https://asimov.fandom.com/wiki/Galaxia By the middle of the 21st century, humanity has managed to overcome a series of catastrophic events and maintain some sense of stability. Space exploration has begun again. Science has led the way. But then one day, the sun goes out. Solar panels are useless, and the world begins to freeze Earth begins to fall out of its orbit. The end is nigh. Someone has sent us a sign.
  15. I'm currently reading the manga "We never learn" About a hard working but poor highschool boy who gets asked to tutor two genius girls. Turns out they're geniuses in their own fields (Science and literature) but each really wants to do the other. Gradually the cast expands. It's a little bit like Quintets but eventually far more fanservicey (The teacher senpai is hilarious) and much sweeter and innocent. I'm not all the way through Quintets but there's a dark undercurrent floating there regarding their father. Warning. Contains a fair amount of skin and accidental flashing so won't be to all tastes.
  16. Yup. I think it's doing well at the moment mainly because it's been a long time since we had a competent western developed mmo. Given the rather slight and repetitive experience we can probably expect to see an eventual hard dropoff in player numbers. I hope Amazon have an efficient content pipeline and some plans for non-pvp activites at max level. Personally I'm already sick about how scarce resources are in certain zones and I'm done with running for 20 minutes to do a faction mission for barely any reward. I played a bit last night (First time in over a week) and got myself to level 30 so I could craft a second bag. After that I couldn't really face spending most of my time travelling to level up more. Someone posted a town mission in reddit. You had to provide 15 starmetal ingots. The reward was XP (Quite a lot) and just over 1 gold. It would literally cost you more than one gold to craft that much starmetal. And of course once you're at max level the XP is pointless.
  17. If you go here https://www.amazon.com/comixology/account You can opt to see your comics in your Kindle app. Of course there's no default catagory for them in the app so they're scattered here there and everywhere and I now have 3075 uncollected titles in my library. Cheers for the good job there amazon *Edit* At least they didn't forget guided view
  18. I've never played Runscape but I hear a lot of people say it's a lot like that. It's essentially an open world MMO with a heavy emphasis on (optional) pvp and crafting. There's a slight theme park element with some unimaginative main and side quests. Real time combat with blocking and dodging. Due to some development issues it's a tad barebones and I don't think there's any endgame currently outside of pvp but there's definite promise and room for expansion.
  19. They're all short stories. Between 20-40 pages each. I don't want to dictate to anyone else but I find even 99p paying over the odds for that little content. There's been a trend recently where people are shipping novellas out implying they're full length books (You have to essentially read the small print to realise).
  20. I just read it today and wow. That certainly went some places didn't it. Always nice to see a prominent Mr Terrific.
  21. Flub

    Nintendo Switch

    While it plays completely differently Dead Cells is a run based roguelite with background progression in the same way Hades is. There's a good chance you'd like it. I prefer it to Hades.
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