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  1. I had a great time with this last night. Managed to get and hold onto shift which I don't think I can now do without. It's that classic Dishonored teleporter and the stealth feels a lot more fun with it than without. Love the game's style. The voice actors for Colt and Juilianna are excellent. Wonderful art direction. Feels like a cross between Dishonored and The Prisoner with an amazing soundtrack to boot. I'm assuming residuum (Or whatever it's called) persists between runs. I only just was able to sacrifice enough to keep shift in my run last night. Is there any way of seeing how much you have in a run except for the popup when you collect some?
  2. Excellent launch trailer. Love the music. Can't wait to play this on my PS5 after work tomorrow
  3. Got to at least try to make it look a bit likely
  4. I read that it was a way of getting levels at endgame but I couldn't get out and the fights were getting higher and higher level. In the end I just let a bunch of level 61 mobs kill me. If that is how it's supposed to work it might need more tutorialising.
  5. I've put in about 22 hours since friday evening and I love the game. I switched to maining Rinnwell after a while. Initially she's a bit dull but once you get enough AG points and a bunch of stuff unlocked she's a monster. She's also pretty handy to have an overview of the entire battle since she's long range for the most part. Also don't sleep on the sidequests. A number of them unlock skill lines to put points into (You can see which ones they are from the skill points page). Toptip. Took me a while to figure this out. Push left on the dpad for quests. Select a quest and press x to show you the map it's on (Assuming you've been there). I have one question. The Spirit temple quest. I went in there but was permenantly in combat mode which I'm assuming is a bug?
  6. The third zone by the way is stunning. Plot gets very interesting here too.
  7. On my X I had to switch from graphics to performance in the third zone. FPS really took a bad hit.
  8. DC have been warming up a lot for me. Since Death Metal they've been going balls deep in the multiverse (Even now introducing Multiverse 2 which is apparently the dead universe that was the DC multiverse pre-crisis. Since eaten by the Gentry in a game of spot the obscure reference). After decades of cock teasing and then pulling back they seem to finally have realised that this is what we want. They've even got out of continuity stories going without bein labelled elseworlds. Superman and the Authority is one.
  9. Thistlebone. You're not alone. I've read the lot and I really don't like it. Deadworld as you suspected has been running a long time. I like it and I've read it from the start but I have literally no idea what the plot is.
  10. I'm enjoying myself. Played a chunk last night and got to just past the first "boss" in the second area. The only other Tales game I've played is Bersaria and while I liked it the rather old graphics engine combined with corridor like world zones put me off. This game has the same corridor zones but the graphics engine has been improved so much that I'm finding it a benefit rather than a failing. As has been said earlier. Is nice to know that if you go down every dead end you get nice rewards and makes the main path that much more obvious (Since quest markers are often poor). Combat is opening up the more skills I unlock.
  11. The Marvel U app finally seems to be working as originaly intended. Huge update today. Super fast UI. Zero page lag so far. Seems good and long needed
  12. Does this help? The last one I tried to play was Bersaria but this one looks to have actually had some money spent on it
  13. For my xbox controllers I use eneloop style rechargables. I have a charger that can do 8 at a time if I want. I have three controllers I use. One for mobile, one for PC and one for the XBox. I have one PS5 controller and that just sits in the official charging cradle.
  14. I've got this preordered on my XBox. Going to try the New Zealand trick tonight after work. Although the Japanese trick would probably work right now since it came out there today.
  15. If anyone is thinking about giving this a try on PC then next Wednesday after maintenance is probably the best time. Brand new season is starting. Season characters are an amazing way for new players to get started and skip a massive chunk of the gear grind. A boat load of new improvements to the new season as well https://www.sea.playblackdesert.com/News/Notice/Detail?boardNo=6103&countryType=en-us
  16. I'm so disapointed with that I've ditched my plan to reread the earlier books and have gone back to a series I've struggled with. Peter Hamilton's Salvation sequence. The first book was interesting but not super captivating. The second didn't start fast enough and I got distracted and drifted away. I'm back on it now. Forgotten most of the characters but a lot of the plot is coming back to me and the fall of a high tech future earth is fascinating.
  17. Ok. Reynolds still can't finish a book. Ruined in literally the last two pages. But I suppose given we already know the end of the story there wasn't much more he could do.
  18. Neal Stephenson can't finish a book to save his life. Every single one I've read has been ultimately disapointing. And not in a "He didn't explain things". I've got no problem with ambiguous endings (A lot of the sci-fi I read has them anyway). He just tends to ... stop.
  19. I don't remember much about Absolution gap except 1. I didn't really enjoy it 2. At the time it felt like the epilogue with the Wolves came from nowhere but that was maybe me forgetting earlier books. Thinking about a reread of all three. I'm about 3/4s of the way through the new one and really enjoying it.
  20. Creepy spooky but that didn't last long. It's a very Reynolds book but still a page turner so far.
  21. Endless mode has had a great update. The bigger your chain the wilder it gets
  22. I'm going to have to reread now. Can't believe I missed that every time I read it
  23. I've started reading the new Alistair Reynolds book. Only 53 pages in so far but it's very good. Also starting to get a bit creepy.
  24. Slaughter Bowl always puzzled me. Stanley says he's not a mass murderer and he's been framed. The strip then completely fails to address this. Did he kill all those people? The story feels unfinished without a resolution to that plot point. I can understand the end with his Wife. That's perfect 2000ad but the initial setup doesn't pay off.
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