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  1. Moogle is listed as congested. When I logged in tonight it said I could transfer to a new or preferred server for free and get bonuses (Including increased xp before 70 I believe) so I've just set that going. And lol. Spriggran the new server is even more congested
  2. Flub

    I'm a terrible artist

    Yeah but you're a good artist.
  3. But i spent part of my lunch break doodling these and found it very relaxing.
  4. Dunno. There's about a million things I still need to figure out. One thing that puzzles me. To buy armour with poetics in Rev Toll you just buy them straight with poetics. To buy a weapon from the same place you have to buy two other items from the same vendor with poetics and then use those to buy the weapon. WHY THE EXTRA STEP? Why not just sell the weapons for poetics? It's the entire game in a nutshell. 1 step would be fine? Insert more pointless steps to make it drag. From what I understand even though the story just keeps getting better and better the nature of the questing being padded as hell doesn't really change much.
  5. Never bothered to clean them out and a lot of them can be used for more than one job anyway. It's going to take me months to clear all the stories going forward so I could probably get away with clearing out the lot.
  6. I have a similar situation. My bags and my retainer bags were chock full of crafting materials. My armour chest is full of stuff for all the different classes I tried out. I ended up vendoring every last piece of crafting material this morning. I'm not planning on crafting anytime soon. The armour I'm not sure about. I might vendor anything that isn't WHM (My main class), bard (level 30) and BLM (The class I'm going to level eventually). It's a chore though.
  7. Level 54 at the moment and over half way through 2.4. I ran the MSQ roulette last night which was an interesting experience. 20 minutes of unskippable cutscenes, me never needing to heal at all and over a million xp and a load of poetics at the end of it. One weird thing though. The dungeon I ended up running was the final one in ARR. The idea of this roulette is that it lets new players continue the story and see the cutscenes by incentivising higher level players to run it. This worked for the entire fight up to the last fight. While I was stuck in the cutscene I could hear the fight going on. Once I got out of the cutscene a handful of players had pretty much finished the fight. The cutscenes are unskippable so there must be some glitch to break out of the last one since they never did it for any of the others. Thankfully from what I understand they never made the mistake of putting plot into the dungeons like that afterwards so it's an odd little queue that stands alone. It's quite nice to run while you're watching something else on the other monitor.
  8. I spent a while tonight organising my kindle collections. It looks nice presented on the 11 inch screen
  9. All three volumes of Immortal Hulk are currently 1.99 each on Comixology.
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