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  1. No spoilers for the new episode but brace yourselves Tilly haters.
  2. Nuketown 84 is glorious insane fun. From the idiots every round camping in the same windows, to randomly spawning on the opponents side or catching three people at once with a stun grenade followed by a frag. A delightful tiny slice of mayhem. I really like playing dominion there especially. Also the 120fps mode is very welcome indeed.
  3. I started a game on my SX earlier and immediately it was obviously in 30 fps for no reason. I finished the match (Because I'm not an animal) and restarted the entire game at which point it started running properly again. Jesus Activision. Get your shit together.
  4. I just played about 5 rounds in Nuketown and didn't manage to crash this time. I actually got 25 kills in one match. I never get that many kills.
  5. Just read all three issues. That's good. I'm going to add it to my pull list.
  6. Flub


    Are some of you playing this with young children? Did you read the article on Kotaku about the ending? https://kotaku.com/bugsnax-s-ending-is-some-wild-shit-but-it-doesnt-reall-1845700331
  7. I've just had a few rounds of TDM and then starting the next my XBox rebooted itself. Lovely.
  8. It certainly wasn't on mine. Not even close.
  9. The frame rate was awful. Really, really bad.
  10. Just to confirm to anyone interested. This ran like dogshit on the One X but seems to run beautifully on the SX. I like to just start from a high point and snowboard down.
  11. With Kindle Unlimited there are no time limits. The only limit is 10 books at a time. I'm currently reading an 18 book sci-fi series that way. Prime reading is probably similar.
  12. I started another one of my "nice" mangas the other day. Rainbow and Black https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Rainbow-Black-Vol-Eri-Takenashi-ebook/dp/B08HQPFQHX Shirahoshi Kuroe is a college student who's tired of living in black and white -- then an adorably strange creature brings all the colors of the rainbow into her life. Kuroe must learn what exactly this strange creature is as it upends her monochrome existence. I score it 10 Mau Maus out of 10.
  13. As far as I'm concerned the performance hit is too great with current hardware specs. I love the idea of ray tracing but given the choice I'd choose the framerate every time.
  14. I love that sort of humour from Marvel and the type of comics that tend to lean into it more seem to go down better with me (Like the new X-Factor)
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