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  1. Xbox wireless headset? Disconnect it until you get fully into the game you want to play (Not just the game choice screen)
  2. Thankfully I'm in a position where I don't have to "pick a side". I have a series X that I love and I'm waiting for PS5s to become more widely available. For multiformat games I generally pick the version that performs the best although that point may be moot this gen since there's so little in it. I do like the Xbox eco system, the BC and game pass but I do like to play those big budget games Sony puts out. Sony have rubbed me up the wrong way a little this gen with some of their eco system decisions but not enough to stop me buying a PS5 when I can. 70 quid a game is
  3. Which game and planet? If you're in the Mako on a shitworld in ME1 X on the xbox controller when you're in the Mako will do it.
  4. There are some bugs in the games but I've got no idea if they were there on the originals. In ME1 on Feros my team very early on decided they weren't going to follow me around anymore (I had to do that mission solo). Following that at various points were doors showing green that you couldn't get through (Generally because I hadn't done something I needed to) and in one instance a door I should have gone through showing red. (It let me through). I remember this happening on Feros, Ilos and Vermire In ME2 on Horizon during the sequence of powering up the guns the waves stopped coming
  5. It's a bit late for that now. I just picked up second best boy Archangel and all the keepers are dead. Like they deserve
  6. ME1 is a triumph..for its time. Outside of the story it's just not a great game these days though.
  7. Why would I do that again? I've played ME1 enough times now.
  8. Just get through it ASAP if you've played it before. ME2 feels a million times better. To the point where I'm happy to take my time and explore every nook and cranny.
  9. Nope. Not even close. ME1 combat felt the same as it ever did to me. Bad.
  10. I'm barely 10 minutes into ME2 and already having loads more fun than in ME1. Combat feels much improved. Popping mechs with headshots is very satisfying now and there's more feedback when you're landing shots. It's interesting to see how well the game systems evolved over time as techniques improved in games development. I love having all this in one package. Also load times are just insane when you compare them to what they used to be on console.
  11. Just finished ME1. My thoughts on it after all this time. It's very much a game of its time. A cracking story, great characters but very short and padded out by a load of side missions that barely pass muster as activites these days. I could have spent a lot more time on it and even did a few but my days of spending hours on the Citadel are long gone. I enjoyed finishing it again. Just started ME2 and already have a massive smile on my face. I went Engineer but I think I'm going to go Sentinel for ME2. Wrex is alive and well. In case you were wondering. Renegade 4 life
  12. The mission where you have to save Terra Nova from the asteroid is hateful. That fucking minefield is just stupid *Edit* lol. Then I look at my radarmap
  13. I'm so glad I live in New Zealand
  14. Flub

    Xbox Game Pass

    I use that one. It'll let you set a time but very occasionally won't register the searches so just check your rewards page daily to make sure you don't lose a streak. Apart from that it's great. The rewards program is great. I got 6000 points back for buying Mass Effect. Something I'd already gotten 10% off and an extra fiver off in points. Points I had for basically letting a plugin do some searches on bing every day. I even find myself doing the challenges sometimes. I suspect it's driving sales of older games to a certain extent.
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