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  1. Nearly onto Stormblood now. Just 3.5 and 3.56 to do which shouldn't take long tonight. Only one dungeon. I like the way the story played out with the Warriors of Darkness. Nice piece of very early forshadowing there. Makes you wonder just how far in advance they plan this stuff.
  2. Phew. Just did my dungeon as White mage and had no issues. Surprising how quickly things come back to you.
  3. I couldn't find the stock alerts thread but Jelly deals reported a few minutes ago that Argos has both types of PS5 in stock. GOGOGOGOGO
  4. Since I'm between MMOs at the moment (I play BDO mostly afk at the moment) I decided to come back for a few months and see if I can get up to date with expansions. I left off somewhere between Heavensward and Stormblood.
  5. I'm in a queue to login to the New World closed beta server. It's an illness
  6. This is on my radar. It appears to be Black Desert style combat and art design rammed into a rather nice isometric engine. Out in the East for a while now it's been heralded by a lot of people disolusioned with Black Desert as a better game. It certainly does look like it might be one to watch Bonus points for lots of damage numbers.
  7. Don't like it. Feels very bland.
  8. I like that for the preorders you can just slap one down and join a queue. You know you'll get one at some point. You watching this other retailers? Some people still haven't been able to get a SX/PS5
  9. You have no authority here Saturn girl
  10. I don't know what the Switch port is like but Unavowed has been released. I played it on PC and found it a very good point and click adventure https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Unavowed-2004988.html
  11. They're insanely good. I'm listening to the Levitation live album.
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