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  1. I really need to remod that and play more. Hell of a fun game
  2. Flub

    Half-Life: Alyx

    I didn't need to justify my Rift S purchase earlier in the year because it's fucking amazing but man I'm dripping with hype for this.
  3. if it's what I'm thinking of it's probably points spent in abilities so 4 wouldn't be level 4 but 4 points spent in the previous tier. *Edit* Just checked. Those are family skills. You earn them by ranking up character skills on each of the characters. Start a game and have a look at the column on the left of the skills page for a character. Those are the unlocks.
  4. Totally. I spent ages building up before I beat that one. It's exactly how the game is supposed to work. It also allows the super skilled to do some good speed runs I expect
  5. Flub

    Nintendo Switch

    Children of Morta is out now isn't it? Has anyone tried the Switch version yet? I really liked the PC version a lot.
  6. Flub

    Google Stadia

    Dunno. But it could certainly run it with almost all the glitter at 1440/60. Hell. I can do that on my 2070 and it's fucking glorious (My PC for reference cost 1700 prebuilt from Scan). Why it's running at the settings it is but at 1440/30 is fucking weird to say the least.
  7. Flub

    Google Stadia

    4k/60 on PC is pretty hard and pretty expensive. As Google seem to be finding out. My PC is pretty high end (But not ultra high end. I have a 2070 rather than a 2080TI) and I've settled on 1440p/60 for almost everything (Destiny 2 and Warframe are two remarkable exceptions). It's very interesting that Destiny 2 is running at such low detail and Rez on Stadia. I'm sure it doesn't need to. Red Dead 2 is less suprising but still very disapointing.
  8. If I wanted to go back to a 3DS Pokemon game which would you all reccommend?
  9. Cheers fella. I'll have a hunt around tonight.
  10. Is there any way to change your outfit for bike riding?
  11. Using surprise trade I've ended up with some really good stuff. Mostly from japanese players. All three starters, a couple of dreepies, some shield specific stuff. A handful of route 1 pokemon leveled to 60 I need to go back and catch a Wooloo. Totally forgot to grab this version's mascot on my way through. I didn't plan to play much last night. I was just going to pop on for 10 minutes and do a couple of trades. Ended up doing the third gym and about 8 max raids. Shame the online system is so bad you never get to play with real people.
  12. Dreepy? Is he a good one? Some japanese player sent me one in a surprise trade last night too.
  13. Surprise trades are fun. Playing sword and started with Sobble. Already got a monkey and a rainbow horsey
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