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  1. I've spent the last few hours lying on my bed fishing with the iPad sat next to me doing a Life on Mars rewatch. I've come to terms with the size 3 fish mostly being eggs now. I stocked up on fishing rods
  2. Keep doing what Tom Nook asks you to do and you'll eventually get it. You need it for one of the tasks anyway.
  3. At least I got a pretty dress out of this horrible event
  4. Crap. I was sure I saw it in my list. Aw well. Shame.
  5. You just saved Animal Crossing Mr God sir. I salute you and all your babies.
  6. You can pay to move it eventually
  7. This sucks now. Nearly 40 minutes that time to fill my bag with fish. Took nearly two full rods (Normally less than one) and I ended up with 21 eggs. The grand total when I sold? just over 14k. And there's more than a week of this living hell left
  8. I really hate this event. It's ruined fishing for me for the duration. My main gameplay once I've done what I need to is fishing. I find it very relaxing and I get enough money from it. Not any more. I have a full 40 slot inventory with one slot of tools. Normally a load of fish gets me between 20-30k and doesn't take a long time. Just now two runs caused me to also catch 28 eggs. Almost a full extra run and for what? Some terrible crafting. The worst part though? My income per load has dropped dramatically. I'm getting far, far less decent fish. The last run which took at least 30 minutes netted me 12k. A waste of my time. My biggest run today was a paltry 19k, took at least twice as long as normal and included an oar fish which represented 9k of that. It wouldn't be so bad if I could sell the eggs but they're almost worthless.
  9. I'm starting to get properly organised. I hate my island being a mess. First job was to deforest a plateau so I can move my fruit trees into one place The trees are all moved now and I've started a small nursery for new growth in a small area that's now free. As the trees grow they'll be moved to the orchard space. I'm going to designate a different area for regular trees. Haven't decided where yet. Depends on how much control I have tomorrow. I'm going to eventually pay to move all the animals to the eastern side of the island in small village and keep the western side for myself and facilities. A shrine to the dark ones is scheduled to be built near the orchard in the north east.
  10. Judge Uniform took the long walk years ago.
  11. I'm not bothering with turnips at all. It's a load of stress in an otherwise stressfree game. It's not like you won't eventually have more money than you can spend anyway. Once you get your debt cleared totally and have an upgraded house what else are you going to use it for? In other news I get my terraforming tomorrow. YAY!
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