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  1. Flub

    Nintendo Switch

    That would be great. There's certainly still stuff coming out with tate support and as far as I'm aware most of it works the right way round for the flipgrip.
  2. Flub

    Nintendo Switch

    I broke my flipgrip out of lockup tonight and played some pinball. I own quite a few Pinball FX 3 tables (Even though most of them are pretty poor) and I'm slowly figuring out which ones I like best. Then I checked and found out Demon's Tilt worked with the flipgrip and got that. It's a very nice pinballs that is even though I have no idea what's going on. I'll probably end up getting the Star Wars set when I get paid. It's a shame the page I was using to check flipgrip supported games hasn't been updated in ages.
  3. Flub

    Nintendo Switch

    512gb sandisk microsd card on sale at Amazon. 60.99 https://www.amazon.co.uk/SanDisk-microSDXC-Memory-Adapter-Performance/dp/B07SC7BZHR
  4. Enjoying the current Devlin Waugh story. Yes. That's a demon dildo
  5. Won't win any awards but that was fine. A solid episode. Certainly better than last week.
  6. Tokyo Mirage Sessions digital is 38.75 on Shopto https://www.shopto.net/en/ndo10003928-tokyo-mirage-sessions-fe-encore-switch-p191524/
  7. 3pm normally isn't it?
  8. Flub

    Atelier Series

    Plot is gated by quests. Often related to creating something. So on my lunch break I had to create a healing item of greater than 30 quality to progress. It's basically a regular jrpg at this point. Now I've done that it's started the part of the quest to create a secret hideout. No doubt that will involve me cooking something up in my pot Of course while you're working on a quest you're free to fuck around gathering, crafting whatever you have unlocked and doing sidequests for more recipes. It doesn't care how long you spend doing any of them.
  9. Flub

    Atelier Series

    Ryza has no time limit at all.
  10. Flub

    Atelier Series

    I've been enjoying Ryza enough that I bought Sophie for PC in the sale. I think it was about 16 quid.
  11. Flub

    Atelier Series

    Do we have any fans of the Atelier series of JRPGs on the forum? I'd always been interested in playing them but was put off by the time limits. I'd started hearing that they'd gradually been making the time limits less of an issue in newer games and in the most recent (Atelier Ryza) had removed it completely. So I took a chance and bought Ryza on my Switch and started playing it yesterday. It's lovely. Good characters, a light hearted coming of age plot, interesting but simple combat and an apparently very deep crafting system (The hallmark of a series all about Alchemy). I'm only about 4 hours in but I'm having a good time. The publisher Gust is currently having a sale on Steam.
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