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  1. Kamaitachi down in three goes. Ohhhh yeeeaaahhh! Was actually a very enjoyable fight, but much easier than Yatsu-no-kami. I think those huge ugly crawling yokai throughout the level gave me more trouble. I liked kamaitachi's moveset though; countering her leap from the tree was always satisfying.
  2. Did my first Twilight Mission last night, a re-run of the iron forge. Thought it would be a piece of piss now I'm in my 40s level-wise, but bloody Ippon-dataras and their wildly-varying move sets that seem to depend on how pissed off they are threw me for a loop. Pumped up Enenra was tough too - my bone spirit tonfas just weren't doing the damage numbers. Took me four or five goes - luckily his tornado attack is easy to yokai-counter. Absolutely loving this, it's got its hooks in me.
  3. Had one go at Enenra last night and almost got him down first time - got greedy and was wiped out by one of his teleporting leg slams. Tonight... He falls... My PS+ has expired but hoping to renew next payday. Will be well up for some jolly co-op then!
  4. Holy shit, the level design has really taken a step up in this, hasn't it? I spent a very pleasant couple of hours getting completely lost exploring every nook in the second level last night, the giant iron forge. I then opened a shortcut that, in typical Souls fashion, took me right back to the start of the level. Love it. And then I discovered there's a sprawling mine network beneath the whole thing. I thought the Dark Realm would be a gimmicky pain in the arse, but I'm really enjoying the extra challenge and Ki-resource management it brings. Reminds me a bit of Metroid Prime 2! EDIT: Found my first pair of yokai weapon tonfa too, just in time for the boss.
  5. Yeah, deffo. I think tonfa and hatchet are courage and skill scaling? Both useful stats in and of themselves, which is nice. I'm planning to aim for the Plat anyway (he says), so no doubt there will be a lot of respeccing along the way as I grind for the mystic arts of each weapon.
  6. I went with hatchets as my primary, just because they were new to Nioh! Tonfas as my secondary, so I'm lacking range all round. Accidentally discovered the chuck-your-hatchet-like-a-frisbee charge move last night. Great stuff.
  7. This arrived in the post after ordering it ages ago. I loved the first Nioh and got the platinum, so was curious to see how rusty I'd gotten since. A couple of hours wandering the opening village and then five turns to get Mezuki down... and then that opening title fades in. It's damn good to be back!
  8. Picked it up yesterday, maybe worth a cross-post in the fighting games thread to raise awareness! Really impressed with the emulation and customisation options available - I've got my charcoal black NGPC overlay just like old times. And I love the zoomed in, filtered look of the chunky sprites. And it plays a mean fighting game! Responsive and great fun, with everyone playing just like they do in their arcade counterpart games. I never played it back in the day, but here's hoping this fuels further NGPC emulation on the system. Match of the Millennium next please.
  9. I came to love Nue as a boss! The first time she'll* mess you up good and proper, but as you keep bumping into her again and again (), you'll eventually be running rings around her. She becomes really fun to take down. *I've got it in my head that Nue is a she. Why is this?
  10. What a brilliant video. Proper hyped for it now! Sounds like they've done everything right.
  11. I'm also playing Yakuza 5 and absolutely having a blast, it's the most comprehensive, varied game in the series. Got such a wide scope and has managed to hold my interest all the way through so far. I'm just near the end of Haruka's chapter. Unfortunately my wife walked in during the grand finale of the Princess League. The look she gave me is one I'll not soon forget. I still won it though.
  12. Sounds cool, will hunt it down on a replay. The drone racing and customisation in Judgement is sick as; it's like the F-Zero GX sequel that never was.
  13. I completed Y0 and never once played Pocket Circuit, I don't think I even found out where it was. Did I miss out on much?
  14. As @Stanshall mentions, Guardian Ape is a brilliant boss... but I've got him down pat now. Once you get good at Sekiro, you get really good, if you know what I mean. Guardian Ape no longer poses any threat. I've platinum'd Bloodborne however and I think my last playthrough was NG+6 - and Gascoigne, Ludwig, Orphan of Kos and Ebrietas shit me up, every single time. I think it's harder to 'learn' Bloodborne than it is to learn Sekiro, and so I find a lot of the bosses in BB a lot more intimidating. Not to take away from Gen or Owl - I find them far more funner to face than any BB boss now, and they're great gatekeepers.
  15. Don't sleep on Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise either! I knew nothing about the franchise apart from it was about a muscly man who punched people and then their heads exploded. Ended up loving it - it's got amazing, hilarious combat and some brilliant characters all voiced by the classic RGG crew.
  16. The larger, more monstery baddies I can kind of understand, although I'm personally a big fan of Ape and DoH, since BB and DS do them a lot better. The human bosses though? Genichiro, and Owl Father, should be held up for years to come as the gold standard for how to make a genuinely intimidating, fucking amazing boss.
  17. The first part of Saejima's story drags quite a bit, agreed, but from the mountain village onwards it really comes into its own. I hated using Saejima in Y4, but here he's great, propelled by the side quest story and how awesome Sapporo is with all the snow statues everywhere.
  18. This is on its way from Amazon! Really excited. It's a small thing, but I played the first Nioh while rinsing Samurai Warriors 4. The contrast between the wholesome SW depiction of the characters and then the grimdark Nioh versions was hilarious.
  19. I eventually just went chasing the end baddie Benny Hill-style while a gang of tooled-up armoured SWAT mobs formed a swarm behind me. Bit like running away from wasps in Animal Crossing. EDIT: Sorry, removed spoiler
  20. Same! It's the only time I've ever had to drop down to easy mode in the series and it has stained my gaming record forever - you miss out on a trophy for doing so. I didn't realise the finale would involve all four playable characters, and my Tanimura was severely under levelled with no energy drinks on him. Still bitter...
  21. Nice one. Have been playing TFIII on the Megadrive Mini and it plays really well, but would be good to have it on the Switch to go alongside TFIV.
  22. Still waiting for Strikers 1999 on Switch, independent of the Psikyo collection. Also, Thunder Force AC! Am I right in thinking it's just an enhanced version of the MD TFIII?
  23. I'm playing through 5 at the moment and it definitely doesn't have it, although you do get a nice little 'ker-ching' from gaining exp points for the side story completion! 5 is great, but I can see why some people think the amount of game and stuff to do here is a bit overkill. It's Yakuza in your face. All-you-can-eat Yakuza shoved down your gob. Not to say there isn't variety though - Saejima's hunting side story set in the mountains of Hokkaido has been a highlight, and now the game has turned into a Sotenbori pop princess rhythm action adventure, complete with street dance battles and interviews with sleazy fans. It's definitely the most varied Yakuza yet.
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