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  1. Smaller?!? NO WAY! The bigger the better I say.

    But didn't you get tired of all the trekkin'?

    I think a more compact but just as complex and detailed a world as Morrowind would be good. I agree that Morrowind was flawed to an extent, and the combat was messed up, but I still enjoyed it. Alright, I got bored halfway through and gave up, but hopefully Oblivion will be a tighter experience.

  2. Lots of polygons.

    Shame it's dull.

    Well I'll support the poor fella. The screen does look great, and obviously carries on the 'realistic' style of Morrowind. Both Morrowind and it's prequel Daggerfall were superb games in terms of freedom and stuff to do, so I hope Oblivion can maintain all that. I just hope the game world is a tad bit smaller this time round...

  3. Ohhh didnt know Konami owned Atlus......

    What can Konami do with Bomberman then? BomberKart Man?? Bomberman Party??? Devil May Bomb???


    Actually, there is a Bomberman Kart isn't there? Or did The Goat Keeper dream it up...


    In all honesty, I thought Open Your Eyes was much more horrific and compelling than the didn't-really-need-to-be-made American remake.

    The ending is handled much better: the main guy's going mental trying to prove that he's just dreaming, knocking down the policeman guarding him, grabbing his gun and making a break for it, before gunning down the policeman waiting outside, because he knows it will be of little consequence. All the while his psychiatrist is also trying to convince him that he isn't dreaming, telling him of his daughters and his life. It's a brilliant climax and Russell's 'Look, you're not dreaming alright? I'm real' speech seems really unconvincing in comparison.

    And as for Tom Cruise's face. Pah! A little scratch. In Open Your Eyes, his face is really messed up...

    So all you thinking thinking of putting this in your top fives or whatever, replace it with Open Your Eyes instead...


  5. .::: Current day licensed games are almost all shite. But back in the NES-days Capcom never had any trouble with it.

    DuckTales, DarkWing Duck, Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers, DuckTales 2 (although it was a bit too easy). They were all good, with some distinctive ideas yet underlying blueprint that seemd to be based slightly on the Megaman-template.

    But good lord, they were fun.

    On the SNES Aladdin (although the MegaDrive version was better in my mind) and the Magical Quests also were terrific. Never mind fabulous stuff like Goof Troop.

    So WHY doesn't Capcom do these games anymore? With or without the license? Out of the Megamans only the Zero-series comes close and that's being milked so quickly, blood is coming out. Viewtiful Joe is a step in the right direction, but how will it develop itself as a series?

    In short, I'm baffled as to how Capcom have lost their position as platforming-geniuses. Anyone mourning as well or in posession of an explanation?

    Yeah, Goof Troop and the Megadrive's awesome World of Illusion were two of my favourite games of the 16-bit era.

    I think the problem has been the shift away from 2D to be honest. A Disney-based game can't come out now without it being called a cheap Mario 64 rip-off.

  6. did art alive support it? that game is well old, so i doubt it.. although would be perfect for the mouse.

    but its shit.

    Ha, that brings back memories. That was the crappy Mazza-paint clone, right?

    Yes, it was shit. But would have been better with a mouse...

  7. Pretty sure it's just called Zero in Japan.

    Yeah, it's called 'Rei Zero' in Japan, but I agree that Fatal Frame is a little more suited.

    I'm looking all over the place for PZ II but cannae find it anywhere except for over 30 pounds. Is it that rare?

  8. I only really get to play games at night anyway (oh the pressure of a part-time job and uni essays) and I usually welcome the chance to settle in front of the TV and get a good couple hours of quality gaming time in.

    But I really have been loathe to play this.

    Tecmo have really created quite an unnerving experience with this gem, to my mind the scariest survival horror out there, pipping even Silent Hill 2 and REmake to the post. The intro itself is brillliantly understated and forboding, with a softly-spoken, pensive female voice narrating over a blank, black screen.

    "I wonder how long it's been... since my brother and I... started to see things that other people... can't see..."

    Great stuff. In fact the sound throughout is top-notch. But it's the combat system and the ghosts themselves that maketh the game.

    Having a forced first-person combat mode is a great idea - the only time you can attack ghosts is when you yourself are feeling the most vulnerable, and frantically searching for your target ghost through the viewfinder as he teleports around the room creates quite a sense of panic. And then you see him. Except it's not a him, it's a her. And as she creeps slowly towards you, Sadako-style, you realise that her head has been twisted off and that its dangling down behind her back. And that she's walking backwards.

    The ghost designs are brilliant, especially the shambling 'blinded', a woman who first appears at a safe distance on the other side of the room and then BLAM! She's in your face, screaming, with blood pouring from her eyes! It's horrible.

    So kudos to Tecmo then, for creating Project Zero. The voice acting's a bit off in places, but I definitely recommend it if you're up for a eerie ride.

    Any fans?

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