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  1. Mr Driller on the GBC was one of the best portable puzzle games ever; things got so intense on later levels that the poor GB couldn't handle all those collapsing sprites, and used to splutter and flicker like mad.
  2. Great timing, I had a grand evening on Neo Tur-, sorry 'Big Tournament Golf' last night, and it really plays a mean game. The insert credits thing gets a bit irritating (essentially you're given 3 'lives' per credit, but even just hitting Par will take a life away; getting a Birdie will restore a life, etc.), but it's all pretty moot when it's the leader boards that really matter anyway. I do find it hard to judge distance just using the mini-map (I'm not actually sure what the white flight path line indicates... Max drive??) but it's all so colourful and sunny with most cheerful commentary ever (On the greeeeen!!) that it's hard not to have a great time. Never got round to Turf Masters on the NGPC, here's hoping it gets picked.
  3. Yes, sadly this. I remember when Megaman 9 was announced by Capcom back in the day, and returning to the awesome compact sprites of the NES era seemed like such a fresh idea. I think it was playing Rogue Legacy a few years ago that was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. Half the sprites looked like they'd been ripped off from Castlevania and the other half looked like they'd been knocked up in Paint.
  4. The scariest series of games I've played are the Project Zero / Fatal Frame games, sadly AWOL at the moment it seems. The Wii remake of PZ2 was unbelievably tense, not least because of the series' amazing central conceit - you can defeat the horrific spectres you occasionally come across but in order to do so you need to stand your ground, take out your camera and let them approach you. Makes for some terrifying moments. God I miss the series. Monsters and zombies don't do anything for me, but wailing ghosts materialising from nowhere always shits me up.
  5. Been a while since I've been caught by one of those
  6. Still mashing my way through this, kinda hit my stride now with some amazing tonfa active skills and the Sohaya garb set. Just defeated the (Area 4 spoilers)
  7. You know of the existence of Puzzle Bobble and Puzzle Bobble 2 on the Neo Geo Archives series, right?
  8. Now those are what I call some @Jolly good tips! I also found an excellent thread started by the weebs of Resetera, with a good OP outlining the key rules of play: https://www.resetera.com/threads/japanese-mahjong-ot-not-the-tile-matching-one.221326/ Going to keep going with it...
  9. Right, I've just spent a good couple of hours going through the tutorial of mahjong and trying to get my head around a couple of games, and I feel like my brain has melted. I think I came second, once? Against normal AI. It seems to me you can't even begin to take tentative steps to getting good unless you've memorised some bread and butter hands to go for. I realise the cheat sheet helps in this regard. But sometimes setting your sights on a hand and then waiting for bloody ages for the right tile to show up is excruciating!
  10. Stick with it. It can take a while to get used to recognising which cards do what, but once it clicks it becomes really, really addictive. You never need to know which cards belong to which month (apart from briefly deciding the dealer at the start).
  11. I spent a good hour or so on hanafuda and golf online, never had to wait more than a second or two to get a game going. A really pleasant evening!
  12. It's great! Cool grazing mechanic and sick boss design! And nice soundtrack too. It's just a solid little package. The online leader boards for Switch seemed to be borked for me though unfortunately, though I haven't played for a while.
  13. Ahh, so that's how you play koi-koi... The Yakuza tutorials are rubbish in comparison! Been playing some of the old hanafuda and whupped the cpu on normal and hard so far, albeit with assists on. It's a great wholesome package this, very Nintendo slick.
  14. Slow down a bit and take in the atmosphere, is my recommendation for Yakuza 5. Running everywhere just draws unwanted attention to yourself. I'm on the final act now (and taking a bit of a break before I complete it), but I haven't even unlocked the fight 100 dudes on the street trophy yet. I ended up really enjoying Saejima's jolly in Hokkaido. It's definitely a Yakuza with a lot of fluff though.
  15. I'm pretty much treating this as Yakuza DLC; a mahjong trainer, if you will. Hopefully arriving tomorrow, can't wait!
  16. OK, cheers. Will crack on with the final mission for Area 3!
  17. Thanks to the kindness of our very own @Curtis, I now have access to PS+ and some jolly co-op! Only issue being I'm only in the 60s level wise, so either I'm going to be as useful as a choco teapot in your games, or you'll all be steamrolling everything in mine. I'll have a think... Does anyone have recommendations for decent light armour - was using the Sohaya cuirass set, but that only gives me B agility. And it's only a sub-mission, but sod that duel against a Saito clan member in the Sohaya village level in the third area. Any tips? He casts fire and water spells all over the place and his odachi can two-hit me. Apparently it's an online mission, whatever that means.
  18. Tatari Mokke down after god knows how many goes. Definitely the hardest boss so far for me. Breathing sighs of relief right now, but my heart is still in my throat. No heals left by the end of the fight. I'll spoiler thoughts just in case. An amazing boss, but difficult. Reminded me a bit of Guardian Ape from Sekiro, in terms of the sheer unpredictability.
  19. Wow, the first main mission in the third area is amazing. A haunted forest dotted with creepy abandoned villages. Those giant owl searchlight things are terrifying. It helps that I'm kicking ass with my tonfa and magic build now. I'm still very soft, and a couple of hits from an onibaba hag can wipe me out, but having an A agility and fast ki recovery is a great combo for running rings around the enemies.
  20. Sorry @Goemon, will get on to some more yokai smashing tonight. Have just beaten Saito Yoshitatsu however, and found her (?!) a lot of fun to fight, if not overly taxing difficulty-wise. Mind you, I'm getting a bit handy with the devigorate talisman now, so maybe that explains that. Blocking and countering worked wonders. I did love Inabayama Castle as a level - that start in the tall subterranean fortress, before popping out to the castle proper, great atmosphere and level structure. Looking forward to moving onto the third area tonight!
  21. This made me laugh. Just beaten him have ya? Sod it, do it again. I think it was supposed to be his ghost or something.
  22. To leave a mission, you can either use a higimori branch fragment with unlimited uses or another, purple branch which I forget the name of right now. The only difference being the unlimited one doesn't let you keep the amrita you have collected up to that point in the level; the purple, limited one does. I'm just a bit further ahead than you and also using the tonfa, and glad to say you've made a good choice - the movesets available to mid and high stance are brilliant.
  23. Yeah, it's just a shame this game isn't getting more recognition. It's the perfecting of a formula.
  24. If this doesn't win soundtrack of the year, in the prestigious rllmuk awards and elsewhere, I will... dunno, throw a hissy fit or something. Just listening to the OST on Spotify. The game opens and closes with Koshiro, which is just so fitting, but Olivier Deriviere deserves loads of praise for what he's done - Call the Cops in stage 2 is an absolute highlight for me. And Yoko Shimomura doing the Shiva theme... Recalls the best of her work, and is just straight out sick. Oh, and the game's all right as well. It's the only game in a very, very long time that my wife has actually asked to play, after we started a co-op session on Easy last week. A massive achievement, that is.
  25. The combat in this! Pulling off a perfect yokai counter never gets old; every encounter is so tense and yet so satisfying when you walk away unscathed. It's just a brilliant positive feedback loop. You know they've got the combat right when the grey swirly mist spawns yet another karasu tengu and your first thought is fuck yeah bring it on. Currently trying to invade Inabayama Castle in the second area, although not sure I've caught a glimpse of the actual castle yet. Disappointed in the Edge 7 - Nioh got a 9, and this just does everything bigger and better. Maybe that was their complaint, need to read the review.
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