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  1. Yes! I always thought a Yakuza 00 Yakuza 0-2 Yakuza -1 a prequel to Yakuza 0 would be awesome set in Tokyo in the 60s, portraying Kazama's rise to power and ending with the adoption of Kiryu and Nishiki. Only potential pitfall is that he's such a bad-ass that it would be hard to inject any of the trademark humour into the game.
  2. I got Mario 64 alongside Ouendan with a launch DS - I managed to get all 150 stars using that little thumb strap and I thought it worked pretty well at the time! Little tactile feedback, but it was a clever analogue stick substitute.
  3. I'm up for some co-op fella, add me if you haven't already - PSN Olliday. I've only just started Way of the Strong tho, around level 120ish so might not be particularly satisfying. It's absolute madness but I think I'm going to try to go for the Plat in this. I've got most of the trophies organically anyway, and have just the weapon mastery ones to get. But seeing as combat and learning new weps is so fun, I can see these unlocking pretty easily. Tonfas still remain my favourite so far, just brilliant combos and Ki damage. EDIT: Top of the page, @Goemon and anybody else!
  4. I completed this last night! I have to admit to blitzing through the last few missions in jolly co-op, which made short work of most of the end game bosses. It's a brilliant game and mechanically it's even stronger than the first, but like you all say there's just so much to it. At least it caters to those looking for even more depth. Anyone know how to unlock the remodel option at the blacksmith? It's still greyed out for me.
  5. I'm at the same stage as you both - got all the stamps for Level 2, but noped pretty quickly out of Level 3 when I saw how daunting it all looked. I need to go back and give Level 3 a good seeing to. I love the variations, especially Drindy, but the compelling snappiness of classic World Tour can't be beat. Having said that, I enjoy the space adventure one too for being vanilla Mr. Driller but with light gambling elements. That feeling when you're down to your last 10% of O2 and then your mum flies over with a full top-up and a shield is a good one.
  6. Yes, recommend doing this! I took a long break between Haruka's and Shinada's chapters; as each character arc ends on a nice cliff hanger, like the end of a TV season or something, it can feel like a natural place to take a rest. It's weird, I used to work just down the road from Shinjuku east exit, a stone's throw from Kabukicho. I used to go there for lunch and after work drinks sometimes, nothing shady just some of the 'British' pubs and cosy yakitori places they had down the main street. I was vaguely aware that Yakuza took place in the area as they used to advertise the releases of Y3 and Y4 on huge billboards above the Don Quixote, but since I was without a PS3 I never got around to them. My first was Y0 a few years ago and I had no idea that the series would depend on Kabukicho so heavily! We went back most recently in 2018 and the in-game map has only bloody gone and fully supplanted my actual previous knowledge of the area. To the point where I was wondering why golden gai was in the wrong direction and where the hell Kamuro Hills had got to. Quite a weird merging of fantasy and reality.
  7. It really is a long, meandering game. You have to kind of let it wash over you at points, it can be hard to brute force your way through. But looking back at all the wild stuff you'd gone and been through after the game wraps was a worthy pay-off, at least for me. By the end, Kiryu's crazy taxi antics in Nagasugai seemed like they had taken place years ago.
  8. I thought I'd finally wrap up Y5 last night in a quick sesh, kickstarting the finale at around 10pm... and then dragging myself to bed all dreary-eyed and emotionally exhausted at 2.30 in the morning. Sweet. Baby. Jesus. What an amazing conclusion to the whole thing. I didn't think it was ever going to end (and didn't really want it to either). I took my time with Y5, starting it ages ago and treating it as a Yakuza miscellany of sorts, lots of side stories set in its world that weave in and out of each other. But they really land the finale, and everything is tied together so well. It's just got me itching to dive straight into Y6 and finish the saga, but I'm going to hold back. After being all a bit 'Who the hell is this prick?' when starting Shinada's plot line, I really warmed to him and to Nagoya by the end. I thought his loan shark anti-hero partner Takasugi was amazingly realised, and the redemption arcs of both characters had me a bit emotional at the end. Akiyama continued to be ace throughout the whole thing. And any time that calm Y0-style Majima showed his face just brought those warm feels. Poor fella's been through shit loads in the last few games and the way they've had him slowly mellowing until he's almost back to being how he was portrayed in Y0 just shows how well that latter game fits into the series' canon. Can't think of another game series that pulls off this continuing epic soap opera vibe so well. My journey from 0 to 5 this gen has been a roller-coaster. Can't wait for Y6 but really don't want to say goodbye to Kiryu and co.
  9. Fantastic villain in Hamura too; properly threatening. This game flew under loads of radars on release, but it's a very high-ranking Yakuza. Love it, and loved the politics surrounding the main story.
  10. Unless you refuse the cheap black coffee...
  11. Ah man, that (mid-Act 2 Yarikawa spoilers):
  12. Yeah, quite a few shocking (green streamer spoilers): I completed this yesterday and look back on the whole play through very fondly, despite some frustrations. At just over 30 hours play time, it's short, very sweet and left me wanting just the right amount of more. May well go back and try to get all the collectables.
  13. Nice one. I haven't quite reached level 100 yet and want to complete Tsushima first, but am desperate to dive back in. Tsushima tries its very best, bless, but the combat in Nioh 2 really is best in class.
  14. It starts off fairly charming, and gets stronger and stronger throughout IMO. The second, third and fourth chapters especially are a treat.
  15. It's a pity that people seem hung up on the fact that this game isn't a carbon-copy of TTYD on GC, not least because Origami King does a great many things much better. I'm about to wrap up the fourth chapter now, and each chapter has brought a fresh change of pace, inventive set pieces, some really cool bosses, and downright beautiful, vivid environments. Like any JRPG under the sun, regular battles get a bit samey towards the end, but are fairly stream-lined and satisfying throughout. All in all it plays a lot like an N64-era Zelda game, with all the joy of exploring dungeons and collecting trinkets that that entails. And goddamn if a sodding fuse-less bob'omb isn't one of the best ever written characters in a Nintendo game...
  16. I had no idea this was out this week! I've still got one area to go to completion, but knees deep into Tsushima at the moment. Just samurai all up in your face everywhere these last few months...
  17. I've been setting aside a bit of time for mahjong every so often with this, and have gotten to beating normal, hard and amazing cpu! I think the game finally clicked for me somewhere while battling hard, although I'm still miles away from being any good. Impossible's going to be a pain in the arse step up, seeing as opponents now tend to declare riichi in the second or third round...
  18. Yes, precisely. The measure of a man is in the size of the waste-paper basket he wears over his head.
  19. Could you possibly give me some more specific directions, spoilered if necessary? I've got the black ronin outfit one but it's not quite the same. I really want that damn hat!
  20. Yes, it's brilliant! I'd go as far as to say it's the best Paper Mario has ever been. The scenarios, characterisation, music and bloody awesome localisation all pip TTYD to the post for me. Just constantly chuckling at the quips and little animations. The battles have become really addictive now after enough practice. I've also felt the earlier Zelda vibes - I think its the overworld and vellumental temples that feel like Zelda dungeons.
  21. I was thinking about this too, but I reckon the idea is that the Mongols aren't really interested in the refugee camps as there is nothing there for them. They're after the fighters of Tsushima, like Jin, who pose a threat but as far as they're concerned the island is done and conquered now so they can turn their attention to the mainland. Ruthless slaughter of absolutely everyone isn't their end goal.
  22. The Japanese dub gets a lot better, especially when you meet Ishikawa and Masako, who have a great range to their VA. I agree Jin's actor plays it a bit too gruff - I imagine they were going for some detached, arrogant, Ogami Itto-like ronin roughness, but it kinda falls flat when you just want to feel something for the player character.
  23. Yeah, it's a bit of a pain in the arse until the end of the first temple, then it pipes down a bit.
  24. I gave a hearty lol last night at the end of the red ribbon area after an intense session of boss-battling and toad-hunting, when the game offers up a tranquil viewing platform overlooking the mountains. 'Do you want to pay 10 coins to look through the telescope?', pipes up the game so I pay my money to look and am greeted with an extreme close-up of toad's simple fat head, of course plastered to the other end of the telescope... Felt like I'd been Rick-rolled.
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