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  1. I was pretty lucky in that I was somehow able to buy 100% into what Shenmue 3 was trying to do. Fan expectations placed a massive, heavy chain around the game's neck. No, a small French indie was not going to be able to match the $70 million muscle of hey-day Sega. But what they were able to do was recreate a superb sense of place in the tatty homes and lonely temples of rural China, and give us a catch-up slice of life with Ryo as he comes to terms with his skills as a martial artist, gets to know Shenhua and explores some pretty beautiful locales. 


    There are some weird story beats, and the kickstarter-ness of it very occasionally shows through, but it's still got that inimitable Shenmue atmos. The incidental details of the little knick-knacks you can scrutinise in shops shows a lot of love has been put into this. 

  2. 1 hour ago, carlospie said:

    Nah jump straight in youl love it 


    Sweet as, I'll get on it. 


    1 hour ago, Qazimod said:


    Story-wise, Automata makes connections to Replicant/Drakengard, although they're very subtle and you won't really know that they're connections until you've played the other games. The main "spoiler" you'll have is the fact that you'll hopefully be a little more prepared for Replicant's gameplay - since the original Nier set the foundations of the bullet hell, the perspective shifts and the other madness.


    Not to mention the questing and levelling and RPG-ing that apparently didn't belong in a Platinum game because a bunch of people had no knowledge of Gestalt/Replicant :quote: 



    Spoilering this because it goes into a bit of detail about the battle - 


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    I heard some people in let's plays (don't worry, I'd already finished the game myself before watching others) suggesting that it was possible because the environments aren't too complex and so they're easy to load in quickly. It kind of makes me wonder what PS5/XSX could come up with in terms of environment streaming and the Ratchet & Clank-style stuff.


    Yeah, it's got to be a memory issue as to why we haven't seen it too often. Reminded me at a stretch of a cool section in the game Sayonara Wild Hearts. But the actual timing of the switches in the Nier battle was immaculate as well - finish off your combo with a heavy smash of your sword and then Blam! Switch! Think fast! Brilliantly pulled off.


    I can't stop thinking about the game and its themes this morning. I think I really like the fact that, despite the depressing nihilism of the main arc, the overall message is one of striking optimism. Make your own purpose. Seek your own meaning. Flourish. I actually went out shopping this morning, sun shining, with a bit of a spring in my step. Not often a game has that sort of impact. 


    This might be the start of my mid-life crisis. 


  3. On 15/10/2020 at 11:19, merrychan said:

    ABCDE then it's the best game ever, with one of the best choreographed boss battles I have ever played:


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    The bit where you're fighting 2 ascending bosses switching between characters is just simply superb and I think is at the end of the C (Ko-shi And Ro-shi Duel Climbing Boss Fight)



    Sorry for the double post, but just saw this and yes! That whole boss battle was absolutely brilliant, in the had me saying holy shit out loud kind of way. One of those things where you wonder if any other game had done something similar before or since. Amazing choreography. 

  4. Well that was a trip.


    Finally managed ending E last night at about 2am. The game didn't make the best first impression tbh, front-loaded as it was with anime ass and entirely misappropriated references to Sartre and de Beauvoir. But 40 hours later, with the game having (pretty sensitively!) dealt with critiques of natural law, religion as wish fulfilment, the issue of the 'I' that survives death and the general discussion surrounding the ethics of AI, not to mention the final brilliant option to



    leave behind the never ending cycle of rebirth and reach nirvana... by having your whole save profile deleted


    it had definitely caught my attention by the end. 


    I think my favourite scene in the game was when



    The forest dwelling robots decided to make a new infant king to watch over them and lead them to victory, only to hold crisis talks when their saviour is still indeed a babby 250 years later. 




    Brilliant game overall. Just in time to see what Nier Replicant is all about! (Although I assume the plot of Automata has already spoiled some of Replicant for me?) 

  5. 11 hours ago, Dudley said:


    Because your TV doesn't have usb?  Because you're plugging it into a monitor?


    The cable is irrelevant, it's that it dies with perfectly standard power bricks and doesn't come with one.


    Yeah, fair enough. Don't think anyone should be put off buying one if they've got the means to plug it in via the TV though. 

  6. 49 minutes ago, Dig Dug said:

    Well this has all certainly cooled my desire to buy one alongside hearing that the version of snatcher included is still entirely in Japanese.


    Don't be put off, it's a great little machine with a refreshingly eclectic selection of games. Just be sure to only use the USB cable it comes with. 

  7. They seem to have problems if you use an external power plug, but I'm not sure why you would. I've had mine plugged into the TV via the included USB cable and it has been fine.


    (Probably jinxed it now...) 

  8. On 09/04/2021 at 20:31, Triple A said:

    I got it off the PS Store website and downloaded to console from there; I couldn’t find the demo on console version of Store either.

    The demo isn’t great :(


    On 09/04/2021 at 20:45, Spoonman said:

    i found it in the store, i think i had to search "final"... maybe


    Thanks both, found it. 


    I like it! Simple first level with gorgeous lighting, a cool atmosphere and a frozen dobkeratops. It seems to play similarly to Final 1 in terms of pace, and that's a positive in my book. It's been a while since we've had a fleshed out, non-bullet hell side-scroller so I'm looking forward to the full game. 

  9. Was the R-Type Final 2 demo only available for a limited time? Tried to access it from the PS4 last night but couldn't find it for love nor money.

  10. I haven't even touched BF yet, but my mind keeps going back to wanting to clear every level in 3D World with every character and get all the stamps, even though this would mean playing through Champion's Road a further four times :wacko:


    Sod it, might crack on tonight. The moment to moment gameplay is too fun. 

  11. On 05/03/2021 at 13:54, Keyboard Koala said:

    Good interview with Nagoshi, but his face makes me feel rather uncomfortable:




    What a great interview, surprisingly open and honest about where he wants to go and the state of the game industry, for a Japanese creator. Can't wait to see what RGG Studio do next!

  12. On 28/02/2021 at 09:59, Calashnikov said:

    It took me weeks of pure raging sweary bliss. I’ve said it before, but Champion’s Road is my peak Mario experience. The prospect of playing it again is a large part of why I’ve bought the Switch version, although it’ll likely be a few months until I’m back there since I’m only chipping away at a few levels very occasionally.



    I went and f&$£ckingghdhfgfgdsdasrrghvcgh did iiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!1 with peach




    So this is what it feels like. To know that you wield ultimate powah.


    What a game.

  13. Is completing the 'true' final level of 3D World actually possible for anybody who isn't a tool-assisted AI specifically programmed by Nintendo themselves? Bloody hell... :wacko:


    Beating the boss of NG+4 Sekiro was easier. 


    I'm not complaining, I love being punished by my beloved Ninty, but I think this might have broken me. 

  14. I picked up the 8bit-do wireless controller (which awesomely comes in all three territories' flavours so you can choose the Euro one to match the console). A bit pricey at £25 off Amazon, but I haven't touched the official one since. Still got all the turbo options etc. Recommended! 

  15. Thanks both, I might just leave the Spirit Hunter games hanging on the wishlist for now, and look forward to Gnosia in a couple of weeks instead.


    I didn't think of 13 Sentinels as a VN at all while I was playing really, despite the huge amount of dialogue. It always felt more of an adventure game with RTS elements.

  16. Has anyone played the Spirit Hunter games on Switch? I think there are two so far: Death Mark and NG.


    They look delightfully creepy, but I'm not too sure if they're VNs or dungeon crawlers. They're also pretty pricey, only rarely hitting the 50%-off price point of £22.50. Having said that, they are both on sale now. Any impressions?

  17. I remember spending about £40 odd on the Virgin Interactive-published GigaWing on the Dreamcast way back in the mists of time, which by all accounts today was supposed to be a laggy, frame-stuttering mess. Young me didn't care and had a whale of a time, going mad collecting gold medallions. 


    £30 for the lot of these is a steal, no matter the occasional missed frame or what have you. I think the comments from actual PCB/mame/arcade players are important, and I don't think lag or frame issues should be dismissed out of hand, but casuals like me who just won't notice it shouldn't let themselves be put off.


    I just love the virtual arcade front end of this, and the ability to select different types of cabs.

  18. I first played Twilight Princess after completing Skyward, both on Wii, and I found the combat honestly a downgrade from the motion controls in the later game, simplistic and button-mashy. The motion controls take a long time to get used to in SS, but when they click they make for some really satisfying swordplay - absolutely not just 'waggle', you need to be precise and accurate with your slashes against some cool enemies and bosses that have been designed around this accuracy and positioning.


    The game takes a long old time to get going and I hope they address that in the port (they won't) but once it does it offers some of the best dungeons and puzzles in the series. Sick orchestral theme too!

  19. If you haven't done so already, be sure to pick up a PC Engine/Core Grafx Mini, the best mini console by far (currently £80 on Amazon). 


    Unbelievable library of ace mainly Hudson output - Bomberman 93 & 94, Panic Bomber, Rondo of Blood, Star Parodier, Soldier Blade, Lords of Thunder, Alien Crush, Air Zonk, Salamander, Gradius II, etc. etc. etc. I can't even remember them all. Classic shmup heaven. 


    It's just a shame that some of the more interesting stuff - Momotaro Dentetsu and Snatcher among others, requires some Japanese to get through. 

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