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  1. I'm almost at the end of this, and I've really, really enjoyed it. Way up there with the original, if not slightly more focused and enjoyable. I can't really believe how well they bridged that huge gap between releases. Just picked up the story where they left off and carried on like it was released a year later or something. 

  2. Onomichi definitely makes up for the smaller Kamurocho in Y6 IMO, it's got such a great cosy vibe to it. And because it's a tiny, intimate area, the attention to detail on everything is stunning. 


    16 hours ago, gospvg said:

    Yakuza 0 ending spoiler and question


      Reveal hidden contents

    How does Makato not recognise Majima’s voice?



    Majima quite deliberately keeps his trap shut the entire time. He never talks to her. 


  3. 19 hours ago, Keyboard Koala said:


    Now there. Now there. Now there. Now there. 


    Good as Blast may be, it's not dethroned OutRun 2006 at all. Even after 15 years, that still remains the ultimate arcade racer, and by the looks of it probably will be for years to come.


    No, agreed on Outrun2. I was more thinking along the lines of @mushashi and his Ultra 64, where good coin-op arcade racer competition has been so slight recently that Cruis'n - even fuck'n Cruis'n - has managed to manoeuvre into being among 2021's best arcade racers.


    I'm actually quite happy for Eugene Jarvis and his team. I think the series has always been his quirky passion project. 

  4. I'm loving this timeline where some godforsaken how the Cruis'n series has beaten all-comers to rise to the champion of arcade racers in the space year 2021. :lol:


    If you had told little 13 year old me who just spent £50 on Cruis'n USA on the N64 that this would happen he would have given up gaming there and then. 


    But FWIW I have fond memories of the series. Cruis'n World split screen multiplayer was great fun, with the roulette wheel adding a MK-style degree of good luck. The series always did feel like Outrun's brasher, cruder American cousin. 

  5. 5 hours ago, shynra said:

    I remember celebrating framerates, Guardian heroes/Bangaio etc it was a spectacle to see your machine struggle with the madness that was on screen! Joyous moments! 


    Yes! Bangai-O played off this so well and was made with this kind of carnage in mind. Even the DS one held the same exquisite satisfaction of unleashing a 400 X COMBO MISSILE MEGA ATTACK or whatever and the DS just freezing, for a good while, enough time for you to put it down and have a breather. When you picked it back up the level would be cleared of enemies.

  6. It might just be me being weird, but the jank-ass roughness of this game is really refreshing. It reminds me of the sense of place established in your average N64 platformer; blocky and solid and videogamey. I can't really describe it.


    The soundtrack is also superb, jesus. I've had the episode credits theme stuck in my head all weekend. 



  7. 23 minutes ago, Strafe said:

    Completed it mate.


    So, so good and loved almost every minute of it despite its technical shortcomings (which I’m not entirely convinced weren’t deliberate anyway).


    Predictably, the ending fight is fucking bonkers. Just like the rest of it.


    I haven’t played the others, I will now!


    It really is brilliant. That intro to the Vanishing Point fight at the pop concert was very WTF. :lol:


    Also convinced that the lo-fi aesthetic just adds to it all: palm trees popping in 3 feet away, anti-aliasing suitable to the N64 era, Grasshopper just don't give a shit and it works. The soundtrack is also incredible - it's going to be a tough fight fight between this and Neo TWEWY for the best OST this year. Ita-da-kimaaasu!

  8. 1 hour ago, Orion said:

    After moaning about and giving up on 3 and 4. 5 has been fantastic so far. I've done the first Kiryu and Saejima sections and am now on the utterly bonkers Haruka section. This is a total return to the form of 0 and KW2. I'm glad I stuck with it.


    I think 5 is my second favourite after 0. Just so much goodness. 

  9. What a great post @Hulot


    I teach Buddhism as part of the OCR GCSE RS spec, and it's always surprising the number of kids (the geeky ones, though there seems to be some strong weird correlation between choosing RS for GCSE and being a Nintendo fan) who will draw links between Buddhist concepts they learn about and Zelda - the Three Jewels, Mara personified as a giant blue pig, the spider's thread and the Ancient Cistern, the BotW shrine arhats with their mudra hand gestures... If nothing else it helps with revision. 

  10. 5 hours ago, Fatsam said:

    I'm a bit befuddled by the Fi interruptions stuff they've tweaked in this. She appears to pop up a little less I think, but also still quite frequently saying her usual obvious stuff with a percentage, or providing a bit of background to a location or whatever. I've also repeatedly read people were annoyed by her butting in to give away puzzles in the Wii version, which I've always thought was a massive exaggeration and very very rarely happened at all. There was one  point I could remember where she actually does do this though, just before you enter the third dungeon. Right I thought! So that's an example of what people have been going on about, she tells you what to do, that's definitely going to be put behind a pulsating sword then.


    Nope, it's still in there. :lol:


    What a fucking game though! I have long become used to recentering with y now. That annoyance definitely recedes.


    Yes, recentering with Y is done without thinking now, just as anyone would adjust the camera without thinking - I always do it before getting an item out and only rarely have to recalibrate. I find the motion controls add a lot to the combat; it's satisfying to 'perfect' a moblin or a lizalfos and I really learned to appreciate that skill-check first fight against Ghirahim. Not too sure it's needed for the swimming or the beetle, mind.


    It's such a charming game and I love the impressionistic style in HD. The only thing I'd forgotten is how, with the dungeon mechanics bleeding into the overworld this time, there isn't a whole lot of the usual downtime for a Zelda game, a chance to catch your breath and chill. You're always hunting for something or collecting three of these and five of the other, or following somebody to a location. Skyloft is lovely and cosy, but there isn't much else out there in the firmament, and I find it's missing the more laidback areas of your Lake Hylia or Great Bay or Satori Mountain. It's very much a post-Mario Galaxy Zelda game, with every square foot covered with something to catch your attention, or a minigame to play, or an interesting use of waggle.


    It's still brilliant though. I'm just up to Ancient Cistern and had to quit this afternoon as I wanted to wait until the wife was in bed and I could give my all to one of the best Zelda dungeons in history. :wub:



  11. 3 hours ago, Keyboard Koala said:


    I picked that one up, since it's basically about Le Petit Prince. Which is awesome. But I have no clue how to actually access it...


    And "MMO Journey 2" is exactly the impression I get as well. I shall continue then. Ignore all my disappointment written before 😒




    Do it KK, it's not like you to be down on this - you're usually enthusiastic and upbeat about these kind of things!

  12. It's a beautiful game this, and I really recommend pushing through those starting barriers of confusion and persevering until it all clicks. It's no way near as immediately accessible as Journey, but it ends up reaching almost the same heights IMO, to the extent that it can be thought of as an MMO Journey 2. The microtransactions are fairly unobtrusive and I haven't felt the need to buy any cosmetics yet, but may well pick up the season pass to support TGC. 


    For those struggling with flying, the game does a pretty crap job of teaching you that there are two flying 'modes' available, switched between with the R button. The first is a gliding mode (think BotW's sailcloth), used to attain height and glide down from clifftops, while the second is a soaring mode (think... erm... Pilotwings? Or maybe the wing cap from Mario 64), used to cruise through the clouds. Check the white icon in the bottom right to check what mode you're in, and experiment with which suits the situation. In either mode, B will give you a burst of uplift, and grazing clouds will always refill your meter. 


    As a little anecdote of how this game really succeeds in my view, I was running along with a little friend, hand in hand, quite early on in the game when we jumped off a cliff and went plummeting into some clouds. I had an inkling that they didn't really know where they were going, so I broke off from them and turned back towards the main floating island to do some more exploring by myself. We'd fallen too far to get back up though, so while I was circling I saw a tiny hollow opening through a dark storm cloud beneath us. I swept towards it, through a narrow cloud tunnel, and found myself in a whole new secret area that looked like something out of the Wind Waker, just gorgeous volcanic islands and sea. Really took me by surprise. 


    So put your petty console warring to one side for a sec rllmuk and get on't. 

  13. Game Tengoku/Paradise Cruis'n Mix is great fun. I wasn't even aware of the aubergine chaining mechanic, more fool me, I played it like a Twinbee or Star Parodier and almost got my 1CC with the cool robot dude. The story mode is amusingly ridiculous in that 90s Japan way. 

  14. I'm looking forward to this as much as the next Calashnikov - I even bought the Banana Blitz remake - but just an expectation-lowering reminder that Monkey Target has been a regular feature on pretty much every single franchise release over the years and has never quite reached the same heights as the minigame from the first one.


    Yeah, the first one. Monkey Target where you hot-seat take turns to land your balls beats simultaneous split-screen landing of balls. It also allows for the hilarious knocking of already-placed, high-scoring balls into the ocean. Makes it like Petanque with monkeys.



  15. I'm happy that Project Zero / Fatal Frame has not been forgotten, and that it is coming to all formats. I never played Maiden of Black Water but the Wii remake of 2 was fantastic. 


    It's a survival horror that slips under a lot of radars, maybe due to the overt Japanese-ness, but the titles provide some of the most genuinely frightening experiences in gaming this side of PT. 

  16. Sad to hear you didn't enjoy it much @therearerules


    I think what got me first invested in the world was that anime ass the incredible, melancholy score that accompanied the desolate ruined locations you found yourself exploring. The minute to minute action was pretty perfunctory for me, even boring in long stretches, but the richness of the world and the slightly pathetic themes of loss and meaninglessness in the game kept me going.


    I loved how brave the game was in dropping that bombshell 


    that there is no humanity anymore, humanity died out centuries ago, along with any reason for androids to carry on existing

    quite early on, and then spent the remaining playthroughs exploring the existential mess that this created. I saw it coming, but I also enjoyed the twist that


    it was the robots responsible for making and maintaining the androids via their central Uber-powerful AI. The androids were part of a closed system, designed to be super-advanced humanoids but with no room for growth. The robots on the other hand were capable of evolution, as we see through the progressing enemy design in the game. 


    I don't know if I prefer the story overall to 13 Sentinels, but it definitely left a lasting impression. 

  17. On 21/05/2021 at 08:00, Garwoofoo said:

    Well, the Haruka chapter in Yakuza 5 is absolutely brilliant. Maybe my favourite self-contained section of any of these games. Genuinely they could have sold this standalone as a dancing spin-off and it would have been fine. The fact that it's, what, 20% of a game that's also had me driving taxis and punching bears is kind of mental really.


    Also I absolutely love Akiyama, I hope he gets his turn in the spotlight again one day.


    It kind of reinforces my view that the best parts of the Yakuza games are the bits that have nothing to do with the actual yakuza. Whether you're running a cabaret club, managing kids' problems in an orphanage or trying to win a dancing competition, those sections are always the highlights of their respective games.


    Given the benefit of hindsight, I reckon Yakuza 5 might be my favourite in the series. Just an incredible amount of stuff to experience, and a lot of it that stays with you. Saejima's night time chats with his cell mates, Kiryu's heart to hearts with his taxi company manager, the music in Haruka's dance battles, the chemistry in the final chapter between Shinada and Takasugi. It's a bloody great experience, that's for sure. 

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